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siri imageSiri has become a real word….she (usually a female voice answer here goes..)

  • 1 – Siri, How long should Carpenter bat lead-off?


Matt Carpenter transformed his swing last year. He banged out a team-leading 28 HR but many of them were solo shots—15 with bases empty. The record for lead-off hitters HR is 35 by Brady Anderson in 1996 (I think his power was enhanced by some supplements…didn’t I say that nicely?). Carp struck out a team high 151 times….don’t we want the lead off man on base and …in a perfect world…don’t we want HR with men on base?…Carp’s slugging average of .505 was 2nd only to Randall Grichuk’s .548. I’d like to propose a top three of Kolton Wong, Stephen Piscotty and Matt Carpenter (in that order)…now I know Wong’s OB% was a below-avg .321 and he hit only.261 but with an idea of getting on base instead of pounding the ball out. Carp & Piscotty could “hit it out” or get on base….I think the Cards need to try a different approach in the lineup to rectify their anemic run scoring of the past couple years. This would put some speed at the top of the lineup.

2 – Siri, “do NFL STATS really paint the picture?”…yes…take a look

                                                                            RAMS                                    OPPONENTS

Total First Downs                                          241                                         320

Total Passing Yards                                       2931                                       4301

3rd down conversions                                  52/201=26%                       78/225=35%

Imagination                                                     0%                                          15%

Effective Rallies in 4th qtr                           0%                                          18%

3 – Siri, Who led the Rams in tackles in 2015?

Mark Barron led the team in tackles and solo tackles….maybe that’s good…maybe it means that the offenses were running AT him !??

4 – Siri, Shouldn’t the Rams draft a top flight receiver in the draft?

Will it really make a difference…check this out….the leading receiver for any Jeff Fisher team in the Rams era is 729 yards….this year Kenny Britt had 681 yards..

5 – Siri, What is one of the subtle reasons the Rams didn’t hit .500+ ?

How about FG kicking…check it out… Greg the Leg could have been called Greg Zerolein on key kicks….his misses cost us the Baltimore and SF game….so easily we should have been almost makes me quiver as I type that about any Rams’ team that should be over .500

Field Goals
PLAYER 1-19 A 1-19 M 20-29 A 20-29 M 30-39 A 30-39 M 40-49 A 40-49 M 50+ A 50+ M
Greg Zuerlein 1 1 2 2 10 9 8 5 9 3

6 – Siri, What do you think of the Bama-Clemson game? 

It was terrific! Two super teams—well coached…very few penalties (NFL take note), very athletic teams that provided an exciting game that see-sawed back & forth, big plays by off, def and special teams, outstanding defense. Once again, Bama wins with a C+ QB who has multiple stars around him in every other position. On-sides kick changed the momentum!

7 – Siri, What does graduation do to Mizzou football?


Mizzou has a solid corp of starters returning….clearly the defensive side of the ball has fewer questions…the DL returns all 4 starters and loses NO one to graduation who played this year;

All 4 starting def backs return; 2 of the3 LB (losing Brothers is a key loss however). The O-line loses much experience with the next crop of OL being primary Jr next year; Hansbrough graduates as the top RB, Witter the #2RB may not be the answer; the WR were largely ineffective so we can anticipate the Tigers recruiting hard at that position. Of course Mauk returns for his post-Sr year while Soph Drew Lock is expected to battle him for the starting role (it’ll be Mauk-if he’s on team)


8 – Siri, how could our boy…Jimmie Edmonds…be left off of future MLB HOF voting lists?                                                               


2011    7980     6858   1251   1949   437   25       393   .284           .376         .527           .903

  G         PA           AB       R       H         2B     3B     HR       BA           OBP         SLG           OPS

Clearly, the voters (who were modified dramatically this year as the younger voters witnessed the disappearance of the older writers) voted just 2.5% for him….they didn’t think he belonged with the best of the best. He was a very good player on some very strong teams…but his teams won only 1 world series. His stats are solid…but really not overwhelming ……17 years, 13 post-season series, 1 WS championship

Comparison to other HOF is done below in three different evaluations…

Hall Of Fame Comparison Statistics

Gray Ink Edmonds Batting – 60 Average HOFer ≈ 144
Hall of Fame Monitor Edmonds Batting – 88 Likely HOFer ≈ 100
Hall of Fame Standards Edmonds Batting – 39 Average HOFer ≈ 50

Edmonds looks to be just slightly below most of standards by these “grading systems” listed above …looking at some particular categories ….In total hits in MLB, Edmonds is # 301 – all-time hits…some players who won’t EVER be considered for the HOF with more hits are Placido Polanco, Jay Bell, Dusty Baker, Jeff Conine, Scott Rolen, Bill Mazeroski, Garry Templeton, Bobby Bonilla and others

…in HR, Edmonds is much better, he’s ranked #59 all-time…some guys who are ahead of him are a bit surprising….Adrian Beltre, Alfonso Soriano, Dave Kingman, Paul Konerko, Mark Teixeira, Adam Dunn

….Edmonds is #148 in RUNS scored, #521 in life-time batting average, #127 in DOUBLES,

#202 in lifetime OBP, #50 in lifetime Slugging %, #60 in lifetime OPS

…If he’d been on more World Championship Teams , or finished #1 in any category for a given year, or had over 2000 hits & 400 HR……he’d be a much stronger candidate. He was a very good player and St. Louis was able to enjoy him during his peak years.


9 – Siri, What’s the craziest 2015 NFL stat for you? 

Reconcile these 2 contrasting stats–   Cam Newton ranked 28th among 35 qualified quarterbacks with a completion percentage of 59.7 while Blaine Gabbert had the NFL’s highest passer rating in the red zone (123.5).


10 – Siri, Seems like there’s been a ton of changes at the NCAA Head Football Coach spot …who were the best hires outside of Mizzou?


Iowa State hired Toledo HC Matt Campbell to replace Paul Rhoads

Georgia hired Alabama DC Kirby Smart to replace Mark Richt   (Richt didn’t Coach well enough)

Memphis hired Arizona State OC Mike Norvell to replace Justin Fuente

Miami hired former Georgia HC Mark Richt to replace Al Golden (Richt can recruit)


11 – Siri, Why isn’t Mizzou basketball winning?                                                                                                              

Several components…..unless you can “bring in” a super, super Frosh or two….you have to recruit wisely…that meaning…that the kids you recruit will continue to improve each year AND that they have the athletic ability to compete in the SEC. Hopefully, you time it so that you have 2-3 seniors (at most) each year. This year the Tigers only Senior has never averaged as many as 5 ppg. So…the leadership is coming from underclassman. The challenge for Coach Anderson now is to recruit top-flight recruits to a struggling program. Will he get the time? I doubt it…you must win NOW in big-time sports.


12 – Siri, What do you think of the Cards acquisition of Seung hwan Oh ? 

To me it indicates that the Cards aren’t looking to add a bat now….they are bolstering up their bullpen for all of these tight, low-scoring games. Look for them to acquire a big-bat in mid-season… as deadline approaches ..on a slugger…on his final year of his contract..who will be a free …what an inappropriate word….agent at the end of the year.

13 – Siri, where are the Blues in comparison to other NHL teams in attendance? 

The Blues after 27 HOME games are 16th of 30 teams in AVG attendance. The top 5 NHL teams in AVG attendance are “old school”—Chicago, Montreal, Det, Boston and Toronto. The Blues are at 18,139 which is 94.7% capacity.   btw..the 6th original team—NY Rangers are right behind the Blues at 17th…now…those figures change each night. Carolina has the lowest averge fans per game—11,390.

14 – Siri, Basketball is all about scoring…who are the top scoring teams in D-1?

Well…most names are very familiar but NOT the top team…read for urself…

Through games of January 18, 2016

1 The Citadel 89.7
2 North Carolina 86.4
3 Omaha 85.9
4 Kansas 85.8
5 North Florida 85.8
6 Oklahoma 85.7
7 Oakland 85.7
8 Duke 85.6
9 Iowa St. 85.0
Indiana 85.0


15 – Siri, Who’s got the best “finishing” move in the WWE…can u tell that I’m close to the end? 

The Big E-Big Ending has added to his repertoire with “The Money Shot” where this massive man comes off of the top rope…it’s devastating…and it just put me out.


  1. John Sondag says:

    Totally agree about moving Carp out of lead off position. Since management decided to pass on some power free agents, we need some pop in 3rd & 4th positions and I’d rather see Carp and Randy Grichuk instead of Holiday and Peralta.

    Please ask Siri to get a new football team to comment on; don’t really care about Lambs anymore.

    I think the problems left by Frank Haith and the fact AD Alden failed to mention that to Anderson before hiring him, buys him another year to bring in more talent.

  2. Larry Eveker says:

    Thanks Bob for the blog.
    I asked my Siri if she liked your post and she said ” He is a funny guy ”
    Keep up the good work.


  3. Jim Pleimann says:

    I would be willing to bet that there are a number of baseball teams that would be glad to have the Cardinals “anemic” offense the past few years as they have won three division titles. You win with pitching and I agree they have shored that up a bit anticipating games that will be close as they did in 2015 – when they won 100 games with that horribly anemic offense.
    I agree Edmonds is not a Hall of Famer but he was better than the lack of love he received. Tell me you have a better barometer than winning a world series to get in your Hall of Fame. How did Mr. Cub get in the hall? He never won a world series. Ron Santo Really? Ryan Sandberg? None of them won – oh wait it been since 1908. But the way people talk the whole Cub team of 2016 will be elected!!

  4. Neil Ryan says:

    Great write-up, although I had a difficult time replicating these responses from Siri. Maybe my phone’s messed up. Here’s my question though, what happens to your loyalty as a fan of the Rams now that they are leaving? Do you still root for them, find a new team (chiefs), or simply become a fan of football in general? I’m curious to hear what STL residents will be thinking?

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