MLB – Both sides of their mouth by Bob Ryan

So….the MLB is upset about coaches stealing signs of opposing coaches by using technology…”it’s changing the game” they say……really (did you sense the sarcastic tone)? First of all, how many signs are given these days….I can’t imagine that there are many “take” signs, steal signs, hit & run signs, bunt (what a lost art) signs….the only sign I sense that maybe given is HR SWING sign or…maybe its  tighten your batting glove sign…or step out sign…that aside….the MLB themselves have already changed baseball by using technology.  On almost appeals, managers perch on the top step while some guy uses technology back in the clubhouse to watch the replay, THEN signals the manager to appeal or not appeal……THAT has really changed the game….but we don’t’ hear about the game being changed… as it certainly has been… by the appeals.. instead it’s because… allegedly…signs are being stolen from a coach who’s biggest responsibility in these days seems…is to put out his hand as a HR batter circles the bases.  MLB’s concerns for use of technology seems outdated …it’s not going away….and is like trying to put Pandora back into her box.  It’s here….if they steal signs…so be it.  If the offense believes that their signs are being stolen… change the signs….IF you’re actually using signs…’s not rocket science.

….Along the “appeal Process” lines….I’ve proposed that if an appeal is incorrect….make the team that lost the appeal, lose an out…the 1st batter of next inning is out….that idea was supported by the announcers of the Brewers-Dodgers game in Friday nights game as they said….”go ahead, appeal that play….what do you have to lose?” on a play that was a “stretch”. The particular ruling supported the umpires call. The announcer then made a very poignant comment,”Appeals have changed…originally it was to correct clear mistakes….now it’s used frequently for the tiniest possibility that an umpire mistake MAY have occurred”.  Secondly, make the manager appeal immediately using their own eyes…like the umpires do…make the appeal immediate!!

….while we’re thinking of ways to help baseball improve….move these baseball games along faster…. Sometimes I think watching paint dry would be a quicker process. The games are TOO long. On my most recent trip to a Cardinal game…we left at 10:00pm and were a part of a huge contingent of fans doing the same thing…leaving. The sad part is that the game was only in the 7th inning…ugh. If the MLB is wondering why they’re losing fans….bring some speed into the game…..less appeals (hopefully none), shorten time between innings (run your ads on the screen during the inning like they do online), less pitching changes….must we see a minimum of 5 pitchers EVERY game, eliminate many batters stepping out to “tighten” their batting gloves after every pitch…or almost every pitch…I mean…how loose can it get when you don’t swing?… deepen the ballparks give us runners flying around the bases, isn’t a triple more exciting than just another home run? The dip in MLB attendance in 2018 was the lowest average since 2003….there are many more people in the USA since 2003…and the attendance is going down… you remember the astronauts, “Houston, we have a problem” remark…same here.

…btw…how do you eliminate the use of so many pitchers?….make the minimum requirement for a pitcher to face 3 batters not just 1 batter….or until the end of the inning…whichever comes first. So a new pitcher could start the new inning…also, make it 5 warmup pitches not 8 between innings and for new pitchers coming into the game.

MLB  Playoff Thoughts

….Boston and Houston clearly have the two best teams in the MLB to my eyes. Two very good teams but only one can advance out of the AL and Boston did win 108 games in the regular season(that’s winning 2 of every 3 games throughout the entire season)..while Houston won 103. That doesn’t guarantee that the Red Sox will win the Series. If the Series was 21 games long…..please don’t….I don’t want games until Thanksgiving…. the better team would win more often.

….Dodgers won the NLCS by beating the Brewers 5-1. The Dodgers really did overcome many obstacles in 2018. Falling behind 1-0 when Christian Yelich blasted Walker Buehler 8th pitch of the night into the bullpen in right center, the Dodgers scored 2 runs in the 2nd when Manny Machado bunted with 2 strikes for a base hit…it was followed by a Cody Bellinger HR into the 2nd deck in right field. Star Brewer reliever, Josh Hader silenced the LA bats for 3 innings. Once he was gone, the LA offense came back to life. Max Muncy & Justin Turner singled and Yasiel Puig hit  a 3-run dinger to make it 5-1…done..over…LA to the series….this is the same LA team that started the season 16-26…at one time was 9 games behind the league leader. LA had other issues…2x All-Star Corey Seager played only 26 games then had Tommy John surgery. Justin Turner didn’t really start hitting until August. Clayton Kershaw had back issues that caused him to miss starts in the rotation. Closer Kenly Jansen suffered through a recurrence of a heart problem. All teams have “issues”….but only 2 get to the World Series. Dodgers survived.

…on the other side…..The Milwaukee Brewers DID set the table properly for game 7 but it just didn’t work out. Milwaukee nursed 2 innings out of reliever Corbin Burnes in game 6 to save the premier relief pitcher Josh Hader and Joakim Soria for game 7…how many teams have given up on Soria?…can you imagine the Cards using the same pitcher in the 8th AND the 9th? Btw… preparing for their run, the Brew Crew brought in veterans … Jonathan Schoop, Mike Moustakas, Soria….for the tense stretch run. The Cards stayed “put” and yet claim to be making a genuine run for the playoffs??!! It didn’t work out in a trip to the Series for the Brewers this year but they must be considered to be a contender in the NL Central division title in 2019…along with the Cubs….ball is in the Cards court now.

…did anyone else notice the Oakland A’s won 97 games this year…and made the playoffs! They won only 75 games in 2017!! WOW…what an improvement! I chronicled their salary base about a month ago….it’s incredible….you have to tip your hat to Billy Bean….

NCAA Football Games of the Week…..

…..usually, I look for close, exciting NCAA games….but not this week….the huge Purdue 49-20 upset of Ohio State was stunning….I happened to begin watching this game early in the game. (I must admit I was flipping between 2 or 3 NCAA games continually…why watch commercials?… but Purdue-OSU got most of my attention) The Boilermakers destroyed the Buckeyes defense. This upset came from a team that hasn’t been in the AP top 25 since 2007! Purdue scored 35 points in the 2nd half as OSU had no answer…. Purdue made Ohio State one dimensional with their large lead—Buckeyes threw 72 passes. I must admit that I was “rooting” for Purdue….seeing Urban Meyer on the sidelines looking puzzled, upset and disappointed didn’t bother me at all. Ohio State is now OUT of the running for the Final Four sweepstakes in my eyes. Losing badly to a non-ranked team is not a hurdle that the committee can jump over …just because it’s Ohio State. Meanwhile, Purdue has dedicated their season To Tyler Trent, a student with terminal cancer. He’s formed a close bond with the team and he was “on hand” to watch the biggest win in years for Purdue. It’s a real special story!

….if you like offense…watch the Big 12 games….I turned on Oklahoma & TCU. Those teams went up and down the field like in was “touch” football in the back yard. OK won it 52-27. Every year the Big 12 features several offensive-minded teams….Oklahoma(6-1) & TCU are always in that collection of team. This year, it was the Sooners flying up and down the field. Kyler Murray (OU QB)  was 19 of 24 for 213 yards and two different backs EACH rushed for over 100 yards! Kennedy Brooks rushed for 168 yards in 18 carries and Trey Sermon 17 times for 100 yards. This matchup was a rematch of the BIG 12 conference championship last year. The momentum went back & forth until midway in the 3rd when TCU trailing 31-27 after booting a FG. From that point on…it was Boomer Sooner all the way

….Blues start

As I Mentioned 2 weeks ago….just get into the playoffs…don’t worry about being the top team. That being said…the Blues were playing badly in the first 5 games…they didn’t seem to be able to clear the puck….couldn’t seem to find the center-iceman…couldn’t score….looked slow….sitting the 35 year old Jay Bouwmeester as a healthy scratch seemed to send the message to the team. I’m sure it also sent one to Bouwmeester…35 years old…..16 seasons, 1161 hockey games in his career….the Blues were better…much better…without him than with him.

What High School sport?

In a sport hardly EVER mentioned….there was a truly outstanding performance by the Festus Cross Country team recently….for you sports fans that aren’t familiar with XC….the first 5 runners of your 7 runners in “big” meets that cross the finish line for a team have their spot in the finish added together…the lowest score wins.  Occasionally….but not often in a dual meet…one team will shut out the other…that means their runners finished 1-2-3-4-5 = 15 points. In the Jefferson County Conference meet recently. Festus won the conference meet including several schools with a meager 19 points! REALLY amazing…the Festus runners finished #1 Maxwell McDaniel  #3 Simon Ogle  #4 Alex Whitener; #5 Johah Krieg; #6 Garrett Rhine #7 Dominic Kayser and #8 Trenton Childress…WOW…7 of the first 8 places … the 2nd place team Herculaneum had 56 points! Congrats to the Festus XC program and these individual runners….in case you’re wondering….yes…I did run XC but nothing like these fact it was so long ago that the XC races in those days were just 2 miles…unlike the current 5K of today. Thank Goodness.

High School Football…

This was the final week (#9) of the regular season. Through a point system based on all 9 games, all the Missouri teams are seeded in an 8 team district.  The #8 team of each district plays #1 this Friday, #2 vs #7….generally, those are really, really mismatched games. Nothing positive in those games… suggestion is to have the #5 team play the #6 seed and #7 play #8 seed in games outside of the State Tournament.  That way, those teams will compete in a competitive game in their final game of the year. ….let’s be honest….#5 teams and below are NOT contenders for the STATE championship. I know it…you know it….the players and coaches know it.    Also, it would shorten the season by a week…which no longer has to be stretched out to Turkey Day weekend…just to play in the Dome. This idea would help both winning and non-winning teams.

HS FOOTBALL GAMES OF SHAME from this weekend in MO and nearby Illinois games…winning team scores 60+ points and losing team 7 or less points

Carlinville 66 Greenville 0; Blair Oaks 65 California 7; Sarcoxie 62 Ash Grove 6;  Pierce City 61 Pleasant Hope 0


Swamped by the Tide by Bob Ryan

Having the opportunity to watch the entire Mizzou-Bama football game yesterday, many thoughts flooded into my head….

…no one ….aside maybe from… maybe….a hard partying Mizzou fan after hours of celebrating….. Expected Mizzou to beat Alabama… but the hopes were that it’d be “competitive”… the 1st quarter kept those hopes alive

…Bama’s outside receiver speed was too much for our secondary…well designed slant patterns isolated the defenders for those speedsters….which were used repeatedly in the 1st half

…to me…Missouri demonstrated a strong, powerful running game through much of the first half….you can’t run much being down 3 or 4 TD’s so it sagged in the 2nd half..

….I thought that Mizzou’s defense hit “hard”, ran to the ball well. The front four defensively and the LB corp seem solid against the run. I do think that some of the hits bordered on being “late” hits. The removal of a player for “targeting” was an example of this type of play.

…Mizzou plays hard….real hard….and must be acknowledge in a very positive  way… somehow though… I sense that they are a bit undisciplined.  It’s my experience that if a team isn’t Disciplined….disciplined deep down…when things start to go poorly in a game….they fall apart in a hurry.  Look at the S. Carolina game…I rest my case.

…..Drew Lock does have a strong arm…no doubt about it. It’s his feet…..he doesn’t seem to be able to throw well while moving. Also, the many QB drills used to develop the QB foot skills of moving 2 steps this direction, then 2 another direction, than another to avoid a pass rush (used so well by most NFL QB’s….who’s goal is to stay alive)…is not part of Lock’s arsenal.  You don’t have to be a “runner” but rather a QB that can elude deftly the d-line pressure and STILL make a good pass. Personally, I don’t think that this guy isn’t a 1st round pick…and I’d question if he’s a 1st day pick due to his throwing while moving deficiencies.

…Nick Saban….Alabama already had the foundation in place….it’s been there since the great Paul “Bear” Bryant made Alabama into a powerhouse.  Saban learned his craft under the Don James.  James may NOT have won national championships (he was best known for his work @ Washington)…but he could coach.. and teach others to Coach. It was James (while at Kent State in 1973) who  suggested.. actually insisted…that Saban should join his staff.  Saban didn’t jump at the chance…he was reluctant…his thoughts were that he’d join his Dad in the car business….Saban declined James’ offer despite being flattered…then James played the card that Saban couldn’t trump….James pointed out that Saban’s wife still had a year in college remaining…. why not stay and coach..and then the journey began for Coach Nick Saban. Saban realizes that now,” I would never be a coach, never be sitting here as a coach if it wasn’t for Don James,” Saban said years ago “And I’ve tried to take a lot of the philosophical things that he does when it comes to creating values for players, not only how you develop on the field, but how you develop them as people.” Btw….Saban NOW realizes that it was a good choice as he said,” “I was always around cars and probably would have gone to some place to learn how to be in the car business, some kind of way,” Saban said. “And I think that when my mind does drift, I often times thank Coach James for this job, because every car dealer that I’ve ever had or known all wants to be a coach. So I think he headed me in the right direction.” Saban’s career has taken him as head coach to Toledo, Cleveland Browns, Michigan State, LSU (won a national title), Miami Dolphins(sub .500) and finally…his final spot….Alabama. He’s now tied the Bear with 6 National Titles…..but he doesn’t walk on water – but he DOES bring in top level assistants to continue to evolve his game and his approach… He’s gone through a myriad of offensive coordinators with different approaches and adapted along the way. His offense has evolved into the free wheeling, passing offense that is now accepted as the “norm” in college football. ..and yet….his 2 QB system of last year had 1 passing QB and 1 running QB.  Now that takes some skill to balance that difference in approaches. Remember when Mizzou’s defensive line was so good under Coach Gary Pinkel?  Who was the D-Line Coach….Craig Kuligowski…Kuligowski left the staff of Coach Odum to go to Miami U….and now….he’s the associate Head Coach @ Alabama…and of course the D-Line coach.  Top assistant coaches are a prerequisite for any successful program.  Does Mizzou have “top level” assistants?…which is the responsibility of the Head Coach to procure.

…Mizzou—has 6 games remaining in the 12 game schedule…Memphis are took Central Florida to the limit on Saturday. Actually, I think will work in Mizzou’s favor….playing them the week AFTER a big emotional game. #18 Kentucky and  @#14 Florida follow. Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Arkansas are all winnable games…but probably not as easy as some thought a few weeks ago (like me)

…btw….I wish these announcers wouldn’t keep throwing out “how fast” coaches are reaching win plateaus.  Playing 12 regular season games,followed by Post season conference games, bowls or final 4 games takes a team/coach up to 15 games a year.  For decades, teams played 10 games and a much smaller percentage of teams played in a bowl… Heck, good coaches SHOULD  have more wins with  15 possible games as opposed to 11 over several years ago.

Two other exciting NCAA football games….

…..the upset Specialist—Pittsburgh—put up a valiant, terrific, inspired effort but fell to Notre Dame in a game that went right down to the wire. ND is now 7-0 but they had to come from behind to snatch this win. Pitt…relying on their strong run game scored on a 1st possession—which was a thing of beauty…. 17 plays, 88 yards, six first downs, consuming 9:43 of the clock and ending with Quadree Ollison taking a direct snap, faking an end-around handoff and running into the end zone on second-and-goal from the Irish 9. Later in the 1st half,  a 99 yard KO return by Maurice French and had a 14-12 until the 4th quarter. QB Ian Book found Miles Boykin with only 5:43 remaining in the game to put the Irish up 19-14.  The last 5 minutes had several emotional changes…at one point Pitt’s QB Kenny Pickett scrambled around pressure… advanced forward….then retreated a-apparently thinking that he was close to the LOS…he completed the pass for a key first down. However, on review….1st noticed by the ND announcers,…Pickett had passed the LOS so it was an illegal pass….5 yards & loss of down. Coach Pat Narduzzi’s Panthers were looking to upset an AP top-five team for the third straight season after knocking off No. 3 Clemson in Death Valley during the 2016 season and No. 2 Miami last November in Pittsburgh. This game brought back memories of the 2012 game when Notre Dame beat Pitt 29-26 in thrilling overtime game.

…another exciting…albeit rainy…. game that caught my attention was the UCF-Memphis game.  The Tigers jumped out to a 27-7 over the #10 ranked UCF. When TD Gabriel Davis got behind the Memphis defense for a 74 yards TD strike from McKenzie Milton @ the10:45 of the 2nd quarter making it 17-14, you thought that Memphis’ bubble had been popped… sir….the Tigers made it 30-14 with just 2:04 remaining in the first half. When UCF’s Matthew Wright kicked a 44 yard FG to cut the lead to 30-17…it still didn’t feel like a rally was on the horizon. UCF Head Coach Josh Heupel gambled in the 3rd quarter. On a 4th and short, his team stood a yard or 2 behind the LOS…came quickly to the LOS went straight to their stance…with a power backfield. They faced a loaded defensive alignment with all 11 defenders within 4 yards of the ball.  Behind a strong offensive line surge and the lead block of his 300lb+ FB (who actually knocked down the LB)Taj McGowan used the push at the point of attack, burst into the open and outran the secondary to make it a 30-24 game as one could feel Memphis losing hold of the game. Early in the 4t quarter, UCF took possession at th UCT 26.  Two passes for first downs by Mackenzie Milton kept the drive going for the Knights. Milton closed out the drive with a 7 yard TD run…the PAT made it 31-30. Memphis would get the ball 3 more times but couldn’t even get close enough for a FG attempt. This was Central Florida’s closest win after coasting in their first 4 wins…included in the list is a 45-14 win over Pittsburgh…note the game above for Notre Dame against Pittsburgh!  UCF has no chance…in my opinion…of making the final 4 NCAA playoffs…even if they go undefeated again(they’ve won 17 straight! Their remaining schedule is Temple, Navy, U of Cincinnati, So Florida. They aren’t in a power 5 conference soooo…..what do they do. The good teams won’t schedule them because they might lose!! I’m asking…how can an outsider get into that final four when schedules are drawn up YEARS in advance?  I’m suggesting….but it’ll never happen….that NCAA schools wipe out their future schedules for the first 2 weeks of the season….let the good teams find other good teams to play…maybe even conference challenges (like in basketball)  a SEC-Big 10 challenge; or PAC 12-BIG 12, ACC-Indpendent for 2 years …then after 2 years modify which conference would play each other….like SEC-PAC 12 or…whatever…it should would be better than the MO State’s of the world being sacrificial lambs  and becoming fodder just for $$$ so the “big boys” can get a W.

If one listed the top 10 of the NCAA…..without considering their pre-season rank, how many players will go to the Pros, what they did last year, the Coach’s pedigree….simply by which teams have beaten the best teams…or losing in a very tight game to another highly ranked team… ONLY that as a  factor… since the committee doesn’t’ want to use a analytics system of points on a computer..let’s break it down to who have you beaten..take away the names…then look at how they look..who’ve they played to this point, how they’ve won the games….go ahead …rank the teams….

Here’s the data…their record, which conference their opponent competes, record of that opponent now and the score….rank them now. I’ll let you know later which teams that are represented here.

Team ABC (7-0) beat SEC team (3-4) 22-17, beat an ACC team (3-3) 56-27, beat a Big 10 team( 6-1) 24-17, beat MAC team(3-4) 24-16, beat an ACC team (3-4) 19-12, beat a Pac 12 team (4-2) 38-17, beat a ACC team (4-2) 45-23, best 3 teams with winning records…most of any of the top 4 teams.

Team XYZ (7-0)  beat a Sun Belt (5-1) team 48-7, beat an SEC team(5-2) 28-26, beat a Southern Conf team (2-3) 38-7; beat an ACC team (4-2)27-23, beat a ACC team (3-3) by score of 63-3, beat an ACC team (1-6) 49-21..played 2 .500+ teams for power 5 conferences

Team  QQQ (7-0) has beaten a ACC team (2-5), a SEC team(5-2), Sun Belt team 3-4, SEC team(5-2), Sun Belt team(3-3),  one SEC team(1-6) & SEC team(3-3)… so  they’ve beaten two teams with winning records

Team NNN(7-0) .. beat PAC 12 team (1-5) 77-31, Big 10 team (1-6) 52-3, Big 12 team (3-3) 40-28, Big 10 team (3-3) 30-14,American Conf  team(2-4) 49-6,  Big 10 team (4-3) 49-26, Big 10 team (4-2) 27-26..played 2 teams with winning records

Go ahead ….rank them…

High School Game of the Week points out the importance of the kicking game…especially when the teams are so evenly matched.  Ft Zumwalt North came into their game against Timberland as one of the undefeated teams in the area. It was a terrific game…close from start to end. They are 2 of the top 3 teams in the GAC Central Conference. North scored the only points of the 1st quarter on a 6 yard run by Joel Hilliard, the PAT by Owen Sears made it 7-0.  Timberland tied it up at the 11:21 mark of the 2nd quarter with a 36 yard pass from Cole Martin to Jarrett Wilson. North answered. Joel Hilliard found Isiah Hartup on a 38 yard score. The PAT kick  attempt was unsuccessful. Timberland scored again late in the 2nd (0:24) on a 10 yard pass from Martin to Brett Hiatt. Parker Brown converted the PAT. It was 14-13. The game…and momentum… kept going back and forth. Zumwalt scored…tried a running extra point which failed. Timberland scored the next 2 TD’s but missed their 2-point pass attempt on the 1st score of the 3rd quater.  So Timberland held a  27-25 lead after 3 quarters. Cole Martin scored the next TD of the game for Timberland, who now held a 34-25 lead after the PAT. Zumwalt N kept fighting , scored  when Grant Latina caught a 68 yard pass from Joel Hilliard less than a minute later.  The defense of both teams stepped up in the last 7 minutes of the game and neither team scored again. Timberland held onto a thrilling 34-32 conference win and knocked FZN from the ranks of the unbeaten.

…Special Tip of the HS hat to Notre Dame Softball team who won the Lutheran South softball district. The Rebels edged Ursuline Academy 4-2 in the Championship game. The 3 district wins raised ND’s record to 11-11-1 for the season. They came a long way from the 1-6 start to the season! Notre Dame  drove home the winning runs  in the top of the 7th inning when Soph Allison Kaiser lined a base hit to center field driving home two runs. That made the score 4-2…which was the final score. Kaiser was EXACTLY the batter than Notre Dame wanted at the plate. She holds the 11th highest average in the entire St.  Louis Area at! Ursuline, who also was a surprise in the District, knocked off Affton 15-8 to reach the Championship Game of District. Urusuline scored 10 runs in the 7th inning for an unbelievable comeback in the semifinals. Congrats to both teams!!

 ….yea…yea….I know that baseball is still going on….hope they finish soon….spring training opens up in just over 3 months  ….some random thoughts about the playoffs and players…

….Cards aren’t just chasing the Cubbies….the Brewers have assembled a good team.

….If I lived in Chicago and was a Cubs fan…I would have been thrilled to hear the Cubs GM upset with their play…sure they won 95 games but he felt that they didn’t have their foot to the metal at all times..contrast that with…. our usual…..we’re staying the course dance.

…I’m actually sorry that Adam Wainwright is returning…I’m afraid that not much good will come of it.

…So…..we got the “dog” of the Miami OF….Stanton, Yelich, Ozuna

….Clayton Kershaw isn’t the same any more…..he’s lost something….which happens to ‘em all

…I don’t think that Jeff Gyorko will be a Cardinal next year…but what will we do…what can we do… with Fowler?

Poll results–  Team QQQ is Alabama; Team XYZ-Clemson; Team NNN is Ohio State; Team ABC is Notre Dame  …thanks for the read… Bob



Blues & Hockey by Bob Ryan

The Blues 2018-19 season just opened up…..the 50+ year quest for the Stanley Cup will resume for our Boys in Blue…..1st ….a wider perspective of the sport of hockey….

Hockey has many unique qualities…..of course, it’s the only sport played on ice…it’s the only sport that allows substitutions “during” a play…’s the only sport that permits….and actually encourages …. fights during their contests…it’s the only sport that each game one team or the other will being competing against the other team with an unequal number of players….aside from pool & bowling…it’s the only sport that the competitors line up in a pyramidal shape (1-2-3)

….our Blues are one of 12 NHL teams who have NEVER hoisted up the Cup and we hold the dubious distinction of  having the longest streak of Cup-less seasons…we have been in the finals  but have NEVER won a single game in the Championship Series. Those dozen teams are:

St. Louis Blues,  Buffalo Sabres,  Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks,

Florida Panthers, Arizona Coyotes, Nashville Predators, Winnipeg Jets,

Minnesota Wild, Columbus Blue Jackets, Vegas Golden Knights

Ottawa Senators .

However Hockey isn’t alone in the Pro Sports World  that has a bountiful number of teams seeking the “holy grail” of their sport…Football…. sometimes thought of as having “more” balance than the other pro sports…..also has 12 teams who have NEVER won the Super-Bowl in their history –The Bengals, Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Texans, Titans and Vikings have not won a Super Bowl.  These 4 teams have NEVER …ever…even reached  the Super Bowl…. Browns, Jaguars, Lions and Texans. The Browns & Lions have been around long before the Super Bowl.

…Most of the MLB franchises who have NEVER won the World Series have less than 50 years of efforts…6 MLB franchises  have never won a world series—1)Colorado Rockies, founded in 1993, only 1 Series appearance; the 2) Milwaukee Brewers/Seattle Pilots…had their start in 1969 in Seattle. Brewers lost to Cards in 1982 Series. 3) San Diego opened up their gates in 1969..they’ve been to 2 World Series…1984—lost to Detroit 4-1 and 1998 swept by Yankees.4) Tampa Bay Rays

The newest team on this list, the Tampa Bay Rays (formerly Devil Rays) have made it to just 1 World Series. Founded in 1998, the Rays lost 4–1 to the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2008 World Series.   5) Texas Rangers..founded in 1961 as Washington Senators before moving to Arlington Texas in 1972, the Rangers lost the 2010 series to the Giants and the 2011 MIRACLE SERIES to the St Louis Cardinals …sometimes thought of as the David Frese Series  6)Washington Nationals–originally the Montreal Expos from 1969–2004—neither team has ever won a NL Pennant or an NL Championship Series…much less a World Series..

….back to hockey….the Blues ALWAYS have always been blessed with a  very emotional, loyal  fan base that backs them in a strong way.  This year is no exception. The acquisitions of Ryan O’Reilly and Patrick Maroon seemed spectacular and had the base buzzing. . Reacquiring David Peron and snatching Tyler Bozak received some applause. The Blues base was excited until… until…. the season actually began…the Blues have permitted 5 goals in each of the 1st two games and failed to win either of them.  Goalie Jake Allen …who was up & down last year…..needs a tight defense…yet to be seen… and forwards willing to back check and score.  Now….it’s just 2 games… would we be thinking Cup finals if we’d won games 1 & 2…..maybe some would ….come on….as shown in recent years…just get in the playoffs being healthy, playing your best hockey and have a “hot” keeper….then the real season begins….these first 82 games and 6 months are the elimination series ….eliminate the bottom half of the teams…just get into the playoffs. LGB!

….watch out for those numbers….. those lying numbers….I’m sure that you’ve heard that sometime in your life…..especially when the percentages are used to convince you of a point….every couple weeks, the STL Post-Dispatch  runs a brief note about the Rams viewers in the StL and LA market… the inference …at least to me…is that  STL is really close to LA in viewing numbers…..they use percentages….be careful…so the last note that I found said that according to Nielsen on the Thursday night game, the LA market had11.6%   of viewership while the Lou was right there with them at 9.2%…..taking a wider view…that means….that about 1.2 m people watched the Rams in LA that day while  260,000 saw the same game in StL….if you were a sponsor…where would you rather be? 

College Football…

…Mizzou really needed that win over S. Carolina…they led 23-14 at half…won just about every statistical category for the game(total yards, Pass Yds, Run yds, 1st downs, time of possession) but a horrific  3rd quarter…being outscored 17-0 …Mizzou rallied…retook the lead in the 4th quarter but just couldn’t get the big play defensively and lost late.. Their wins over Purdue (2-3), Wyoming (2-4) and UT Martin (1-4) don’t make us feel that good any longer but they ARE wins…3 of the next 4 games (Bama, Memphis, Kentucky & Florida) will be challenging. The final 1/3 of the season, Vandy, Tenn, Arkansas should be 3 W’s. I predicted 7 wins….I think that I’m still on track…

NCAA football scores of note this week…

…It was incredible!!! Iowa St (2-3) upends Oklahoma State (4-2) 48-42…3rd string QB Brock Purdy…who was only “guaranteed” one series some time during the game …completed 18 of 23 passes for 318 yards, 4 TD’s. Purdy is a true Freshman and had played just 1 series previous to this OK St game. Purdy replaced Zeb Noland…who had started the last 4 games after season-opening QAB Kyle Kempt was injured in game 1. Making it even more amazing….the Cyclones began the day last in the Big 12 in scoring (17.5ppg) and 122 of 130 in NCAA scoring!

…Texas A&M (4-2) knocked Kentucky (5-1) from the unbeaten ranks with a 20-14 Overtime win.  In the 1st possession of the OT, Kentucky FG attempt bounced off the cross bars! Texas A&M scored on a 10 yard run by Trayveon Williams…no PAT attempt was needed or  tried. The Aggies used an airtight defense throughout the entire game that permitted just 153 total yards for Kentucky. It was the 1st signature win for Jimbo Fischer @ AM

High School Game of the Week…

The MICDS Rams(6-1)  rallied and scored 11 points inside the last 3 minutes of the game against Westminster Christian Academy (3-4). WCA scored the first 2 touchdowns of the game on runsby  LJ Minner and Atlin Hall to grab a 14-0 lead at the 9:14 mark of the 2nd quarter. The Rams answered with 2 TD’s of their own before half…both coming through the air. Thomas Niedringhaus caught a 32 yard strike and Graham Bundy Jr snatched an 81 yard pass. Both TD’s were thrown by Reagan Andrew. The 2nd PAT attempt failed. WCA added to their lead with another run by Hall t 10:15 mark of 4th quarter. MICDS’ Tyler Purdy plowed over from 2 yards out and and Graham Bundy’s 2-pt run tied the game with only 2:59 left in the game.  With only 12 seconds left in the game, Graham Bundy ended the game with his 19 yard FG..MICDS 24 WCA 21.

SHAME High School Games of the Week…teams not listed..only scores from this weekend:  76-6, 65-0, 72-22,82-8, 52-6, 50-0,  52-0,  61-6 , 61-8


NO overtime for me either….thanks for the read…..










MLB Awards by Bob Ryan

It’s that time of year….season is wrapped up… is heating up….let’s take a look at some possible post-season MLB Awards… will be familiar with some of them…others…not so much!

Cy Young….Best Pitcher of each league….both of my nominees are young and would be 1st time winners…in the AL it has to be Blake Snell…who you say?…..he’s the ace of the Tamp Bay Rays…his 21-5 along with a dazzling 1.90 ERA, 30 starts …that’s become a “lot” these days, 175 IP with 211 strikeouts…his WHIP (Walks + Hits per Inn pitched) was a sharp 0.96. Batters hit  just .178 agasint him for the season. He’s just 25 years old right now. He was chosen in the 1st round by Tampa Bay in 2011. I realize that Justin Verlander with 16 wins and Cory Kluber  holding 20 wins are more in the spotlight due to the success of their teams but….I believe Snell has earned the award.   In the NL, Jacob DeGrom with his measly 10 wins was the best pitcher of the NL….he can’t help that he’s on a really bad team.  DeGrom led the Major Leagues with an amazing 1.70 ERA struck out 269 batters in 217 innings, his WHIP was a 0.91. Batters hit .196 against him in 2018.

Quietest Slugger in MLB—Kris Davis (Oakland)…..he finished with 47 home runs. This isn’t anything new for him…he hit 43 and 42 dingers in the last 2 seasons. The Brewers really missed the boat here…they traded him away in February 2016 for Bubba Derby and Jacob Nottingham.

The Knight Award…..Batter most in need of Armor at the plate….Brandon Nimmo….he was hit by a pitch 22x in 2018…at last word, he has survived 

The Award for the Most YO-YO changes in Trending…UP—Down—UP—Down—etc…..the winner is Jose Martinez…one day he’d belt a HR; the next he’d misplay a fly ball; then a .300 average hitter; followed by bizarre fielding exhibitions at 1B; more hitting; more base running blunders; more hitting…yada-yada-yada

Talking Loud without speaking a word Award……MLB FANS….MLB attendance dropped to its lowest point since 2003.  It was 69m+ this year, last year it was 72m+.

The Annie Oakley Award….Bryce Harper received the most “free passes” in 2018 with 129 walks

“Diet” Award….. should be awarded to the MLB to slim down in September….adding 15 minor league players …why? …  it just loads the bullpen for more and more  and more pitching changes… or makes us watch minor league players at major league prices…..abolish the expansion of roster to 40 players month…stay at 25 all  year long! By adding 15 players, that’s a 60% increase…WOW…just think if NFL football expanded at that same rate…they’d have 64 players dressed out…years and years ago  there may have been questions about “seeing the youngsters”….no need for that any longer…we zing them up to the “bigs” whenever we want to do it…. 

Best Player of each League (not necessarily the MVP)…Mookie Betts (Boston)….hit .346 tops in the entire MLB, 178 hits, 32 HR, 30 Stolen Bases, 80 RBI—down because he bats at the top of the order, OBP of .437, slugging .643 and OPS of 1.080…and he’s on the best team in the Major Leagues….had 594 Plate Appearances so he played…and played a lot. In the NL, I’m going with Christian Yelich…there are only 6 full-time players with averages over .300….Yelich is the highest  at .321. 33 HR, 104 RBI’s, 21 Stolen bases, 626 plate appearances, .978 OPS. He improved when pressure increased down stretch.

The Mayberry Sheriff Award….with all the crime in Mayberry…the Sheriff’s duties were few and far between…..winner of that award this year is Brad Brach of Baltimore…he led the O’s in saves with 11 throughout 2018…all of ELEVEN… could say that he wasn’t  “over worked”

The Winner of the “It Aint’ OVER til it’s OVER” Award.. is the Philadelphia Phillies.  The Phils had a good year…they haven’t seen the .500 mark since 2012 when they were 81-81 for the season so ANYTHING over that level would have been considered “good”.  However, Philadelphia started brilliantly in 2018. Philly played very well through July…then suddenly their gas tank went empty… they really slumped in September….staggered across the finish line.

KNOCK OUT Punch Award….this year the winne is the LA Dodgers….the Dodgers win this in  2018 due to knocking out the Cards  on Saturday …just as the Cubs had done to us last year.

“Who Are those Guys” Award…winner is the Atlanta Braves…go ahead…other than Freddie Freeman… give me 3 other starters!!!   Don’t feel bad…I can’t do it either 

The Good Place Award…for those of you who haven’t seen Ted Danson’s latest series….the good place is a type of heaven ..or supposedly…but really it’s an area that humans torment each other continually…. the winner of this award is the Cardinals and their Fans 

NCAA Football thoughts…

….In this world of “stars”….top players recruited by top NCAA teams expect to play and play now…. Clemson  has been caught in this instant gratification at the most vital position… Last week, Head Coach Dabo Swiney named Trevor Lawrence as the starter replacing Kelly Bryant  @ QB ..Bryant immediately announced  he was transferring…soooo.. this week Lawrence suffers a “concussion-like” injury…now Swiney has lost ..presumably his  #1 and #2 QB’s….#3 Chase Brice was shaky after Lawrence’s injury. The Tigers hold on the ACC maybe slipping with this QB issue.

….Still trying to be recognized…UCF …unbeaten last year and ignored by the NCAA committee…just keeps winning and winning big….sure their Coach Scott Frost left for Nebraska (how has that worked out?)…..UCF just trampled Pittsburgh 45-14 with 568 total yards and 31 first wonders if they stay unbeaten if they’ll be ignored again after their strong bowl appearance last year and another terrific season…now…they aren’t in the power 5 conference….soooo… according to the logic of the committee they must have played a weak schedule….how could anyone be a Championship Semifinalist without being in the Power 5?

…sometimes…coaches outthink themself …Louisville Head Coach, Bobby Petrino blew it….up by 3 points…after notching a 1st down on the Florida State 21 yd line and clock winding down…just running the ball 3x and using up both Seminole time outs followed by a FG  would have been the customary approach…instead Petrino calls for a pass…it’s intercepted….suddenly with the momentum, Florida State’s Nyqwan Murray out runs the Louisville secondary for a 58 yd winning TD

….SEC West belongs to Alabama….the SEC East has Georgia & Kentucky at 5-0  while Florida is 4-1… Florida’s win over Mississippi State 13-6 showed the usual post Steve Spurrier type Florida team… great athletes, play hard, very good on defense…but offense …not so much….It had to be mixed feelings for new Florida coach Dan Mullen….he had been an assistant @ Florida during the Urban Meyer era…left to take the Head Coaching job @ Mississippi State…built up that program…then last winter returned to Florida as its head coach.. 

High School Team of the Week….

The Clayton Soccer team won the CYC Bob Guelker-Sullivan Walsh Division in a grueling week of soccer. The Greyhounds went 2-0-1 in pool play with wins over Lutheran South & Timberland and tied Alton-Marquette. Next Clayton beat Bayless 3-1 in the qualifying round of the tournament. In the Semifinals, the Greyhounds toppled Triad 6-2.  The Championship match was a rematch with Alton Marquette. Clayton edged  the Explorers 1-0 in OT…what a road! Clayton has now matched the win total of 2017 as they hold a 13-0-1 mark last year.   James Dulle leads the club with 24 goals and 11 assists for 59 points. Dillon Flynn is also in double figures in goals with 14. Max Boeger has chipped in with 7 goals & 6 assists. In the nets is Andrew Matheny. Matheny   holds a 10-0-1 record and he has been part of 5 shutouts, 4 solo.  Congratulations to the Clayton Greyhounds soccer team for their vast improvement over last season and their terrific record.

Final award….goes to YOU…thanks for the read..

Moving On by Bob Ryan

As the baseball season winds down ….and prior to the excitement of post-season….veteran players reevaluate their status in the MLB……as usual….some will be “hanging it up”…and maybe some should “move on”……here’s a short list of players playing their final week of baseball….probably ending a passion that began as small boys in their home towns/cities

Already have announced their retirement…

….not seen often by St Louis fans…but nonetheless a very successful career…Victor Martinez. Martinez ends after a 16 year career. For his career…all in the AL….he’s averaged .295! He caught for 12 of the 16 years as he played for Cleveland, Boston …only short time-part of 2 years…and then Detroit. Later in his career he was a DH and a 1B. He’s played in 1971 games + whatever the does this week. He has over 2150 hits, 246 HR,  hit over .300 in 9 different seasons and has a career OPS of .815. Martinez reached the post season in 4 different years….hitting .315 in 8 different series. He was an All-Star 5x and Silver Slugger twice. Just as a side….this is a competitor for Yadi when considering inducting catchers into the HOF.  Martinez was involved in one of the WORST trades…Cleveland traded him away to Boston for the little-known trio of Nick Hagadone, Justin Masterson and Bryan Price.

….Ryan Howard announced his formal retirement.  The St Louisian from Lafayette HS… where he played for Rusty Ryan…no relation to me…..did not play at all in 2018. He probably held out hopes that he’d play  again….but it wasn’t to be for Howard. Howard did play 13 MLB seasons…and a rarity in today’s world…in all 13 he was a Phillie.  For a 6 stretch…he was a league leader…a League MVP, #2 in MVP another year and #3 in MVP a 3rd year! During his best 6 year stretch, Howard pounded out 262 Home Runs (43/year) for the Phillies and was voted in the top 10 of the League MVP in 5 of those years. Some of his lifetime records are very impressive….led the NL in HR-2x  and is #67 in career MLB  HR,  Led NL in RBI’s-3X, is #73 in Career Slugging % in MLB history. I had never thought of him as a HOF’er but looking at these stats……one WOULD HAVE to take a close look at him. Let’s hope that he’ll become reconnected with the Lou as a retiree.

….some other MLB players who are “moving on” that are recognizable names—Chase Utley, Jason Werth, Shane Victorino (signing a 1 day contract with Phillies so as to end his career where he played his best ball….please take note Albert!

….a list now of some notable players who SHOULD consider “moving on”

..Dustin Pedroia….I think that he was the “heart” of the Red Sox for many years….he really doesn’t hold REAL high numbers….but he was a “winner”…he’s 35 now…played in only 3 games this year after a terrific 12 year career. His career batting average sits right at .300….don’t play any more Dustin…. retire as a career .300 hitter…not a HOF’er but a very successful career in the MLB>

….Jose Reyes….back with the Mets where he began his career in 2003. Lifetime .283 hitter, has over 2100 hits, stole over 500 bases (led the league 4x) and is 33rd ALL-TIME in stolen bases. His only post season years were 2006 and 2016 …both with the Mets…remember…he was a part of the “pond scum” boys back in 06!  Marginal HOF material…

…Aroldis Chapman..he’s seemed to have “lost it” quickly this season….he began 2018 in his customary closing manner….1-2-3 with a strikeout or 2….since he’s suffered a knee injury in mid-year, he has really struggled..Chapman has actually been knocked around in his latest performances…he’s pitched in over 50+ games for 8 straight seasons…maybe his arm and his rocket fastball has lost a bit….he’s earned $67m so one would think that he’d be OK for the rest of his life. IF he does return….I’m predicting solid work until mid-June’ish  and then more of what we are seeing this year.

….Jay Bruce was a power hitter for the Reds from 2008 to 2016. He blasted 241 home runs in that span.  In 2016 he was traded to the Mets, in 2017 moved on to Cleveland and then back to NY Mets this year.  This year, it was apparent that he’s “lost it”….he had many nagging injuries and circled the bases for a HR only 9 times. Chronologically he’s young…31 years old but his body is old.

…Adam Wainwright…he really has personified being  a true Cardinal….he’s been an outstanding performer .. often in clutch or post-season games…he’s a real “team” man….conducts himself in the highest manner on and off the field …..but….it’s time….let’s not have to hope that he can “get through” 5 innings… Can he do it every 5 days?  I don’t think so……I don’t want to see him “hanging on”….he’s had far too much class to do that in his fading days. He’s  in his 13th MLB season….he’s earned $134m…come on….he, his kids, their kids and great grandkids are set…..why be pushed “out’ due to ineffectiveness…pls step out this off-season. His contract expires this year….it’s  a perfect time. We obtained him with Ray “Burger” King & Jason Marquis for JD Drew & Eli Marrero in 2003…what a robbery!

Not Good news for the Blues

…..The San Jose Sharks pulled off a tremendous trade recently. Acquiring one of the best defensemen in the league in Erik Karlsson from the Senators without giving up much quality, Sharks really improved. This move puts the Sharks as the front runner in the West.  By adding Karlsson now in the mix, the Sharks now may send out…  on defense… their newest All-Star along with Brent Burns and Marc-Edouard Vlasic. Karlsson & Burns…together…have won 3 of the last 7  Norris Trophy Awards (Award to Best Defenseman) …and were finalists 3 other times….  Karlsson is in the final year of his contract…so what…in this world of WIN NOW….it fits right into the current approach.

Around the MLB (outside of the Lou)

Commissioner Rob Manfred has long been advocating for MLB expansion. He would like to see a 32 team league. He believes that four 4-team divisions for each league would be ideal for baseball. Gosh…just think how poor the pitching would be if we added 2 more teams…ugly thought.  Leading candidates for the expansion…at this moment..are Portland, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Nashville and Montreal (again?) and Vancouver in Canada and maybe even in Mexico?

Cardinals Trending Upward..

The Cards continue their march towards the playoffs as the games remaining dwindles down into single digits. Barring a real collapse, the 2nd wild card spot… and maybe even higher…appears to be within grasp. Receiving contribution from many different players in the final weeks of the season has keep the hopes alive…..Tyson Ross …twice this week chewing up innings to help preserve the tired arms of the bullpen…our new Closer…Carlos Martinez  now  4 for 4 in save opportunities…a key hit to the opposite field one day and a HR another day by Matt Adams off the bench.  Of course the regular contributions of Yadi,  Matt Carpenter …who seems to go on HR binges and then strikeout binges alternately, Harrison Bader…who’s speed and hustle not only changed results but…from my ol’ eyes.. changed the approach of some of the veterans about running the bases and Jose Martinez who doesn’t seem to see any pitch that he doesn’t “like” at the plate and yet continues to hold his average over  the prized .300 mark. The bunt game being reinvented by the Cardinal Manager.  Kolton Wong now seems to play relaxed and confident and continues to dazzle defensively…he’s no longer a puppet being yanked back and forth after a sour play or AB. Myself….I’d prefer a really good fielding “up the middle” defense…catcher, 2B, SS, CF….I do think that we’ve made strides in that regard since Shildt assumed the managerial duties.

Mizzou-Georgia Football

Mizzou football acquitted itself with a strong performance against the Georgia Bulldogs. Statistically, the Tigers appear to have been “about even” with the Bulldogs. Georgia  opened up 27-7 lead early in the 3rd quarter and from that point on, the teams traded TD’s to reach the final score of 43-29. Offensively, MU displayed a balanced offense—172 rushing yards, 221 passing yards and the ability to put points on the board. Key drops, a very poor punt attempt (resulting in a Bulldog TD), and a leaky pass defense stole the “upset” tag away from the determined Tigers. Georgia schemed its secondary to remove the long ball passing threat of the Tigers…something that I imagine will be continually seen throughout the remainder of 2018 by all future opponents. Clearly this is a bowl team…my pre-season pick of 7 wins, may be on the low side….let’s hope so.

A Standing Ovation

Oklahoma entered their game against Army as 29 point favorites. The Sooners were 12th in the country in total offense averaging 551 yards per game entering the game against the Black Knights. It was supposed to be a cupcake win at home in Norman, OK. Not one of the major networks…or evn the minor networks….carried the game…it was going to be a blow-out.  But….it was totally different on Saturday….Army ran 87 plays — 78 rushing — to Oklahoma’s 40 total plays and dominated the time of possession 44:41 to 15:19, nearly three times as much. Four of Army’s seven offensive drives were 16 plays or more. It was tied in 21-21 in regulation. OU scored on its 1st possession in OT and then stopped Army to notch a 28-21 win. It was such an outstanding performance by the Black Knights  that the OU fans gave the ARMY team a standing ovation as they left the field!!!

NO Touchdowns in an NFL Game?!?

Nope….on Sunday, the Tennessee Titan beat Jacksonville Jaguars 9-6…..5 field goals! This is shocking in modern day football….both teams like to run the ball…so the clock moved and moved and moved on…team net offense was amazing close..233 yards for the Titans and 232 for the Jaguars! The leading rusher in the game was Derrick Henry with a whopping 57 yards. I didn’t see any of the game, I went out to “work” in the yard…isn’t that what we do during NFL games now?…by the time I returned …it was OVER!!

HS Game of the Week…..Back to the Future……

The matchup in the Suburban West-American conference between the Marquette Mustangs (4-1) and Lindbergh Flyers (3-2) seemed to be like a quick trip with Marty McFly and Doc Brown back to the future. These two good teams prefer keeping the ball on the ground instead of winging it in this game of the week.  Lindbergh took a 14-7 lead early in the 4th quarter on Bobby Tessler’s 2nd TD of the game. The Mustangs tied the game on Kyle Mill’s 14 yard gallop. Mill was the leading rusher in the game with 151 rushing yards. With only 23 seconds left in the game, Collin Fisk booted a 23 yard FG for the winning margin….how ol’ school was it….Marquette rushed for 187 yards and passed for 76 yards. The Flyers pounded out 229 yards while passing for just 57 yards…..Marty & Doc were probably smiling.

TEAM of the Week-Seckman Jaguars in Softball

Seckman participates in the grueling Suburban Yellow conference.   Teams from this one conference are ranked in the Large School Softball Poll this week–#1, #3, #4, #10, #11 and now breaking into the top 10 at the #7 are the Seckman  Jaguars (9-3). Seckman won their own tournament this week with  wins overy Kelly, Pacific,  and Ft Zumwalt West in the championship game.Then a conference win over always tough, Oakville iced up the week. It isn’t as if Seckman hasn’t had good teams….they’ve won  16, 22, 16, 19 and 17 games over the last 5 years.  But….being in a conference where the top teams often land in Springfield for the State Finals…. pushes  the Jaguar accomplishments into the background at times.  The Leading Batters for the Jags are led by  Sr. Meagan McCorkell  .488. The other three .400 batters are Jr. Blakeli Holdenried .419, Sr. Haley Lukzsa .407, Soh. Alex Waggoner  .400. Pitching duties are split between Jr Lauren Montgomery and Jr. Lexi Knoll.

Well….it’s time for me to be “moving on”…..



Strikeout or Home Run by Bob Ryan

Currently… seems in most baseball games…. that batters hit a home run or a strikeout…..well…..we’ll look @ some stats to verify that notion and expand the HR v K in other areas…..

In MLB stats…..take a look at HR/plate app    and K/plate appearance over  a span of time

HR/Plate app                      K/plate appearance         HR+K/plate appearance     Year

.030                                                        .221                        .251                              2018

.024                                                        .185                        .209                              2010

.030                                                        .164                        .194                              2000

.021                                        `              .149                        .169                              1990

.019                                                        .082                        .101                              1980

What this means is that in 2018 ….25.1% of the AB or either a strikeout or a HR…..that’s way too high for my taste….1/4 of the time a dinger or a whiff…..the HR have become so common…how exciting are they? Back in 1980, it was 10.1% that a HR or K was the result…..the ball was being put into the playing field….quicker outs….or more runners…..more excitement from my ol’ perspective. As a youth, I recall games beginning at 8:00pm and hitting the exits around 10:15pm!!

Some other strikeouts or home runs across the sports world…

….back in the 1960’s …ABC network wasn’t competing well with NBC or CBC…Roone Arledge created the idea of Monday night football…he decided to bring a “big” college game on the air as the blockbuster introduction or the idea… The big splash was to be in Birmingham’s Legion Field in a game between two established coaching rivals.  Even back in 1960…Bama…then under legendary coach Paul Bryant… was already a powerhouse. When Rooney sent a team of lighting experts to see if the lights in Birmingham were adequate for televising football… was not…but Bryant wanted to do the game… so when Arledge notified Bryant of the decision….the Bear assured Arledge that it would be “taken care of”…that he’d make a call to Birmingham’s mayor…if he won’t do it….”he’ll never be re-elected” Bryant said! Game was ON!  What a matchup—Bear Bryant vs legendary U of Mississippi coach, Johnny Vaught.  Both coaches were at the top of their “game” and highly respected….in fact, the 2nd most successful program in the SEC in the 60’s was Ol’ Miss. Both coaches hated losing …especially to each other!  Arledge got lucky…real lucky…it was a 33-32 Alabama win…still considered one of the most exciting games in college history…btw…Ol’ Miss QB is guy that you’ve heard of…Archie Manning…he passed for 436 yards and ran for 104 more yards….that night was a HUGE HOME RUN for football

….staying on the football field…the “mercy” rule in Missouri high school football(running clock in 2nd half when a team is 35 points or more ahead)…just isn’t working….it’s striking OUT …this weekend… I recorded the margin of the winning HS teams in StL and Illinois teams in the area….. remember…the numbers listed is the size of the lead when the game ended..if Margin was Between 0-10 points—there were only 10 games; winning margin 11 to 19 points–14  games…if the winners won a game by 21 &29 points—16 games; if the winning margin was 30 to 39 points—12 games; winning margin 40-49 points-13 games;  one team won by 50 points…2 teams won by 56 points and 3 teams won by 62 points!! So more teams won by 40 to 49 points than those winning by 10 points are less….one team that won 62-0 actually had their 2nd last touchdown of the game scored by a player who already had scored 3 touchdowns….how sad is that?….my suggestion..same as last year…if any team gets ahead by 40 points at ANY time…game is over…1st half…2nd half…it doesn’t matter….similar to the 10 run rule in baseball. I’ve heard some coaches say that when the losing team subs their weaker players…they’ll do the same….shouldn’t it be the OTHER WAY around?…or say….that it’s not fair to THEIR starters….really? or some say, “ well…you just have to get better”… about trading athletes and see then how you’d coach those players who “have to get better”.

…Mizzou struck out with their all white uniforms…aren’t their colors black & gold? What’s next week….green ? purple? Blue uniforms ?

….Hitting a HOME RUN with their small payroll AND good win total is the Tamp Bay Rays…..their record of 81-66 which is slightly better than the Cardinals mark of 81-68. Tampa has a gross salary in 2018 for active players, players on DL, retained salaries, deferred salaries, signing bonus money, MLB salaries for some players in minors….total salary… $79m!  WOW!!!

….Striking out in Champaign Ill…the U of Illinois continues to ride the Lovie Smith train…he’s 7-20  right now after his team lost to the Juggernaut known as S.Florida…that game typified  Smith’s tenure @ Illinois…  110 penalty yards in 12 penalties…there were multiple turnovers, blocked kicks….sure Lovie has the name ….but his “day” is long past….he was instrumental in the development of the cover 2 defense of the early 2000’s…that day is LONG past….offenses have caught up to the cover 2….and Lovie.

….maybe hitting another HOME RUN under a new Coach….UCF…U Central Florida is 2-0 to start the football season and …might… run the table again after going 13-0 last season…. The previous Coach Scott Frost….left for his alma-mater—Nebraska(now 0-2 after losing to Colorado and Troy)

….the Cleveland Browns just don’t seem capable of hitting a Home Run of any sort…it always seems to turn into a strikeout…in week 1, the Browns have a game winning OT FG attempt blocked…so they tie the Steelers…in week 2…the same kicker misses a game-tying FG from 44 yards and the Browns fall to New Orleans 21-18….ouch…. super ouch….

….the Cincinnati Reds sure hit a HOME RUN when they acquired Scooter Gennett 2 years ago. He hit .295 with 27 home runs last year and this year he’s batting .318 with 22 dingers. Why did Milwaukee given up on him…he’s a 6 year career, .290 hitter

High School Teams of the Week…

Softball…Rosati-Kain Kougars have really turned it around in 2018 with their 9-1 record. Last year the Kougars were 9-15, in 2016, 7-13 and in 2015 Rosati was 3-17! Mya Bethany leads the club with a .618 average and a slugging mark of 1.029.  Bethany also paces the team from the pitching circle…she’s 6-1 with a 1.89 ERA. This robust hitting team has 7 players batting .475 or HIGHER! Mallory Coleman holds a .600 batting mark. Kasey Beck leads the club with 15 rbi’s while Kate Kleinegger has stolen the most bases with 21 thefts. Congrats on “turning it around”….it’s hard to do.

Volleyball…O’Fallon Christian won the Summit tournament as they defeated the host school 2-1 ( 25-15, 19-25 and 25-21)in the championship match. Alyse Cundiff led the way in the championship match with 18 kills while Belle Monaco added 12 more kills.  O’Fallon advanced through the pool play by beating  Rock Bridge(2-0), tying Summit (1-1) , tying Marquette(1-1) and beating Westminster(2-0). In the Semifinals, O’Fallon Christian beat Mehlville 2-0 and topped off the big day with the championship win over Summit. The Eagles are now 15-1-3 for the season and were ranked #2 in the small school poll last week by the StLToday staff.

…well…you’ve hit a HR….you made it all the way around the bases and to the bottom….


One Would Think by Bob Ryan

One would think…..                       

 …For all the hype about Jordan Hicks fastball… would think…that his strikeout/inning ratio would be very good….not so much…the “good” ones average more than 1 strikeout per inning… Hicks has 60 strikeouts in 68 innings..under 1.00/inning ..meanwhile Wade Davis (Colorado closer) K/inn ratio is  over 1.000…66 strikeouts in 57 innings..there are many other pitchers over 1.00 in K/inn ratio but Davis is another closer-like Hicks….the best in the MLB is Chris Sales 146 inn/219 strikeouts….#2 is Gerrit Cole 176 inn/243 strikeouts…#3 is Max Scherzer  193 inn/260 strikeouts

…When one considers that the Cards paid Aledmys Diaz $5m to sign as a 25 year old…drove him around the Jupiter field on a cart like he was Caesar returning from a winning battle…one would think…that he’s a keeper for the long run….not so much…traded after 2 years for some guy named J.B.Woodman (hitting .246 in Palm Beach)…myself…as you all know by now…I question the ages of ALL the Latin American players….heck…about the age discrepancy….I’d play the game too…I’ll say I’m 19 instead of 21 to impress the scouts…I don’t believe….could be wrong …that the birth certificates don’t have the same reliability as in the USA…be that as it may…are Diaz & DeJong really that different? Check it out

                     G       AB     Hits     HR   RBI   runs   avg    OPS   errors 

De Jong       93    352      81        16     51    58     .230    .732    10

Diaz           110    365      93        17     45     53    .255    .738       7

Is there something that I don’t know about Diaz? Why give him away for a class A Player?

….one would think that the Cards will be attempting to “go in a different direction” at 3B for next year… I just don’t see Goryko being the permanent answer…this coming winter, the 3B free agent list.. for the most part….is like a list of Senior Citizens in the MLB… Adrian Beltre (40), Asdrubal Cabrera (33), Josh Donaldson (33), Logan Forsythe (32), David Freese (36),Marwin Gonzalez (30), Chase Headley (35), Jung-ho Kang (32) ,Jed Lowrie (35), Manny Machado (26),Mike Moustakas (30), Eduardo Nuñez (32), Jose Reyes (36),Andrew Romine (33), Pablo Sandoval (32), Luis Valbuena (33)….so….does DeJong go to 3B and make room for one of the “hot shot” SS in the Cards farm system?

…one would think that Mizzou should be 3-0 with Purdue (0-2) upcoming on the schedule…the Boilermakers  20-19 loss to E. Michigan last weekend was a stunner

….after Jose Martinez has assembled a strong batting year…one would think that it is an ideal time to “move” him to the AL to fill another need…Martinez’s value will probably never be this high again

…one would think that the best college football team should seek to play against the toughest non-conference teams throughout the entire season.. to convince voters ..and other teams ..that they ARE the best….well….Alabama’s  schedule isn’t even listed in the TOP 20 toughest schedules…the Crimson Tide DOES have their  SEC schedules (including Mizzou)… their 1st opponent Louisville has been generally a good team…so OK there…but scheduling Arkansas State and the Citadel….so what if they go 12-0…they REALLY went 10-0 against quality teams…that’s assuming that ALL the SEC teams are good….and we know that not ALL of them are good….so ….that the teams who schedule tough non-conference opponents get ignored because of the 12-0 mark staring the NCAA rating  voters in the face.  According to the Athlon Sports & Life page…the toughest NCAA schedules are: 1) Florida State  2) Nebraska  3) Notre Dame   4) Pittsburgh    5) Auburn   6) Arizona St  7) Michigan  8) UCLA   9) NC State   10) Texas A&M—Auburn is the only SEC team on the list.

….One would think when you hear of “ACC excellence” that the discussion is about Mens Basketball for its many skilled teams…but…how about Mens soccer?  Although the season is young…most have played just 3 or 4 games…. Wake Forest is ranked #1 ,#2 is Duke, #5 N. Carolina, #7 Louisville,  #8 NC State, #10 Virginia, #12 Notre Dame—not bad ….7 of the top 12 Mens soccer teams in the country are in the ACC!! I don’t think that even Mens basketball reaches those heights

…One would think …the best NCAA non-conference football game this weekend was Clemson playing Texas A&M..Clemson won a nailbiter 28-26

…One would think that more pitchers would try to improve their batting…..Bob Gibson indicated in a recent interview that he was a good hitting pitcher due to the fact that he worked during his off-days with Harry Walker in the batting cage…why don’t other starting pitchers do the same…well…I know Harry Walker is  passed but ANY batting coach … why are they automatic outs when… probably… many of them were the best hitters on their amateur teams?

….One would think the the Cubs installation of a huge scoreboard to block viewing from across the block was an original idea….not by a long shot… Shibe Park– the home of the Philadelphia  Athletics/Phillies  which opened  in 1909 and closed in 1970  was the first of the modern era, as it was the first built entirely of concrete and steel. Its most noticeable feature is its 34-foot high right field wall. This was done to prevent building owners who were located across the street from erecting bleachers and allowing fans to watch the game, much like Wrigley Field today. In case you’re wondering…the field was named for Benjamin Shibe, one of the original owners of the team, along with Connie Mack. Mack eventually gained full control of the team but kept Shibe’s name on the stadium until 1953 when he changed the name of the stadium to….guess…. Connie Mack Stadium.

…….Like all MLB teams, the Cards have made many transactions this year…and over the years… occasionally….the Cards hit a gold mine with acquisitions like Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, Jim Edmonds, Orlando Cepada, Scott Rolen, Willie McGee…. etc…. sometime they send away or don’t resign players who perform at high levels…Steve Carlton, Keith Hernandez, Ken Boyer, Red Schoendienst, Justin Heyward, ..sometimes they acquire players who don’t produce at all…Ron Gant,  Greg Holland, Bobby Bonilla,Tino Martinez (a clubhouse cancer on top of it), Kip Wells,  Ty Wigginton,  Mark Ellis, Mike Leake, Brad Penny and the most recent, Brett Cecil. In the current MLB land…money is now usually a large part of the consideration…more & more….the weaker teams sell off the better players who are approaching free agency for “prospects”….code word for cheap, young players to the contending teams….teams who are healthy in the pocketbook, sign higher priced free agents in the off-season and then snatch these seasoned vets for the final 6 weeks of the season. With no agenda….since you’ll hit the jackpot sometimes,  sometimes you come up short, and sometimes it’s apples & oranges for the guys who were traded…not really much difference ….here’s a list of some of the former Cards around the MLB currently….make your own judgments….most are performing as one might expect…a couple surprises….who surprises you?

Batters in no particular order….

Stephen Piscotty  .265 average, .800 OPS, 22 HR, 71 RBI, 526 plate appearances

Tommy Pham  30 games,  .307 (20 of 65)  3-2B, 2-3B, 2-HR

John Jay  .246 avg, 66 games, 2HR, 19 rbi,  OPS .660

Daniel Descalso   121 games, 582 plate app, 348 AB, .250 avg,  12 HR, 52 RBI, .821 OPS

Aledmys Diaz   110 games, 288 plate app, 365 AB, 17 HR, 45 rbi, .255-avg,

Justin Heyward   .275 avg, 7 HR, 52 rbi,  111 hits-404 AB, 114 games, .740 OPS

Albert Pujols (currently on DL) .245avg, 19 HR, 64 RBI, 117 games, 114 hits/465 ab, .700 OPS

Randall Grichuk 105 games, .244 avg, 19 HR, 49 RBI, .775 OPS

Mark Reynolds  71 games, .268 avg, 168 AB, 45 hits, 13 HR, 38 rbi, .874 OPS

Pitchers in no particular order

Steve Cishek  68g, 4win-3saves, 1.99 era, 0.96 whip 72 K’s, 23 walks,3 saves, 21 holds, 68 games,63 inn, 38 hits,

Seunghwan Oh…better known in this blog as…swingwhen OH…6 wins, 3 saves, 19 holds, 2.83 era, 1.02 whip, 63 inn

Adam Ottovino….66 games, 69 inn, 6 wins, 6 saves, 29 holds, 100 strikeouts,  1.96,era, 0.96 whip

Joe Kelly….  64 games, 60 inn, 60 strikeouts, 4 wins, 2 saves, 20 holds, era-3.75, whip 1.37

Mike Leake  9-9, 4.11 ERA, 171 inn, 189 hits (ouch), whip 1.298

Pat Neshek….23 games,  2 wins , 4 saves, 4 holds,12-k’s,   era-1.40, whip 1.09 (injured much of year)

Sandy Alcantara… (primary pitcher in Ozuna trade)…2 games, 2 wins, 12 inn, 6 hits, era-0.75, whip 1.08….too small sample size to reach conclusions but VERY STRONG beginning

Zach Duke….62 g, 45.1 inn, 5 wins-4 losses, 15 holds, 45 inn, 53 hits, 4.37 era, 1.61 whip (9th MLB team!

Marco Gonzalez….25g, w-l—12-9,  145.2 inn, 159 hits, 128 strikeouts, 4.32 era, 1.28 whip

I think that the one that really “got away” was Adam Ottovino…he pitched 5 games for the Cards in 2010 and was plucked off the waiver wire by Colorado prior to 2011 season…free!!!… since then…7 years—352 games,  17-17, 3.52 era, 3.35 era, 382 innings, 440 strikeouts!, 320 hits….prior to this year, his highest salary was $2.1m…this year its $7.0m, he’s pitched over 50+ innings in 5 of his 7 years….he could have been a stabilizer in the pen for many of these past 7 years….

…BEST HS FOOTBALL GAME OF THE WEEK: Doing it “ol school”, the Fox Warriors had zero yards passing in their victory of Summit. It was a great game as Summit grabbed a 13-0 1st quarter lead on 2 TD passes from Tanner Narato to Brad Hamilton. Fox scored a TD in the 1st & 2nd quarters on short runs by Cole Elwood and Gavin McGinness and converted both PAT’s so the Warriors led it 14-13. Summit retook the lead in the 3rd and led 19-14 until McGinness scored on a 1 run and on the 2 point conversion  with just  1:43 remaining in the game. For the season, Fox now has 76 yards passing for the 2018 season… No doubt the inclement weather may have been a factor on Friday night but….it doesn’t appear that they pass much as they go back to “ol School football”

…Jumping off to a quick 5-0 start, the St Charles Pirates softball team is looking to continue their hot streak from last season. The Pirates won 10 of their last 11 games last year!  St Charles is being led at the plate by Jr. Rhyen Mills. Mills is batting an incredible .786 11 hits in 14 AB. She has 8 extra base hits of her total of 11 hits. Three other Pirates are batting over .500…Kylie Swinney @ .588, Payton Mauldin .556 and Ryley Schaub .533. They appear to be the favorites of the Gateway North Conf

One would think that it’s time to “call it a day” 

Contenders or Pretenders by Bob Ryan

Contenders  or Pretenders

Hottest team in the MLB BY FAR right now..and now a contender… is the St. Louis Cardinals…winner of 10 straight series….the Cards have blended a plethora of youth into their pitching corp, rebuilt the confidence of some key young field players, began using the run game offensively,  established a  very sound “up the middle” defense, found a defensive place for a very good hitter in 2018 (Martinez) so that he can play most days, managed the bullpen in a manner that they ARE USED effectively but aren’t overused in repeated days.  Several clubs went out to purchase veterans to attempt to fill immediate, short-term needs for the month of September….often the thought is…if this guy can help us win just 2 or 3 games, he’s worth it. The Cards used their farm system to restructure their roster (much…much cheaper)  I don’t want to sound negative…..but don’t go bonkers on every young Cardinal player who’s succeeding right now… let the league get a “book” on them and THEN…see how the young player adapts.  MLB is all about adapting to the opposition…but …it sure is fun watching the Birds right now.

Late Moves Around the MLB for contenders and pretenders…

…Pirates ..showing that they are pretenders…sent David Freese to the Dodgers to “ give him an opportunity to pursue a World Series championship this season,” general manager Neal Huntington said in a statement.…cut me a break.. he doesn’t need that experience ….what he did in 2011 in StL world series will NEVER be forgotton by the Cardinal fans ..he was the NLCS MVP and his game winning Home RUN has become a Cardinal Classic Moment…the Pirates simply were looking to cut payroll and look to 2019..btw…Freese is hitting .282, OPS of .780, 42 rbi in just 241 AB….weren’t the CARDS looking for a backup 3B?

…the Dodgers…hoping to become a contender… did reshape their roster around the deadline time….Manny Machado was brought on board…I think he’s overrated….yes…many HR’s …flashy …. But does he do it in the clutch? Brian Dozier.. acquired from Minnesota for middle infield help, John Axford…man, his resume is really becoming long and now David Frese….so much for the always hyped LA farm system…LA is chasing the D-Backs and the Rockies as they scramble for a wild card spot…

….Seattle…a long-term pretender… is trying to break their 16 year playoff draught and recently fired 10 scouts…yikes!   but can’t gain ground on the Oakland A’s. Oakland is competing with a salary base just under $90m….to give you an idea of this successful…yet frugal franchise…Stephen Piscotty has the longest and highest contract on the team @ 6 years, $33+mil!… TU to the Cards & MO…… which tells me that he’ll be traded over the winter for “prospects” – 9 or 10 other players have a higher yearly salary for Oakland but don’t have as many years…

…Speaking of the A’s….a contender that most fans think of as a pretender….Edwin Jackson… remember him….pitched for the Cards in STILL pitching! He’s now 34 years old..Oakland is his 13th different major league team in his 16 years of MLB experience. He’s actually having one of his best years!!  He’s 4-3, 3.03 era, 68 inn, 55 hits, 49 strikeouts


College Football kicked off the 2018 season this weekend….some “passing” thoughts…

….Army losing to Duke 34-14 WASN’T startling news…but…..the Cadets did raise some eyebrows with their offense.  Army passed the ball 21 times for 197 yards against Duke…yes…it’s a modest total in this day and age of passes winging around the stadium like mosquitoes at dusk on a hot summer night…but last year Army passed the ball just 65 total times for a total of 361 yards in their 13 games!!

…in Florida, some fans really want to make a point about U of Cen Florida  2017 season…Orlando lawyer Chad Barr confirmed that he’s hiring a plane to fly over the Alabama-Louisville game with a banner that reads “UCF ’17 CO-National Champs 13-0” so as to reinforce the point that UCF wasn’t a pretender last year… UCF opened the 2018 by slugging UConn 56-17.

…some writers speculated last week that Michigan State was really a pretender and not a Top 15 team of the country after winning several very close games last year (that could easily swing the other way this year & hit hard by graduation). The Spartans didn’t do much to dispel that theory this weekend as the Spartans squeaked by Utah State 38-31..Utah State was 6-7 last year!

…the idea that Chip Kelly could IMMEDIATELY make UCLA looks like the Bruins contenders that they always were throughout the past was jolted….I mean…big-time…UCLA dropped a 26-17 HOME game to Cincinnati….

…The once always dominant contender, Texas…where are you Daryl Royal?… which was rated in the top 25 in a national pre-season poll…much to the surprise of most people outside of Texas….dropped  several notches to just above a pretender level after a stunning loss to Maryland 34-29…Tom Herman brought in as Head Longhorn coach last season with high hopes of regaining the lofty luster once attributed to Longhorn football program than now seems far away …saw his team convert only 3 3rd downs, had 3 turnovers, piled up 100+ penalty yards….now those numbers sound like a pretender to me.

..btw….if a team needs to schedule an FCS level football team to reach the minimum goal of 6 wins to reach a bowl….are they really worth a bowl?  My take….wins versus FCS teams should not count towards the wins necessary to reach a bowl (.500 season) my mind, racking up wins against FCS teams is pretending that you’re a contender.

…Alabama is the real CONTENDER….who’s going beat the Crimson Tide? Tell me now….not after it happens.


BEST HIGH School GAMES  OF THE WEEK..those not already covered in depth by our friends @ StLtoday

St. Marys vs Lutheran South……

St. Mary’s and Lutheran South played an Overtime game on Friday in a game that matched these two southside schools for the 1st time.  St Mary’s fell behind 12-8 after the 1st quarter as South QB Vito Orlando was red hot passing. He found Darrick Scott and Isiah Wilson for TD strikes in the opening quarter. The 2nd quarter saw the Dragons take a 22-19 lead with Frosh Kevin Coleman hauling in a 65 yard pass for his 2nd of 3 touchdowns. Scoreless 3rd quarter….in the 4th quarter, the game came down to the last drive, Luth South had a short field and moved the ball down to a 1st & goal…their drive was halted ..with only 16 seconds remaining Jacob Martinez kicked through what appeared to be  the tying FG…a whistle had blown to stop the play…soooo….Martinez kicked it through again from 28 yards out to tie the game. In the OT. Coleman scored his 3rd of the game (6th of the season) on the very 1st play of OT but the attempted PAT was blocked.  South fought past some penalties to get a 1st down and then  Demetrius Jeffrey ran 7 yards to tie it  up….Martinez knocked the game winner straight through the uprights giving South the 29-28 win… it was a thrilling game with momentum changing throughout the contest.

Hannibal vs Jefferson City

In a game that see-sawed back & forth…a last second coaches’ call changed the game….Hannibal took a 7-0 lead after 1 quarter. The Jays grabbed a 15-7 lead in the 2nd only to see the Pirates score 2 TD’s to retake a halftime lead 21-15 lead. A 39 yd TD strike to Ryan Brooks along with the PAT saw JC hold a 3rd quarter 22-21 lead. Damien French scored his 3rd TD of the night for the Pirates at the 10:52 mark of the 4th, but the PAT missed…so score was 27-22 Hanibal. With just 3 minutes remaining Devin

Roberson threw a 24-yard touchdown to Levi Jobe and converted the two-point conversion on a QB keeper to give the Jays a 30-27 lead,.  Hannibal…got the ball back…moved the balldown to the JC 17.. …a seemingly game-winning touchdown pass  on 4th down & 9..from Gabe Worthington to Lawson Rickey looked like it’d make the Pirates the winner…but….it didn’t count!  Hannibal Head Coach ,Mark St. Clair had asked for a timeout  just seconds prior to the play. The next attempt for the 1st down, a run..failed…. Jefferson City wins the game…WOW ..what an ending and what a game!










Foul Ball with 2 Strikes by Bob Ryan

So on July 15, the Cards fired Mike Matheny and appointed Mike Shildt “interim manager”….it was a clear indication that the Cards realized a managerial move had to be made but weren’t exactly sure that Shildt was the “man”…at that time it seemed that he had about as much chance of becoming the permanent manager as….

….as the Marlins drawing 1,000,000 fans for the season…currently at 609,665 (63 home dates)

….as Butch Cassidy & Sundance escaping from the Bolivian soldiers at end of movie

….as much chance as Robert E. Lee winning a significant battle in 1865 against U.S. Grant

….as much chance as Baltimore Orioles winning 50 games this year (they have 37 right now)

….as much chance as Carson Kelly being the Cards regular catcher some day..his ship has sailed

….as much chance as the bar “Cheers” running out of beer or laughs

….as much chance as the Indy 500 becoming the Indy 600

….as much chance as Rocky losing to Apollo Creed

…well….the Cardinals have gone 24-12 .667 during his tenure…matching the Cardinals all-time best starts by Cardinal Managers…Ray Blades in 1939 and Rogers Hornsby 1925….It’s time to sign him to a contract for next year….yes…I know the “interim” title has been removed but name him MANAGER for 2019 NOW!!  What more does he have to do in his audition?  The only team… that I know of… that had a better record was the 1927 New York Yankees 110-47 –.714%….Babe Ruth blasted 60 home runs that year but Lou Gehrig who hit .373 and was the AL RBI champion was voted the League MVP!!…btw…the Yanks had SIX batters who hit over .300 that year!

The sad Urban Meyer saga…more on sports in general…

…Urban Meyer’s 3 game suspension …opener against Oregon State ..1-11 last year ..only win was over the always tough Portland State team…game 2 against Rutgers (4-8 last year) and game 3 finally sees a quality opponent in TCU…this suspension is like hitting a foul ball in baseball with 2 strikes… really doesn’t matter much…was it intended to be a punishment to Meyer?  It seems to me…from afar….that Meyer DID know about it but..due to his tremendous winning percentage @ Ohio State the trustees board didn’t want to jeopardize their “cash cow”. Here’s a couple of the initial comments after the press conference– from John Clay-Lexington Herald–“Meyer never once apologized to Smith’s ex-wife, Courtney Smith, saying only, “I’m just sorry we’re in this situation.”  He also denied that he knew about the text messages that Courtney Smith sent Meyer’s wife alleging the abuse.  The report also states that Meyer deleted text messages on his phone that were more than a year old.  Thanks to his 73-8 record and one national title in Columbus, Meyer remains the Ohio State football coach. It’s another example of winning matters more than anything else. Also, coaches have way, way too much power.”

Paul Finebaum-hosts SEC football show—some very powerful statements ..when he said, “We wouldn’t be having this conversation at this level this morning if Urban Meyer walked into that room last night and taken some responsibility… but instead of showing an ounce of remorse, he came off like HE was a hostage …That guns were off camera to his head. He never looked up. His behavioral techniques and behavioral attitude was utterly bizarre. I was just dumbstruck by that. And even more than that, the fact that he couldn’t utter Courtney Smith’s name, to me, shows what this was really all about. This was a good ol’ boy club at Ohio State and many other places. They looked the other way. It came out in the investigation that people on that staff knew that Zach Smith, the assistant coach who was fired, they knew that he was having sex with a staffer, but they never told Urban Meyer.  Urban Meyer just doesn’t know anything going on around him because he doesn’t want to know. Because he’s a football coach and the only thing that matters to him is winning football games. And he sold his soul. He sold his integrity. And Ohio State still has one of the great football coaches in modern history, but at what price?”

Inside Higher Ed wrote “Athletics experts said in interviews with Inside Higher Ed that university officials clearly attempted to save their “brand” while responding to the crisis and were not concerned for Courtney Smith’s welfare — or about doing the right thing. “The Board of Trustees and president have become co-conspirators to protect Ohio State football and it will be, it is, a shameful chapter,” said Gerald Gurney, assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies at the University of Oklahoma. Gurney said college sports as a whole has clearly not learned from the lessons of Pennsylvania State University, site of perhaps the most egregious athletics cover-up to date, involving former football coach Jerry Sandusky. Gurney rattled off a number of recent scandals plaguing collegiate athletics: the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill escaping consequences by the National Collegiate Athletic Association for longtime academic fraud, Larry Nassar’s assaults at Michigan State University and the football-related death in June of a first-year player at University of Maryland College Park. “When is enough, enough?” Gurney asked. “Why does American college sports, big-time college sports, continually have the drumbeat of these similar scenes and we do nothing about it? All for the sake of a winning program. Really?”   But had a coach at a lesser-known program committed the same sins as Meyer, he or she likely would have been fired, said Jon Solomon, editorial director of the Aspen Institute’s Sports and Society Program. Solomon said the press conference represented a missed opportunity for Ohio State to speak candidly about domestic violence.”

Now….I love sports…always have…..but sports now seems to have become more important ….to many….than the total development of the students in & out of the activity…sports should be a tool for us in our development….not the “end all”….most of us first played against our friends…then on teams….trying to improve our skills, enjoying the competition against others, working to help the team, learning about discipline, being on time, cooperation from someone other than our parents ..the better athletes went on to play high school, college and once in a great while..professionally…many skilled and nonskilled players continued to play baseball, softball, basketball beyond their high school days…for the enjoyment of sports….

the actual college degrees of the vast majority of students who will make contributions to society after college ..including the athletes…should enhance and improve our society…beyond just the entertainment of playing a game. College should be a stepping stone in our lives towards building an opportunity for a good future…sure, a few…and a darn few…will “make it” in the pro level but why sacrifice all the benefits of a college experience to “win a game”? Sadly, I even see this same attitude permeating at the high school level… and even at the “moneyball” level…some call it select ball… as youngsters. Early on, kids realize it’s really about making the correct “select team”….or the high school team…or college team…they know that Mom/Dad expect them to reach those goals..or they’ve failed. That’s the pay back for years on high financial investments for trips, entry fees, uniforms of all sorts, participation fees, travel expenses, summers that become 1 long road trip, etc, etc. Why do you suppose that adult fast pitch…and even slow pitch… softball, baseball, basketball leagues have disappeared?  …I suggest it’s because children aren’t being raised to play sports for enjoyment…only for their payback in high school or college. I don’t see men/women playing many sports after the age of 25…many seemed to be burned out on sports. Am I proposing to abolish those teams….nope…we all have choices….please keep in mind that EVERYONE does have a ceiling on their physical ability and you can pay someone big dollars to develop your skills but ultimately…to reach high levels of competition .. you MUST be a superior athlete…when I was coaching Frosh football….at tryouts, I didn’t pay much attention to their skills… athletic were they?  I could teach the skills…but I can’t teach them to run fast, being extremely agile, possess high levels of coordination, strength, jump high. I think that one should play sports for enjoyment…gosh…I almost used the word “fun”….how scandalous would that be?….. play also for the thrill of game, personal challenges for improving your sports skills, lifetime skills, meanwhile learning interpersonal skills. The better athletes WILL STILL advance to extremely high levels and maybe the others will continue playing the sports that they learned to love. My Dad NEVER asked me if I won a game….and I was on some “nice” teams for my era….he’s always asked, “did you have fun?”

….Around the MLB…

….the Oakland A’s have fought their way up to 2nd place in the AL West with a 78-52 record…using a very effective bullpen led by Blake Treinen…the A’s closer is listed by some as a CY Young candidate-32 sv, 6 wins, 0.87 era…..yet their fans aren’t fighting to buy a seat….the A’s are only averaging 18,000+ per game at home this year….. ….overall MLB attendance is down around 6% for the year….only 9 teams have improved home attendance over last year…fans aren’t going because …it seems to me…. The strikeout/walk/HR games are boring…put the ball in play…get some baserunners…put them in motion…action, action, action…. ….the highest average in the Toronto Blue Jay lineup of the players on the roster from early in the season on Friday night was a whopping .258…that coming from our Lou boy…Aledmys Diaz…with that team average..they are  29 games out of 1st place!

….despite all the pre-season groaning about both Florida teams “selling off”….the Tampa Bay team is 69-61 -3rd place in the AL East…they keep winning despite all the attrition

….Max Scherzer leads the entire Major Leagues with 16 wins at this time and 2nd in NL ERA.…congrats to our StL boy!!

…Recently the Cubs turned 7 double plays in ONE game…tying a MLB all-time record

…if I were an MVP NL voter right now…..I’d cast my vote for Freddie Freeman…Atlanta is in 1st place…much to the surprise of every honest person…. he’s the leader of the team…..he leads the National League in batting @ .320,  2nd in HITS, 4th in doubles, 8th  in runs scored,  10th in RBI’s

..Remember all the fuss last winter as the MLB teams gushed over, courted, recruited GianCarlo Stanton…he signed a long term contract with the NYY. This year he received $25m…for what?   .282 avg, 32 HR, 82 RBI’s, an OPS of .888…you determine if it is worth the cost?

College Football…

…..Mizzou has been picked 4th in the East of SEC….I’m hoping for a 7-5 record …with that guess… I’m assuming that the only HOME loss is to Georgia

…Alabama’s deep offensive depth may take them back to the Bear Bryant days when he substituted his entire 2nd offensive unit once each half…..often they moved the ball and scored!

…As Scott Frost returns home to coach the Nebraska Cornhuskers….he’s just learned that the former CBC running back, Tre Bryant, will not be playing football due to a continuing leg/knee issue.

….most coaching services list Lovie Smith as being on the “hot seat” this year…his Illinois program seems stymied in a quagmire…he has 3 real cupcakes to start the season (Kent State, W. Illinois and S. Florida)so he SHOULD be 3-0 for the Big-10 opener against Penn State..Lovie’s first 2 years at Champaign have been 2-10 and 3-9 so it doesn’t appear the Illini Coach with the longest tenure,  Robert Zuppke (1913-1941),…that’s not his age…that’s how many years he was head coach at Illinois…has much to worry about in losing his longevity title!! …btw….in recent days, the last Illini coach with a winning record was John Mackovic (1988-91)  32-16-1…Mackovic went on to the NFL.

High School Football starts!!

Each week I try to find games that went under the radar in coverage….no need for me in repeating what the StL Today has covered extensively….I’m not trying to “push” or promote any particular schools….here goes…

…MOST EXCITING game of the Week!

Columbia 36  Mascoutah 34…this game had SEVEN different lead changes… each team returned a kickoff for a touchdown Columbia led 14-7 after 1st quarter…at half it was Mascoutah on top 17-14…at the end of 3 quartes it was Columbia 29 Mascoutah 24…Mascoutah scored a TD on an 80 yard runby Devin Wills and a running 2 pt conversion also by Wills with 5:44 left in the game then Cole Junker kicked a 15 yard FG with only 1:29 remaining in the game..making the score 35-29 Mascoutah on top….but it wasn’t over…on the ensuing kickoff  Londyn Little ran it back 90 yards on the  return and Sam Horner kicked the PAT…it took 13 seconds..taking the clock down to 1:16..Columbia held on to the 36-35 victory!


Helias 35 Hannibal 34…..Helias Crusaders scored on 4 consecutive possessions on route to taking a 35-20 lead entering the 4th quarter. The Hannibal Pirates “had no quit in them” and pushed across two touchdowns including a TD score after a 12 play drive brought the score to 35-34 with 2:36 remaining in the game. Hannibal went for the win on the 2 point attempt but were foiled when Soph Isaac Lopez stepped up and made the tackle short of the end zone to keep the Crusaders lead. On the ensuing kickoff, as Helias had sent the “hands team” into the game expecting an onside kick of some sort…shortly after the football was struck and bouncing towards a return man there was a big flash of light that knocked out the lighting system.  It wasn’t a storm bolt but rather a vehicle accident had struck out a power  source and turned the stadium into darkness. After about an hour…the replay occurred and Helias covered the KO and ran out the clock for the win.


For decades..almost as long as I can remember, Hazelwood Central has been a powerhouse in StL high school football with several STATE championships and trips to the DOME…..meanwhile, after a long successful run from 2005-2012 when the DeSmet Spartans were 65-18 and won a state championship, the Spartans had gone 5-35 in the last 4 years. It seemed like a “blow out” on the way….and IT WAS…but not as you expected….the DeSmet Spartans manhandled the Hazelwood Central Hawks 37-2 on Friday night. DeSmet piled up over 400 yards of total offense while limiting the Hawks to under 100 yards of total offense. Congrats to the Spartans for “turning it around”!

….no more foul balls with 2 strikes….it’s football season!



PGA-Putting Golf Ahead by Bob Ryan

This time of year has tons of sports taking place….of course baseball continues its daily march through August, football of all levels—high school, college & pro begin official practices with high hopes but the real news around the Lou has been PGA Golf, …all types fairways and greens to draw our attention….here we go on a continual changing course…some built for the driver …others for the deft putter.

….PGA Golf….many leaders of St. Louis have worked very hard to get this prestigious tournament located in the Lou….that’s great for the area…weather was terrific Thursday, storms on Friday  ….the professional golfers are really incredible with their skills at directing that little bitty ball to go exactly where they want it to go…. …… many people were swarming to watch this 100th PGA event either by camping out at one hole or following their “favorite”… 1st round leader Gary Woodland…who was 99th on the tour in putting….led the 1st round with the fewest putts, birdied 7 of the last 11 holes and shot a dazzling 64 1st round…2nd round (Friday) was interrupted by weather…good ol’ fashion summer storms in the Lou…at the end of the day two familiar names–Phil Mickelson & Bubba Watson had not made the cut….Saturday had a hole in 1!  I had just turned on the TV when Matt Wallace hit the drive that landed on the green and suddenly the “English” on the shot sent it diagonally directly into the hole!  EXCITING!! Brooks Koepka had 4 stroke lead through most of the day…experienced troubles 13th thru 16th and saw his lead shrivel to 2 strokes. Adam Scott…who really has an athletic build….tightened the lead to just 2 strokes with a solid game. Tiger seemed to always have the huge crowd following him…he’s like a rock star…maybe an aging rock star…but nonetheless crowds swarm to him hoping to see the ol’ Tiger….his mojo left him when he had a 19 ft shot for an eagle on the 17th…missed the long putt but also missed on the 2 footer for a birdie…so he carded a par which seemed to drain him…and his fans…of energy…but it was a round of 66…he now has two 66’s in the same tournament…1st time since 2008. Sunday’s final round was really terrific…Tiger didn’t hit any fairway on the way out but sent some marvelous 2nd shots to get him off to a good start….Koepke saw his lead dwindle early in the round….Tiger kept coming….and …Tiger owned the huge, vocal, crowd..he shoots a marvelous 64 but Koepke hangs on with superb golf to win his 2nd major of the year!

…..more holes in 1—congratulations to our friend, John Sondag for his recent hole in 1 !!

….the Cardinals recently inducted new players into the Cardinals HOF….it seems like it should be an easy putt for ownership….don’t kid yourselves….the owners are pulling all the strings for the inductees….I must admit …at first glance, I was thinking that  Ray Lankford was a real “reach” for this honor….but after a bit of homework…..I changed my mind…here’s why… on the list of All-Time Cardinals, Lankford is #11 in games played (1580); #16 in HITS (1479); #10 in doubles (339); #5 in Home Runs (228)—that one really surprised me!!..#10 in RBI’s (829), #5 in stolen bases (250), #14 in slugging % (.481) and #18 in OPS (.854)….when one looks @ Lankford’s accomplishments at the National League level…considering his top 10 finishes in any offensive category …he was #9 (31) once in HR; in OPS he was #5 in 1997 (.996) and #10 in 1992 (.851); 4 times Lankford broke into the top 10 in the NL in stolen bases #4 in 1991(44); #6 in 92 (42); #9 in 1996 with 35 and #8 in 1998 with 26 … … He was only in one All-Star game in his 13 year career but…..when compared to the numbers of other players while they played for the Cards…. he piled up some large numbers and his longevity on the team make him a solid candidate.

…sooo…the shots go in the rough… as the furor continues during the national Anthem for NFL …I’m not expressing a political opinion here…..this blog abhors political comments…..players want to express their individual opinions… the teams want uniform , standing , looks at the flag during the Anthem.  Now, I just heard recently on the radio…a non-sports talk show…that the NFL didn’t require the players to be on the field for the National Anthem for years… even decades….it wasn’t until the NFL began getting paid by the USA Military…it sounds like… around 8-10 years ago…. as a sponsor… then the owners initiated the idea of players being on the field…and standing for the National Anthem… it or not…it appears that the NFL owners really aren’t standing on the principle of honoring the flag….although some….or even many….. MAY feel that way…but rather ….looking not to damage their wallets if one of their key sponsors withdraws…hmmm…once again in the NFL ….money alone talks. Want to guess how many of those owners were EVER in the military? I have an idea of the number but…..

…Hitting all the fairways….Houston is still in 1st place with several of their stars on the DL—Carlos Correa was on DL from June 26 to Aug 9, Jose Altuve went on DL July 25 and no return date has been established; George Springer Aug 6 to present; Lance McCullers Aug 5 to present…no date established yet….so where is Houston in the standings?  1st place with 73-44 record…2nd highest win total in MLB… Houston…like everyone else…hits one in the bunker every so often…..a few years ago, Houston cut outright JD Martinez….who’s he?  Now on Boston …after a big year @ Arizona…tearing apart the AL…look at these stats for this season…37 Home runs, 103RBI’s,.329 average with a OPS of 1.046 after 112 games!  WOW…now that’s hitting a long, long drive right down the middle of the fairway.

…..trying to get out of a sandtrap… NCAA football….the pre-season story isn’t about who’s #1…we already know that…Alabama, right? ….but the real story is the storm brewing around Urban Meyer (Head coach-Ohio State)…all  the talk has absolutely NOTHING to do with Meyer’s competency as a Coach….he’s terrific..for his career he’s piled up a 177-31 record..17-6 @ Bowling Green….btw…I just happened to see his very FIRST game as head Coach as he opened the 2001 season by beating Mizzou 20-13 @ Columbia….I remember walking out after the game saying,” so…we lost to Bowling Green….ugh”  then Meyer went 22-2 @ Utah…He advanced to Florida and compled a 65-15 record…then took his dream job (he’s from Ohio) @Ohio State where he’s 73-8. Coaching ISN’T the question here…in 2009, one of Meyer’s Florida assistants was found guilty of abusing his pregnant wife…Meyer kept him on the staff. In 2015 rumors circulated…apparently reaching Meyer… about the same assistant …once again circling around spousal abuse… with the same woman… why would that woman..or any woman… stay with that type of  guy? I’m not blaming her…I’m just puzzled.  According to  NCAA regulations, Meyer was required to report it. Meyer has tried all the usual stuff…denial, surprise, confusion, ambiguous statements, holy than thou speeches…etc,etc ….about the incident…we all know that he knew about it but did nothing …sooo… IF he wasn’t holding such a magnificent record…he’d already be gone…but in the NCAA Football machine… $$$$ talks and WINNING BIG brings in mucho $$$.  I’m not sure which way this putt breaks…..if fired, he’ll sit out a year or 2 and then jump back into the reigns again at a smaller school hoping to reach the “big time”….if he isn’t fired….that story will be a distraction as he’ll have a noose around his neck all season…..I don’t think that he’ll quit….unless….fans “turn on him” which they haven’t done yet.

….another long drive took place @ Forbes Field…once the home field of the Pittsburgh Pirates (1909-1970). The name ISN’t the name of the owner…it was named after a British General (John Forbes) who fought in the French & Indian War and is credited with naming the city of Pittsburgh.  The Pirates owner (Barney Dreyfuss) hated “cheap” home the dimensions of the park were 360 ft to left; 462 to center and 376 to right field…no wonder there weren’t any HR records in the NL until after 1970 ….When right field grandstands were added, RF was a mere 300 feet….so Dreyfuss had a 28-foot high screen built to limit HR… Amazingly, the batting cage was actually still on the playing field during the games…in a nook & cranny just left of straight ahead center field….over 460 feet from home plate…no iron shots here man…ya needed the huge driver I remember watching Cardinal games @ Forbes on television… I liked those old ballparks because each one was so unique.

….looking at a long dogleg to the left that seems to go out of bounds….one sees how MLB management manipulates players progress to reaching free agency..Once a player accumulates 6 years of service…he’s eligible for free agency…’s the catch…if a player plays 12 days in minors….just 12 days….he doesn’t get a full season’s worth of service time….that short time has pushed Kris Bryant’s free agency date back from 2020 to 2021…he’ll fall exactly ONE day short for reaching it for 2020….and don’t think that the Cubs are the only team playing this shot from the rough….ALL MLB teams use that club.

….the Cardinal announcers are softening the green…trying to make the putt for Matt Carpenter as the National League MVP….it could happen….but not if the Cards stay in 3rd or 4th place….he MAY be the best player in the league… but that doesn’t make him the MVP….. how valuable is a guy who’s team finished in 3rd place?  I mean without him…they would have probably still been in 3rd  place anyway…but…if the Cards move up into the wild card position…I believe Carpenter’s appearance as an MVP looks more solid…EVEN if his numbers haven’t changed.  Remember the greats like Tony Gwynn…. or Mike Piazza….or Jim Thome….or Pedro Martinez….none of them were EVER the league MVP…yet all are in the Major League Hall of Fame. In order for Carpenter to get in the “talk” of MVP….the Cards have to continue their run and Carp has to continue to be the HR monster that he’s been lately.

…as we come to the 18th and speaking of the Cards…I am getting mildly excited about their chances of snatching a wild card spot….I realize that they’ve been chewing up some of the poorest MLB teams (Marlins & Royals) this week so maybe that isn’t a fair measure….but ..they DID  beat them and now have 5 straight series wins…of course Carpenter has been on a terrific tear, DeJong seems to have regained his stroke, Ozuna has back his swagger…. bullpen is being used in a smarter way….more innings for a pitcher as the opportunity presents itself….thus….fewer pitchers being used each game. The defense seems better with use of Bader & Adolis Garcia….I have the notion that Garcia will be better than Bader & our iron-man (Tyler O’Neill) who seems to pull  a muscle(s) too often to be a good MLB baseball player…I would suppose that’s why Seattle gave up on him….I really think O’Neill could make it in the WWE….his muscles bulge like Popeye’s, an athlete and confident.  Molina Still wants to play every day…so be it…remember his camp-out in the bullpen last year when he pouted about not playing …some think that Molina’s actions in the bullpen last year …may….may…have been the start of the exit for Mr. Matheny. I am also pleased to see the Cardinals running the bases aggressively…not just steals but hit & run’s… that way we only need 2 hits to score a run…not 3 hits. Milwaukee seems to be faltering, Pittsburgh had a long string of wins to get back into the race and now it’ll even up for them, Colorado is like two different @ home and one on the road….and the team on the road seems to display mediocre hitting seems not the elevation enhanced bombs seen in the Rockies. Soooo… my hopes have been rekindled in the last 2 weeks for our Cardinals to be a Wild Card.

Time for the Clubhouse…..thanks for taking a “round” with me.  Your thoughts are always invited….put them on the site or send them directly to me…I’ll use your initials as the signature..