CSDHL back on Prepcasts 2.9.19 – 2.10.19

WE are proud to host the games from the Canlan Ice Sports in Romeoville again this year. WE will have all Rink 2 games on SAT 2.9.19 and all SUN Championship Games 2.10.19.

These games are LIVE and the ARCHIVE can be found going to the same posting on the calendar and clicking on the tab ON DEMAND to scroll to find your game.

Here is our schedule:


11U Midwest Plains Regional Players of the Game


Championship Game

Minnesota Offensive – Gary Morehart

Minnesota Defensive – Peyton Neadeau

North Dakota Offensive – Liam Wichlow

North Dakota Defensive – Kade Ohlhauser

Third Place Game

Colorado Offensive – Zach Thorson

Colorado Defensive – Kacen Sederstrom

Kansas Offensive – Alex Schwindt

Kansas Defensive – Jhett Huffman


Kansas Offensive – Gus Eylar

Kansas Defensive – Lexi Miller

North Dakota Offensive – Owen Thielges

North Dakota Defensive – Mason Klabo


Colorado Offensive – Mason Jaques

Colorado Defensive – Braydon Foss

Minnesota Offensive – Stonewall Gessner

Minnesota Defensive – Briggs Knott


Game 12

Missouri – Caleb Duncan

North Dakota – Eli Sandvik

Game 11

Kansas – Jhett Huffman

Nebraska – Riley Carl

Game 10

Colorado WC – Trenton Compton

Minnesota – Stonewall Gessner

Game 9

Colorado – TJ Eurich

Boonville – Noah Remlinger


Game 8

Boonville – Conner Wilmsmeyer

Kansas – Julian Juarez

Game 7

Missouri – Carter Shewmaker

Colorado WC – Austin Brogger

Game 6

Nebraska – Kade Korinek

Colorado – Wyatt Stanko

Game 5

North Dakota – Malachi Werremeyer

Minnesota – Joey Fankhanel


Game 4

Boonville – Evan Bishop

Nebraska – Easton Jones

Game 3

North Dakota – Liam Wichlow

Colorado WC – Corey Hasty

Game 2

Missouri – Jack Morrison

Minnesota – Gary Morehart

Game 1

Colorado – Rowdy Humrich

Kansas – Ayden Juarez

Players of the Game for 12U STATE TOURNAMENT


Kennett – Jadee Morton [Offensive]

Kennett – Ashton Williams [Defensive]

MABA – Sammy Callaway [Offensive]

MABA – Connor Gibson [Defensive]

Boonville – Dakota Williams

Scott County – Blake Mosby

Boonville – Caidyn Hazel

Sikeston – Jack Evans


Kennett – Ashton Williams

Boonville – Shane Chamberlain

MABA – Casen Murphy

Scott County – Nick Christian

Kennett – Derione Davis

Carthage – Braden Abbott


Sikeston – Eric Retz

Kennett – Peyton Branum

MABA – Sammy Callaway

Sikeston – Hayden Propst

Boonville – Abram Taylor

Carthage – Austin Mitchell


MABA – Ty Jarvis

Kennett – Devin Chamberlain

Boonville – Ethan Watson

Scott County – Matthew McCoy

CSDHL Prelims and Championships again on www.prepcasts.com

WE are pleased to announce that the tradition continues with the coverage of the Preliminary Rounds and the Championship Rounds of the Central States Developmental Hockey League Playoffs coming from the Canlan Ice Sports Arena in Romeoville Illinois.

Each game is covered LIVE then archived right after for continuous REPlay.

The teams will be filled in later but here is the schedule of games …

Date Start Canlan Rink Rink
2/11/2017 7:00:00 AM* Bantam 2
8:40:00 AM* Bantam 2
10:20:00 AM* 18U 2
12:30:00 PM* 15U 2
2:10:00 PM* Peewee 2
3:40:00 PM* Bantam 2
5:20:00 PM* Bantam 2
7:00:00 PM* 15U 2
8:40:00 PM* 18U 2
2/12/2017 10:00:00 AM* Bantam 2
11:40:00 AM* 15U 2
1:20:00 PM* 18U 2
3:40:00 PM* Peewee 2

MAC Volleyball Championships on Prepcasts.com

mac conference logoThe Metro Athletic Conference consists of high schools within the Missouri-Illinois region and competes is athletics including: girls volleyball, boys soccer, and girls and boys basketball. We are looking to add more sports including boys baseball and girls soccer to the conference as well. Currently there are 12 members schools as the conference has grown over the years.

On Saturday, October 15 … WE will have both of the Semi-Final Volleyball matches followed by the 3rd place then Championship Game.

2016 MSHSAA State Baseball

619px-Baseball_(crop)Prepcasts.com and MSHSAA.TV are teaming up this year for the 2016 Baseball State Championships from TR Hughes Stadium.

Prepcasts.com will provide the announcers for all the Semi Final games and will have Nate Lucas – the voice of the Springfield Cardinals and Tim Miller on all the Final Games.  All Finals are @ 1:30 pm each day.

Prepcasts.com and MSHSAA.TV will simulcast the audio portion on both formats.


[From MSHSAA.org]


All Semifinal and Championship games from the baseball championships will be available on-line at www.MSHSAA.tv.  There is a subscription fee involved with watching the games on-line.  The third-place games will not be streamed on MSHSAA.tv.


The 3rd place games will ONLY be on Prepcasts.com as a video cast … all 3rd place games are @ 10:30 am each day.


67th MSHSAA Baseball Championships

Class 1 – May 30 and 31 
Class 2 – May 31 and June 1
Class 3 – June 1 and 2
Class 4 – June 3 and 4
Class 5 – June 2 and 3

O’Fallon Ballpark, O’Fallon
Admission $7 per day (re-entry permitted only with proper wristband)



Class 1 Brackets (.html)
Class 2 Brackets (.html)
Class 3 Brackets (.html)
Class 4 Brackets (.html)
Class 5 Brackets (.html)





Bob Ryan receives MIAAA Award

ryan awardCongrats to Bob Ryan the Godfather of Prepcasts on a well deserved award for promoting MO high school sports through Prepcasts! Great to see him recognized. Thanks Jerry Collins for nominating him.

The following was the letter written on behalf of Bob Ryan by current Prepcasts owner Tim Miller …

I will always consider Bob Ryan to be the Godfather of Prepcasts.com.
Bob had an idea that was way ahead of its time.  To take the lack of
coverage of high school sports and especially girls sports, and combine
that with getting that coverage to go around the world on the internet.
Bob started this journey in 2003 and has been able to adapt with the
newest offerings that have come along with the technology improvements
and brought in the video component many years ago.
One of his greatest ideas is the ability for the audience to be interactive
with the broadcast by emailing or texting in to the announcing team.  There
have been some games where the amount of audience involvement almost
took over the story and was sometimes bigger than the game going on.
I will always be indebted to Bob for giving me back my dream to be an
announcer.  I was able to dabble in college but then my real job as a teacher
took precedence.  What Bob showed me was that you can still do this on
your spare time and when you have an announcer that is doing this because
he or she want to and not has to … you get a nice product going out.
Finally, it was an honor when Bob asked be to take over when he was ready
to move on.  I can only hope that the spirit of what he had in mind continues
under my reign.  I do LOVE that Bob has continued to announce on the
Prepcasts.com broadcasts and you will always get an announcer in Bob that
wears his heart not only on his sleeve, but in his approach and his announcing style.

Time again for BS by Bob Ryan

call in imageIt’s time for our annual call-in Show….the host …as always …is Bob Straigttalk…Bob’s ready to take open the show now….


Hello everyone welcome…..the sports world is hopping after a booming “trade season”…which might NOT be over….pro football opens camp….college football fans are beginning to schedule their “get away” weekends..so let’s get right to it…first…let’s clean up last week’s questions sent to us ..


Sent from John: Hey BS….what’s the talk about the shift being outlawed? Whatta think?

BS: Well John, Shifts have always taken place…now the shifts are more frequent and more severe. Baseball…like all sports…and life for that matter…is constant adjustment…pitchers & batters study tape almost immediately to adjust quicker ….with that in mind…couple things…hitters first of all must be WILLING to get a base hit…and not always a big dinger….without that genuine willingness, the 2nd part is useless….the 2nd part is that the hitters must modify their swing to get base hits….Moss just did it last weekend by “taking it the other way”….his base hit won the game. This thought process is currently not popular because the sluggers get the cars of cash….not the barrows of cash that go to “singles hitters”…now on to our 1st caller…


1st Caller:   Hey BS…long-time listener…1st time caller…..how come Jaime Garcia isn’t winning for the Cardinals? I can see his ball “moving” big-time on the screen…

BS: Thx for listening…call back sooner next time…well …in order to win consistently as a starter, you have to go deeper than 5 or even 6 innings….the big winners go 7+ and exit the game as they turn it over to the short relief experts….back to the phones


2nd Caller: Yea….BS…..I love Yadi….he’s the best catcher that I’ve ever seen…..isn’t he a HOF catcher…maybe even 1st ballot? What’s ur take?

BS: No doubt Yadi is a terrific catcher. He has a lot going for him….he’s done it a long time, has been durable, is excellent as a play caller, great arm, was very good defensively earlier in his career, that phase seems to have slipped a bit. …I mean the ol’ Ryan rule for his 4 sons (who were all catchers) was that if the ball bounced off you or got under you and it was within one leg shift…it was a passed ball….the StL press corp now calls those types of pitches ‘wild pitches’ …anyway…I digress….with all of his many attributes, there really aren’t many catchers in the HOF—as a matter of fact only 13! Those of you watching this show…look at the catchers who didn’t make it who are familiar names

Stats for Hall of Fame Candidates–Catchers


                             Avg   obp   slug    hit       hr       rbi     runs   sb

Yadi                   .284   .337   .399   1399    98     622    477     42    7x all star 1xsilver slug

Piazza               .308   .377    .545   2127  427    1335   1048   17   12x all-star; 10 silver slug 69.9%

Simmons         .285   .348    .437   2472  248   1389   1044   21     8 all-star; 1 silver slug   elig done

Torre                 .297   .365   .452    2342   252   1185     996   23 1x-NLmvp 9x-allstar   elig done

**Torre was elected to HOF as a MGR last year

Highlight – means that would have been the highest total in that category for any catcher


After reading that list, I’d say that Yadi’s chances are very, very slim….Piazza had 69.9% last year(his 3rd year of voting) so he’s closing in…but guys like Bill Freehan, Ivan Rodriguez, Jorge Posada could be knocking at the door soon and their numbers…I’m guessing…they might be better?? But…you can bet that he’ll be in the Cardinals HOF across the street…So….great question…but not so great an answer for you… …BTW….why isn’t Simmons in the Cards HOF right now? let’s move on ..


3rd caller:  me?….yea…BS….whatta think about Sheldon Richardson’s latest antics?

BS: He’s really throwing away what could be a solid NFL career with all these transgressions that should be easily avoidable but …as I recall a former night time host Jim White, saying when incidents like this occurred,, ”You can’t cure stupid”….dont’ know if that applies here ..you make ur own decision..btw….I think that every MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL star should have a chauffeur, body-guard, financier on his pay-roll…the body-guard would actually guard this player from HIMSELF !


Caller #4:   BS ….I’m a huge Mizzou fan…I’m thinking that 11 wins & another SEC championship is in the offing for this year Black & Gold Team….MIZ…ZOU…go Tigers

BS…Thanks for calling…clearly the strength of this year’s edition of Tiger Football is the O-Line and the LB corp…with an experienced, strong o-line, Russell Hanbrough should find plenty of openings…but I’m worried about his durability…Scherer (MICDS) is a real stud at MLB for the Tigers who will have a new D-coordinator- in Barry Odum…Odum is no stranger to Coach Pinkel’s ways since he went to MIzzou & coached there prior to “stepping up” to d-coordinator at Memphis….on the down side…the D-line will have plenty of fresh faces but who WILL be the real players…if teams can run the ball and/or pass the ball (with plenty of time)…it could make the offense one dimensional…the middle four games are the toughest part of the schedule—@ Kentucky…yes Kentucky football with a highly rated QB, S.Carolina (always great games) and Florida (they HAVE to be better) are both at home and Georgia on the road. I could see 2 losses in this 4 game cycle…thank goodness the Tigers have Miss State at home but that’ll be another very tough one..all in all…another bowl game…but not sure of SEC East title….I think the “surprise” factor of Mizzou as a quality football team has been put to bed…..thanks for call…next please…


5th caller: BS….help me out…..what happened to GM Dave Dombrowski in Detroit? His firing AFTER the deadline was a shocker to me…

BS: ya know….it always helps if the boss knows what you’re going to do…it seems to me that the Detroit owner was surprised that Dombroski became a “seller” at the deadline…so Dombrowski himself became part of the departing members…don’t worry about him…if he still wants to work…he’ll get a job within 6 months.


6th caller:    BS….at least one Baseball award is locked up…the NL Rookie of the Year-Kris Bryant, Cubs….what’s ur take on that one?

BS: Sorry…..it’s NOT a done deal…..while the Cubs are vastly improved and Bryant, who was hyped big-time, is an important element …while his play is very solid—14 HR, 61 rbi(best of any rookie), OPS .789 but his .246 average doesn’t do it much for me….another must less-heralded rook comes out of SF…. but peruse his numbers…..avg .309; 9 HR. has 340 AB, 9 HR, OPS .811 plays every day at 3B for a strong SF Giants team—name…Matt Duffy …and don’t rule out Randall Grichuk…he’s coming on like gang-busters …he’s got pop AND speed with all the national coverage that the Birdies get weekly…he could be part of the Rookie of the year picture quickly…next call..


7th caller: Hey BS….Am I seeing it right……KC Royals with a 9 game lead? ….what’s happened?

BS:   Thanks for pointing that out #8….KC is in 1st place because that are a complete team….in the MLB (30 teams) they are 4th in batting average; 4th in Hits,10th in runs scored, 2nd in wins (behind our Cardinals), 8th in ERA, a terrific defense…and they have established the model being used across the MLB for closing out a game with specialists for the 7th, 8th, 9th innings AND their fans LOVE it….right now….the Royals have the highest TV viewing numbers of ANY team in the MLB! The trading deadline acquisitions of Cueto & Zobrist were smart and filled gaps. If our Cards can’t win it….I’m pulling for the cross-state team. Now let’s go back to the phones…


Here’s a note from Neil…..BS …your thoughts on the Moss trade?

BS…thx for writing Neil….well, I think MO was bushwacked…he’d planned on Holliday returning to be an everyday player…bingo 11 days later…he’s hurt again…..Moss looks like a short timer to me since Adams is a Left-hitting-1B also (remember Adams is still dirt cheap…that’s a very important consideration to most Redbird transactions….that word “control” is key….anyway….Moss is a younger Reynolds in my mind and you see how they’re fading out Reynolds already….heck they wanted 20 HR from him in a part-time capacity….hey…get a clue…it doesn’t work that way…so…unless Mr. Moss gets red-hot or hits 2-4 key HR…he’ll be in & out quicker than a pizza delivery person. While Kaminsky was a 1st round pick, MO insinuated something like “we have our own progress charts”….code word…we don’t think he’s good enough or is ever going to be good enough.


BS….before I close I’d like to remind you …all of you…you’re all welcome to respond…good or bad….you won’t hurt my feelings if you disagree…you can respond on this Prepcasts site at the top of the article or email me back….. In the upcoming weeks we’re going to let all of you participate in a YOU PICK the RAMS poll…it should be fun….





Dear Bob … by Bob Ryan

dear bob letterWe’ve seen it our entire lives….each day in the paper…and I suppose on the net…people drop letters/notes to advisors (Abby, Ann Landers, etc.) for advice on social, romantic, family matters. I thought it was about time to provide the same opportunity for athletes. Here’s the forum where I’ll be addressing some of the needs/questions of athletes. Of course, the last names are not provided but you may be able to recognize the individual anyway…most of you are clever in that way. Here we go…but just so you don’t get any ideas….don’t any of YOU drop me a note.

Dear Bob,

I’m a profession football QB. Every Sunday, I deflate my balls…it’s no big deal because everyone tries to get an edge…cheat in some way…ya know WR spray stuff on their hands, the d-lineman spray no-grab spray on their uniforms…so I don’t see the big deal. But…I’m getting fined because I’m a target due to my overwhelming success. What should I do? Tom

Dear Tom,

Some things jump out at me. Instead of deflating your balls maybe you should deflate your head. It seems very, very huge. Regarding the cheating….didn’t you use that type of excuse as a 10 year old—everyone else is doing it? Grow up and see a physician about the “problem” you described.     Bob

Dear Bob,

I’m a wealthy man. I love increasing my wealth. Isn’t that what makes the world go round? Currently I’m in a town that seems to resent me. I’m just trying to make more money….isn’t that OK? What can I do to be accepted by this community?     Stan                                                      

Dear Stan,

Money is a means to achieve your goals…Is it to live?   provide for your family ? future generations of your family ? live lavishly? All communities have wealthy people. Some are unknown, some are liked, some disliked. Somehow your community has “turned on you’ because they have the perception that you’re becoming greedy and selfish. I would recommend that you become more involved in your area personally. Let people see you personally enjoying yourself. Or… try some philanthropic gifts. Meet with area leaders to analyze the cause(s) of the feelings and provide some finances for civic growth. If none of that appeals to you, then I suggest you move away and start over. However, if you weren’t doing any of those things in your community and you repeat it again in your new setting…you may as well do the Howard Hughes thing…rent a floor of a hotel, close all the curtains, and live in your own little world…Stan—money can’t buy happiness unless you share it a bit! Bob

Dear Bob,

I’m responsible for the Cubs stadium redevelopment. I mean we’ve never had nearby parking, horrible locker rooms, small seats so it’s always been bad but It’s really been horrible recently….our ground crew screws up a rain game last year by having all the water being dumped on the SS area…the only good thing was that we made national news for our ineptness. Then, this year our bathrooms don’t work for opening game..can you imagine Bob—30000 beer drinkers and no bathrooms…heck we only had 6 months to get them ready…anyway, now we’re putting up a scoreboard so others outside the stadium can’t see. When will things turn around for Me? Joe Stiff

Dear Mr. Stiff,

You seem to be living “up” to the Cubs standards. Just Wait for your next world series in Chicago …it’ll be here before you know it….in the next century! Oh…Joe Stiff IV may be handling the same job by that time (with exactly the same problems).

Dear Bob,

I get tired of all the Cardinal stuff…Cardinal this, Cardinal that, Cardinal, Cardinal, Cardinal…could u give me break with some amateur stuff? J.

Dear J.

Well, the Cardinal stuff dominates the media because A) there’s keen interest b) advertisers are lining up to be sponsors. Everyone seems to gain. But….an attempt to please u….here’s a random break down of amateur sports (usually about my friends, personal experiences, schools that I taught/announce)…Here goes…1st of all …congrats to my friend, Scott Brown @ Vianney who notched his 400th HS baseball victory earlier this season. I was Scott’s assistant for his first 3 years as head coach @CBC…..the UMSL softball team was halted in the super regional by U of Indianapolis…just like last year, the Tritons won game 1 of the 3 game set but lost both games on the 2nd day…UMSL finish with 48 wins this season—another great year…the super regionals are the round prior to college world series……my alma mater, St. Mary’s baseball lost their first 10 games but 1st year Head Coach Tony Dattoli (formerly StLCC Head Baseball Coach) cracked the whip(I suppose) and the Dragons have gone 11-3 since that “rugged” beginning…..CBC’s spring has been fruitful…Mason Horn’s baseball team is 26-7 and looking forward to district…Mike McCormack’s golf team had a successful season…on the collegiate+ level…congrats to Dan Quigley for his 5k run of 13:39(PR) and his sister Colleen who ran a PR 9:33 in the steeple chase(both children of Gaylerd Quigley-long time CBC faculty) Anyone else who has info for my amateur section….some would say this entire product is amateur…..just send it to me…ya never know where it may show up. Bob

Dear Bob,

I’m the manager of a successful MLB team. I’ve had success in my first 3 years…great success. But…while I’ve become accustom to the job (which I never did previously) and its growing on me….the criticism and my lack of a real passion for the game has me wondering how long I should do the job…. It pays great (thank goodness—it got me out of all of my debt)?   Manifesto Mike

Dear Manifesto Mike,

It’s good to hear that the job is “growing on you”. There is transition in all jobs…some are short …others longer…much longer. It sounds to me like you took the job due to your financial chaos. If possibly, I’d make sure that those financial obligations have all been “set straight”…once that’s achieved…play it year-year. If the job is still tedious…or if you start to lose and it’s not fun any longer… in a couple more years…say arrivederci      Bob

Dear Bob,

I’m an NFL QB and was recently traded to the Eagles. I was told that “I was the man”. However, during the recent draft, it was rumored that I was being offered to other teams so that Philly could move up in the draft to get a rookie QB. My feelings have been hurt, what should I do?   Sam

Dear Sam,

Hurt feelings are a part of life. It seems to me from your brief note that you haven’t really been in real life too much. Suck it up and move on…this is life Sam. Btw…stay healthy or those rumors will resurface again.   Bob

Dear Bob,

I’m a professional catcher. It’s hard on my body. I decided that I’d lose weight, lots of weight, to make it easier on my body. Now my batting performance has suffered….what should I do—regain the weight? Or hit less with not much power?   Yadi

Dear Yadi,

Life’s full of choices…it was probably one or the other. In this day and age, go with the less weight– longer career, more money…..and it looks like you’ve already made that choice so don’t look back.


Dear Bob,

How much longer is this going on?   John

Dear John,

It’s time to say good-bye…nice knowing you…good luck…

PS…. send me ANY/ALL of your thoughts…your responses are more fun to me than trying to write this thing! I’m not just looking for positives…I’ve had some people react to things that really ambushed me. Bob







Our Bob Ryan mistaken for other Bob Ryan

cbsdcThe following is a reprint of an article about a DC sports radio station calling up Boston Globe writer and author Bob Ryan.  They wanted to talk about a blog that OUR Bob Ryan wrote about the Super Bowl and the two coaches …

Click here for the link that will lead you to the interview as well …


WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – That’s longtime sports columnist Bob Ryan’s precise bio on The Boston Globe’s website, where you certainly will find no mention of any Super Bowl XLIX recaps referencing Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick as “Stone Face,” or Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll as “Smiley Face.”

Nor will you find such references in the most recent book authored by Ryan: “Scribe: My Life In Sports.”

You will find them, however, on Prepcasts.com, an apparent online network of high school football broadcasts – sponsored by “Lion’s Choice: Famous Roast Beef Sandwiches” – which sometimes dabbles in professional football coverage; a site which also coincidentally has an author named ‘Bob Ryan.’

The former Bob Ryan — the acclaimed sports journalist whom you’ve seen on ESPN and read in The Globe — was a radio guest Tuesday morning on 106.7 The Fan’s “The Sports Junkies.”

“Now, I didn’t read the book,” co-host John-Paul Flaim informed Ryan as he was being introduced to the listening audience. “But I just read his article about ‘Smiley Face vs Stone Face,’ and I enjoyed that, too. And you don’t have to describe the guys; you went to the Super Bowl and talked about it, Stone Face vs Smiley Face, and I really liked your description of Pete Carroll and him over-chewing his gum.”

“Uh, I hate to tell you,” Ryan replied. “But you’ve got the wrong ‘Bob Ryan.’”

Almost needless to say, this glaring confusion didn’t play well with the other two radios hosts, Eric Bickel and John Auville, who were surely cringing alongside their misguided co-host.

Flaim: That’s the wrong Bob Ryan?! Holy crap!

Bickel: That’s so embarrassing!

Auville: That’s hilarious!

Flaim: I typed up ‘Bob Ryan Super Bowl’ and it comes up in like a blog.

Columnist, author, non-blogger, Bob Ryan: No. No. No.

Auville: This Bob Ryan doesn’t just blog; he works for The Boston Globe … a big silly.

Bob Ryan: I was home in my living room with my friends watching the game, and, so no, I don’t know who that ‘Bob Ryan’ is.

It would be another thirteen and a half minutes before the interview’s uncomfortable introduction was brought up again. “Bob, thank you so much for time. It’s Bob Ryan from The Boston Globe,” Auville wrapped up. “Be sure to go out and get his book, ‘Scribe: My Life In Sports,’ wherever books are sold.”

“JP’s going to buy a dozen copies to make up for it,” Bickel said.

“Thanks for having me, guys. Bye bye,” Ryan said, acknowledging the interview had concluded, and thus freeing up The Junkies to rightfully bury JP for his colossal gaffe.

Oh my God, JP. So embarrassing,” Bickel bemoaned.

“No picture on the article,” JP defended himself. “What do you do? I hit Google: ‘Bob Ryan Super Bowl,’ and that article came up. It could have happened to anybody.”

“No, it never would have happened to me because I know who he is,” Bickel disagreed.

“Oh, please, you’ve called guest wrong names,” JP insisted. “You’ve introduced guests with the wrong name.”

“There has never been a more dunce-worthy moment,” Bickel said. “It’s just a miss. It’s an epic … you think Bob Ryan, one of the great sports-casters of all time – I’m not even sure, he could be in the Basketball Hall of Fame …”

“He doesn’t write for a rinky-dink blog!” Auville mocked.

“You think he’s writing for a blog?” Bickel said, as transcribed by the guy writing for this blog.

“It’s not a blog,” JP contended. “It was written in a blog-style. It was an article.”

“You think he writes in a blog-style?” Bickel asked. “I’m pretty sure he’s in the Hall of Fame. Do you think he writes in a blog-style?”

“I mean, I’m gonna be honest with you: if it was an in-person thing, I would have walked out of the room,” Bickel went on to say. “You know what I mean? But we were live on the air. We’re doing a radio show. I didn’t know what to do! How do you recover from it? A lot of people were saying you should have asked him what the weather was going to be this week? It could have been that Bob Ryan, too.”

At least JP was kind enough to mention he hadn’t read Mr. Ryan’s book the moment before mistaking him for an internet blogger.