BB: Boonville @ Mexico [PSN] 4.25.17
Apr 25 @ 4:45 pm – Apr 30 @ 9:30 pm

Boys Baseball: BB: Boonville @ Mexico [PSN] 4.25.17 – Join us on this simulcast with Prepcasts LLC and KWRT 1370 AM. The Pirates travel to Mexico to take on the Bulldogs in a conference game. The Bulldogs are looking to avenge an early season loss in Boonville.  Join Charlie Brown with the live webcast… on the Pirates Sports Network.   Click here to VIEW the game

BB: KC Lutheran @ Adrian – KCMW
Apr 27 @ 4:30 pm – 11:45 pm

Boys Baseball: BB: KC Lutheran Knights @ Adrian Blackhawks – KCMW – Adrian hosts KC Lutheran in a non-conference clash late in the baseball season on the Prepcasts Broadcasting Network as James Damon brings you the PBP action.  Click here to VIEW the game

BB: Jefferson City @ Smith-Cotton [TSN]
Apr 29 @ 4:30 pm – 11:45 pm

smith cotton logoBaseball: BB: Jefferson City Jays @ Smith-Cotton Tigers [TSN] – One of the state favorites in class 5, Jefferson City, travels to Sedalia to battle the Smith-Cotton Tigers, as Charlie Brown has all the PBP on the Tiger Pride Network.    Click here for the game


BB: Smith-Cotton @ Warrensburg [TSN]
May 1 @ 4:30 pm – 11:45 pm

smith cotton logoBaseball: BB: Smith-Cotton Tigers @ Warrensburg Tigers [TSN] – Join Charlie Brown for all the action as Smith-Cotton visits Warrensburg for baseball action on the Tiger Pride Network.  Click here for the game


BB: Boonville @ Marshall [PSN] 5.2.17
May 2 @ 4:45 pm – May 7 @ 9:30 pm

Boys Baseball: BB: Boonville @ Marshall [PSN] 5.2.17 – Join us on this simulcast with Prepcasts LLC and KWRT 1370 AM. The Marshall Owls host the Pirates on this webcast on the Pirate Sports Network.  The Pirates look to claim at least a share of the conference title with a win. Charlie Brown has the live play by play… on the Pirates Sports Network.   Click here to VIEW the game

BB: Cole Camp @ Lakeland – KCMW
May 3 @ 5:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Boys Baseball: BB: Cole Camp Bluebirds @ Lakeland Vikings – KCMW – Join Charlie Brown as he brings you action on the Prepcasts Broadcasting Network as Lakeland hosts Cole Camp in late season baseball.  Click here to VIEW the game

BB: Boonville v Father Tolton [PSN] 5.9.17
May 9 @ 4:45 pm – May 14 @ 9:30 pm

Boys Baseball: BB: Boonville v Father Tolton [PSN] 5.9.17 – Join us on this simulcast with Prepcasts LLC and KWRT 1370 AM. The Pirates host the Trailblazers on this webcast on the Pirate Sports Network. The Pirates welcome the Trailblazers in this regular season finale and it’s Senior Parent Day. Charlie Brown has all the action including the Senior Parent Day festivities… on the Pirates Sports Network.   Click here to VIEW the game

BB: Helias @ Smith-Cotton [TSN]
May 11 @ 5:00 pm – 11:45 pm

smith cotton logoBaseball: BB: Helias Crusaders @ Smith-Cotton Tigers [TSN] – The Tiger Pride Network features a West Central Conference battle as Smith-Cotton host Clinton.  Charlie Brown has the call.     Click here for the game




  • Happy Days by Bob Ryan  This weekend was the ol’ Happy Days of Milwaukee all over again…I was looking for Richie Cunningham, Fonzie, Al Delvecchio, Mom & Pop Cunningham and the entire crew again ..things always worked out for them … somehow… despite the dire circumstances of the early minutes of the show…it all fell in line and had a ...
  • Real Season – What Do You Expect by Bob Ryan The Real Season began this week in the NHL….what are YOUR real expectations of the Blues— let’s try to think of it as must of us do…with our hearts, mind and eyes. ….With our hearts ….of course we all have high hopes…the team has played much better with Yeo as coach and actually have improved since ...
  • Missing the Goal by Bob Ryan This past week, the vote to build a new downtown stadium was rejected by the St Louis City citizens….now….I’m probably the only South Side kid that grew up that didn’t play soccer….being the Mom thought it was:” too rough”….anyway…I’m listing that qualifier to some of these thoughts about the soccer stadium issues— ….considering that a ...
  • April Fools by Bob Ryan  It’s April 3….but why does all the “fooling” have to occur on April 1? ……..let’s spread it out….let’s make it the 1st MONDAY of April….at least for this year….so this is our April Fools this year J Now go ahead…you pick which of the statements below are April Fools Day statements and which are true ...
  • Countdown to MLB Blastoff by Bob Ryan 1 week out from the start of the MLB season…..around here…that  means almost all talk is about the Cards….let’s take a look backwards at the off-season and the late parts of 2016 for some additional info on the Cardinals… …in the off-season, the primary …really only…acquisition was Dexter Fowler.  Fowler was signed to improve defense(moving Grichuk ...
  • From Norfolk State to Cal-Berkeley by Bob Ryan It was March 2012…the Mizzou Tigers basketball team was rolling as they began the NCAA tournament seeded #2 in the West. Frank Haith had put behind him the scandals at Miami dealing with Nevin Shapiro as his Tiger team seemed destined for huge success. They were ranked #3 in the USA, 30-4 for the season, ...
  • Tracking Down the Tiger Coach by Bob Ryan The Missouri basketball program will be looking for a new head coach following news that Kim Anderson is stepping down after three seasons. I feel that considering that he had absolutely NO idea that the school was under investigation when he signed his contract that the school should create a temporary position for him as ...
  • Bob Awards by Bob Ryan Prior to the BOB award show …some other more serious Cardinal spring training observations and  thoughts…that is……as if sports is EVER serious? …Mike Leake looked terrific in 1st outing…but….if you watch the clip….almost all of the swings & miss …and there were many….were pitches out of the strike zone….I would think that hitters in mid-season will ...
  • Madness in Sports by Bob Ryan Madness around the sports world…. ….Kevin Garnett set off many basketball folks when he said  “AAU has killed our league” recently…I will grant you that the very, very good players have improved with all the traveling, competition, etc as they play spring & summer AAU ball. For the many “good” players, it seems to me that ...
  • Spring Winds of Sports by Bob Ryan The Spring winds  of sports come blowin in ….with the temp breaking into the 60’s-70’s comfortably, sun shining, winds blowing in from across the sea (thank You Francis Albert Sinatra)…man…it’s like spring….and Spring has also blown in all kinds of stuff for the sports world… ….OK…I’m eating my crow pie….the Blues DO look like a different ...
  • Hack … was it enough by Bob Ryan The Cardinals were handed down a punishment for one of their employees “hacking” the Houston Astros data base….this is like stealing the St. Peter’s bones from the Vatican!  The MLB Comish fined them $2mil and they were forced to hand over the #2 and #3 round picks of 2017 to Houston…..oh…btw…Chris Correa is behind bars ...
  • Cards down to Florida by Bob Ryan The Cards will move down to Florida to begin prep for the 2017 season. As they unload their truck loads of equipment…they’ll also be unloading other things….like plenty of questions…That’ll be a time to begin sorting out some answers to these questions..some heavy …some light…as all teams do in spring training…I’m sure you could make ...
  • NCIS by Bob Ryan NCIS of sports…no this isn’t a review of the TV show–Naval Criminal Investigative Service which has been extremely popular …ever since season 7 (in its 14th season) NCIS has been the most watched scripted show on American television.actually surpassing Sunday Night Football last year… this NCIS is an acronym… No Change in Sports…sure some of the size ...
  • Frozen-in some way! by Bob Ryan The Holidays seem to make time get “frozen”….most of our daily concerns, worries, etc seem to be frozen as we indulge in the joy of family, friends and fun over the Holidays….but all good things do come to an end…so here we go taking a look forward and backward… …the joy experienced by many of the ...
  • 2017 Resolutions by Bob Ryan For some reason, many people feel compelled to make New Year’s resolutions….to make determined decisions to change one’s life is good…but it doesn’t have to be limited to New  Years Day….so in the spirit of the season….here we go…some may include writers’ liberty…  ….Manifesto has resolved NOT to use Yadi in more than 135 games….this is ...
  • Top Stories of 2016 by Bob Ryan The top Local Sports stories of 2016…..those that seemed to generate the most discussions and debates…. 1st–Local Lou Sports Stories… #1 Departure of R_ _ _–this story still percolates…most StL folks fall into 1 of 3 tents—a)  have complete apathy towards R_ _ _ and often the entire NFL b) total revulsion towards the R _ _ ...
  • Dear Santa 2016 by Bob Ryan It’s that time of year….Santa is getting deluged by thousands and thousands of letters….we were able to peek at a few prior to dropping them back into Santa’s “in-box”…. …..Dear Santa, Please send us another Matt Holliday…..Cardinal Glennon Hospital ….Dear Santa, Please send me some more Blues goals…the “Towel Man” ….Dear Santa, Please send me better weather…..I haven’t ...
  • ‘Tis the Season by Bob Ryan ‘Tis the Season…..all the annual hustle/bustle  of Christmas  begins as Christmas decorations begin appearing inside & outside… shoppers appear in larger numbers… Holiday parties flourish …since Christmas parties aren’t allowed…MLB winter meetings bring player movements….bowl matchups are announced…so a quick look at the sports news of the “Season”   Some reactions to the baseball winter meetings & ...
  • Fabulous 5th by Bob Ryan Dec 5….maybe you never realized how important of a day it is in our history… …it was on this date that Columbus discovered Haiti in 1492… …Walt Disney was born on this date in 1901 ….…I mean how could we have ever survived without his cartoons, animation and Disneyland (which led to other theme parks) ? …or the ...
  • Better Sooner than Later by Bob Ryan The old adage of….it’s better late than never…is sometimes true….sometimes its sooner rather than later and sometimes it’s better not at all than late…but anyway….consider… …I read an article that the NY Yankees who had accumulated a plethora of prospects in the Aroldis Chapman  & Andrew Miller trades were considering packaging many of them in a ...
  • Thanksgiving Thoughts by Bob Ryan It’s Thanksgiving Week… a great time to reflect back on the wonderful life that most of us enjoy…some sports figures may….should be….giving huge forms of gratitude …here are a few…some may be “tongue in cheek”…as opposed to “turkey in mouth”   ….the Blues are grateful for the tremendous playoff run that they had in 2016 season ….Barry Odum ...