Bob Ryan Blog – Week Seven – Class 3 is really loaded—CAN YOU SEED THEM?

Class 3 is really loaded—CAN YOU SEED THEM?

How do you determine, who’s the best team in a class when after 7 weeks, six teams are 7-0 and four teams that are  6-1 are ranked #5,6,7 and 10.  Voters attempt to measure the caliber of competition for each school and compare it to each other top school. #1 Maryville, perennially a STATE powerhouse, blasted Smithville50-10 to hold a 7-0 mark this week. Other unbeaten teams in this class are John Burroughs , O’Fallon Christian, Hogan Prep, Reed Spring and Park Hills Central and Centralia.  Only Burroughs and Centralia are familiar names among this elite group. The other schools are “new” to this unbeaten scenario as they are enjoying terrific years. Each is from totally different parts of the STATE. Meanwhile, traditionally strong programs like California, Duchesne, Centralia and Oak Grove are all at 6-1. How much credence do you give to the “usual” guys in the top 10 and how much to the “new kid on the block”? Districts have varying levels of competition. No one’s fault—just the way it is. The STATE tournament is established months prior to start of the season.  Some fans are clamoring for seeding all the teams in STATE tournament…OK…tell me how you’d seed these top ten teams. The ball is in your court….send us your seedings NOW (not after the season and then claim that “I knew that so and so was going to win”. Do it this week—send it to  

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