Boos, Blues and Baseball by Bob Ryan

Boos…NFL Draft-Day 1

…in an event that many of us anticipated anxiously for many years…its gone the way of Columbus Day…remember that holiday on Oct 9?….and… I couldn’t stand to watch Roger Dumbnall smiling… with his painted-on smile.. 32 long times on day 1….ugh..but … there were still some interesting developments … maybe its easier when you’re not “involved “with the hopes of 1 team to see a bigger picture? I loved this…as did most StL fansI suppose … Roger was booed each and every  time he approached the podium..ya gotta love those Philly fans.. from the Lou we say “TU” & Roger we wish you many more!

…Bears traded up just one spot (sacrificing a 3rd & 4th  round picks this year + a 3rd rounder next year) to draft QB Mitchell Trubisky(N.Car) who has all of 13 collegiate starts on his resume…OK…not too strange…except in the off season these same Bears signed QB Mike Glennon to a 3 year, $45m contract with $18.5m guaranteed…btw…the next QB drafted was at #10 (Chiefs drafting Patrick Mahomes of Tx Tech)..doesn’t seem smart to me…

….I’ve watched RB Leonard Fournette (LSU)-drafted #4 Jaguars on several occasions in SEC games…I’m a skeptic that he’ll be a star in the NFL…somehow…I’ve never seen him have a big game against high quality teams…his “big” games come against the weak sisters of the league….he’s big, strong & fast but can he make the quick cuts, avoid the heavy contact (he’s a big body) required in NFL..Bob Shannon who I coached under for a few years indicated to me that the big, tall running backs don’t’ usually succeed at the higher levels..check it out.. many of the best running backs currently in NFL…shorter bodies with very strong legs..Coach Shannon…no one called him “Bob” has forgotten way more than I ever knew…

….only 2 players (Corey Davis, WR-W.Mich & Haason Reddick-Temple) were drafted from outside the major 5 conferences…from the 1st round…. Here’s the break down..

#of players-Team–# of draft pick(s):

4-Alabama #16, 17, 19, 31 (no surprise that Bama had the most gifted players)

3-LSU-#4, 6, 27 & Ohio St #11, 15, 24

2-Stanford-#3 & 8; Clemson #7 & 12; Michigan-#25 & 28, Wisconsin #30 & 32

1 player from each of the following Tx A&M-#1, N Carolina-#2, W.Mich-#5, Washington-#9;

Tx Tech-#10; Temple-#13, Tennessee-#14, USC-#18, Utah-#20, Florida-#21, Missouri-#22,

Mississippi-#23, UCLA-#26, Miami-#29

…most interesting pick to me Garrett Bolles (OT-Utah)…he’s 25 years old….”kicked out” of his house as a kid—vandalizing, drugging, etc…once he actually served time for vandalizing an opponent’s field….Greg & Emily Freeman saved his life..Greg had been his lacrosse coach in HS…the Boles had some simple, direct and life-changing rules…Ditch the old friends, get a job, go to church and donate to that church…long story short….he changed his life style…got a regular job… went on a Morman church mission, got up early each day, prayed frequently, knocked on doors (In Mormon method) and he changed..he attended Snow College for 2 years—was dominant and then was recruited by Utah…he’s already a success story in my book…I hope he becomes a star at Denver.

…we knew from the SEC that Florida was so-so on offense but good on defense….I guess so—check this out…LB Jarrad Davis was the #21 overall pick; ¾ of their starting secondary was drafted in the 2nd round!..Marcus Maye-Safety @#39, Quincy Wilson-Corner @ #46, corner “Teez” Tabor @#53…4 of the top 53 players in the draft from the Florida defense……oh…and at #76 it was LB Alex Anzalone… wonder no one could pass effectively against the Gators


Blues…round 2 playoffs…

gm 1….clearly were outplayed in 1st period…played much better in last 2 periods…but it’s very tough to come back from 2 goal deficit to win…yea…you can tie it up…but these playoff teams are all good…some real long comebacks of 3-4 goals are few and far between.. Allen’s 1st major goof of the post-season cost the winning goal.

Gm 2…for the first 5 minutes the Blues were “all over it”…then their dominance slipped away.. the Preds, from my eyes, seem quicker getting to the puck and  better passers as the Blues “clear it out” often against them…the 5 min major opened the door for the Blues and they tied the game up…I notice that much of their success has been shots down the middle from about 15-20 feet inside the blue line….the Preds Pekka Rinne doesn’t surrender many rebounds so you better “nail” that 1st most teams the Blues are struggling with getting the puck thru center ice against the Nashville club….I noticed the Blues doing a “give & go” maneuver on occasion in an effort to cross the blue line with the puck…maybe the next approach will be a “pick & roll …let Reaves set the pick!


Baseball…..Cardinals weekly snapshot…

…the 6-5 –11 inn loss in gm 1 of Toronto series was a microcosm of the early 2017 season… 4 errors…wild throw to 1B after that batter had been walked….a player (Martinez) out of position makes a misplay at 1B costing the Cards a run…why do we train guys in the minors at a position and the  tinker with them in the majors…can’t we “look ahead” and anticipate these options while these players are developing in the minors?..and then Coughlin leaps over Molina to score the winning run….I’ve never, ever seen that…what an athletic play!

…the DH sweep two days later… the bench blasts a 2 run HR to tie the game with 2 outs in the 9th…let’s just accept…he’s going to hit 20+ HR, hit .230-.245, run fast, misjudge a fly or two, strike out frequently—usually on low-outside breaking balls…if that isn’t what the Cards can accept…then make a move…he is the most vulnable to being trades (Fowler & Piscotty are locked into long term deals) and with Adolis Garcia ready to knock on the big league doors with his high potential..someone will have to go…Grichuk seems like the logical one to me…. Adam Wainwright was lauded for his performance… really?…if it was anyone else…his 6 1/3 inn, 9 hits, 4 runs, 4 strikeouts, 105 pitches would certainly not be praised…can we forget the name and just analyze…objectively..the performance?…I’ve admired him too…he has been super…but the key words are “has been”..Kolton Wong might drive you crazy with some of his fielding & running…but he often seems to be involved in middle of many of the key offensive innings….oh…let’s not kid ourselves….this Toronto team isn’t very good—they had 4 guys in the starting lineup in game 1 batting under .200, have the worst record in baseball at 6-16, their closer is really struggling (PC for being bad)…. but that being said…in our division (where we play the most games)..there are really only two good teams…the Cubs & Cards

….since Lyons, Garcia and Socolovich are out of options….that means that they can’t send them back to the minors without the chance of someone else claiming them..the Cards may be showcasing Garcia for a trade; Lyons is a puzzle—he was decent last year for several months but doesn’t fit in this year even though Kevin Siegrest is showing real clear signs of over use and Socolovich…where DOES he fit in?  Specialist? Mop up? 6th inning? Comedian in locker room?   I don’t think ANYONE knows his role

…btw…Bowman & Cecil each  have 13 appearances in the first 23 games…at that rate he’ll have 91 appearances in 2017…come on Manifesto…you aren’t in the casino…don’t just play the “hot” machine….oh…and Cards have 21 errors in 23 games….OMG!

…hey…how about making Rosenthal & Oh co-closers…alternate each opportunity…neither seems to be able to go more than 2 day consecutively anyway

…remember the old baseball adage….u aren’t a real MLB hitter until u’ve had 1000 AB…early success…even through 200-300-400-500 AB doesn’t indicate a long, successful career.. Piscotty, Grichuk & Wong have all just passed this 1000 plate appearances barrier… now… they should be close to what “they’ll be” in their career


Odds & Ends….

…it hasn’t taken too long for the cream to come to the top…Cubs, Nats, Cleveland, Baltimore are already in 1st place in their divisions..gee it took 20 games!

…Joe Kelly is back in MLB with BoSox! While Dan McLaughlin often makes comments about Boston having to pay the highest minor league salary in history to Allen Craig(he ignores the fact the Cards signed him to that deal)…well…Lackey is gone to our biggest competitor…. nothing in return… and now Kelly is serving Boston ..albeit after a minor league hiatus…in a very small sampling this year…Kelly is 2-0, 1.50 era, 12 IP, 7 H, bat avg against him 1.71 & whip 1.09…all the Cards haven’t played out yet…pardon the pun!

…UMSL Softball faced some tough hurdles this year…their star pitcher graduated after being the ace for 4 years and the Head Coach moved on to a D-1 school….nevertheless, the Tritons are 35-13, 2nd place in the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC)..congrats to Head Coach Amanda Scott and her team for another strong season.

….Bryce Harper is really putting on a show…as I write this he’s hitting .418, 8 HR, 25 RBI, OBP .535, SLG .823 in just 25 games…WOW!!! Those are Little League hitting numbers

…the most unexciting early round playoff games are found in the NBA…the talented teams seem to roll over easily the pretenders….sometimes the semifinals are decent and the championship series is usually entertaining but up to then….forget it…

…congrats to the Summit Falcons Baseball team(19-4)…ranked #1 in last local  HS baseball poll..they began the season by winning the very tough Midwest Classic and currently are in 1st place in their conference with a 9-2 league mark under Head Coach Jason Schneider

…has Brandon Phillips found the fountain of youth drink in Atlanta?  The 35 year old is sprinting off to a brilliant start to 2017–.352, OPS-.894…he was born in Stone Mountain GA..a suburb of Atlanta…. so maybe it’s the home town cooking?…or maybe like distance runners.. he’s sprinting hard since he’s close to the finish line

…Jason Heyward seems to have bounced back in 2017…he’s @ .282, 3HR, 16 rbis as May 1 approaches…that average is higher than Fowler, Grichuk or Piscotty at this point!


BTW…this title reminds me of what Harry Caray once said about talking with the fans, “Ya just gotta talk, “Booze, Baseball, Broads & BS” & they’ll like you!! Don’t Boo me…..I’m done!


  1. Jim Pleimann says:

    Ok, I am back and typing! Please don’t take this personally but I skipped over all the NFL draft stuff. My interest is higher in the U.S. Curling team than the NFL draft. I truly hope most of your readers feel differently. I’d rather watch an NBA game between the 76er’s and the Knicks!!
    I love the matchup between the Blues and the Preds. This is going to be fun, nerve-racking and a roller coaster ride. I like our five-on-five play. We have to stay out of the penalty box (like last night). They have shown me nothing that says we can’t win this series. This will not be easy but I think it will be fun. And if we can get by Nashville………………. just kiddin….. (I think) hehehehehe
    I am of the belief Mr. Grichuck needs to be put out in left field for two months, every day and told go get em kid, it’s yours. The bullpen is so overused (but whose isn’t these days?) Siegrist and Seth Manness should call some abuse hotline!
    But if all the hitters start hitting to their potential, we could cause some trouble……
    Keep up the good work Bob and ignore by indifference towards the NFL

  2. jJoel Delpha says:

    Hey Bob,
    Miss talkin’ sports with ya on a regular (daily) basis. The column is a good substitute. Just wonderin’
    what your thoughts are regarding the Kirkwood-Vianney thing. Is this a bubbling over of the long-simmering hatred (too strong a word) that many schools have toward the MCC?

  3. Joe Parisi says:

    Hi Bob … Tend to agree with Jim P…. have lost interest in NFL since Rams departure. As long as owners are making lots of $’s, Rodger The Dodger is safe!

    Glad to see Blues made it to Round 2. Nashville will be tough, but go back a month or so and no one would have believed they would have even made the playoffs. Anxious to see Coach Yao with full year to work with.

    The Cardinals? Gyrko, Grichuk and Wong… play them daily. Gyrko= Power threat… have to see if Grich and Wong can be counted on as future players to be counted on. No

  4. Mike Petry, Sr. says:

    I am a bit of an ambivalent fan when watching Cardinal v Cincinnati match ups. Always a Cardinal fan, but 29 years in Cincy and the fan friendly ballpark and owner are chard not to like. Having caught baseball for 27 years, I have to watch Molina. He never misses an opportunity. In game one v Cincinnati, his awareness of no time out called and the runner who advanced to third on a walk having touched third a stepped off the bag, Molina threw a strike to third a he was (to everyone’s surprise except Molina ) called out. He is, truly, one of the grants.

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