Boys Basketball



BBB: St. Mary’s v U City @ Vianney Tourney [SMSN] 12.2.19
Dec 2 @ 5:45 pm – Dec 9 @ 2:00 pm

BasketballStockImageStmaryssportsnetworkHigh School Boys Basketball:  BBB: St. Mary’s v U City @ Vianney Tourney [SMSN] 12.2.19 – Join Bob Ryan and Jim Pleimann with the call with Jacob Stoker on the camera.  Click here to VIEW the game …

BBB: El Dorado Springs v Cole Camp [BASN] 12.3.19
Dec 3 @ 7:30 pm – Dec 7 @ 1:15 am

Boys BasketBall: BBB: El Dorado Springs v Cole Camp [BASN] 12.3.19 –  The BASN crew has the call.   Click here to VIEW the game

BBB: Butler v Knob Noster [BASN] 12.3.19
Dec 3 @ 9:00 pm – Dec 7 @ 2:45 am

Boys BasketBall: BBB: Butler v Knob Noster [BASN] 12.3.19 –  The BASN crew has the call.   Click here to VIEW the game

BBB: St. Mary’s v Vianney @ Vianney Tourney [SMSN] 12.4.19
Dec 4 @ 5:50 pm – Dec 11 @ 2:05 pm

BasketballStockImageStmaryssportsnetworkHigh School Boys Basketball: BBB: St. Mary’s v Vianney @ Vianney Tourney [SMSN] 12.4.19 – Join the Vianney Production Team with the call.  Click here to VIEW the game …

BBB: Butler v El Dorado Springs [BASN] 12.5.19
Dec 5 @ 4:30 pm – Dec 8 @ 10:15 pm

Boys BasketBall: BBB: Butler v El Dorado Springs [BASN] 12.5.19 –  The BASN crew has the call.   Click here to VIEW the game

BBB: Blair Oaks v Versailles [MMSO] 12.5.19
Dec 5 @ 6:45 pm – Dec 9 @ 11:45 pm

Boys Basketball: BBB: Blair Oaks v Versailles [MMSO] 12.5.19 –  Dick Aldrich and Ed Kniest have the game on the Game of the Week and our partnership with Mid Mo Sports Online.   Click here to VIEW the game

BBB: Warrensburg v Smith-Cotton [TPN] 12.13.19
Dec 13 @ 7:30 pm – Dec 16 @ 12:15 am

High School Boys Basketball: BBB: Warrensburg v Smith-Cotton [TPN] 12.13.19 …  Join Charlie Brown and crew with the call.        Click here to VIEW the game




  • Cards crystal ball by Bob Ryan At the start of the MLB season….for St Louisians….that means the Cardinal season…I’m going dust off my crystal ball, shine it up and then throw out some predictions about baseball with a heavy accent on the ElBirdos….some will be serious….some not so much…you’ll have to determine which category that belong in…..also….following up on last week’s fun of choosing a “walk ...
  • Little Guys Rule by Bob Ryan Generally it’s the “Big” guys who take charge…ya know…big money, big influence, big brothers, etc ….well… this week let’s look at the Little guys…. ….sooooo to start with….all of us little guys have a challenge, we aren’t on the golf tour…but….Jay Randolph JR threw out the question to all of us, “What Walk Up Song would YOU like ...
  • Ruffled Feathers by Bob Ryan In all parts of life complaining is a daily occurrence. In most cases, it’s a trivial matter…except at that moment for that person….so life goes on. However, at the next level of complaining…some people react or they clearly make their feelings known to MANY other folks…that … also…is the situation in the sports world..many really have their “feathers ruffled”…and ...
  • Sunny not Snow by Bob Ryan Despite looking out the window and seeing snowflakes coming down, sunny days are not far away…take a look… I enjoyed a wonderful evening this week as I attended the Blues-Nashville game… it was terrific…plenty of energy on the ice and in the stands. I do think that hockey..maybe more than any other sport….is MUCH, MUCH better ...
  • Mizzou vs NCAA by Bob Ryan It’s no surprise….everyone nods their heads “yes” or readily agrees…when the discussion of cheating in recruiting, in academics, in illegal payments  for the star… maybe even the majority…of NCAA players comes up in discussions.  This idea of cheating … especially for the 2 largest revenue sports, football & men’s basketball, seems to be commonly accepted. After short discussions on this ...
  • He stepped into it by Bob Ryan In the NLCS, Manny Machado clearly stepped on the foot of the Brewer 1B….then he really stepped into it…..he was called out by the Brewers as being “dirty” since he’s done similar types of things previously… despite his prodigious power….Machado’s action …it seems to me…..relegates him to a 2nd tier type team signing him …the ...
  • Exploring the MLB by Bob Ryan There is no question that the fans of the Lou are Cardinal fans….generally most games are “on” as we watch intently or while doing something else….we scrutinize the pitching changes, the lineup, the attitudes of the players….etc, etc…..but finding the stories of the MLB is like our explorers of the past finding a new continent….we ...
  • Sweet Sixteen by Bob Ryan NCAA Basketball has taken us to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament…of course, lots of comments…16 to be exact…. on those games & teams but what about other 16’s……..we’ll widen our scope to see the wider horizon of the 16’s across the sports world according to other sources with some mild personal modifications   … ...
  • Still Up in the Air by Bob Ryan So…spring training has officially opened….every team should have high spirits at this time of the year..but there are still many balls up in the air…not only about roster configuration but the implementation of the 10-day DL rule… …..I’ve been asking for MLB teams to consider a variety of  ways to save the bullpen….6 man rotation, bridge ...
  • same ol’, same ol’ … sometimes by Bob Ryan As winter continues with us….hockey playoffs seem galaxies away….MLB baseball is still talking but not playing….March Madness a month away….some of the good ol’ stuff just isn’t here now….maybe in a lot of ways.. ….there are still some significant MLB free (what an inappropriate word) agents unsigned…of course the agents…who’ve promised their clients millions of dollars..or ...
  • HOF — In, Out, Changes by Bob Ryan So last week, the Baseball  Hall of Fame in Cooperstown voted in 4 new members. Without question all of the foursome are well qualified– Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Vlad Guerrero, and Trevor Hoffman .. It’s only the 2nd time since 1955 that a foursome are entering the HOF. Each one had his own case…take a ...
  • Trade Sparks Life in Fans by Bob Ryan The Cardinals acquired heavy hitting, smooth fielding Marcell Ozuna last week….suddenly…it seemed as if the fans were excited …..real excited….again…it was like fresh new life about the Cardinals. Why so?  The Cardinals had six different players with 20+ HR last year, two more with 18….but…none were viewed…at least by the fans… as a “true” power ...
  • Kobe or LeBron? by Ashley Wright There’s no debate that Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are two of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen. However when current Hall of Famer and NBA great Michael Jordan was asked who is better between the two he stated …  “Would I rank LeBron over Kobe in terms ...
  • What the Trading Deadline Told Us by Bob Ryan The trading deadline…coming at the end of July….tells us a great deal about the true feelings of a MLB team..its management reveals some of its deeper thoughts by their “moves” or lack of moves…lets take a look as I complete this on Sunday night….one day prior to the deadline…what these teams have told us thus ...
  • Greatest Basketball Team of all Time by Ashley Wright On this day 25 years ago the original Dream Team that won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona took the floor and started their historical run. The Dream Team was nothing short of a phenomenon at the time. They dominated the Olympic competition, beating their eight opponents by an average of 48 ...