Stanley’s Summer Tour by Bob Ryan

The unforgettable St Louis Blues post-season championship “run” is brought back to us as we take a peek at how some of the Blues celebrated their day with Stanley.  There were lots of family moments, local celebrations, as well as some very touching moments for special people in their lives.            

…Brayden Schenn got his day with the Cup in Saskatoon on Friday and took it right to the place where his father has worked for 28 years as a firefighter.   Schenn was seen wearing a firefighter helmet during the Blues’ parade with the Cup back in June. “You always think if I win the Cup, you put the thoughts in your head of what I would do with it,” Schenn told the team’s website. “My dad is a firefighter, so this was important to me. I’m trying to do my best sharing it with a lot of people today.” He also took it Royal University Hospital where he met with sick children, including 16-year-old John Bossaer.                   

…The Cup then headed a few hours south, where Tyler Bozak & Jaden Schwartz shared their day with the Cup with the city of Regina on Saturday. The duo planted a Blues flag on the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. They then headed to where people where melons on their heads: Mosaic Stadium. There, they paraded the trophy in front of thousands of Saskatchewan Roughriders fans who had assembled for the Canadian Football League’s game against the Calgary Stampeders. There wasn’t much to cheer for during the football game for fans — the Roughriders lost 37-10 — but Bozak and Schwartz, along with Schenn, got the crowd into a frenzy.

on July 14, Stanley returned “home’ so to speak. It was the day for STL born  & bred, Patrick Maroon. A 9am start at his house with plenty of photos with his family including parents, & grandparents began the day. His son Anthony enjoyed a bowl of Toasted Crunch directly out of Stanley. Then it was off to All-American Sports Mall in S.County, where Maron invited around 200 people who he credits for helping him develop his hockey skills. Lunch was @ one of the Lou’s best restaurants, Charlie Gitto’s. Maroon served one of StL’s most famous dishes @ Gitto’s–Toasted ravioli from the Stanley Cup. A 1 hour trip took the Maroon’s to a lake to enjoy the evening with plenty of family and friends on the lake. Adam Sanders  joined in the celebration, arriving all the way from Nashville, to enjoy the moment with Maroon’s family.

Earlier in the week, the Cup was a province over in Alberta. Craig Berube, fresh off a three-year extension as bench boss with the Blues, took the Cup back to his hometown of Calahoo, Alta. It’s not a big place — the thriving metropolis boasts a population of just 85 — but they were all out to congratulate Berube. “We all grew up here,” Berube told the team’s website. “My dad and brothers lived on this farm or just down the road. We were grain farmers, cattle farmers, we had it all here, that’s how we grew up. His mother, meanwhile, was just as thrilled. “I never dreamt it. Unreal,” said Ramona Berube, Craig’s mother. “I never thought of something like this (happening). It’s just great for everybody who was down at the arena to see it. You can see how much it means to everybody.

Colton Parayko, meanwhile, got his day with the Cup in St. Alberta, a city northwest of Edmonton. Parayko’s day also included an emotional moment as he, along with his grandfather and family, toasted his grandma, who died last November after a battle with cancer. According to Parayko, a deal was made between grandmother and grandson that if the latter made the NHL one day, the former would take a shot of peach schnapps at her home in St. Albert any time he scored. With her passing, the family honored the tradition on Wednesday.

…David Perron on July 30th, was welcomed home by a raucous crowd at the hockey rink.. Stanley went  on a ride (buckled in) through Quebec; enjoyed breakfast with his family and used Stanley as a cereal bowl for their “Lucky Charms” cereal then washed it down with chocolate mike sucked through a straw from Stanley’s chocolate milk container. A game of street hockey was enjoyed by the neighbors and Stanley was hoisted by the winning team of the day! Stanley was taken to Perron’s favorite restaurant and then enjoyed eating poutine out of the Cup for dinner.

…For Ryan O’Reilly it was 3 towns, 2 parades, hundreds of photos with Stanley. O’Reilly arrived in Seaforth and went directly to the Fire Hall @  8:00am. It was there that O’Reilly shared an emotional moment with his 99 year old Grandmother. A parade as O’Reilly rode on the “lead” firetruck…it went straight down Main Street to the Seaforth Arena. After 2 hours and millions…OK…maybe not that many…of photos, the party continued its celebration in another town. This time it was Goderich another parade ran through the town. The YMCA was the host of the photo session as well as the place that O’Reilly received gifts from the community (stuffed bear with a #90 jersey, knit hat, Blues themed birdhouse). By 4pm O’Reilly was in Bayfield for a private party for his family & friends hosted at his parents home. Perhaps the most exciting part for Stanley was arriving at the party via helicopter!

…Alex Pietrangelo was the 1st Blue to take Stanley golfing this year. Pietrangelo from King City (about 30 miles away from Toronto) spent his morning with close friends & family AND STANLEY on the golf course. He returned home to his triplets (Evelyn, Oliver & Theodore) who just turned 1 year old. When the threesome woke up from their nap, Stanley was there sitting on the countertop. After the required thousands of pics were fulfilled, off they went to Grandma/Grandpa’s house. There Stanley was used as serving bowl for a  large portion of nonna’s pasta for the main meal.

…Vince Dunn ,who enjoyed an impromptu hometown parade as he walked with STANLEY in his grasp, then marched Stanley to a public appearance @ the Lindsay Rec Complex. It was there that Dunn learned of Lawny Woodcock. Woodcock was a patient in the local hospital who was diagnosed 4 months ago with colon cancer and the doctors have indicated that he’ll be there until 2020.. He is an extremely avid hockey fan. “Big (hockey fan),” he told “I would watch hockey from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed, seven days a week if I could.” Because most of the Blues are Canadian-born, Lawney adopted the Blues as his team after the Maple Leafs season ended. Dunn took the cup to Woodcock’s room and shared the excitement with him “Just pretty emotional,” Lawny said, tears welling up in his eyes. “Thank you very much, Vince. It means a lot.”

…As Jordan Binnington approached his hometown, a new sign was recently installed. “City of Richmond Hill, Population 208,000, Home of Stanley Cup Champion Jordan Binnington” Binnington walked up to the sign, turns around and says, “That’s me, Baby”. Btw…Richmond Hill is also the home of Curtis Joseph (former Blues GK) and Connor McDavid (current NHL player).1st stop was his grandmother’s house. Her house is almost on the 7th green of the local golf course—maybe 100 yards. The golfers seem puzzled as they see a large crowd gathered at her house for pictures galore. Binnington then visits his Grandpa on the other side of the family who lives by himself. His Grandfather walks out to greet him in a Blues Tee, and a Blues Stanley Cup Champions hat. He’s abandon his long-time team, the Maple Leafs.  Next on the visit list is Kevin….probably the biggest Binnington fan in the area. His b-day card for Binnington had been held back by his Mom so that he could give it to him personally on this day! At his Mom’s house, the required photo of Mom had to include her 2 dogs ! Around 4:45 Binnington shows his gratitude to the Toronto Police force who had to accompany him around town all day. He visited the police station with STANLEY and let the men in Blue share in the celebration with him. A parade in his honor and was awarded the Key to the City.  

 ….Obviously, That’s not all of the Blues but you get the flavor of their “special” days with Stanley…. Each Blue had their own very special day with their families, city/town and friends.  It’s a great tradition of the NHL. Looking around the rest of the sports world, others were on tours also…

….The Cards took a tour through the basement level teams of the MLB. They were able to sweep out W’s from the basement.  The Pirates & Royals were just the tour that the Cardinals needed.

….The pre-season tour through the NCAA-F camps surprised me a bit. I really feel like Mizzou will…and should…win at least 8 or 9 games. That should put them into the top 25. The Mizzou Tiger was nowhere to be found in the SI pre-season, Top 25 poll…time will tell. Have I been bitten by the hype?

…The tour continues @ Oakville High School @ the softball and baseball fields. The Father/Son combo of Rich Sturm SR & JR has covered the Oakville tour together in an incredible manner.  Rich Sr coached the Oakville Varsity Baseball from 1983-1999 compiling an impressive 270-111 record. This year, Rich Jr begins his 26th year as a coach and teacher. His glossy lifetime record is 261-158 in baseball and 367-97 in softball. So… combined this Father/Son combo are closing in on 900 victories (@ 898) on the baseball/softball fields @ Oakville. If we want to throw the wins of Rich Sr as head Varsity Basketball Coach (96 wins), we’re closing in on 1000 wins for a Father/Son combo at the same school! WOW!  Congratulations to both Sr & Jr for their impressive mark that they’ve left @ Oakville HS.

…The tour through the pre-game batting practice as taken a turn. Surprisingly to me, the Cardinals had 2 Batting Coaches this season.  Never heard of that! In modern day baseball, it seems EACH player already has their own batting coach. Anyway…the Cards fired the asst batting coach, Mark Budaska. Budaska had been the Memphis (Cards AAA team) since 2008 so had worked with many of the players there.  It would seem to me that he was surprised…probably upset….when the Cards brought in Jeff Albert as the #1 batting coach over him. But last week suddenly…..Budaska was fired…gone the same day. The mgmt. indicated that they wanted ‘the same message” from the hitting coach. Common sense moment here….have you EVER heard 2 different people describe or say anything in exactly the same way? I’m going to speculate that one of our “boys”…probably experienced and  highly paid… complained to someone that Budaska was telling him something a bit “different” then Albert. Just like that…he’s fired! Just doesn’t sound like that’s the entire story…. maybe…. during the off season we’ll really learn the complete story. One thing for sure…this isn’t the type of matter that a team wants to occur in August of a pennant race.

….Along the same lines…of Cards batting…many fans were clamoring for Starting pitcher at the trade deadline.  Maybe they should back up for a sec, the batting woes of the Cards are dreadful. As a team, in the NL (15 teams) St Louis  is 13th in runs,  12th in OBP, 13th in slug %, 13th in OPS. Maybe NEITHER of the batting coaches should have been retained   Meanwhile, the Phillies bring back former manage Charlie Manual (70 years old) to take over their batting coach duties last week, also!?!

….As  the NCAA-F experts tour thru college campuses with their pre-season rankings of teams and individuals, one former StL area HS player is receiving a great deal of notice. Jr AJ Espensa (Iowa) has already banked two outstanding seasons as a DE. The tenacious 6-6, 280 DE from Edwardsville is viewed by many as the best rushing DE in college Football. He may apply for the NFL draft this year.

…Soccer fans….and hopefully, SPORTS fans….received great news as the MLS has indicated that St Louis would be the next expansion team.  I don’t know why the other attempts of pro soccer at the top level of American soccer failed here in St Louis but…..let’s hope that this time St Louis will succeed. It seems as if a wonderful ownership team is in place so….it’s a long road until the 1st game ..let’s hope that the momentum continues to grow each month. 

Thanks for taking YOUR tour through this blog!!   Responses are always invited….either through, directly on facebook or directly on prepcasts site. Hope to hear from many of you.

Stanley III rules the Lou by Bob Ryan

Last week, Stanley III arrived in Lou!  It was brought back by the St Louis Blues. While no one has ever heard Stanley talk……in his long lifetime, he’s had quite a life….one with several traditions flying around it….some tidbits on our new friend, Stan III…..

..The Stanley Cup is named after Lord Stanley of Preston who was the 1892 Governor General of Canada.  He purchased the decorative cup for about $50 then donated it (him) to be an award for Canada’s top amateur hockey club. It was awarded for the first time in 1893 to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Assn .

…annually, Stanley is hoisted over the players head by both hands, generally  kissed gently and then skating around the rink with it high above the players  held in their arms with huge smiles

…then up to 52 names from the organization are meticulously etched onto the cup. Over the years there have been misspellings (believe it or not)….the worst was in 1996 when Colorado Av’s Adam Deadmarsh’s name was spelled “Deadmarch”.  When he publicly proclaimed how heartbroken that he was over the misspelling, for the only known time, it was stamped out and corrected. Others just remain…misspelled…sometimes…even the name of the team has been misspelled!

….who has their name most often on Stanley’s Cup?  Henri Richard (younger bro of Maurice the Rocket Richard) is on the Stanley 11 times. Scotty Bowman is the most for a coach with 9 NHL championships.

…Stanley then goes on a tour. Each player of the winning team gets 24 hours of companionship with Stanley. These fleeting flirtations, while there is always a NHL chaperone to monitor the activities, have led to some real escapades.  Stanley has often been used as a Champaign cup for parties; babies have been baptized from the water in Stanley; at least once,  he was used as a cereal bowl; another time or 2…he was tossed into a swimming pool to see if he could float….he could not…so he had to be rescued from the bottom of the pool; one fan in 1962 tried stealing Stanley. In Chicago, a  Montreal fan said when caught walking out the door, “it belongs in Montreal”…duh!

…Stanley has really been abandoned at times….while driving back after a wild celebration, the Ottawa Hockey Club had a flat tire. To reach the spare tire, Stanley was taken out of the trunk and put on the side of the road…the tire was replaced….anxious to get to the next party, the car took off quickly …..and yep….Stanley spent the entire night shivering on the side of the road. The next morning….

coming to their normal senses….the players drove back to the spot on the road that they had replace the flat….and …there was Stanley. No kind words would soothe Stanley after being ignored in that manner! But that wasn’t the first time a Montreal hockey team had forgotten the Cup. The 1907 Montreal Wanderers left it at the home of a team photographer; the photographer’s mother used the Cup as a flower pot until the team came back to retrieve it! Way back in 1905, members of the Ottawa Senators may have celebrated their victory a bit too much. After the team banquet, some …shall we say… not so sober…brought the trophy outside and tried kicking the then small-Cup into the Rideau Canal. Once successful, they staggered their way home and had no memory of it…until the next day when it was retrieved out of the canal and given to the most responsible player on the team for safekeeping ….I guess that means that he didn’t drink? 

…. Like many men…Stanley has been to war. He was taken to an active war zone at Camp Nathan Smith(filled with Americans & Canadians)  in Kandahar, Afghanistan, for a meet and greet. Like all … leaving the war zone, put him back at ease.

…Some think that Stanley III MAY have a curse attached if it (he) is disrespected. There are two situations that may lead one to think that Stanley III has some unknown power. A) During the ’39-’40 season, the mortgage on the Rangers’ home rink was finally paid off. To celebrate, the management of the team symbolically burned the mortgage documents in the bowl of the Stanley Cup. Then, left-winger Lynn Patrick and his teammates…. Allegedly…. urinated into  the Cup’s bowl to celebrate their victory. The Rangers finally took home the trophy again in 1994 (54 years later), but they haven’t won hockey’s ultimate prize in the last 25 years.  B)    The Edmonton Oilers were a force to be reckoned with in the 1980s. Between 1984 and 1990, the team won five Stanley Cups and were led by two hockey greats, Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier. Legend has it that after their 1986-87 win, Messier brought the Cup to an Edmonton strip club and set the trophy on the main stage. One of the ladies dancing at the club then reportedly , incorporated the Cup into her risqué routine. The Oilers haven’t won the Cup since 1990! You decide if Stanley’s disrespect leads to a curse?!?

So….Stanley III is currently in the hands of the Blues after a series that saw….the Blues dominate  in 5 on 5 (game 7 had just 1  penalty) The Blues had a 15-10 edge in goals scored during the 337:11 of 5-on-5 ice time through seven games. St. Louis had a 7-4 edge in 5-on-5 goals in the last three games, including a 6-2 advantage in Game 5 and Game 7 combined which were both in Boston.  The Blues also held a 48-44 edge in high-danger scoring chances created during 5-on-5 play versus the Bruin’s, as well as a 9-4 edge in goals scored on those high-danger chances. Binnington  kept the Blues during the first 10 minutes of game 7 with some cool-headed, quick-moving saves. Maybe…..the Bruins felt pressure.   This was the Bruins first-ever Stanley Cup Game 7 at home, and the first Game 7 since the Bruins beat Vancouver in 2011.  The “checking” in game 7 was much more restrained by both teams….I suppose….everyone feared a penalty. The first 5 games especially….were really vicious. The Blues were “opportunistic” in game 7 as they scored despite having little control of the puck in their offensive zone while the Bruins DID have territorial control and blistered the Blues GK with shots in the early going….towards the end of the 1st period, that also came to a halt. As a Boston newspaper put it, “This wasn’t a close game lost in a blaze of anger due to a terrible call or a nasty hit. The Blues just straight up won and the Bruins just straight up lost, thanks to two early St. Louis goals from Ryan O’Reilly and Alex Pietrangelo. The Bruins never figured out a way to answer, despite taking about a million shots right at the center of Blues goalie Jordan Binnington’s chest. The Blues held the 2–0 lead until the third period, when they scored twice more. Boston got on the board thanks to a goal from Matt Grzelcyk.”  Apparently, despite his advanced age…Stanley III has found a romance with Gloria in recent weeks. Rumors are circulating about their “made for each other. But…that’s not my field…I’m not Ann Landers……..for now…..Let’s enjoy the company of Stan III and let handle him handle his own luv life J

Looking back at time, Stan I had a MUCH, MUCH longer stay in the Lou. “Stan the Man” was his nickname. Here was the epitome of the gentle warrior who battled at the plate each and every day for 22 (all spent as a Cardinal). Because only the ol’ guys remember seeing Stan I in action…here’s a capsule of some of his baseball accomplishments—3630 hits, career OPS of .976 (over 22 years!!).. led the NL in doubles (8x), triples (5x) but never led the league in Home runs despite taking 475 trips around the bases, league MVP 3x and voted 2nd in MVP voting another 4x, an All-Star for 20 straight years ….ignoring the missed year due to Military service in WWII….but despite all of these unbelievable baseball achievements, Stan I was the best of gentleman. He played hard on the field, was a vital cog in the integration of the Cardinals (as I understand it, he coaxed the Africa-Americans to join the card games that the players used to pass time)..who was going to object? I  never recall Stan being involved in an argument with an umpire or “showing up” another player.  According to the Baseball Scholar Publication, he’s listed as the 11th best player of ALL-TIME in the MLB!!! After his playing career, Stan I spent one season as the general manager—1967. The Cardinals won the World Series that year over…..yep…Boston!   Stan I was a soft spoken, genuinely happy man who lived in the Lou for his entire professional and post-career life.  He loved to make people smile (he’d play “Take me out to the Ballgame” on his harmonica in his later years to entertain his fans). Stan I was the type of man that fathers would point out to their sons, “be like the Man”.

As genuinely nice Stan I was as a person, Stan II fell into the opposite end. Ironically,  Stan II was actually named after Stan I as he was born in Mora, Missouri.  He was highly successful in real estate then married into the Walton family (Walmart). On April 13, 1995, Stan Kroenke helped Georgia Frontiere move the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams from Anaheim to St. Louis by purchasing a 30% share of the team. In 2010, Stan II exercised his right of first refusal to buy the remaining interest in the Rams from the estate of late owner Georgia Frontiere. On August 25, 2010, he became full owner of the Rams by unanimous consent of the NFL.  Using language in the original move in 2013, Stan II began the process of moving the Rams. He would have found some way to do it. By 2016, the Rams had moved back to the LA area…in a new stadium..under the leadership of Stan II. Stan II was..and is… loathed by the vast majority of the Lou …as is  the entire NFL ..due to what was perceived as the deception,  money-grab, selfishness and just wrong moves with plenty of lies that led to the departure from the Lou. The antagonism towards Stan II hasn’t diminished much…if at all….since those dark days of 2013-2016. The Rams Super Bowl victory in 2000 over Tennessee was quickly erased by the 2002 loss to New England (fancy name for Boston) as the Patriots come-from-behind win seemed to sink the Rams ship on the post-season waters.

Sooo….there you have it…..Stan I, Stan II and now Stan III…the Good, the Bad and the Pretty (you didn’t think that I’d say Ugly, did you?) Now…to the sports world OUTSIDE the Stanley’s …

Odds & Ends….

…and then there was the Blues parade & rally!  WOW!  It was terrific.  I’m NOT a parade watching type of guy….but …this one was different…way different.  The players interacted with the crowd. They made the crowd part of the celebration. They hopped on & off their trucks ….taking selfies, letting them actually touch Stanley III, spraying Champaign on them, high five’s with the fans, leading cheers, signing autographs, etc, etc with them! It was GREAT!  The rally with thousands of people packed around the Arch Grounds followed ( almost 45 minutes late). After announcing each player, they spent almost an hour recognizing many of the key players and team officials in a special way. It was almost anticlimactic after the excitement of the parade but nonetheless, it  kept me watching it.

… far the easiest…most cupcake part ….of the schedule for the Cards just arrived at the right  time as the Cards crawled out of Chicago after being swept in 3 games. Sure….everyone plays 162 games but some parts of the schedule are easier …or harder…than other parts. Playing the woeful Miami Marlins team in two series with the NY Mets sandwiched between them, allows the Cards to build up a significant winning stretch of ball for 10 games. Miami really is a discredit to MLB…this team doesn’t even appear to be trying to develop a winning team.

….seeing the Mets for just 2 days….it’s very easy to see a major cause of their lowly place in the standing…..their bullpen imploded against the Cards. The Mets brought in Edwin Diaz to be their closer…he was unbelievable last year for Seattle…65 games, 57 saves, 73 inn, 41 hits, era 1.96. This year…not so much! Not only did he “blow the game”  against the Cards but he’s not the same pitcher…25 g, 14 saves,  27 inn, 28 hits, era 3.58. Last year, the Mets “gave up” on their closer. Meanwhile, the setup man, Jeurys Familia, who was the closer last year prior before being  shipped out to Oakland. He was brought back this off season by the Mets. He’s still having troubles…real troubles. His current ERA is 6.91! Even worse he’s permitting OVER 1 home run permitted for each inning! The Mets aren’t that good…probably no team is…to mount a winning streak without a good backend of the bullpen… much less, a weak ….to mediocre….  Backend of the pen.

….As Flag Day has come & gone…..check out these “fresh” names in the top 10 of MLB averages….#1 Cody Bellinger (LAD). #2 Christian Yelich, #3 Jeff McNeil (NYM), #4 Jorge Polanceo (Minn), #5 David Dahl (Col), #8 Austin Meadows (Tampa Bay) #9 Josh Bell (Pitt), #10 Tim Anderson (CWS).  Side note…how about Yelich being tied for #4 spot(15) in MLB in stolen bases!! What an all-around player!

Well…..I’m going to ice the puck for the final time of this season now….I appreciate you making it through the entire blog…. and …..for one final time….LGB!!  Stanley Cup Champions!!!!!

Anticipation by Bob Ryan

Here on Sunday morning, the anticipation of tonight’s Blues 6th game vs Boston is gripping the city. Is it REALLY going to happen…Lord Stanley’s Cup hoisted up by the Blues??  There is anticipation in sports…and life for that matter….continually….just  as Carly Simon reminded us in her hit song in 1971.(entitled Anticipation)..Anticipation, anticipation….Is makin’ me late…Is keepin’ me waitin’ “

….the anticipation of Paul Goldschmidt becoming the slugger we…and the Cards…. expections continues to grow. Currently many of his personal marks are at career-low levels excluding his first part-time season….in 269 plate appearances…..his average of .268 previous low mark .286; .358 this point his lowest for a season was his 1st full season .359; slugging % of .438….previous low .489 (2016); with 69 strikeouts to this point, if he continues at this pace will be to set a personal high if 184 strikeouts. It’s not a wasted season….yet….but we are at the 3/8 pole of the season.

….the Cubs anticipation of post-season success just got a shot in the arm with the signing of Craig Kimbrel. I don’t think that he’ll be the same ol’ untouchable closer but….he’s got to be better than Pedro Strop. One may disagree with the salary demanded by Kimbrel that the Cubs matched but… you must say….the Cubs went out to find a player to fill a big gap in their roster. What would YOUR anticipation be if I told you that the Cards had acquired Zach Greinke from Arizona for the rest of this year?  Sure Greinke is 35 years old and his mega annual salary of $35m makes the Cards owners choke just hearing it…. but….in his 14 starts this season, 87.2 inn, just 68 hits, ERA of 2.87.He’s projected to finish with 13 wins and a 3.37 ERA. The Cards completely ignored any improvements to their starting staff in the off-season but….right now….is there ANY anticipation of a post-season run by the Cards  this year?  Wouldn’t his addition ignite that flame again?  He’s already been on 5 different post-season teams in his career. Trade 2 of those hot Cards ”prospects” …ya know…the ones that the Cards announcers make it sound like they are headed directly to Cooperstown ….but….are actually are closer to .500 pitchers or .250 batters…and go get Greinke.

….like two jolted lovers…. the Cards fans and Marcel Ozuna ….in which  the anticipation is a soon-to-be permanent separation …feelings are uneasy and uneven.  It’s easy to understand in one way…. Marcel with his huge, lusty swing that leaves his flashy neck chain zinging around his neck and … often  leads to strikeouts…but heck….show me a Cardinal that DOESN’T strike out a lot(with or without a neck chain)…and Marcel’s early season defensive OF plays would have almost  been comical if he didn’t have  a gold glove award hanging up in his house..heh…wait a minute….maybe that’s the glove that he’s actually using in the OF….no wonder it’s a bit stiff J  Marcel’s throwing from LF has improved but it’s not on-line very often…if ever….but….all that being said …check his batting marks.. in the NL thus far in 2019… he’s 5th in RBI’s; tied for 10th in HR’s;  12th in runs scored and 20th in slugging%.  How would the Lou be raving if those stats belonged  to Paul Goldschmidt …not Ozuna?

…Anticipation is the key word at the MLB draft. Generally,  a team has to wait, wait and wait for the development of their draft choices. Very, very seldom does a player get drafted on summer and excel in the MLB the next summer.  It’s usually a slow-cooked process so as the patience increases so does the anticipation.  Some observations to note about the Draft….for the first time since 2008, when Buster Posey (5), Kyle Skipworth (6), and Jason Castro (10) were all were selected in the top 10 picks, two catchers became top-10 selections last Monday night. Chosen #1 overall was Adly Rutschman (Oregon St) by the Orioles while Baylor’s Shea Langeliers was chosen by the Braves with the #9 pick of the draft. With the importance of having a good to great catcher necessary to have a post-season contender, one might think that MLB teams would regularly look in that direction.  Not so….in fact, Buster Posey, Jason Castro, Yasmani Grandal, Mike Zunino, and Josh Phegley are the only five major-league catchers who have started a majority of their team’s games this season and were selected in Round 1.  The Cards gambled  @#19 when they picked Zach Thompson (LHP from U of Kentucky). Thompson’s fastball seems to have good movement along with a reliable slider…..but….Thompson has experienced shoulder & elbow issues  along with inconsistent control in the past. If you have the anticipation for your son, nephew, neighbor…whovever…to reach the “big time” of the MLB….make him a shortstop in his younger days. On the 1st night of the 2019 draft, 9 of the first 32 picks were SS then another 10 were chosen in the 2nd round! Soooo..19 of the 77 players chosen Monday were shortstops….close to 25% of the players!!

….not many MLB observers anticipated the Minnesota Twins to be 2nd in wins in the entire AL on June 9th. The Twinkies 43 wins are just 2 behind the Astros. From the plate, Minnesota leads the AL in runs scored (370) slugging % (.510), and Home Runs (121). On the pitching mound, the Twins have issued the fewest walks and are 5th in team ERA.  If not the ace… certainly a key component …of the starting staff is Jake Odorizzi. Currently he’s  8-2, 1.96 era, 64 inn, just 41 hits (usually a 1:1 ratio of inn: hits is a relevant number).   He was drafted in 2008… I guess back in  2007 or 2008….I announced the Highland-Bresse Central baseball game from Grizzlies BallPark. This was a big local HS rivalry so Prepcasts covered the game. I recall the rare occurrence…and I made a big deal of it at the time….this right-handed hitting batter named Odorizzi hit a home run over the right-center field fence!  Hitting home runs in these closed in fields was rare enough….but …to the opposite field. I …to this day…haven’t only seen it done ONCE…on that day. He wasn’t pitching that day so he was the shortstop. Now an  8 year veteran, Odorizzi will definitely be in the all-Star game this year so cheer him “on” as a home town boy.  Btw… he’s a free agent after the season! Connect the dots …J

…is it fair to anticipate that professional players….even lower level minor leaguers…should have developed a professionalism  about “doing whatever it takes to win”..recently, in a Double A game, the Hartford Yard Goats (I didn’t make it up…it REALLY is the name of the team) had a combined no-hitter going in the 9th inning.  When Matt Lipka of the Trenton Thunder bunted for a base hit! The Yard Goats went crazy…how could he? It was a no-hitter (albeit a combined no-hitter).  Lipka must have broken the rule found deep in professional pamphlets  “Thou shall not bunt to break up a no-hitter!”….the benches emptied as a fight broke out over the bunt!  Could we anticipate a bit more professionalism the next time? As one local writer said, “Quit crying. Get tough.  Also, it was a combined no-hitter! The starter wasn’t even in the game anymore. Good lord, get over yourselves!” I would anticipate that the parents of the Yard Goats refused to buy their “boys” sno-cones after the game for their tawdry behavior J

….I had anticipation through the first 2 months of Cardinal baseball….would Fred Rogers…oops..Mike Shildt… and his Happy Neighborhood jingo…ever “sit” a veteran who held a regular starting position. I was pleased to see that Fred….oops…Mike…”sat” Matt Carpenter out of a game.  I didn’t want to hear that his foot bothered him (which was the story the next day).  Any MLB manager must demonstrate his “leadership” by sitting players who aren’t performing period. Being  4 or 6 or 10 year vets makes it tougher….sorry….that’s why you’re getting the big  bucks …to make those tough decisions.

…its too early in the summer to have a real high anticipation of NCAA-football….but…just to  whet your appetite…..couple surprise teams to watch…Nebraska under 2nd year head Coach, Scott Frost will take his 4-8 team of last year back into bowl level territory…maybe not a New Years Day Bowl…but a bowl nonetheless…..Texas A&M under Jimbo Fischer …with that 1st name—he has to coach in the South J…..will finish in the top 10 and be in a major bowl. On the other side of the field….despite his personal issues, Urban Meyer was a terrific “big game” coach…..the Buckeyes will miss that little edge…I look for them to slip just a bit. And….of course….we all anticipate the annual Clemson-Alabama Championship Game to take place again.

…well…we started with the Blues and we’re skating into the locker room now with our anticipation with hopes sky high, our fingers crossed, and plenty of LGB’s reverberating around the Lou!

Ice Cold by Bob Ryan

After splitting in Boston, the Lou was at a fever pitch with Blues mania.  Watch parties of all sorts, many Blues flags hanging around StL on commercial stores as well as many houses, Let’s Go Blues (LGB) was heard in neighborhoods, families, and even in churches….the priest that said it had to be in his 80’s…so I was a bit taken back. Former Blues players ….especially the ones who played in the 1968-69-70 teams were seen… and heard from…for the first time in decades.  The Blues had actually sent their entire full-time staff to Boston for the playoffs at OWNERSHIP’s expense.  Even the unmatchable Charles Glen (sings national Anthem) invited the fans to join him in what became an unforgettable rendition of the National Anthem St Louis was red hot!!    Then…the 3rd game…..the Blues were ICE COLD in their play as the Bruins 7-2 winning score did portray their dominance in the game.  Some random thoughts…

…It seemed obvious to me that the officials had indicated to both teams prior to the game that they were NOT going to permit so much hitting during this game.  Sundquist had been suspended for 1 game due to checking a Bruin’s head into the glass. THAT…hard, constant checking  is the heart & soul of the Blues! Without constant, physical checks….the Bruins are too fast for us…and just about every other team in the NHL. The pitty-pat style of playing, required by the officials,  made the Blues play like a mediocre team in this game.

….the Blues did hit a post or two….as did Boston….but our power play seems to have resorted to long range bombs from defenseman with the hopes of deflecting them into the net. I wish the outside wingers would move more without the puck and handle it more often.

…..Boston pressured our defenseman deep in our zone so that the beginning point of our counter-attacks sputtered, were disjointed and on occasion committed costly turnovers.

…..It seemed like the only names of Blues Forwards that I heard continually thoughout the game were Sammy  Blais and Zach Sanford (playing in his first game)—generally, two players viewed a mild contributors for the Blues. It seemed to me that I haven’t seen O’Reilly…or heard his name…much in this series.

….Jordan Binnington had his weakest game of the season. The 5-hole goals were shots that he generally handles with ease. Some goals were scored by wide-open Bruins …some right in front of the net…Boston had all the momentum and all the heat….theBlues were ICE Cold in this June game.

I continual to look for reasons other than……counts are longer, too long between pitches, too many mid-inning pitching changes, 2:30 break every ½ inning, too many strikeouts making the counts longer that make MLB games seem long…etc…one of my thoughts was that the games are too one-sided. The lopsided score might just make the games seem so long.  So I broke down all the games by the difference of the winning score and losing score.   Well….I chose 7 consecutive days of MLB baseball to look for results……there were  98 total games for the week.

There were 31 -1 run games—- 31 %     

There were 14—2 run games— 14 %

There were 13—3 runs games—13%

There were 10—4 runs games—10%

There were   9 – 5 run games —    9%

There were   3 – 6 run games—-   3%

There were   8 – 7 run games—     8%

There wer     5 – 8 run games—      5%

There were   2 – 9 run games—      2%

There were   3—10+ run games–   3%    

Some results……45% just 1 or 2 runs games—should be red-hot games; 23% of the games were 3 or 4 run games— I guess OK;   30% of game had  5+ runs difference per  game—fans interest would be icey cold (if they were still there). Another  possible reason for StL fans to notice the time of the game may be the  Cards fans are spoiled….spoiled by the red-hot teams of the past. From 2000-2015 (16 years), the Cards fielded 12 playoff teams …3/4 of the years!  Tony LaRussa was the manager from 1996-2011. He won 2 World Series and his record in the Lou was 1408*–1182*,.544. Mike Matheny, ironically, may have been impacted by these high expectations. He was “let go” with a career Managerial record of  591–474,.555. While he DID have a higher winning percentage than Tony, he won ZERO World Series and only 1 NL pennant during his tenure.

Some other RED-HOT or  ICE COLD news….

….Mizzou’s newest QB, Kelly Bryant (transfer from Clemson) is receiving some high praise in the pre-season. He is considered one of the league’s top candidates for the SEC Newcomer of the Year Award! In 2017, he did lead Clemson to 12 wins.  His passing accuracy (66.2) actually exceeds is Mizzou predecessor , Drew Lock (56.9). The only Ice-cold water being thrown on this new starter is that he piled up yards & passing TD’s against the no-names and struggled at times against the big boys.

…Gloating on their red-hot pre-season pick by NFL writers, the Cleveland Browns have been chosen by to win the AFC North. The red-hot betting line…from early this week …was 8-1! I guess the next thing that I’ll hear is that Jim Brown will be in the backfield J

….To no one’s surprise, the MLB established a new mark for HR in a month. In the month of May, MLB batters banged out an incredible 1120 round trippers. That broke the record that was established last August. Meanwhile most MLB teams still seem to be seeking more of the  red-hot, heat seeking fastball pitchers.  Breaking ball pitchers will be back …give them 3 more years!

…overlooking the warm…if not hot ….OBP stats of 2 Card outfielders –Dexter Fowler & Harrison Bader. As of Saturday morning, Fowler was 6th in the NL Outfielders in OBP with a .382 mark. Bader was 12th in the same category with a .352 mark in OBP. Both are vastly superior to Jose Martinez defensively.  Further ….what little bit that I’ve seen of Lane Thomas—his short swing, good speed & defense……I believe it’s time to throw some ice water on the Jose Martinez experiment. 

…I had the opportunity to announce the Class 3 STATE baseball championship game @ Car Shield Park in O’Fallon, MO between the Blair Oaks Falcons and the Fatima Comets. It was a GREAT game… a red hot one. It had a family flavor to it….the two teams are located about 15-20 miles apart in mid-Missouri knew each other, had played earlier in the years and there were actually cousins on opposite teams. They play with or against these same players in summer ball. Both teams were scoreless in the first 3 innings which snapped by quickly despite Blair Oaks having a runner thrown out at the plate to end the 2nd inning. In the 4th inning with 2 outs, no one on base, Ian Nolph tripled to left-center. He scored on Jacob Stegman’s single. Meanwhile Falcon Starter, Parker Bax mowed down 9 straight batters.  Blair Oaks threatened in the 6th  with an inning opening 2B by Maclain McCarter. It was followed by a infield error…runners on 3b & 2b one out. Fatima brought all their infielders in…way in..the next 2 batters hit sharp ground balls to the shortstop, who looked the runner  @ 3b back each time and threw out the batters. A pop out ended the threat. Still trailing 1-0, the Comets threatened in the bottom of the 7th.  With 1 out, Trey Herzing was HBP, then Dean Hagenhoff ripped a single to put 2 men on base.  A fielder’s choice & fly out ended this exciting 1-0 game. The game was played in approximately 1:35 minutes. Yes Sir….it moved along with good pace! Pitchers took around 10 seconds between pitches, threw  strikes, good defense….a true State Championship game. Parker Bax the winning Falcon pitcher went the 7 inning distance as he threw just 89 pitches!  Fatima’s starter, Josef Keilholz went 6 1/3innings throwing the maximum permitted 105 pitches.  It was very well played…tight score throughout….some hits (combined 13 hits in the game) but only 2 walks and 2 HBP which kept this championship game moving along! Congrats to both teams for a very entertaining, well-played Championship game. 

….btw…lets’ throw some ice water on the phrase that we keep hearing, “ the ol’ Cather Matt Wieters” does this or that….Wieters is just 2 years older than Jose Martinez!! The difference is that Wieters is in his 11th year of MLB experience. He’s been an All-Star 4x and a Gold Glove catcher 2x. Martinez is in his 4th year and just passed the 300 hit mark in his career.  “the Ol” guy stuff means that he’s experienced many MLB games not just his age.

….Talk about a RED-HOT start to 2019….Cody Bellinger (LA Dodgers) is the NL Leader in Average(.379), OBP (.468) and SLUG% (.743)!   He’s 2nd in HR with 20! WOW!

….from a TEAM perspective, the Cards pitching staff is a bit warm to a ice cold level….depending on the category.. the Redbirds staff is luke-warm being 8th in the NL in team ERA with a 4.38 mark. StL is very warm being  4th in ground ball % in NL with a  44.8 % level.  That’s assuming that you prefer a ground ball to a fly ball…which I prefer….you can’t score on one ground ball J The Cards are a chilly 12th in the NL in walks/game with a mark of  3.68 walks/game. The Cards are an icy cold 14th of 15 NL teams in HR per 9 innings with a 1.48 level.

…It’s time now to bring an abrupt, icy ending….I”m sliding away …..LGB!!!

Mighty MOX goes Blue by Bob Ryan

Never thought that I’d see the day….KMOX (the mighty MOX)… according to their contract….pushed the Cards off to another station to cover the Blues Stanley Cup Finals. I’m thinking that the management team of KMOX NEVER thought the Blues would return to the Stanley Cup Finals again(at least in their lifetime J….well…it has been 49 years between drinks for the Blues…..

I never thought that I’d see another Cup Finals in the Loou….here on some thoughts on game 6 of the Western Conference Championships….In game 6, San Jose’s roster was depleted and many of their missing players were “key”2019  performers. I think some of them will hang up the skates this off season. The StL crowd was electric! The Sharks just didn’t seem to have the zip…nor the talent at this point….to compete for 60 minutes of hockey with the “grinding” Blues. Even when the Blues were just trying to bite off 1 minute at a time, the Sharks couldn’t get sustained pressure. The post-game celebration on the ice with the players skating around like little kids looking to see who they could “congratulate” next was something that I thought that I’d never see again….it was very enjoyable to watch. And…my memories of Glenn Hall, Ron Schock (I actually was AT the game of his winning goal!), a young Red Berenson, Gary Sabourin, Frank St Marseille, Al Arbour, Jimmy Roberts, Bobby & Barclay Plager, of course big ol’ Noel Picard (yes…he was born on Christmas!!) are beginning to fade a bit but have been brought back to life with this trip to the Finals. btw…every single player on that 1980 Blues team was from Canada.

In game 1, Boston demonstrated their depth with all 4 lines contributing. The Bruins also prevented the Blues from “dumping in the puck”, checking aggressively to keep the puck deep and eventually getting good shots. I also thought that the Bruins were much more aggressive physically.

I never thought that I’d say that the Blues opponent in the Cup Finals had a role in the development of OUR goal keeper. Last year, Blues did not have an AHL affiliate so they split their prospect between several different AHL teams. With limited options for play time in net, the Blues chose to leave Ville Husso, along with many of his teammates,  on the San Antonio Rampage – now the team’s new affiliate – and loaned Binnington by himself to Providence for the year. Providence was a farm team of… guessed it… Boston!  Binnington made 28 appearances for the team last year.

I didn’t think that I’d ever see the day to suggest a new lineup for the ailing Cards. However, Mike Schildt beat me to the punch on Friday night. My proposed lineup attempts to get our speedy guys in front of batters who handle the bat.  We need baserunners when we pop our home runs…it seems like we have an abundance of solo HR.  Soooo.. I’d lead off with Dexter Fowler….we’ve seen that already….the guys’ earned it…..I’d have Paul DeJong in the two hole. Paul Goldschmidt would have the 2 highest OB% guys on the Cardinals team batting in front of him. Marcel would hold down the clean up spot….hopefully, with runners on base for him more frequently, he’d actually cut down his swing… just a bit.  When he does make contact and lays off that low outside slider, it jumps off his bat. We don’t need HR from him….how about RBI’s. The first 4 batters are easy. I’d go with Harrison Bader in the 5th hole.  With Ozuna’s power, teams will pitch around him to get to Bader.  All we want is contact from Bader is contact with men on base. If the bases are empty, and Bader gets on base,. He’ll be able to run on the bases. At #6 Carpenter…he takes lots of pitches. It would enable Bader to steal more often. With Carp’s power, in the 6 hole, his round trippers should have more runners on base. Not so many solo shots. The shift on him would have to be changed…..with a runner on 1B…better yet 2B…. Carp could…..actually use left field as a way to drive home a run without hitting a HR. BTW…..all…or most…teams are throwing pitches on the lower outside part of the strike zone to Carp. At some point…..he MUST adapt and just take that pitch to LF for a single. If he doesn’t do that, he’ll continue to carry around a .203 batting mark…ugh!   I’d have Wong in #7 spot…hopefully he’ll get on base in front of Yadi. At #8, it seems like Yadi could be a wonderful hit & run guy. Further, he could “take” pitches to let Wong run. Yadi is a smart hitter. He’d be willing …and able…to hit those non-strike pitches into the field of play. If he gets on….bunt him to 2B…he’s not a stolen base guy. Note…I don’t have Martinez as a starter. I really do feel like his defensive skills…or lack of them…even though he isn’t committing errors, is costing us outs….and… our pitchers don’t seem to be able to pitch around any extra outs.

I never thought that I’d see the day that starting pitchers were expected to go 5 innings! Since the bullpen usage is a very critical part of the game.  Let’s look @ some of our Redbird relief stats… in 50 games, we’ve used 168 relief hurlers (3.36/game).  Runs allowed per game is 4.66 (which is right at the league median). Cards have converted on 13 of 18 save opportunities-72%–13th in MLB. Much to my surprise, 48 times our relief hurlers have retired more than 3 outs and 49 times less than 3 outs

Some names that I never expected to see as MLB pitching leaders as we approach Memorial Day.

MOST WINS –NL -Max Fried (Atl)-7;  AL –Domingo German (NYY)-9

LOWEST ERA—NL- Hyun-Jin Ryu (LAD)-1.52; AL- Tyler Glasnow (TB)  1.86

SAVES—NL-Kirby Yates (SD)-20; AL- Shane Greene (DET) 16

Other Pitching Highlights from 2019…Career Strikeout Records-

CC Sabathia (NYY)—3000 K’s (17th pitcher to reach this plateau. He’s only the 3rd lefthander to strikeout 3000—joining Randy Johnson & Steve Carlton (some heavyweights)..I NEVER thought that he was that great…or even that good.

@ 2500 strikeouts

Max Scherzer (WAS): He became the 35th player to do so.

Félix Hernández (SEA): vs Red Sox on May 11. He became the 36th player to reach this mark

@ 1500strikeouts

Stephen Strasburg (WAS): With his 1,500th,he became the fastest pitcher in Major League history to reach this mark accomplishing it in 1272 ​1⁄3 innings erasing Chris Sale’s mark of 1290 innings.

I sometimes wonder why the MLB…and other major sports …don’t consider the number of games that a player actually plays.   Now …. I would assume that each guy will miss 10-15 games a year but ….beyond that?  I’m told that MLB teams have insurance policies … I assume on each player…to cover their salary cost while injured. But…..couldn’t you contract with players based on number of games played…or not played? With that in mind, check out the players who have played in EVERY game thus far—

53 games –Swanson • ATL           Markakis • ATL       Semien • OAK              Albies • ATL       

52 games–Villar • BAL    Haniger • SEA   Ahmed • ARI         Acuna • ATL    Chapman • OAK 

           Laureano • OAK   Harper • PHI     Freeman • ATL Arcia • MIL

Atlanta has played 53 games as I write this on Sunday…soooo…they have 3 players who have played EVERY game and Freeman & Acuna  who’ve missed just 1 game. So 5  out of their starting 8 field players have missed a total of 2 games COMBINED!! Apparently, the Braves don’t believe in the “he needs a day off” policy often employed by our local heroes. I thought that they called those days “travel” days J

I never thought that I’d see the day that a player might be named Jethro or Jedd. His fame captivated viewers in the 1960’s  being one of the famous Beverly Hillbillys. But…clearly one of the WORST MLB contracts is that of Jedd (Jethro) Gyorko. He’s being paid $13m for the year…($8m from Cards & $5m from Padres). He’s not driving Jed around in Beverly Hills, Ca causing havoc because they are out of place but it’s almost as bad….he does seem to out of place…i.e. the Major Leagues….For that $13m…as we approach the ¼ pole of the season… Jethro… oops… Jedd … has ugly stats of — 28 g, 48 PA, is 8 of 43 batting (.186) 1 HR, 5 RBI’s, 3 walks, 13 K’s. In his 48 innings in the field, he’s committed 2 errors of his total of 15 chances! Ugh!! How do you dump that type of salary with that type of production? (you don’t) …. you just hope that he’ll ride off smiling in the California sunset in his jalopy J

Gone from the Lou for decades, the NBA seems to be only a notch above Rodeos on the StL TV screen ratings. I’ve started watching a some NBA….not up to an entire game yet….or even a half..but the players really are incredible. The NBA players REALLY have outgrown the size of the court & height of the basket. The Championship series between Golden State & Toronto should be entertaining.  Just a short bit….most teams need a “break”, a superstar or 2, or a key play to make it to the finals. For Toronto, it came in the final game of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against Philadelphia’s 76’ers. In Game 7 of that series, Philly’s Jimmy Butler hit the game tying shot with 4.2 seconds left. After a Toronto timeout, Toronto’s Kawhi Leonard received the ball, dribbled around and shot it from the deep baseline, just inside the 3-point arc. The shot bounced on the rim…not once, not twice and not even 3 times but bounced four times off the rim  before falling through the nets to give the Raptors the series win. Now…I would have LOVE to have seen that!!  It was the first buzzer-beater to win a Game 7 in NBA playoff history. At the same time in the Western Conference Semis’, the Warriors won the Series 4 games to 2 over the Houston Rockets. For the 1st time in NBA playoff history, all 6 games had a point differential of 6 points or less! 2 possessions! I never thought that I’d see that!

You may have thought that you’d never see the end to this blog…..thx for the read! 

Hand pass goal game by Bob Ryan

All StL fans seem to be wrapped up in the Blues post-season. The devastating 3rd game loss to the Sharks on a goal with a hand pass, a shot, and a goal… stings.  Some ways to look at this….

These types of official errors have always taken place….1985 World Series, umpire Don Denkinger’s incorrect call @ 1B, in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 6 helped the Royals rally to a 2-1 victory, forcing a seventh game against the Cards. Seemingly the Cards were heart broken as the Royals crushed the Cards and won game 7 in an 11-0 laugher. Years later Denkinger wants to see a replay. “I . . . wish they had the replay rule that night, so we could have gotten it right,” Denkinger said from his Phoenix-area home. 34 years later we don’t need a replay….handle it in a different way.

….first of all, I really believe that the officiating in all professional sports is ABOVE the level of play of that sport. Players make mistakes continually….for example….Pietrangelo’s decision to attempt to “bank in” two shots in the last 2 minutes of the game….missing…and then icing the puck was invoked against the Blues…. actually cost them the game (at least it seems that way to me).

….secondly….somehow, fans expect a perfectly officiated game—perfect calls on hockey penalties, perfect strikes, out/safe calls in baseball, football fans incredibly believe that the football officials can see all the penalties that may occur between 22 players who are all moving simultaneously in different parts of the field. This notion Is utterly ridiculous….yet fans (most who whom have NEVER officiated) hold onto the belief that each and every call should be perfect. What’s perfect in life?

…thirdly….in an attempt to attain this “perfectly called” game (point 2)….we now experience multiple appeals that really bring the game to a standstill….a boring standstill. It seems that ice melts faster than these continual appeals.

All that being said…..we’ve seen recently (Super Bowl & now conference finals in Hockey) grossly egregious calls late in the game , that clearly impacted the winner of the game. My solution for playoff games, post-season games, bowl games, NCAA b-bball tourney games….….once the game reaches the  last quarter, last period, last 3 innings, whatever the “late part of a game” time frame…some designated time frame…these oganizations should have an assigned official, either on site or a different site, with video replay access from many different angles. If that video official spots a mistake by the officials…without an appeal….notify the officials to change it.. right then and there…no appeal necessary. Don’t put the burden on the team that just got screwed to appeal. IF the organizations REALLY want the get as many calls correct as possible late in the game  have that off-the-field official , if it is very clear to him, change the call to attempt to make it as correct as possible…it still won’t every be perfect every time…see point 2 above…but it combines using technology with officiating without appeals.

Btw….why don’t players ever complain to the base umpires on half-swing calls….I don’t recall any arguments with those umpires on half-swing calls….yet some look “sketch” to me.

…..Keeping the puck moving without hand passes….Game 3 thoughts….the Sharks REALLY ARE a good team. The Blues & Sharks exchange taking control of the matches. That’s the way it’s going to be….each team has strong team. I tend to think that the Sharks may have more punch and explosiveness on their front line and the Blues seem to have a slight edge on the defense. It seems to me that the San Jose front liners don’t go back as far defensively. That means 2 things….1) more open shots for Blues in offensive end 2) quicker transition for the Sharks. The maligned Keeper of the Sharks has played well….sometimes, very well except for a 5 minute stretch in game 3. At this point, not sure if Vince Dunn will return. He’s become a vital cog on the back line and WILL be missed.

….4th game reactions “passing thoughts”…..the 1st period was totally Blues. There was great forechecking, movement w/o puck, good scoring opportunities. As the game wore on….it seemed that we wore down. The Sharks again stymied our power play by standing all 4 defenders right on the Blue line forcing us to dump & chase…which we had a difficult time doing effectively. It was good to see that in the waning seconds that the Blues cleared the puck without icing…lesson learned from game 3

….5th game ramblings….WOW! Blues came out checking and frustrating the Sharks. San Jose resorted to desperation, dirty, cheap hitting plays throughout much of the match. It was ironical to me that many of the Sharks players got injured…. when it was San Jose taking many cheap shots during play and after the whistle…throughout most of  the game.

….not called for a hand pass but getting “passed over” least at times… is Paul DeJong. As I write this on Friday, May 17, Cody Bellinger is #1 in WAR in the NL with a 3.8 mark. #2 is Christian Yelich with 3.1 and sitting in the #3 spot with a 2.9 WAR mark is Paul Dejong. The next 3 leaders in WAR are George Springer, Mike Trout and Javier Baez. That’s some heavy company for a SS that wasn’t a high draft choice but plays every day.  What is this WAR stuff anyway?….well…here’s the explanation–

What is this WAR stuff?   Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is a statistic that attempts to measure the “total value” of a player over a given season. WAR calculates the total number of wins that any player adds to his team over the course of a season by comparing the player’s performance with that of a fictitious replacement. The “replacement player” is assumed to be an average Triple-A callup who might appear in the majors only as replacement for an injured player, and whose hitting/fielding or pitching skills are far below league average. According to Baseball Prospectus, a team consisting entirely of replacement-level players would likely be historically bad, winning only 20-25 games over a full 162-game season.

…for pure power-hitters…nothing passed over here… one needs to consult the IPO (isolated power index) to find the leaders. Currently it is Christian Yelich on May 17. The highest Card in this category is Marcell Ozuna @ #15. Marcell HAS been swinging  the bat aggressively for several weeks now and really has been a dominant hitter after his first 2 weeks …those 2 weeks looked more to me like he was in spring training play more than actual season play.

….there were plenty of good passes @ Busch last week as the USA Women’s Soccer team crushed New Zealand 5-0. Too much depth for the USA …as the game progressed, N Zealand couldn’t keep up with the more talented USA squad. Upwards of 30,000 energetic fans made it a tremendous atmosphere for both teams. The “friendly” (European term for non-conference) game brought out the best in the Lou.

….not passing up many good AB’s are the Houston Astros…with the addition of Michael Brantley(leading league in hitting currently), there is actually talk of the best offense of all-time…..I’m not ready to quite make that leap….but….the Astros are 29-15 (they’ve won 204 games in the last 2 years)…their pitching staff is 2nd in the AL in team ERA with a  3.52 mark (led by Justin Verlander&Gerrit Cole)…the batting of this club is really unbelievable.. 5.6 run/gm; 83 HR, .282 team batting average, .354 OB% and .512 slugging% or OPS of .866! Brantley just supplements the already strong lineup

….same ol’, same ol’….fans passed on this one….the two teams with the lowest MLB attendance are the Marlins & the Rays…when they played last week, a “crowd” of 6,300+ was announced. When one actually sees a pic of the crowd during mid-game, it appears that they were exaggerating by about 5,000! They may have seen more ushers than fans J

Cards passing notes…..

…..a week of baseball that we wished had “passed us by” for the Cards…StL hasn’t won a series since the National series Apr 29-May 2. Generally…it seems…we need to score 6+ runs to win a game. In fact, we’ve only won 3 games when we scored less than 5 runs all season. We really DON’T have an ace. Flaherty seems like he has talent…and he DOES have the lowest ERA of the starting staff @ 4.19 but…is that the type of numbers you expect of your ACE…..maybe….with time for him. Without the 2 Johns in the bullpen..what a luxury J…. (Brebbia & Gant), it’d be hard to find bright spots. Defensively…24 errors in 47 games…..ugh!!!

…..not waiting any longer as he was passed over in StL….C Carson Kelly has played in 26 of the D-backs 44 games…he’s hitting  .247 (18 of 73), 3 HR, 11 RBI’s, OBP .313, SLUG .479, OPS .792.

….sent back to the minors a few weeks ago, Tyler O’Neill is again sending bombs into the stands at Memphis on a regular basis. His return presents some other choices…. send Bader back to Memphis to “find his stroke”…trade Martinez while his stock is high…or trade… O’Neill himself. Many clubs would be happy with this type of “Popeye” hitter….great, big bulging arms, speed and plenty of HR & K’s.

….Add Luke Gregerson to the growing list of veteran relief hurlers that the Cards have “passed on their evaluations” … sometimes for substantial amounts of money…..and gained little then “kleenexed’ them quickly….Greg Holland, Brett Cecil, Zach Duke are examples.

…at this moment, the Cards have allowed 210 runs to score against them with their 23-22 record. The best teams in the “run prevention” category are—Tampa Bay 127, Houston Astros 159, Cubs 161, NYY 171, Twins/Dodgers 177….all but Tampa are in 1st place (behind the Yankees)…Cards don’t need more hitting….the difference between the “good” and “average” teams is  on the mound.

… on the High School Baseball level, District tournaments just concluded last week and not letting the   season “pass by them”, the Hillsboro Hawks, the #4 seed won the Class 5 District 1 tournament.  In the vast majority of cases in MO High School baseball, the #1 seed wins their district. #2 seed wins it on occasion. But having the #4 seed, who almost always must beat the #1 seed in the semis, rarely wins.  The Hawks, began the Class 4, District 1 tournament with a 11-6 record. Edging #5 seed, Cape Central (7-12) 4-2 in the opening round didn’t make it look like the season would extend much longer.  The next day, the Hawks stunned the #1 seed, the Jackson Indians(20-8), 8-6 in the semifinals….yes sir… a #4 beating a #1, you just don’t see that often in ANY sport in a district tournament. The Championship game between Hillsboro & Seckman was an outstanding game. The Hawks jumped ahead 2-0 then fell behind 4-2 until the 6th when Hillsboro tied it 4-4. The Hawks scored 4 runs in the top of the 7th only to see Seckman score twice to bring plenty of excitement to the last at bat of this District Title game. Hillsboro draws defending State Champion, Vianney, to open the STATE tournament this week.

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Ozo … Batman or Robin by Bob Ryan

Marcel Ozuna (aka…Ozo) has been an enigma to many StL fans. Arriving in the Lou last year with high hopes after a robust year in 2017– .312 average, 37 HR, 124 rbi’s, OPS of .924. He was an All star player, silver slugger and a gold glover, it was thought that he was the “man”. But… 2018 he hit .280, 23 HR, 88 ribbies, with an OPS of .748 and at times appeared to be more suited to be playing the outfield in a slow-pitch league. What had happened in one year?  Well….we may have seen Marcel in his career year in 2017. Checking his career marks of .277 average, career OPS is .788 and his HR mean is 25 Or…..maybe… Marcel fell into the Batman vs Robin mode.  We all know that Batman is the leader, the “real” star who figures out the most difficult of challenges. Robin, while extremely valuable, often provides support and insight to the problems facing the dynamic Duo. Some people relish and thrive on the idea of being the “leader” or the “man”. It drives them harder.  Others prefer to be very, very good players in a strong supportive role but don’t want the spotlight on them constantly. In 2017, Giancarlo Stanton garnished most of the headlines in Miami with his 59 HR. Ozo and Yelich were both thought of as the younger, up & coming players in the outfield. Ozuna outhit Yelich by 19 home runs, by 30 batting points in his average and his OPS was .117 higher than Yelich in 2017. But….Stanton was the real star of the team.  The Cardinals management expected Ozo to be the “man” in 2018….well….it didn’t work out to their expectations. Maybe…..Ozuna just played to his career numbers or…. maybe…..he doesn’t like the constant spotlight.  When the Cards obtained Paul Goldschmidt in the off-season, it was instantly clear that Goldie was the star. Ozuna would be a key player but …not the real “leader”.  He is sthriving again in 2019…just like 2017.  Possibly, Ozuna prefers to be Robin more than Batman? Nothing wrong with that….it’s great to having TWO strong batters in the crucial part of the lineup. But…..the gold glove part still amazes me…..his fielding has been anywhere from unbelievabley horrible to above average with the mean being on the unbelievable side of things. I’ll never forget his jumping up the wall for a fly….only to see it falling on the warning track close to him. It is ONLY one play….but a play that I’d expect a High School player to make…not a Gold Glover. Btw….I’d like to tip my hat to 101’s Kevin Wheeler who provided me with this Batman/Robin idea.

….Apparently not willing to be a Batman in the division or even a “Robin” ….the Miami Marlins destroyed a good…not great ….but good …2017 team.  Look @ some of their everyday players from that year…. the outfield was terrific….Stanton, Yelich, Ozo…behind the plate was Realmuto and the infield was filled by Justin Bour, Dee Gordon, Martin Prado and Derek Dietrich for most of the games.  The starting rotation didn’t put any fear into batters but…I’ve seen worse in the MLB…  Dan Straily 10-9 , Jose Urena 14-7, Adam Conley 8-8, Edinson Volquez 4-8.  Remember….the ace of that staff was scheduled to be in his prime…. Jose Fernandez. Fernandez died suddenly in a boat accident in September 2016. Effectively, Fernandez took the franchise down with him in his death.  Instead, Miami dealt themselves out of the superhero business by having a “close out” sale on any players with talen and/or some payroll. Now,  they’re probably being chased as nickel-dime robbers by the real Super Heroes for stealing money from the real baseball fans of Miami with a team disguised as Major Leaguers.

….Another suffering from his changing role to Robin after being Batman for a few years in NY  is Jeurys Familia . The Mets former closer, Familia was traded to Oakland by the Mets last July but brought back to set up for the new closer, Edwin Diaz in the off-season. Familia signed a $30m, 3 year deal with NY last December to rejoin the team in this new “Robin” capacity. Thus Far, it’s been ugly….6.28ERA, 14 appearances, with 13 walks and he has allowed earned runs in 6 of his last 10 outings. He’s 2-0….only because he’s “blowing the leads” and then the Mets rally to give him the win. Using a tactic employed often in the MLB now … Cards included….Familia was put on the DL after these poor outings.  Something had to be wrong….he couldn’t be this bad…so…. off the went to the DL to “heal”.

….for decades, Nebraska has provided NFL teams with plenty of “Robins”(good players …usually lineman who regularly became starters) with an occasional Batman(star). But not this year…for the 1st time since 1962, Nebraska had its 56-year streak snapped with none of its players being selected in the NFL draft. That alone tells you something of the “hard times: that the Cornhuskers are facing.  Now…they need a Batman to get back those “Robins”! Another Johnny Rogers would do. (Heisman Trophy winner-1972)

…Anxious to perform as the Robin in NY, Luke Voit (from Lafayette HS) belted his 9th HR this year for the Yankees this year. In his 139 MLB games in 3 years, Voit has 28 round trippers. At that rate, in a full 162 game schedule, he’d hold a 33 HR season! Ahead of Voit in NY is 1B Greg Bird. Bird seems to have a tough time staying healthy. Congrats to Voit and best of luck! Btw….the Yanks recently completed a series in San Francisco…big deal, heh?  Well…it’s only the 2nd time since the 1962 World Series that the Bronx Bombers have played in SF since that series!!! The Yanks won that Series in 7 games as Ralph Terry went 9 innings in game 7 to win it 1-0 for NY. Game ended with tying runner on 3b and winning run on 2B for the Yanks!!

…While on the StL High School level, there is a Girls lacrosse team with plenty of Batmans AND Robins. The Rockwood Summit team under Coach David Gibson is 12-0 for the season (as I write this section of the blog on Thursday). The Falcons have a bevy of talented players with many contributing offensively. Jr Kaila Larocque tops the team in Goals, Assists and Points with 25-20-45 respectively. Larocque had 3 assists in the Falcons tightest victory of the year against Eureka.Summit won in a thrilling 8-7 match. Jr Lauren Metzler is 2nd on the team in goals with 23. Jr Caroline Hager is 2nd on the team in assists (14) and 2nd in points(33). Other key offensive players are Jr Ronnie Skorcz, who has scored 20 goals and has 8 helpers.  Jr Kaylee Smarr has recorded 18 goals with 3 assists.  You’ll note that all of these players listed…..and I don’t have access to the strong defenders (which every winning team must possess)…are Juniors. So the Falcons have a bright future.

…The Blues will need to play like Batman on Tuesday in the 7th game of the Dallas series. It’s been a great, entertaining series. Plenty of speed, hitting, shots and yet the defense and the “grinding” by the Blues behind the Stars net has also been key. Thank Goodness Binnington has been playing like Batman in goal. On another note….I can understand that Blues fans of Game 5 were booing the Blues while they were playing poor hockey and all of the fans had paid ‘good” money to watch it LIVE…..but….does anyone think that they really weren’t trying? Do they think that booing will motivate them? They are playing another professional team that…maybe…is better….maybe.. not. We’ll find out on Tuesday. LGB!!! (used 3 ! because we’ll need 3 goals to win J )

…Maybe not the Batman on the mound any longer but both of these pitchers would be great “Robins”. Has anyone else wondered why NOT ONE team has signed Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel? Well… as usual….it comes down to money. BEFORE the June 3-5th MLB Draft, any team signing either of these players who rejected the $17.9m qualifying offer from their teams, pays a penalty. The signing team loses a high draft pick (#1 picks excluded). The exact pick that would have to be surrendered by each team is determined by a number of factors, including if the team received revenue sharing and the amount of money that the player ultimately signed for with his new club. In addition, most teams would also lose $500,000 from its international bonus pool for the upcoming signing period. Soooo….look for signings by both these players… shortly after the June 5 draft. I think Kimbrel would be a boost to almost any bullpen. I’m not so sure that Keuchel will demand as much money… or years… Kimbrel. Both are clearly are past the apex of their careers but still likely to be productive.

….Recently we wrote about modifications to MLB stadiums as a way to cut back on the continual barrage of HR nightly. To no one’s surprise, the MLB provides us with another reason for the increased number of home runs in recent years. According to the MLB, while many factors are contributing to the surge in homers, the most noteworthy is the change in the makeup of the baseball. Separate studies concluded that the ball composition has changed in a meaningful way. In a June 2017 study published at The Ringer, Ben Lindbergh and Mitchel Lichtman concluded that baseballs used after the 2015 All-Star break were different in terms of “bounciness,” as well as lower seam height and circumference. Easy solution…change the ball back to its previous shape and “bounciness”….if the MLB REALLY wants to change the parade of HR’s each night…and I’m not so sure that they want to do that…. they’d change the baseballs….but they want more “Batmans” not just “Robins” in those lineups….

…I use many stats in my  blogs…heck, I taught Math….what do you expect. However, I believe that one of the most useless stats is strikeouts. With no one on base, a strikeout is absolutely no different than an out AND it probably takes you more pitches to get that out. Runners on base….strikeouts take away ability for runners to advance so there IS some value for K’s then. Here’s a listing of how starters lost effectiveness each time through the order in 2015:

SP first time through order:   .705 OPS         SP second time through order: .731 OPS

SP third time through order: .771 OPS         RP first time through order:       .699 OPS

Some teams break it down in a different way for their pitchers. They use these guidelines… The Goal: 15 pitches per inning; 1 inning at 25 to 30 pitches okay; 2 innings  of 25-40 consecutively– done for the day or 1 inning at 35 pitches or more– done for the day.

A stat that you may want to begin watching is the number of pitches that a pitcher makes in a game.

Here’s a different look @ the Cards in 2019…. Pitches per batter…clearly racking up strikeouts will generally add to your pitch count. Ideally…at least in my book…getting a ground out on the 1st/2nd pitch is a better route to follow for starting pitchers.

Thus far in 2019 (thru May 2), here’s the chart– TBF (total batters faced) .NP (# pitches),Pitches/batter

                                                TBF         NP      P/batter

1 Flaherty, J                        130         553   4.25

2 Wainwright, A               136         515   3.78

3 Mikolas, M                      145         513   3.53

4 Wacha, M                        118         501   4.24

5 Hudson, D                        116         447   3.85

6 Gant, J                               68           292   4.29

7 Brebbia, J                         64           264   4.125

8 Miller, A                           56           239   4.26

9 Leone, D                           56           224   4.0

10 Hicks, J                            46           189   4.11

….final hockey note….why don’t’ the Blues schedule a few minor league games of their minor league affiliate in the Enterprise Center?  Lower the prices…..make it dirt cheap for kids….get the kids engaged…and hooked on hockey. This would be one type of “hooking” allowed in Hockey J Hockey is SO MUCH BETTER in person than on the tube. 

…read one publication that listed Adam Wainwright as the 4th best pitcher in Cardinal history.  Their reasoning: “Waino” had a remarkable run between 2009-14 (he missed 2011 with elbow injury), winning 20 games twice and also 19 games two times, with the 19-win years including his leading the National League in innings pitched. As a reliever in the 2006 postseason, he recorded four saves. Three of those came as the last outs in the divisional round, the NLCS and the World Series.  While he’s not the same pitcher any longer….he really has become a master of pitching with “less” stuff. Despite having Robin type stuff….he’s getting Batman results (at least some of the times)

MLB’s Elevators by Bob Ryan

We’ve all taken elevators….maybe every day…..the sudden jolt upward…downward..with occasional stops along the way (for departing/oncoming) passengers moves us up or down. Always though….. we’re in control of the up/down movements….not so in the Sports World Elevators. They move players/teams up or down unaccountably. Frequently… it puzzles us.  Here we go on the elevator….

GOING UP…..who would have known that on April 28, the leading batter in the AL would be Tim Anderson @.402. Anderson hit .240 in 2018 and a whopping .253 in 2017. On the same elevator is Elvis Andrus. Andrus an 11 year vet @ 30 years old “slugged” a robust .256 last year. Tonight he’s #2 in the AL in hitting at .364. No telling when someone will hit the “down” button on these two guys but… heck…they’re enjoying the ride up.

GOING DOWN…and in a hurry… Manny Machado. The ink isn’t dry yet on the 10 year deal for $300m with the Padres. At that moment….it WAS the largest contract in American sports history…of course Bryce Harper broke it soon after…anyway… Manny was rated #23 in the entire MLB by Yahoo baseball in the pre-season. Currently Machado holds a .245 average a whopping 4 home runs and 11 RBI’s and is ranked by Yahoo baseball @ # 404 in the league…ouch! At least we CAN say that he’s started all 26 games for the Padres in 2019….but…his elevator hasn’t stopped yet….it’s still going downward(he went 5 of 24 this week).

GOING UP….one team that has pushed hard on the UP button is the Minnesota Twins. Finishing 2018  in 2nd place in the AL Central @ 78-84….what does that say about the division?…2nd place team is 6 games below .500….however, with this UPWARD jolt, the Twinkies are in 1st place @ 16-9. Expect them to have a power shortage in their elevator sometime in June….and plummet dramatically downwards at that time. 

GOING DOWN….at least in the draft was Drew Lock. His 2nd round selection by Denver is still something that he’ll brag about as an ol’ guy…but right now it’s viewed by some as a downgrade…. why don’t those people read a little closer….I wrote on Oct 14 in this blog, “Personally, I don’t think that this guy is a 1st round pick…and I’d question if he’s a 1st day pick due to his throwing while moving deficiencies.” Actually….other than having a truck load of money to sign…..he’ll only get a trunk full….it may be better for him. #1 QB picks are expected to play like Payton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady (take ur pick) RIGHT NOW and the pressure sometimes grinds these young QB into the ground.

GOING UP & DOWN…..the thrilling NHL playoffs keep the emotions jumping up and down. First we’re up by 2 games…then tied after losing both at home….yada-yada-yada. The Dallas Stars…to my eyes.. seem to be a faster skating team than the Winnipeg Jets…and faster than the Blues. It’s hard to compensate for speed. They’ve had many more good offensive attacks that the Blues. The Blues dumping in and racing hard to forecheck behind the net has been stymied by keeper Ben Bishop. Bishop turns the puck around quickly for Dallas so the Blues are finding it difficult to keep the puck deep in the zone.  Jordan Bennington’s “hot hand” has kept the Blues in these games.. Jaden Schwartz got “hot” at the right time but we need more scoring than just Schwartz & Tarasenko to win. To score, you must shoot it on net!

GOING UP…..the excitement about the new NASL team in the Lou continues to elevate. The rendering of the new stadium..looking modern & sleek along with an ownership that has the ability to hire and maintain a top level management team makes many in the Lou excited.

STAYING DOWN  IN THE BASEMENT…unable to find the UP button, Miami remains the weakest MLB team. On Sunday, Miami had two batters in the starting lineup hitting under .200….their top batter was an over-the – hill guy….Martin Prado….hitting a mediocre .286. Their current pathetic record is 8-20 with little or NO hope of improvement.

GOING UP….maybe skyrocketing would be a better term….Dodger’s Cody Bellinger shot UPWARD all week. He was 10 of 20 from the plate…come on…all of us can figure that average …4 HR, 10 RBIs, 5  runs, 2 stolen bases, .556 on-base % and an amazing 1.756 OPS for the week!

GOING DOWN….unlike wine, aging is not usually appealing in baseball…Evan Longoria …now a SF Giant…has been pushing the DOWN button for a long while…in the pre-season Yahoo had him rated at 238…not exactly a world beater…but that number glitters now as he’s rated 911 in the league with a .206 batting mark, 3 HR, 9 runs (he must score each time he gets on base )…a shockingly low .942 fielding average, OBP of .245 and a OPS of .616.

PUSHING the UP button all spring…the St. Pius Lancers baseball team hold a 14-0 record as their record keeps moving upward. Their pitching staff has only permitted more than 3 runs in a game ONCE this season! The Lancers are in 1st place of the Jeff County Small Div with a conference record of 4-0. The leading batter for St. Pius currently managed by Mr. Jerry Woods is Sr Eli Dale, who leads the entire area in Slugging with a 1.087 mark. He’s also 2nd in the StL area with a .565 batting mark. Sr Tyler Hedtkamp is tied of 3rd in the area with 6 home runs. On the mound, Sr Jeremy Isenman holds a perfect 6-0 record. Sr Kaleb Schweigert is also unbeaten on the mound at 3-0.

GOING DOWN QUICKLY….the Indiana Pacers were swept in 4 games by the Boston Celtics in a first round series of the post-season 4-0. The highly successful Celtics franchise has won a league high 17 titles but this was their first sweep of any series since 1986-87. St Louis…of course…has a bit more of an interest in the Celtics since local Jayson Tatum wears the Green Celtic uniform.

GOING UP…..somehow the Cards couldn’t find a place for him but Luke Voit (Lafayette HS) has found a home in NY for the Yankees. He’s batting .283, 8 Home Runs, 25 rbi’s. He may not keep up that torrid pace but we’ve played a month of baseball now so he’s already helped the Yankees to a 17-11 start to the season.

GOING DOWN….the evaluation of the Cards management team while looking to obtain a true closer. We’ve seen Brett Cecil (I can’t recall 3 straight good performances at any part of his Card career), Greg Holland (rushed back too soon),Luke Gregerson (35 now…too old), Zach Duke (still going as a short LHP in pen for a different team)…now…it seems….add Andrew Miller to that list….just to name a few… can’t continue to look for the aging, former good closers to come in and get the job done. Instead, when a young, star closer like Edwin Diaz is available….like he was last year….open up the chest and unload a few of these ‘golden” prospects. Diaz was obtained in a trade by the Mets.. couldn’t’ we have offered a bit more and solved our closing issues. Diaz is only 25 years old, last year he piled up 57 saves for Seattle (was that every one of their wins?). He’ll likely be a star closer (he’s 6 of 6 this year) for at the minimum 2 or 3 more years.

GOING UP….despite my own trepidation, Jose Martinez’s play has merited his continued starting role in the OF. He’s really not improved out there but somehow he hasn’t been exposed to so many tough plays.. which he can’t make….at key spots of the game.  And….one must say…he can hit. Martinez is constantly moving, twitching, leaning, talking, stretching, shaking his head…just watch him…..I NEVER see him completely still. 

GOING DOWN….Alex Reyes continues to trend downward due to injury, performance or both. His latest episode…breaking a finger…is yet another bump in this hilly…in some cases ….mountainous road to the MLB 

GOING UP…..the Union Wildcats Girls soccer team under the guidance of Head Coach Matt Fennessey is really off and running. They hold a 19-1 record as they enter this week. Jr Hannah Olive has been the keeper in all 17 shutouts for the Wildcats. Scoring isn’t an issue since the Wildcats have the leading scorer in the area. Soph Emily Graebe has an unbelievable 39 goals coupled with 13 assists for a total of 91 points—WOW! Jr Haley Cloud has found the back of the net 16 times and also has 13 helpers. Their lone loss to a much larger, Marquette Mustang team. Union has won by 10+ goals in a game SIX different times! Keep your eye on this team….they only have 3 Seniors on the roster!

GOING DOWN….maybe it could be said…further DOWN the bench…is Jeff Gyorko. The Cardinals seem set in the infield this year….Carp, DeJong, Wong, Goldie. Mgr Mike Shildt doesn’t play musical chairs with the lineup like his predecessor so these four seemed “locked in” for the most part. Gyorko is a fast ball hitter….but fast ball hitters need AB’s to keep their timing. Gyorko is 2 of 17 for the year with his $8m contract, he’ll be tough to unload. MO better get ready to “eat” some of this contract to provide a player  for the Cards who will actually have an opportunity to contribute to the team.

STAYING DOWN….well….we’ve hit the rock bottom of this elevator….thx for staying for all the ups/downs.

Is it worth it by Bob Ryan

In life we all make decisions that have an upside…and always… a downside that accompanies it. We have to make the determination….is it worth it?….is the upside greater than the downside….and many times we ACTUALLY don’t know until the action has been consummated. It’s true in the sports world too….For example…..

….it happens continually in MLB when teams sign “huge” contracts with players.  Obviously, the downside is the increase in expenditures for the club….so the real question is ….will this player bring a “return” on the money that’s greater than the expense?  When Bryce Harper signed his absurd $330m contract for 13 years…most of us just shook our heads…. is it worth it?  It seems ludicrous to us every-day Joe’s that anyone could be worth that type of money. Well…..the early response says YES it is worth it financilly….the attendance in 2019 is up 12000 fans/game for the Phillies. I assume that most of the lower level, tier 1 seats, are season ticket holders. Soooo…..these additional 12,000 fans are sitting in the 2nd/3rd tier levels. The seats on 2nd tier average $35/ticket and 3rd tier is about $30/ticket. Assuming about half of these new fans are in 2nd &half in 3rd tier….that’s an additional income of $390,000 per game. That’s an additional $31.2m for 2019(80 home games). Harpers Salary of $33 no longer looks like a financial anchor…pulling everyone else down. Will that “buzz” continue over 13 years?…of course not…but possibly the season ticket holder base will upgrade(move to tier 1) and overall…the attendance will be higher.  I haven’t even mentioned the extra income when fans DO attend…. concessions, souvenirs, etc.  Although gate money is NO longer the primary source of income for MLB teams, its STILL income. It’s the ad time on TV, streaming ads, that reap the biggest money harvest for the owners.  I couldn’t find any data on the increase income by the Phillies for their TV ads, streaming, etc but… I’m sure that one could safely say that’s its increased. On the other hand, will this “star” power keep its hold for most of the 13 years? He already shows some signs of having injury issues. In addition….in this particular case, will Harper’s personality ….with the fans and teammates…become an obstacle? Will the Phillies “go for it all” early in Harper’s tenure then…as he ages and declines athletically, will they still keep investing heavily and trying to compete?….or….will he become a living statue of the past in Philly…did you say Albert?  13 years ago the Cardinals won the Series….some pundits say it was a fluke..they only won 83 games to win their division..then beat the Padres, Mets & Tigers on their route to the world championship ring ceremony.  Look at some of the stars from that team—only Yadi, Wainwright and Albert are still playing….other key players like Jim Edmonds, Scott Rolen, Chris Carpenter, Jason Isringhausen are now found …if at all…in announcing booths, old timer games, golf courses, etc….and…at least to me…it seems like they’ve all been gone a LONG.LONG time. How will Harper be as a productive player in 2031?…  Is it worth it?

…..when the Blues won the first two games of the Winnipeg series….most thought….”its ours”…then dropping both games at home….ugh…I made a quick 180 in my mind, “well…it WAS a good season” then,  wrapping it up in games 5 & 6…incredible!! I haven’t seen all the games…but the ones that I watched were exciting, fast paced, momentum changing back & forth, opportunities for scoring.. sometimes missed.. sometimes foiled by the GK….Binnington usually…the prices of the tickets are elevated…substantially… in some cases.. for the playoffs….Is it worth it?   Right now….most fans who attended would probably say, “yes”

….staying in the Hockey playoff mode….some other observations….the fans at both venues were totally engaged…that cheering/noise/excitement from the fans helps to make the game more exciting for the viewers at home; one just never knows who the hero will be in the playoffs-from bum to hero in 24 hours-Jaden Schwartz….to me Robert Thomas has really “grown” up during these playoff games-controls the puck longer & checks more; the “Big Rig”—Patrick Maroon has shined by adding muscle but also skill around and behind the net; Tarasenko hasn’t been scoring but I’ve noticed him using his speed more often to get to pucks.  Finally….generally I feel like all pro athletes are trying their best throughout the year. I attribute in most cases wins over losses to simply going having the more talented players. Hockey playoffs DO seem different. I see players…who for the most part are very close in skill level… checking on almost every play… more intensity, pushing, shoving around the net….I see the games becoming personal with all the “chit chat” between the players…I’m sure that aren’t asking about the guys family, thoughJ….it really does seem like “effort” has been increased but will effort alone beat teams with better scorers? Will it be worth it?

…staying on the ice…probably thin ice for me…..should hockey teams who are contending… try to procure high scoring forwards sometime during the season….in order to win the cup? Now….it may not be possible since most teams drool over these prolific scorers and trying to grab one would be like to trying to take a baby away from his/her mother. Since 2000, only 3 Stanley Cup champions had goal scorers in the top 3 of the league. Two other Cup champions had only 2 players (different players) in the top 3 of the Points category. In a freak aberration, in the last 3 seasons, it was different. In 2018, Alex Ovechkin led the league in scoring. In 2017 Sidney Crosby #1 in goals and #2 in assists. 2016 saw Crosby #5 in goals and #3 in assists. In 2015, and 2014, the Stanley Cup champions had NO ONE in the top 10 in goals OR assists. It seems like common sense to me that a Stanley Cup championship team needs “the man” to lead them in the close games…their cost would be very, very, very  high….is it worth it to try to get one?

…..MLB baseball realizes that TV/internet enriches their coffers more than the everyday Joe walking through the gate does for them. However, the fans at the game bring the emotion (see hockey section above). Currently costs at stadiums are becoming prohibitive for many people (hence MLB attendance is dropping at a slow rate)…according to Statista’s data on a Dodger game…which may be a bit higher than other cities….but not much…. the average ticket price to see a Dodger game in 2018 was $41. The average price of a ticket across the MLB during 2018 was $32. This is before parking costs (average $15-16 according to CBS News) and food prices at the park. The average cost for two people to go to a game in their car, while spending nothing else at the stadium, would be $79. For three people it would be $111 and for four people it would be $143. But… can’t sit there for 3-4 hours not eating or drinking… A Dodger Dog costs just below $6 and the average around baseball was just below $5.  Buying enough of them for a family, plus drinks (which also have crazy high prices), just isn’t an affordable option for most people. Soooo…people aren’t as inclined to go to the ballpark. Btw…in Atlanta, the Falcons recently introduced family-friendly concessions where a hot dog is $2, a soda with unlimited refills was $2, fries were $3, and burgers and beer were $5. The results worked out well for them as they actually MADE 16 percent more than they did before their affordable options. At some point, MLB has to determine if it’s worth it to have a stadium with several thousand, enthusiastic fans or if the TV payroll is enough.

…..At many….maybe even most…workplaces, a worker may have some “given” sick days provided by the employer. Some work places don’t provide that amenity. The current DL in the MLB is a croc. OK… you’re hurt….you can’t play…why should you still get full pay? In addition, a player from the minors is brought up to replace you. That adds cost to the team. I think that if a player goes on the DL, he is responsible for paying the cost of his replacement (probably MLB minimum scale). Maybe each player gets a few “free” days on DL….5 days, 7 days, 10 days per year…. Whatever…after those number of days, the player begins paying for his replacement. Something must be done to halt these continual trips to the DL.  Is it worth it to keep the players responsible for their health….just as the team should do? For example, if a player injures his arm and misses an entire season, why should he be paid?

….wrapping up a unbelievable career 39 year coaching career this spring is a long-time friend, Steve Nicollerat of SLUH Baseball. Steve & I first met as young teens umpiring little girls softball games on adjacent fields at Mallinckrodt school on Hampton in the South Side. We would continue to bump into each other over the decades….I umpired some of his games, we coached against each other as head coaches(I got slaughtered) and then when I was an assistant varsity baseball coach, he taught some of my kids, we coached in schools that competed in the same league so we saw each other at conference games in other sports.  A tremendous person –family oriented, friendly, unassuming, and one-helluva baseball coach, Steve epitomized what you wanted in a coach. He had the brains, the heart, the drive and soul to make it work. He worked his teams hard on fundamentals, taught baserunning better than anyone I’ve seen do it. And…oh yea…he won. He won over 600 HS games… remember this is in the HS level where you have limited number of games each season. He won 29 district Championships and made the final Four three times. He’s been inducted into the Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association (MHSBCA) Hall of Fame. But….most of all…he’ll be remembered for his relationships with the students and families. We wish him well in retirement! His career has definitely been worth it.

….I appreiciate you making to the bottom….hopefully, it was worth it.

Home Runs & Strikeouts….ugh by Bob Ryan

Watching a complete MLB baseball game has become a tedious process…unless you’re doing something else and looking up when the announcer raises his voice…..or when you are there in person. It seems to have become a marathon of long counts on each batter, walks galore, home runs flying out in bunches, strikeouts…more strikeouts…. and the longer time between innings. You better carve out 3+ hours to enjoy game….and that IS a long time for any one activity. You must either…really, really love the game or….have the patience of a saint. Is it the thrill…and chance… of the home run ball that keeps us there? Let’s look at a few statistics regarding home runs & strikeouts. Dan McLaughlin, Cardinal announcer, said recently on-air…this is not an exact quote, but very close….’Major League Baseball is concerned about the game with all its Home Run, Strikeouts and Walks’…and they should be!

……The man who changed baseball was Babe Ruth. His prodigious HR blasts, personality, location, and personal charm took baseball to the forefront of the entertainment world. In 1927 when Babe blasted 60 home runs, it was 6.5% of the league total, he hit a home run once in every 9.0 AB. IT was so stunning because across the league, home runs were hit on an average of once every 98 at bats! Sooooo.. Babe was hitting home runs 10x more often than the other MLB players!!! Home runs were rare….unless the Babe was playing.  Hence, being in New York, Babe Ruth was the center of attention…. and so was baseball….btw…..we all know about Babe’s unbelievable home run total…but he really was an all-around player….some of his records still standing…his slugging percentage for a career .690, most times hitting 2 home runs in a game-72x; longest home run-575 feet!!; Highest Winning Percentage for a left-handed pitcher: 67.14%; He was the AL batting champion one year!; Runs batted in, career: 2,213; Lowest ratio of hits per nine innings pitched for a left-handed pitcher: 7.1774…now a couple of those pitching records have been broken…but he was use a football term….a true 2-way player!  His 60 home run total stood until 1961. In 1961, another Yankee, Roger Maris poked 61 home runs out of the park. By that time, his 61 dingers were just 2.2% of league total. Maris hit a home run every 9.67 AB, across the league it was every 36.1 AB. The substance abuse “power” hitters arrived in the late 90’s…In 2001, Barry Bonds….beefed up by the roids….poked 73 HR and incredible 6.5AB….now…one must remember that Barry drew tons of walks –which kept down his official At bats. Barry hit HR at a 6.5AB clip—really incredible. The rest of the league did it at 48.7 AB(about twice as often as in 1927).. I guess most of the guys couldn’t afford the masking agents of the drugs J  Bonds HR were 2.7% of the total league homeruns….just a notch above Maris’ 61 total. In 2017 , GianCarlo Stanton blasted 59 HR in Miami…the Siberia of MLB. He hit a HR every 10.1 AB and he was 3.56% of the overall league total. Now, the MLB hit HR across the league every 27.1 at bats.  Remember at Babe’s era, it was once every 98 at bats! Sooo.. from  a fan’s view point, all MLB teams get through their lineups 4x…sometimes 5x….that means that we should statistically see about 3 HR per game. They aren’t so special any longer.

The rise in strikeouts is very similar….

       Strikeouts                   AB for league       strikeout %

2017   40104                       165,567                                 24

2001   32404                       166,234                                 19

1961   14947                    97,032                                   15

1927     6889                     84,461                                  8

So in a baseball game in 2017, you were seeing 3x the strikeout percentages as back in 1927. “back in the day” it was viewed as a negative to be unable to hit the ball in 3 swings.  Now….it’s accepted that with the new launch angle swing,  that you’ll strike out much more often. NOW, the rational is that “an out is an out”….forget about that hitting the ball, it may…just may…cause some errors and could advance runners…even when making outs.

Why the dramatic increase in HR?  There are several possibilities ….here’s a few..

… seems that salaries are directly related to power players vs the “contact hitters”. Good average hitters don’t get to drink as deep into the salary well as the round trip boys. This is the primary reason from my view….if an owner paid more for .300 hitters than big HR numbers.. .you’d see a change.

…. I didn’t realize this fact…..after Babe Ruth’s 1927 HR barrage and the increasing popularity across the league….the owners wanted to see that excitement across the league all the time. Soooo…..most owners brought in the fences so that the home runs would increase.  The old ballpark that the Boston Braves played in was 550 feet to straight away center. The Polo Grounds was 455 feet to center. Teams thought that bat control, sacrificing,  and hitting behind the runner was more valuable than they did the home run. Babe Ruth changed all that, though. And once the fans became enamored with the home run, as stadiums were built, their dimensions became smaller and smaller

…the change physically of the players in the MLB.  From the stats that I could gather, it seems like MLB players are 4-5 inches taller in the norm than they were decades ago. However, in todays larger population base, the abnormal—much, much larger players –are arriving in greater numbers to the MLB every year.  Remember, back in the day in 1957, a 6-7 player named Frank Howard arrived on the scene.  Every game…almost every AB.. the size of Frank Howard was mentioned. Now…according to my (unofficial) research…there are 34 players 6’6” or taller in the MLB. Obviously…..the bigger the players the more strength, more power…..hence…more home runs.

Soooo….what can be done… all goes back to the owners….do they want this high number of home runs?  If not….pay the high average hitters more….move back the fences…..get rid of that box on TV showing the strike zone (let the umps stretch the “corners” a bit more). Specifically…here in St Louis…here’s one easy idea to subtract some HR and add speed to the game…..take out the entire “green” area in CF.  Make that area “in play”….we’d have less HR but many more triples….which I believe is one of the most exciting plays in baseball. There are probably ways in every ball park to cut down HR….maybe putting up a screen…or netting…. like the one at Busch I in front of cozy dimensions in some ball fields ….keep the ball in play….keep the game moving.  What do you think?

…on the ice, games 1 & 2 of the Blues series were thrilling to watch….the momentum changed back and forth throughout the match to keep the interest high….I’d forgotten about how aggressive hockey players become in the real season(the playoffs)..the “white out” in Winnipeg has been very impressive…and standing outside to watch the game on the big screen…..boy!! Somehow, O’Reilly, Boumeester & Pietrangelo seemed to be a marked men by the Jets—they’ve been pounding them from the first whistle…..Robert Thomas just keeps growing as a player…his puck control …and speed …are exciting…. Jaden Schwartz has demonstrated…repeatedly in games 1&2…the swirling, turning moves to free himself up for passes or shots….I still wish that he shot more…..Patrick Maroon’s strength, puck control, passing around the net and aggression have been noticeable and significant for the Blues….what can I say about Binnington….he’s been very good…he ALONE may be the catalyst that spiked the Blues upward to begin the Blues turnaround in 2019… game 3 was a REAL clinker….it was all Jets…they played at a different level and speed than the Blues…the Blues couldn’t get out of their zone…the forwards were standing at the blue line and the defensemen couldn’t escape the checking Jets forwards pressure. Binnington was fabulous in the 1st period but eventually the odds swung to the more aggressive, speedier and more physical Jets. On Sunday night, the Blues were outclassed.

…..The “Roar of the Tiger” was dominant on Sunday….yes…all pro golfers receive applause and/or clapping when they hit a magnificent shot but no one matches the Roar of the Tiger. The extremely loud cheers from many…if not all…. of the gallery ALWAYS belonged to Tiger Woods. Btw…just saying the word “Tiger” and most sports fan know immediately who you are referring to in the discussion…few others have experienced that one-word distinction….Babe, Stan, Ali, Wilt, Michael are some that come to mind. Any others?  Anyway…..Tiger winning in Augusta for the 1st time since 2002 was a tremendous accomplishment ….wow….think about yourself 17 years ago…..and now repeating that same difficult task against the best of the world …who were totally different competitors than 17 years ago…..and doing it on the biggest golf stage of the year. In addition to his unbelievable shots, Tiger’s emotion AFTER he won the tournament was refreshing to see.   These athletes….who have worked their entire lives to reach this incredible level of achievement…SHOULD by smiling, fist-pumping, hugging, kissing, waving their hat, etc, when they win!

Across the sports world….there are players/owners/teams/and even a TV personality hitting home runs and striking out in different ways. Hitting HOME runs..literally sometimes!  Sometimes in different ways.

….Cody Bellinger (LA Dodgers) has 8 home runs already…here we go again….look what I point out FIRSTJ… 21 rbi, 1.378 OPS..last year Bellinger had 25  HR and struck out 151x…every 3.68 at bats!

….It’s fitting right after the Masters Weekend to write about a golf team! Soooo…..UMSL’s men golf team Head Coach, Troy Halterman, has to be pleased after his team shot a school record of 852. The Tritons finished 2nd at its own Las Vegas Desert Classic last week. UMSL shot rounds of 291, 278,283 to break the record. Individually, Freshman Joel Sylven finished 2nd place with a school record of 208. #3 ranked West Florida won the tournament

…unknown in his first 3 years @ Seattle, Daniel Vogelbach is batting .400  with an OPS 1.646 as of Apr 12. He’s never hit over .214 in any of his first 3 years.

….Washington University’s baseball team is 22-5-1..Head Coach Pat Bloom has him team rolling after beginning the season 2-2-1. Frosh Caleb Durham from Lake Forest, Il tops the team in batting with a .438 mark. SLUH graduate, Junior John Brinkmann, is second in batting with a .384 average.

….Frank Cusamano just celebrated 26 years of working @ KSDK. Of course, he does a radio show each weekday also. Frank works very hard at his craft…always has the “Lou” prospective on sports matters and wears his StL heart on his sleeve. Congratulations to Frank for all his success over 26 years of work and wishing him many more.

….Rookie Pete Alonso of the Mets has hits in 7 of his first 10 games this year….batting .370 (17/46) with 6 round trippers.  Be careful before you add him to your fantasy team…the Mets have played Miami and Minnesota in 2 early series…not the toughest pitching staffs.

…after losing to 4 large schools to open the season in the Vianney tournament, Valley Park’s baseball team has now won 9 consecutive games under Head Coach Dave Fleer. Justin Maloney holds a .469 batting mark and Braden Spawr is also over .400 @ .429 as the team batting leaders.

….3B  Anthony Rendon (Wash) is off to a good start….avg of .426, 6 HR, 16 rbi, OPS 1.438

….the Lafayette Girls Lacrosse team remains unbeaten @ 12-0! The Lancers’ Sr Katherine Goddin leads the entire StL area with 51 goals and 62 points. Not far behind, 4th in the area with 53 points on 41 goals and 12 assists is Soph Sophia Scheller.

Some…however…. are striking out…..figuratively…as well as literally… in most cases

…Peter Bourjas (also on the Angels) is just 1 of 24 at the plate

…Daniel Palka (CWS) is 0 for 25 to start the season!

…Eric Stamets (Clev) is 1 of 24 in 2019

…that’s 3 strikes…. and I’m out J…… YOUR comments are always invited…just put them on the Prepcasts site….if difficulty arises.. send them to me……and I’ll get them published for you.