“Fall” is Officially Here by Bob Ryan

fall calendar imageSure they tell us fall starts on Sept 21….who we kidding….Labor Day is when most of us feel like that we’re in the fall season….leaves already falling off trees….swimming pools are closed….football on TV or web sites from Thursday nite through Monday nite…just enough breaks between games for us to take a gulp of real life before diving back into the deepening waters of the Sports world…but expectations, plans, preparations have fallen or all already barely hanging onto the truth tree….school is back in session (for some its been 3 weeks already) ….take a look at other areas that have fallen or dropped…

….RGIII has fallen from a superstar status to a QB who’s ready to get onto the QB merry-go-round…ya know…take a ride with this team…get off…back on with another team…repeat…repeat…repeat

….after ND crushed Texas and the Longhorns are already cast aside as a used popsicle stick for 2015 (as unfair as that may be)…no doubt the Longhorn faithful are beginning their search committee for yet another Head Coach….where are you Daryl Royal when we need you?

…..Also falling to the wayside are the common thoughts that the Cubbies will “blow up” in August and limp to the finish line….looks like these new Cubs are going to taste the sweet taste of the Playoff wines

…..Johnny Peralta is happy to be pulling the August calendar page off his schedule….Johnny hit .242 with 1 HR and 6 ribbies in the long month of August…maybe Johnny’s been slowed down by carrying around that extra “n” ?

….falling at SLUH was the record for most wins by a football coach…congrats to Gary Kornfeld who notched win #201 with shootout 49-41 victory over Vianney on Friday. Kornfeld passed his predecessor, Paul Martel with the win….think about that…your last 2 coaches have 400+ wins…

…..a superstar….not only in the making…but doing it right now….but most MLB fans really have fallen off the Star-struck truck of Bryce Harper….but…shame on them…just this week, he drew his 100th walk… with that accomplishment, he’s only the 5th player EVER in MLB history to have 100 walks and 30 HR in one season…Mr Harper join Eddie Mathews (1954), Ted Williams (1939 AND 1941), Mel Ott (1929) and Jimmie Foxx (1929) to accomplish that feat….if you add in the 30 doubles of Harper the list thins downs to only 3 names—Harper, Williams and Ott…

….fallen from the high levels at the top of the MLB division races…the Texas Rangers…who are making a run for one of the wild card berth as they’d get into that Sudden Death Match with the other wild-card team….bring along some hidden gems…the Rangers have the 2nd best record against teams with winning records in the AL with a 27-18 mark….only the surging Bluejays are better…. 22-10 in the last 5 weeks, the Rangers have been surging….adding Cole Hamels at trading deadline was an important ingredient in this recipe mix

….there isn’t any question that our moral standards in the USA have fallen off during the last several decades…but how about the perverted view of a halftime performance by a marching band ….K-State was attempting to emulate the Starship Enterprise gobbling up the mascot (Jayhawk) of their hated rival, Kansas…some saw this as a sex act……come on….gimme a break…..some people see, think, hear sex in everything that they see, hear or do…..wasn’t it always acceptable to mock, tease, ridicule the mascots of your opponents….it wasn’t meant to be personal ….or sexual

….seemingly dropping off the face of the baseball earth….Joe Kelly has resurfaced for the BoSox….currently 9-6 for the last place…going nowhere fast…..Red Sox….Kelly is now within 1 victory of matching his career best in 2013 for the Cards….in that same steal….oops…trade with the Red Sox that saw the Cards pilfer John Lackey from the lowly BoSox…Allen Craig was also part of the package….Craig just returned to Boston…he’s hitting .121 (7 of 67) after hitting .128 last year….ouch !

…..trying to shed the image of a program mired in tough seasons, the Trinity Titans using a roster with 15 of the 33 players being Freshman, Trinity went 2-1 with an impressive 46-20 win over O’Fallon Christian on Friday….I’m not claiming a State title team here….maybe not ever .500 but heck…it’s always good to see a program moving forward after struggling

….a football tradition that has faded away— Mizzou-KU..could be solved easily…last year the Tigers faced the Jackrabbits of S.Dakota State in week 1…this year the Jayhawks faced the same team….why can’t the Mizzou & Jayhawk officials make that game 1 for the upcoming years…I realize that KU’s talent depth has shrunk into a tiny fishbowl ….they actually lost to the Jackrabbits this year …isn’t that a menacing nickname? …but heck….at least KU is in a power 5 conference. KU found a new way to lose…they fumbled the snap and lost the opportunity to spike the ball to stop the clock and set up for a game-winning FG..then time ran out after the fumble…..now that’s a new one to me…. still…with KU being horrible so Mizzou doesn’t have to worry about the “win”….I’d rather beat up on a Jayhawk than a SEMO Redhawk







The Jr. Bills notch win Number One by Mike Ritter

ritterThe Jr. Bills notch win Number One
The SLUH Jr. Bills opened the 2015 season with a win Friday Night over the Hillsboro Hawks, 49-14. The Bills got the scoring going early after taking the opening kickoff and marching down the field for a touchdown.  The drive was capped off by a six yard rushing touchdown by Andrew Clair. The SLUH Junior rushed for a game high 128 yards and found the end zone three times (6, 4 and 47) all coming in the first half. “I think there was a lot of positives,” said Jr. Bills Offensive Coordinator Rob Chura when talking about his offensive unit.  ”We have had plenty of week ones where we come out and there are several things that we have had to work on, but this isn’t one of those situations where we have to change things wholesale. We are pretty happy with the result, said Chura.”
Despite giving up over 200 yards on the ground the Jr. Bills defense got progressively better as the game went on. Hillsboro (0-1) marched 75-yards on their opening drive with running back Trey Terry finding the end zone from three yards out. Terry, who rushed for over 100 yards scored twice. The second not coming until the final minute of the game. Field position played a big factor into Hillsboro’s struggles on finding the end zone.  The Hawks had seven consecutive possessions going back to late in the first quarter where their drives started inside their own 25-yard line.
After taking a 21-6 into halftime, the Jr. Bills broke things wide open in the third quarter when SLUH signal caller Mitch Batcschelett threw a pair touchdown passes of 33 and 32 yards to David Jackson. Pinned deep in their own end, Hillsboro punter Sam Mock punted to SLUH speedster Daniel Isom, who scampered 60 yards to the end zone to cap off the third quarter scoring barrage. That was the only punt of the night for the Hawks. 
The win for SLUH marked the 199th at the U High for Head Coach Gary Kornfeld, who is entering his 28th season as the head man. SLUH (1-0) with play host to Lutheran North next Friday Night.

Now the 2nd Season Begins

Bob-RyanSeveral teams taste defeat for 1st time in week 9!

A goal for good teams is to go unbeaten for the season. Week 9 is the conclusion of the regular season play in Missouri as Week 10 sees the beginning of District/State tournament. Look at some to the teams that fell for the first time this season—

….SLUH (6-2) tops Kirkwood (7-1) 38-35 in a terrific game. Click here for the 2nd half REPlay … Kirkwood had been ranked #4 in St Louis and #5 in class 5 MOsports Power Poll. The Jr Bills are enjoying their best season since 2008 when they were 9-4 and now are shooting to repeat this “unbeaten snap” at least one more time since they are in the #3 slot in their district as CBC and Hazelwood Central are each unbeaten.

….Jackson (8-1) knocked off Miller Career (8-1) 28-14 at home in a matchup between two top 10 teams. The Indians were ranked #7 in class 5 while the Phoenix #5 in class 4.

…St Charles West Warriors assures itself the top seed in Class 4, District 3 as the topple the Ladue Rams (8-1) 33-24.

…In a prelude to a likely District championship matchup in 3 weeks, Westminster (8-1) used field position and domination in the line-play to topple Borgia(8-1) 35-14. The two teams will likely flip-flop their #1-2 seeds in Class 4 district 4 as District opens up next week.

…in a battle between TWO unbeaten teams—someone had to be removed from a perfect record. It was a battle between the #3, Class 4 team (Carl Junction) and #1, Class 2 team (Lamar). Deciding the Champion of the Big 8, Carl Junction scored two 4th quarter TD’s to edge the Lamar Tigers 29-28. On their final drive, Lamar’s FG attempt from 42 yards out was wide.

…Lockwood was only 1 of 3 class 1 teams with an unblemished record but Jaspar handed them a 36-16 defeat to push them out of the unbeaten ranks.

…the Bolivar Liberators spoiled Reeds Springs hopes of a perfect season with a 33-28 victory.

On the other hand….some did finish with a perfect regular season mark….

…CBC (9-0)trailing 13-3 during first half, scored big in the final quarter to upend Rock Bridge 40-26.

…Park Hills Central (9-0) after whipping Farmington 39-3.

…California Pintos (9-0)beat Warsaw 56-20 as they win the top seed in Class 3, District 1.

…Valle Catholic (9-0) continues their 24 game winning streak as they trounce St Pius 47-9. The Warriors enter district competition as the team “to beat” if you have your eyes set on the Class 1 STATE title.

…In the same district, Class 2, District 8, Brookfield (9-0) and E.Buchanon (9-0) will be the two top seeds.

…Malden (9-0) smashed Dexter in the worst looking score of the night 76-9 as they grab #1 seed in Class 2, District 1.

…very quietly, Hogan Prep as stayed unbeaten in Class 3, District 7 play.

…one of the teams that always seems to be there—Maryville notches another perfect season as they as they tumble Lafayette (ST. Joseph) 55-28.

..Affton caps off an exciting season as they beat St Charles 36-21. Only a couple years ago, the Cougars were struggling but now they’ve gone 9-0!

…of course, how could we have this section on unbeaten and NOT expect to see Webb City (9-0). The Cardinals handled Branson 42-5 to round out another regular season.

Some other district flashes…

….Nixa (5-4) upended the top Seed of their district(entering week 9) Republic(5-4) 23-7. The Eagles will flip-flop their #2 seed with the top seed on the basis of the win. Down 7-3 at half, the Eagles regrouped offensively and shut down the single wing offense of the Tigers. Nixa will earn the top seed of Class 5, District 5 with a 5-4 record.

…in class 2, District 5, the Brentwood Eagles finish 9-0 but most likely will NOT catch the #1 seed, Lutheran North. The Crusaders (8-1) will keep their 1st place seed with their win over St. Mary’s . How could this happen? The point system being employed by MSHSAA (devised by Football Committee) has several parameters. Wins alone is just one consideration. Other parameters include size of opposition (larger/smaller classification); record of opponents; margin of victory provides points (up to 13). Clearly, the team with the “tougher” schedule gets rewarded with their wins. Ditto same scenario for Strafford (9-0) as they pound Ash Grove 50-0 but won’t win top seed as Liberty-Mt View (8-1) beat Houston 55-6 and should hang on as #1 seed in Class 2, District 3.

…when it’s all tabulated, there is a good chance that Cardinal Ritter (3-6) will grab the top seed of Class 2, District 2 after losing to Sikeston 20-0. The Lions seldom compete in regular season against other Class 2 level teams so…see note above

…talk about tough—Class 2 District 7 has not one or two but three unbeaten teams with two other teams only beaten once. Yet, another team lost Friday so they finish 7-2 and have the 6th best record in this amazing district! Lafayette County, S.Calloway and St. Paul Lutheran (Concordia) all finish 9-0 ! Ft Tolten Catholic and Cole Camp finish 8-1 while Hallsville drops to 7-2! WOW! Lafayette County and S.Calloway were 1-2 in the seeds prior to this weekend’s action. Final totals will be very tight!!

Now the 2nd season begins—lose now and your season is history.

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Around the State of MO Football – Week 7

Bob-RyanLooking for more…

The Lamar Tigers have been in complete domination this season. Their 7-0 record just doesn’t tell the story. The Tigers have permitted just 1 touchdown all YEAR while scoring….are you ready…an incredible 410 points! Their final regular season game against Carl Junction (7-0) should be a dandy. Coach Scott Bailey has turned this program around completely. I’ve wondered for years if schools could apply to move up a Classification to compete against larger, presumably stronger, teams. If that request would be honored, ALL the teams from that school would also have to move up. The smallest school in the larger class, if they agree, would move down a class.

Turnaround in ONE year…

The Affton Cougars went 5-6 in 2013. After last night’s 47-0 win over Normandy, the Cougars are 7-0 in 2014! Jr QB DeVontae’ Burse has played a major role in this about-face. He is 25 of 51 passing for 451 yards, 11 TD. On the ground, Burse is averaging 7.9 yards per carry on 67 carries (532 yards)-4 TD’s


The Ray-Pec Panthers beat the Blue Springs Wildcats 31-13. It really shook up the Suburban Gold Division in KC as now four teams are 2-1 in conference. More importantly, at least to some, it was the 1st time that the Panthers upended the Wildcats. Ray-Pec took advantage of a costly fumble deep in the Wildcat area (4 yard line) to take an early lead. Isiah Truss had two long kickoff-returns to gain field position and keep the momentum on the Panthers side. Two Interceptions in 2nd half by the Panther defense stalled any intentions that the Wildcats had about rallying.

7-0 but can’t crack Top 10!

The Borgia Knights won the AAA-Large school crown with a convincing 49-11 win over the St. Mary’s Dragons. A long-time Independent, this was the first conference title for the Knights. Now 7-0, Borgia hasn’t been able to make it into the STATE top 10 rankings or the local Top 10 rankings! Coach Dale Gildehaus, who already has 4 regular season undefeated teams, would like to have his 5th and go deep into the playoffs. Watch the replay of this game…

22 straight wins with little fanfare…

Valle Catholic blasted Potosi 41-0 on Friday to notch their 22nd consecutive win. The Warriors have been a long-time traditional Class 1 powerhouse program. So long, in fact, that many, if not most, of the players had parents or relatives who wore the Warrior uniform at one time a few decades ago! Most in MO have just come to expect Valle to be “there” at STATE Playoff time. Listen to replay….



72-65—this isn’t a basketball score!

The Glendale Falcons and the Rolla Bulldogs scored the 3rd highest total of points in MSHSAA history in a prolific offensive game. Glendale scored on all 9 possessions of the 1st half as Falcon QB Alex Austin put on a show. He threw for 390 yards, 8 TD while running for 126 yards and the 9th TD of the half! It was 64-29 at half. The Bulldog defense held Austin to 50 yards in the 2nd half, rallied and cut the lead to a 7 points with just over 3 minutes remaining. The Falcons were able to run out the clock. I’m sure that these statisticians are still recovering from all of their work.

Ebb and Flow…

Whenever two schools engage in long-multi decade rivalries, there is always an ebb and flow—one school dominates for some time, then the other, it shifts again and so forth. CBC and SLUH have met over 80 times. SLUH had a long run of success, now the Cadets have the upper hand. Coach Scott Pingel has never lost to the Jr Bills during his tenure as head Coach and it continued on Friday with 49-16 Cadet win. Watch the replay …

Best Comeback of the Night…

Trailing 23-7 entering the 4th quarter and 30-14 early in the final quarter, the Harrisonville Wildcats seemed to be in trouble against the Oak Grove Panthers. But, the Wildcats found their passing game and really put it to work. When Chance Chamberlain hooked up with Adam Schrock for TD pass with 1:56 left in the game the Wildcat defense had to “put up a stand” to gain the thrilling 34-30 win. It was the 3rd TD pass of the quarter that saw onsides-kick recoveries, 4th down stops, a KO return going to the house—a little bit of everything!

These Vikings are back…

What about the job Bryan Koch has done at Francis Howell? After their convincing 49-6 victory over Howell Central, the Vikings are 7-0. When Coach Koch started his career as the Head Football Coach, the Vikings football program was struggling. This powerhouse program is now at the level that few teams want to compete against the Vikes in non-conference battles. Welcome to the world of the big-time winners.

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Around the State of MO Football Week 6

Bob-RyanTwo Top Ten, Class 6 teams battle to a one point game—

Each year, you can count some things to be true in MO. HS Football. Two of those things are that the Blue Springs and Rockhurst teams will be good—very good. Last night’s battle between the two of the titans of Class 6 football resulted in a 14-13 Hawklet victory. The Wildcats (#3 ranked, Class 6)dominated the first quarter and led 13-0 but Rockhurst, led by TJ Green-son of Trent Green (former Chief QB), Rockhurst (#5, class 6) took advantage of some Wildcat special team miscues and a stout 2nd half defenses to chalk up the win. More than likely, this is only chapter 1 of the 2014 games between these 2 teams.

Was this a season total of carries?

Sean Chambers of Fox HS carried the ball 45 times for 192 hard earned yards in a 28-7 victory over the Mehlville Panthers. WOW-45 times—I bet he slept well last night … Click here for the REPlay …

2nd time is a charm!

Park Hill South had been down this road previously. In their last home game, the Panthers got the ball late in the game with a chance to win. It didn’t work out. This time, the Panthers drove it into the end zone with only 43 seconds remaining in the game to edge the Truman Patriots 21-20.

Games that kept you on the edge of your seat!

…In a game that went down to the final buzzer, Joplin outlasts Waynesville 49-48. Remarkably, Skyler Duley scored ALL SEVEN Eagle TD’s! He started the game by returning a KO to the house and scored in the last 34 seconds to give Joplin the one point lead. The Tigers final FG attempt as time expired from 43 yards out fell short. Joplin scored the last 14 points of the game to push this result into the victory column!

….on the last play of the game, Carthage QB Alex Derryberry was forced out of the pocket, scrambled and was looking for someone, anyone who was open. He found Ralston Schramm in the end zone and the Tigers defeated Republic 40-35. Republic had taken the lead on a fake extra point as the holder ran it in for 2 points to grab a short-lived 35-34 lead with only 1:20 left in the game. The final drive saw Derryberry hit on six consecutive passes! The homecoming theme of “a Night to Remember” could not have been more appropriate.

….Overtimes are really exciting- 2-OT even better. St Clair won their 1st game of the year in the 2-OT in a game that had 112 points scored!! In the 2-OT, QB Collin Scott scored on the 2 point conversion and the Bulldog defense deflected a St. James (3-3) pass attempt to tie the game. St Clair 57 St James 55

….Shut out the League

CBC (6-0) rolled past De Smet 60-0 for their 3rd consecutive conference win in the MCC. The Cadets have won by an aggregate score of 167-0 in the 3 games. SLUH is up next in their final conference game. The Jr Billikens are 4-1 after beating Parkway South 44-0.  Click here for the REPlay …

…Rival Game

…Lee Summit (4-2), ranked #8 in Class 6, knocked the top ranked Titans of Lee Summit West (5-1) from the ranks of the unbeaten with a 44-38 win in a Suburban Gold Conference game. The Tigers jumped out in front 20-9 at half. LSW kept challenging! They cut the lead to just 3 points twice, 34-31, 41-38 but the Tigers continued to meet the challenge with scores of their own. Lee Summit rode the 299 passing yards of Drew Lock to the impressive win.

….Showing their Stuff

East Buchanon (6-0), ranked #4 class 2, really solidified their ranking as they handled the always tough, Lawson Cardinals (#12, Class 2) 40-0.

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SLUH Jr. Bills over De Smet

SchulteThe Saint Louis University Jr. Bills  (3-1) dominated all three phases of the game on Thursday night as they defeated the DeSmet Spartans (0-5) by the score of 49-7. The Jr Bills defense got the scoring started very early in the game. Linebacker Bryan Edwards intercepted a pass at midfield and took it all the way for a 49 yd interception return for a touchdown with 10:20 left in the 1st quarter. SLUH’S offense took over from there, as Sophmore QB Mitchell Batschelett had his best throwing game of his young career. Batschelett connected with Daniel Isom from 3 yds out with 3:26 left in the first quarter. Just a few minutes later Batschelett found David Jackson from 44 yds to give the Jr Bills a 21-0 lead with 11:05 left in the first half. Matt Bruns of the Spartans gave DeSmet life with an interception that set up great field position. Spartan QB Alik Shelton then found Jack Ilewski from 25 yards out to cut the lead to 21-7 with 8:43 left in the half. SLUH bounced back quickly as Batschelett threw his 3rd TD to David Jackson followed by a highlight reel 79 yd Td run by SR. Andre Colvin and the Jr Bills were in control with a 35-7 lead with 4:33 left in the first half. SLUH was not done yet as Senior Bryan Edwards picked  up two more TD’s, a 20 yd interception return  and a 23 yd reception from Freshman QB Christian Perez to give the JR. Bills a 49-7 lead and eventuallly that would be the final score.
Mitchell Batschelett finished the game 12-15 with 194 yards and 3 passing touchdowns. Senior Andre Colvin also had a big day as he rushed for 112 yards and a TD. Senior linebacker/fullback Bryan Edwards had a great overall game with 2 interception returns for TD’s and a receiving TD. SLUH will be back in action on Friday at Parkway South, while DeSmet will host CBC.

Good News and Bad News from Vianney

SchulteThe Vianney Griffins (1-1) dropped their home opener to the Jackson Indians (2-0), 30-23 on Friday night. This night was highlighted before the kickoff by an enthusiastic rededication to the new field surface and track at Don Heeb Field. The large crowd saw the #2 ranked team in Class 5, the Jackson Indians get off to a great start. The Indians sprinted to a 16-0 lead in the 1st quarter with the arm and legs of all-state quarterback Dante Vandeven. Vandeven had TD passes of  57 yards and 13 yards right after the Indians defense started the scoring with a safety. The Griffins cut the lead in half with 10:47 left in the 2nd quarter with a 16 yd TD pass from Nick Voorhees to Kyle Markway. The 2 pt conversion was successful as Voorhees connected with Markway again to make the score 16-8. The Indians took advantage of great field position after a high snap on a punt with just 54 seconds left in the half. Dante Vandeven increased to lead to 23-8 with a 4 yd td run with just 18 seconds left in the half.
Nolan Snyder started the second half strong for the Griffins with a 70 yd kickoff return that set Vianney up at Jackson’s 20 yd line. The Griffins missed a great chance as Jordon Hardwick lost a fumble inside the 5 yard line. Vandeven and the Indians made the Griffins pay as they would go 97 yards on a scoring drive capped off by a 7 yd TD run by Vandeven making the score 30-8. The Griffins would not give up as Voorhees connected with Nolan Snyder down the middle of the field for an 82 yd touchdown strike. The Griffins would then convert another 2 pt conversion from Hardwick to Markway cutting the deficit to 30-16 with 8:08 left in the 3rd quarter. There would not be any more scoring until 5:32 left in the game when freshman runningback Tionne Harris took the halfback option and tossed it downfield to Nolan Snyder for a 43 yd touchdown cutting the lead to 30-23. Vianney would get the ball back and were driving when they were stopped around midfield when time expired. The Indians held on to a hard fought 30-23 win.
Dante Vandeven finished with 363 total yards from scrimmage and 4 tds.  Nick Voorhees led the Griffins with 230 yds passing and 2 TD’s, while also rushing for 38 yards. Nolan Snyder also had a big night with 234 yards receiving and a 70 yard kickoff return for the Griffins. Click here for the replay …
Jackson will be back in St. Louis in week 3 as they will travel to Marquette. The Griffins will get their MCC conference season started as they will take on SLUH on the road. Vianney @ SLUH can be seen on the Vianney Sports Network. Kickoff is set for 7.  Click here to view that game …

SLUH Wing(o) their way into District Semifinals – Bob Ryan Blog – Week 10 – SLUH / Ritenour

sluh1 RitenourBob RyanClick here for the game – SLUH Wing(o) their way into District Semifinals

Behind the “career” game of Raymond Wingo, the Jr Billikens upset the #3 seeded Ritenour Huskies 42-28 in an exciting game that featured tons of offense. The Huskies piled up over 500 total yards (281 rushing and 255 passing) while the Jr Bills capitalized on “big” scoring plays–generally coming from Raymond Wingo. Wingo scored ALL SIX TOUCHDOWNS for SLUH! He scored on 3 rushing plays, two pass receptions and a pick-6 INT.

The game started in a flurry. On the 2nd play from scrimmage after halting the Ritenour offense after a 1st down, SLUH QB Sam Sykora hit Wingo on a 47 yard slant pass. The speedster caught it in stride angled cross field and outran everyone for a quick score. Jacob Cox drilled home the first of his 7 PAT conversions. On 2nd play of Ritenour’s next possession, Wingo stepped in front of an intended received and raced 28 yards to the end zone. It was 14-0 at the 8:00 minute mark of the 1st quarter. The Huskies would fight back. Ritenour inserted their outstanding athlete Devin Alexander in a QB on this series. His insertion had an immediate impact. He led the Huskies on an 8 play, 72 yard drive that culminated with Alexander diving over from 1 yard out. The PAT attempt was missed making it 14-6. This miss would prove to be crucial later in the game. Key plays of the drive were a 17 yard pass to Ricky McCoy and a 19 yard run by Alexander.

Late in the 2nd quarter, the scoring jumped up again. Ritenour assembled a strong 12 play, 64 yard drive that featured a 15 yard pass from Alexander to Chrishawn Torrey and some positive gains by Alexander on the ground. The attempted slant pass to Torry on the 2 point conversion failed. It was now 14-12 … but not for long! SLUH went 69 yards, with most of it coming on a 51 yard reverse ran by David Jackson.  Wingo found the end zone at the 0:39 mark on a rushing score. With the converted PAT, the score was 21-12 at half.

The 2nd half started quickly! On the very first play of the 2nd half from scrimmage, Wingo ran a counter play 53 yards for a touchdown. Now it was 28-12. Devin Alexander brought Ritenour into the end zone as he plunged over from 4 yards out at the 6:59 mark of the 3rd quarter. Alexander scored on the 2-pointer on an option run. Now scoreboard read 28-20.  The Jr Bills, Raymond Wingo specifically, scored on a 47 yard TD score on the very 1st play after the Alexander TD! Back again to 35-20 as the 3rd quarter ended. Ritenour put together another long drive that 4:28 off the clock, took 12 plays and concluded with another Alexander 1 yard TD. His 2-point conversion pass to Torrey slashed to the lead to 35-28. It was now a 1 score game with 7:24 remaining in the game. Wingo scored again with 5:00 remaining on a 12 yard gallop and the final score of 42-28 was in place. With 3:07 left in the game, Ritenour moved the ball on a long drive from their own 20 yard line but time pressure and the SLUH bend-don’t-break defense stopped their drive with just seconds left in the game.

Clearly, the Lions Choice 212 Athlete of the Game Award winner was SLUH’s Raymond Wingo while the Custom Graphics Standout Player Award winner was Devin Alexander. Alexander racked up 182 yards rushing and 247 yards passing in his final appearance as a Huskie. He has committed to Toledo University to continue his football career. Two Ritenour receivers had 100+ yards in receiving—Ricky McCoy and Chrishawn Torrey.  In addition to Wingo’s fabulous game, defensive LB—Bryan Edwards and Michael Hall each had over ten tackles in strong performances.  #6 seed, SLUH won the turnover battle 5-1 in this exciting District Quarterfinal. The Jr Bills will now face #2 seed, CBC Cadets after CBC beat Hazelwood West. – Click here for the game

HS Football – Class 6, District 2 – SLUH 42 Ritenour 28

sluh1 RitenourHS Football – Class 6, District 2 – SLUH @ Ritenour – Click here for the game – Leave a comment/shout out for your favorite player to read …


Bob Ryan Blog – CLASS 6 DISTRICT 1


There will be two very interesting first round games in this district (which is basically the Suburban West Conference). Of course, #4 Lindbergh vs #5 Parkway South is a game that each team brings in identical records of 4-5. Lindbergh smothered the Patriots in week 1 of the season 32-7. The Pats have been trounced in each of the last 2 weeks by the District Leaders (Eureka & Lafayette). However, playing high level competition often raises the level of a team’s performance. Meanwhile, Lindbergh, who  was also whipped by the District Leaders brings in a 2-game winning streak. The other game to keep your eyes on is at Oakville. The Oakville(6-3)-Mehlville(3-6) game should be a dandy. Oakville was actually trailing the Panthers mid-way in the 4th quarter of their 1st encounter before pulling away for a 35-23. Oakville is coming off of a big win at SLUH where the Tigers shut out the Jr Bills in the 2nd half. Meanwhile Mehlville has dropped 3 straight tight games but has risen the level of its offense during that time. Clearly it appears that this District Championship will be a repeat of a week 1 contest between two Rockwood schools- Lafayette & Eureka.

CLASS 6  District 1 Standings 

Seed Team Record Points    
1 Eureka 8-1 44    
2 Lafayette   (Wildwood) 7-2 39.35    
3 Oakville 6-3 33.68    
4 Lindbergh 4-5 30.78    
5 Parkway   South 4-5 27.67    
6 Mehlville 3-6 26.02    
7 Marquette 2-7 21.91    
8 Northwest (Cedar Hill) 2-7 18.41