HS Hockey – CBC 2 – SLUH 1 [rough connection sorry]

video cam logo CBC sluh1HS Hockey – SLUH vs CBC – Click here to view the game¬†– Note: we are sorry for a bad internet connection tonight from Affton … the game is sporadic … we apologize.


  1. So frustrating!!! Excited to watch my grandson, a senior, play tonight. It didn’t happen! Audio was fuzzy, had continuous echo, difficult to listen to. Could have done without sound, but the video was impossible. It would stop, which would stop the commentary as well. The boys were skating off at what appeared to be the end of the first period, the picture stopped, suddenly they were skating down the ice and someone said it was x minutes into second period. Heard the announcer say my grandson was coming out of the box, but didn’t know he was in, or why. Also didn’t hear/see the second CBC goal until it appeared above the picture. One of the fellows was saying “in all the many years I’ve been watching these teams …”, but never heard the end of the comment. Is it just my MAC? Tried the iPad but the pic come up for about a minute or two and that was it.. Is there something else I need to do? I watched the playoffs last season, even sent a note to say thanks, and had no issues. It’s so busy right now, but can I watch a replay if I can find the time. Also, I would like to watch the available remaining CBC games. Thanks for your interest and any help you can give.

    • We are frustrated as well tonight … our internet connection was terrible and as you know made us go in and out. We are sorry and are thinking about just pulling the game off all together.

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