Fabulous 5th by Bob Ryan

Dec 5….maybe you never realized how important of a day it is in our history…

…it was on this date that Columbus discovered Haiti in 1492…

…Walt Disney was born on this date in 1901 ….…I mean how could we have ever survived without his cartoons, animation and Disneyland (which led to other theme parks) ?

…or the fact that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died a pauper at age 35 in 1791 despite being acclaimed at the time as a genius…and most still think that he was a genius….

…on this date in 1782 the 1st American born President was born—Martin Van Buren

…on this date in 1933 the 18th amendment was repealed. It had existed since Jan 29, 1920 and outlawed the Manufacture, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages in the USA..of course ..on the transportation side…the “bootleggers” used their skills as part of the early days of NASCAR


But we have plenty going on during  our own Dec 5, 2016….check it out….

…turning lemons into lemonade….the St. Louis Cardinals have increased their promotions of the Cards-Cubs games in 2017…in a heavy way…calling it the “Cubs, Cubs and more Cubs—catch 5 great games with the reigning world champs” ….you can purchase this  “Cubs Pack” that includes tickets to 5 Cubs games…of course not even the clever Cards marketing department can go way overboard….the season opener is NOT included in this package

….maybe it’s the shape of the ball in Columbia?  The Mizzou volleyball team clinched a share of its 2nd SEC Championship when they knocked off Tennessee. The Tigers are co-champs with Florida with a 16-2 conference record.

…just wondering if someone ran out of fingers?   Why does the A-10 have 14 teams? Why stop counting at 10?…Dayton & SLU are the only non-East coast teams in the league….they’d both look good in the MO Valley to me?

….BCS….I’ve been slow to see it…many would say that I’m slow to see lots of things… anyway….it has to have a “big name” in the championship game, the huge school that piles it up on opponents as often as possible, with a Big name Coach…Ohio State a non-championship team gets the #3 ranking….Penn State beats them on the field in regulation…but that really didn’t matter….they didn’t go OT to beat them (like Buckeyes did to Michigan)..the Nittany Lions have 2 losses but  they are the hottest team in the Big 10 right now(remember 2 years ago, Ohio State lost to a weak Va Tech team early but won the rest on schedule…so it was said..they’ve turned it around-put them in the BCS..but that didn’t apply to Penn State this year…look @ Ohio State’s season…is it really that good?   The Buckeyes hung on to beat Michigan State 17-16..Penn State beat the Spartans by 33; Ohio St beat Northwestern 24-20; Penn State lost to Pitt (8-3) by 3 points in a non-conference game..btw..Pitt beat Clemson… Ohio State non-league schedule was very weak except for an Oklahoma team that had no defense—Bowling Green, Tulsa and a Oklahoma team( 1-2 outside of the run-shoot Big 12); and Buckeyes needed  OT to beat Mich…what if you think a win in OT as less valuable than a win in regulation (like hockey does)? Oh well….it’s the “big names” that carry the day…the teams that will carry  huge TV numbers…the teams that pile it up to pad  their team stats offensively and defensively.  Take a quick look at how the Buckeyes piled it up on the weaker teams on their schedule to make the bottom line look sharp when committee members peruse through the numbers–

Vs Bowling Green—77pts 776 total yds ; 41 1st downs; 38:25 – possession;  11/13 in 3rd downs

Vs Rutgers  58 pts  669 total yards; 32  1st downs; 38:48 in possession; 10 of 16 in 3rd down

Vs Maryland 62 pts 521 total yards;  32 first downs; 31:45 possession;  7 of 13 in 3rd down

Vs Tulsa  48 pts 417 total yards; 20 1st downs; 33:53 in possession; 5 of 14 in 3rd down

I’m giving Ohio State credit for piling it up on Nebraska 62-3 a 9-3 team

Average of these 4 cupcakes:  61 ppg 595 yards offense per game!  

Other 7 opponents                    38 ppg 

So sure look at their “final” overall numbers and Ohio State’s inflated numbers seem impressive….and then the Buckeyes get matched up with Clemson (12-1) who won 5 very tight games….19-13 over Auburn; beat Troy 30-24 (guess Ulysses wasn’t available that dayJ)edged Louisville 42-36;  beat NC State in OT 24-17; lost to Pitt 43-42…that’s the same team that beat Penn State and doomed them…I mean is a close loss to Pitt (8-4)worse than a walkover win over Bowling Green?..anyway… Clemson then beat Va Tech 42-35…doesn’t matter…TV wanted Ohio State vs Alabama for the final game…and they’ll get it…btw…these so-called conference championship games—they don’t mean squat if you have a “big name”

….he knew how to play “chicken”….Yoenis Cespedes may have trouble running the bases, or catching flies, or hustling daily but he called the Mets bluff when he opted out of this contract and now resigns for $112 mil for 4 years….he knows that many of the star corp Met players should be peaking during the next 4 years so the Mets had to keep their one slugger.

…..A new limbo dance….despite mashing 41 dingers, Chris Carte was designated for assignment by Milwaukee…that’s the PC word for “ur outta here”…Carter led the league in HR but hit .199, led the league in strikeouts with 209 and was in line for $8.1 mil through arbitration in 2017..to add insult to injury….Milwaukee is the last place team in the NL Central…I mean how low can you go?

….where was Redd Foxx when we need him?….so the Bills go to the junkyard to find a cupcake but lose to Samford & Sons..at least Redd Fox could have made it seem funny.

…Globetrotters aren’t in Series….finally MLB corrected themselves and admitted that the All-Star game is an exhibition meant to entertain with little regard for winning not to determine which team gains an extra home field advantage in the World Series….

…fire better than ice…I think that the Jeff Fisher of the R_ _ _ should be grateful to Eric Dickerson who responds with fire in his emotional response about the play of the R_ _ _ and having his sideline pass revoked….he’s still a fan…..he’s angry but it’s because he is engaged….that’s much, much better than the icy cold, detached, apathetic reactions from folks roughly 1589 miles East of LA

…records are made to be broken…once it was thought that Wayne Gretzky’s 894 goals was unbreakable ..just like Aarons HR record and Gehrig’s consecutive streak were also considered “unbreakable” at one time…well….31 year old Alex Ovechkin now has 578….he’s not knocking the door down right now but at least he can get a glimpse of that record..in 6 more years he could do it…maybe when one considers that Jaromir Jagr turns 45 in February…hmm?

…1st shoe to drop….OK…so we resign Jaime for $12 mil to trade him for 3 minor league players who are in the early-mid-20’s and can’t make the MLB roster of the worst team in baseball…there’s gotta be more to this plan….so the 1st shoe to drop is the release of Seth Maness….whose career was severely shortened by his overuse in the past 3 seasons..I mean…he was out there as often as the ground crew…. I’m thinking…maybe its hope…. that this trade bolsters higher levels of Cards minor league teams so that the Cards may use some of the better minor leaguers in a major trade

….addition by subtraction….Mizzou dismissed another football player this week when Keyon Dilosa was removed after his domestic assault charge…when will  Mizzou stop getting into headlines like this every week?

…a gift for Goodwill and a kiss goodbye?….the Cubs sign John Jay to a 1 year deal….sure he could platoon with Albert Almora but still…the Cubbies have too many OF…I’m sure that the Cubs wish that they could give Heyward to goodwill…for nothing….just to clear a roster spot…and if Dexter Fowler had any intentions of returning again for 1 year…as he did last year …kiss that one goodbye.

…out of the blocks in a hurry…the Houston Astros aren’t waiting …the ‘stros have added some key pieces…the latest being the 1 year signing of Carlos Beltran..this 39 year old hit .295 with 29 dingers last year…not a bad gamble… also acquired was OF Josh Reddick (4 year deal), Brian McCann will now assume the catching duties and Nori Aoki adds OF depth..Houston seems poised to improve on their 84 win season of 2016 (down from 86 wins in 2015)

….mystery winner….this is a rare year…there isn’t one or two top candidates for the Heisman…generally the press likes to hype one guy all year to clear the path for that player…early on it was Christian McCaffrey but he didn’t excel early, got hurt mid-season and Stanford was bad…so he’s out the window..who will it be? Generally the top team’s star gets the nod…but can you can’t give it to the entire Bama defense can you?

….patience isn’t their strong suit….the TV viewers in LA have already switched their dials…last weekend the R_ _ _ were 4th in the market behind Oak-Carolina(understandable),  Denver-KC-not too many start there, and the killer behind a college game of no consequence –USC-ND

….Locked-Up; Locked Down; Locked-In; Locked-out….there are many facets to Drew Lock…he’s locked in when he drops back to “zero in” on one side of the field; he’s locked out…seemingly…when it comes to weight room work; he’s locked up when one considers his

league best 3,399 yards and 2nd in TD passes with 23; and he’s locked-down when one glances at the 2016 win total … the Tigers  won 4 games

…still paranoid?….as the coaching carousel begins rotating with Tom Hermann moving to Texas within hours of the end of the Longhorn season….the newest, hottest name out  now is Lane Kiffin….the Bama OC…Kiffin has stumbled as a head coach 3x already—Oakland Raiders. Tennessee and USC….he seemingly wasn’t “ready” at those times….Kiffin opened up the Bama offense in his 3 years with a spread offense yet he integrated in a power run game that seemed to be very effective…interestingly…Nick Saban is promoting Kiffin for the Houston job…he doesn’t want Kiffin to end up at a different SEC school….paranoid or what?

….pic of the week….A picture of Tony Romo taking scones out of the oven with the headline, “Thanksgiving’s just aren’t the same…. without Tony Romo’s turnovers”….ouch



  1. Jim Pleimann says:

    I will take the 5th this week. (but you sure covered a lot) I will wait til next week when I sure Mo, Manifesto and Mr. Dewitt are taken to the woodshed for not trading away Reyes and are grilled for the farm system being a bit on the weak side and leaving the winter meeting with nothing and sending Cardinal nation into a tizzy!

    But it was a good 5 game home stand by the local pond skaters. Nice to see them in the top 5 of the NHL. Now to the road…

    I am going to the liquor cabinet to work on a 5th that really matters!! Hic! Hehehehe

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