Ferrel Pounds Blog on Seckman @ Fox Volleyball Rivalry

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The first match of the season for Fox and Seckman results in a 1st match win for the Warriors. Scores for the match were 25-20 going to Seckman, and followed by two victories for Fox, 25-15, 25-18. Taylor Curran was named “LION’S CHOICE ATHLETE OF THE GAME “ for the Warriors, and her teammate Emma Neibert was named as the “ CUSTOM SHIRT GRAPHICS STANDOUT PLAYER OF THE GAME“.  The LION’S CHOICE ATHLETE OF THE GAME for Seckman was Leah Blocker.

It was a first match of the year for both teams, and it was first varsity match for many of the players for both teams. The infusion of youth may bring some bumps on the road but bodes well for the future of each program.

Seckman stormed out to a lead that they held throughout the first set, relying on steady play on their part through serving that forced poor passing for Fox. Fox also had many unforced hitting errors in the first set, but were able to overcome the first game deficit in the next two sets.

Fox stuck to a game plan of shorts serves to forced attackers to sometimes pass and backrow passers to have to move in order to get to the ball. Fox also ran a quick attack with their middles and ran plays that also put their outsides in a position to run a quick attack out of the middle.

A first match for each team, and fans should look forward to improvement with the youth movement that the programs are embracing.


Written by Ferrel Pounds

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