Ferrel Pounds VB Blog – Fox / Parkway South

A closely fought battle was had between the Patriots of Parkway South and the
Fox Warriors on the home court of Fox.  The match was won in two by the Patriots,
25-21 and 26-24.  The Warriors were down two outside attackers – sophomores
Taylor Curran and Emily Dabski – but were replaced admirably by Loren Wilfong
and the return of Jordan Johnson to the OH position.  The Patriots started
slowly but picked up steam through the offense of Kelly Peloton and the
consistent strength of their serving.  The serving forced Fox into a predictable
offensive pattern because of their less than normal stellar service receive.

Both teams gained and lost leads in each set, with Parkway South able to
play with fewer errors as each of the sets neared the end of play.

Lion’s Choice 212 Athlete of the Game was the Patriots’ Kelly Peloton.  The
Custom Shirt Standout Player of the Game was Jordan Johnson. Click here for the match

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