Game of Thrones by Bob Ryan

The Sports Game of Thrones is different than the televised version….no killings, no battles, no sex… oops… probably lost the interest of most of you already  … it’s a matter of merely sitting on designated thrones that are being awarded to winners of specific sports areas
…A special throne for Yadi Molina will be sitting right next to Mgr MM for the next time that Carson Kelly catches…this throne doesn’t require him to wear shin guards, talk to MM or smile throughout the entire game
…A special throne with razor edges for Tommy Pham who has an edge in his play & his talk
…A special throne for Kurt Warner sits…waiting for the banner above it…should it be “Man that provided the Lou with the most exciting NFL days in our history”…”man with the Biggest Fairy Tale of NFL History”..or “Joining the list of NFL QB who played in 3 Super Bowls-thus far an automatic qualifier to make HOF…..or maybe “Here sits a genuinely Good Man to his family and community”…you tell me…
…sitting on the “Much Ado about Nothing” throne are The Cardinals at the trading deadline
…Bowl tickets stuck in the top of a throne for the U of Missouri football team this season
…A salt & pepper crown for Harrison Bader who clearly needs more seasoning
…LA Dodgers arrive on a special bigger throne for their “moves” on the last day of the trading season—Yu Darvish (from Tx and LHP Tony Watson (from Pit) strengthen their staff on the front & back end of the games
….A throne for the smoothest fielding Cardinal infielder in 2017 sits empty…each current Cardinal infielder fumbled the ball while attempting to sit down on it
…Scott Van Slyke sits on a throne in an all-oxygen atmosphere since he gets some fresh air after his trade away from the LA Dodgers Bench to Cincinnati Reds
….A special quiet throne that moves silently upwards for the KC Royals—just as they’ve done in the standings
….A throne for “answering a lingering question” for 1.5 years is finally used by Derrick Goold who writes bluntly after 1.5 years of questions about why there was no Oquendo on staff after the Yadi instagram, “that there was likely a rift between Matheny and Oquendo when Oqundo was on the staff”….now squash all other rumors
…A pre-season throne for MO HS football is awarded to CBC by the Max Preps pre-Season Top 100. CBC was ranked #62 in the USA in the poll and they were the only Missouri team ranked in the top 100 in this poll.
…A special throne for creativity in throwing for Kolton Wong who continues to add to this title with throws in all directions while in his pivot throw attempting to complete the double play
….waiting in a strip club in Florida is a thrown named in “tribute” after former Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze..for some reason….no coach wants to go there….I guess they actually want to KEEP their jobs
…sitting on the throne currently for most complete games in 2017 is not Chris Sale, Max Scherzer or Clayton Kershaw…it is Ervin Santana (Minnesota) who now has 5 CG.
….Athletic Directors and Football Coaches at the High School level are sitting taller in their thrones on campus as a medical study done by JAMA Neurology suggests that former HS football players do NOT face an enhanced risk of Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy (CTE)
…Sitting on a throne with a specially designed arm rest is Matt Bowman who leads the NL in appearances through August 4 with 54…however sitting anxiously in the wings for the throne is Brett Cecil…just 2 games behind with 52 …many relief pitchers attempt to dodge this throne as they strive for career longevity
…. with the passing of Ara Parschegian, a throne for all the Notre Dame Coaches that have won National Football Championships has only 1 seat now… is filled by Lou Holtz
…a throne long held by the Cardinals Mgmt Team is their ability to manage their payroll and still win…that throne is starting to wobble. Already the Cards have commitments in excess of $110m for every season through 2020…in 2018, the Cards are the #8 team in the league in committed dollars, 5th in 2019 and the Cards have committed the most money in the entire MLB for 2020…clearly we know now at least one possible reason why the Cardinals did NOT go out and trade for a free agent at the deadline that they would have “pass on” next winter…Further the recent “heavy” signings of Leake & Fowler may limit us in the future but also currently are holding back key prospects in positions that the Cards seem well positioned in the minors..OF & starting pitching
…On a throne with a crown that has a mask that will be worn by Robbie Ray (AZ pitcher)
…the A-10 sits on a bare, skimpy, very tiny throne for their players going into the NBA…there were 0… players drafted by the NBA from their conference in the 2017 draft
….sitting on the throne for most wins since the all-Star game on Aug 1 is James Paxton (Seattle) with 5 (12-3, 2.70 ERA for the Mariners who are just 1 game over .500 for the season.
….on the throne for the fastest aging player is Steven Piscotty…he looks like a shell of last year
…A throne for the “toughest opening 3 weeks of the NCAA Football season” goes to Florida State…the Seminoles open with non-conference foe that most teams dodge—Alabama, catch their breath in week 2 with U of Lousiana-Monroe and then play U of Miami in week 3
…in Detroit, there is a throne with a velvet seat…necessary for those with very thin skin…designed for David Price who couldn’t take the honesty of announcer Dennis Eckersly about his performance on the field
….sitting on the throne for best unannounced “phenom” is John Brebbia…this 27 year old has a 1.84 ERA, 49 strikeouts in 53 innings and a whip of 0.81 in 39 games…no one ever heard of him until he arrived on the scene
…on the throne for the best last-place team in the MLB is Cincinnati…this throne is not highly coveted
…through Aug 1, Lance Lynn..who wears the #2 or #3 throne on the Cards rotation feels like he should be considered as the ace on the Cardinals pitching staff. He has more wins 10-7, lower ERA 3.20 to 3.59, better WHIP 1.12 to 1.21 than Carlos Martinez who is commonly referred to as the ACE by the media. Lynn is generally referred to as a bulldog, having a chip, consistent, reliable …he wonders why HE isn’t called the ace….
…the Marlins have a 2-seated throne for their next starting QB spot (now that Tannehill is injured) for this year…one is entitled “BAD” (Jay Cutler) and the other WORSE (Colin Kaepernick)..boy…reminds me of our last few Rams years
…on the throne currently for NL Mgr of the Year is Greg Counsell (Milwaukee)
…on the non-stick throne-where every person slides off… is Sam Tuivailala. He’s been “called up” from the minors 5 times this year and 15 different times since Sept 2014…ya know…if the organization can’t decide in 15 different looks in the Major Leagues if you are good enough….Ya gotta wonder
…The special throne for Barry Odum is being constructed…it has a miniature jet propelled rocket under the throne….Barry will be asked to sit on this throne if Mizzou doesn’t make a bowl game
…The Throne for the “2 biggest surprises” has Yadier Molina sitting on it…not for his play behind the plate …but who would have thought that a) the OLDEST player on the team would cause the biggest stir on Instagram and b) that Yadi would have the most HITS on the team on Aug 4th!
…Sitting on the throne as the writer of this blog next week is Jim Pleiman…Jim is an experienced, professional, logical writer…qualities that you don’t observe in my weekly efforts…. continue to look for it next Monday on the Prepcasts site..if you’ve missed any of the recent blogs …several all listed right on the site so “catch up”


  1. Joe Parisi says:

    Creative take on ” Game of Thrones”….

    Just heard “Mo” being interviewed on radio by Kilcoin & Marlow…
    – pleased Cards are still ” in it”
    – feels team is close
    – said they will spend on free agents if necessary but is excited about minor league / international players in their system
    – avoided the Molina/ Matheny rift stating it’s an in house issue
    – was not shy in voicing his displeasure with Pham / Gyrko making statements to media that team is not very good, slow, no power etc.

    Net. Team doesn’t have to settle issues in the public, but cannot allow ” the inmates to run the asylum”.
    They have placed Yadi on a pedestal for years. He should address Matheny as a man… not bitch via social media. Pham?? C’mon… 3 good months in his 12th yr in organization… move him during off season. Either tell Yadi that he is a player, not the mgr and if Kelly is the future catcher, he plays 2-3 per week. If not, trade Kelly rather than stunt his development.

    Carp and Waino should be leaders/ clubhouse ” cops”.

    Look for lots of off season moves…. can’t sit on past success!

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