HS Football – Marquette 7 @ Lindbergh 42

HS Football – Marquette @ Lindbergh – Click here for the game –  Leave a comment/shout out to your favorite player to read


  1. Note: the entire half time show will be shown …. commercial free … so watch the great band as well as the game.

  2. Tony Floyd says:

    It was a great senior night at Lindbergh High School. The Lindbergh Flyers would defeat the Marquette Mustangs by the score of 42 to 7. We saw great play on both sides of the ball for the Flyers. The Mustangs were able to move the ball some on the ground but very little in the air. Rushing they had 36 carries for 145 yards. They would complete 7 passes for 36 yards. Big John McNamara would lock down the middle of the line for the Flyers and come up with six tackles on the night.
    Chuck Houska would complete 13 passes for 309 yards and 5 were touchdowns. Garrett Krueger caught 6 passes for 121 yards and had 2 touchdowns. Devin Hartzell caught 3 passes for 40 yards. Logan Offner caught 2 passes for 63 yards and 1 was a touchdown. Ben Kraft caught 2 passes for 43 yards and 1 was a touchdown. Carl Lovely caught 1 pass for 50 yards and it was a touchdown.
    The Flyers got their rushing game going also. They had 24 carries for 147 net yards. Garrett Krueger would lead the defense with 8 solo tackles. He had 1 assist tackle also.
    Garrett Krueger and Chuck Houska were named the Lion’s Choice Athlete’s of the Game and Logan Offner was the Custom Shirt Graphics player of the game.
    Tony Floyd

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