Jim Pleimann Blog – Week 3 – Fox / Northwest

What a great atmosphere last night at Northwest!  The place was packed. People
standing all over.  The little girls cheering.  While all that was going on
there was a great high school football game going on.
it looked like the
Lions were going to get that elusive win over Fox until the Warriors pulled off
and well earned come-from-behind win.  You have to hand it to them putting
together an 80-yard drive in the final five minutes.
With that said, it was
not all bad for the Lions.  They once again put together a fine 4th quarter
drive to take the lead in this hard-fought battle.  Many players had very good
games.  Nothing to hang there heads about.  It will sting for a day or two but
you have to shake it off and get ready for the next one.  Thanks to all for the
great hospitality last night and for putting on an entertaining

Lions Choice 212 Athlete of the Game was Cole Peters.  Stand out Player of
the Game from Custom Shirt Graphics was Jesse Myers.  Congrats to both!

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