Missing the Goal by Bob Ryan

This past week, the vote to build a new downtown stadium was rejected by the St Louis City citizens….now….I’m probably the only South Side kid that grew up that didn’t play soccer….being the oldest..my Mom thought it was:” too rough”….anyway…I’m listing that qualifier to some of these thoughts about the soccer stadium issues—

….considering that a good portion of the fans that would have attended the soccer games would have been county people….it seems a bit unfair to me to have the city citizens alone being asked to shoulder the burden of the cost ….now I know that it was indicated that some ….or much… of the money would come from sales of tickets….but …come on….if the city wasn’t paying something… probably the majority…..why would they even be voting on it?

… I’m hoping that someday …short of a merger…a region wide Sports Commission will be installed…it would handle sports related issues and it would include City, County and maybe even St. Charles County…it’s probably a “pie in the sky” hope but although it’s not quite as serious as a revolution, Ben Franklin said, “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang”..I don’t mean that literally but as a region the Lou isn’t the dynamic area that it was 100 years ago…maybe even 50 years ago…. and votes like this only make Stan Kronke’s statement as he walked out the door, “St Louis isn’t a 3 sport town” seem accurate…ugh…it’s hard to say that he may have been right!

….regarding city/counties even paying for stadiums that provide income…the huge income.. almost exclusively …goes only to  the owners & players… .let them also be the entity that accepts the payment of the infrastructure to generate that gigantic income.  City governments gain some tax money but nothing like the owners…they  should assist is a mild manner…if at all.

…oh and one more thing….the next “drive, petition …or whatever to build something”…don’t hire Dave Peacock to lead the show….he’s 0 for 2 at this point J I’d put him right there with George Pickett in successful charges to success.

….somehow …somehow…I hope that St Louis gets another chance to procure an MLS team -even though it’s very unlikely that I’ll ever go to a game…how about 2 or 3 or 4 larger investors become part of the ownership group? They seem to need more “Daddy Big Bucks” to get over the hump…. where are the owners from down the street when you need them?   We really missed the goal here!


1st week of Cardinal baseball….

…..Johnny Peralta’s bat still seems slow to me….I don’t think that Jed Gyorko would be an effective every-day 3B….on this roster…solution is Adams 1B, Carp 3B when you want two left handed hitters in the lineup

…speaking of Carp…I wonder if he’s been moved to 1B due to his back….he doesn’t get nearly as many ground balls at 1B as 3B or 2B…I sense that his back is worse than we know

…Wainwright looks like a 5-6 inning pitcher to me at this stage of his career…there will be an exception every so often…but don’t expect it to happen too often…in this era….that’s fine.

….what a hellacious AB and trip around the bases for Stephen Piscotty huh? For those of you who didn’t see the game, he was hit on one elbow at the plate, hit on the other elbow sliding into 2B and then as he scored a throw from a field struck him in the head (helmet was on)

…Cards sign Stephen Piscotty to a 6 year deal….may have seemed premature to some….some considerations…last year played in 153 games (only Cardinal with more than 150); led team in RBI-85; led team in game winning RBI-10; led team in runs(86); led team in total bases-266; tied for team lead in SB-7; hit .363 with runners in scoring position-2nd in the National League, drove home 37 runs with 2 outs (best on team & 6th in league)…and for u stat guys…he had the 2nd best Wins Above Replacement (WAR) among NL Right fielders @ 2.8  (only behind Bryce Harper)….he isn’t flashy, demonstrative, probably never going to be the “star” of the team…but the Cards think that he’s Mr. Reliable…and we’ll tie you up for 6 years.

…so don’t go jumping off the Musial Bridge over the start of the season….look just 1 year ago at the records after 1 week..the Cards are OK….

Tm W L W-L% GB RS RA pythW-L%
CIN 5 1 .833 31 18 .730
CHC 5 1 .833 42 15 .868
SFG 5 2 .714 0.5 43 25 .730
WSN 3 1 .750 1.0 15 12 .601
PIT 4 2 .667 1.0 23 19 .587
LAD 4 3 .571 1.5 42 26 .706
STL 3 3 .500 2.0 38 28 .636
MIL 3 3 .500 2.0 21 29 .356
COL 3 3 .500 2.0 35 51 .334
NYM 2 3 .400 2.5 14 12 .570
PHI 2 4 .333 3.0 18 28 .308
SDP 2 4 .333 3.0 32 40 .399
MIA 1 3 .250 3.0 18 23 .390
ARI 2 5 .286 3.5 33 47 .344
ATL 0 5 .000 4.5 17 38 .187


The Cardinals…like all teams…must continue to “turn over” the roster….but I was really surprised when I looked at the roster for the start of the 2014 season…just 3 years ago…not ONE of these 5 OF on opening day 2014 are still with the team! The bullpen has dropped 5 of the guys ..which is not too surprising..but who was …is…K.Butler?  The starting rotation stll has 3 of the 5 in our starting staff… and 4 if you count the natural progression of Martinez from pen to starter. In the infield  only subs– Tony Cruz ,Mark Ellis, Pete Kozma & Daniel Descalso have left from the infield

2014 Opening Day MLB 25-Man Roster

Infield—                      Outfielders                        Starting Rotation                   Bullpen

C- Molina                 LF- Holliday                        Wainwright                               LHP-Choate

1b-Adams                 CF-Bourjos                          Lynn                                             RHP-Neshek

2b-Wong                   RF-Craig                               Kelly                                             RHP-Rosenthal

3b-Carpenter                   Jay                                  S.Miller                                       RHP-Maness

SS-Peralta                     S.Robinson                      Wacha                                         RHP-C.Martinez

IN-Descalso                                                              J.Garcia-DL                                LHP-Siegrest

IF-Kozma                                                                                                                           RHP-K.Butler

C-T.Cruz                                                                                                                              DL: J.Motte



A quick Blues rush up the ice & other hockey stuff…

..why all the fuss about obtaining Sobotka?   He has won over 60% of his faceoffs…with their usual faceoff man –Stastny– out….the Blues are looking ahead to the playoffs when faceoffs are much more common and more important..

….top 5 Blues players in +/- to this  point..…..here ya go..

Jaden Schwartz +14, Robert Bortuzzo +11, Joel Edmundson +10,Magnus Paajarvi +9, Colton Parayko +7.. seems strange that there are 3 defenseman?

….Vladimir Tarasenko is in a 5 way tie for 5th place in the NHL for  even strength goals with 26…..much to my surprise…former Blue– TJ Oshie has 24 even strength goals…I remember him being a passer more than a scorer in the Lou

….Then….the NHL owners say….”the NHL players will not play in the Olympics…matter closed”.. right!….  I think it may change…while the owners have very legitimate points about missing 3 key weeks of hockey season….already some owners have said that they will release their players during that time….let this percolate a bit longer….there will be a concession or compromise of some sort to accommodate the Olympics..the entire sport really  missed the goal!


Establishing a new goal! 

The best basketball recruiter that Mizzou has ever had …ever!  Is Michael Porter Jr….it really does make sense that good players can woo other highly talented players to join them without any other incentive other than to be on a good…probably very good .. team….he seems to have one superstar and 2/3 possible players  in the top 30 ranked players ready to join Mizzou…WOW


Other MLB 1st week observations….

….like them or not…the Cubs defense is very good…even after a 2 error day…Schwarber is the only weak defensive player….we talk about their hitting…but their fielding is really superb

…on the other hand for the Cubs, other than the closer Wade Davis, the Cubs bullpen looks worse than last year to me….it’s their Achilles Heel…or Achilles Arm 

….seems like Cincy has made a concerted effort not only to draft good baseball prospects but to sign extremely talented athletes as indicated by two of their pitchers on Friday night.. Amir Garrett & Michael Lorenzen….the starting staff is still a bit thin but the progress in the pen is noticeable…last year Tony Cingrani was the closer…now he’s listed as #3 or #4 out of the pen..I don’t think that they are a playoff team…but they seem improved to me….and we’ll see a lot of them….the Cards host the Reds again for a 3 game set in the last days of April. The Reds  goal is .500 (which would be a huge improvement)

…can’t decide which is more surprising—SF Giants @ 1-5 or Arizona @ 5-1 after 6 games? The Giants team ERA of 5.98 (and that’s including Madison Bumgarners’ 3.00era in 15 of the Giants 49 innings!!) answered my question there…the D-Backs high  .322 team batting average has been the engine that has propelled this 1st week of wins…I don’t lk their closer, Fernando Rodney…I think he’ll be toast by July 1 and dumped from his role…but Zach Greineke has produced two strong games this week so Arizona is hoping that he’ll fulfill their hopes of a dominant starter in 2017.

…so Albert is 1 for 20 to start the season….ugh..he needs 170ish hits for 3000 hits….he may have a tough time making it this year…. last year he had 159 hits in 650 AB… in a “normal” year hitting .250 and getting 600 AB…he’ll get 150 hits… will it drag out anther year? He claims he’s 37 years old…I’m a non-believer of that stat….but he’ll keep playing until he hits the 3000 hit goal!!


That’s it for me….I hit my goal….getting you to the bottom.  Have a great week!!







  1. Joe Parisi says:

    As always, good stuff….
    A few thoughts…
    Soccer: not a huge soccer fan, but would have voted FOR if I was a city resident. Kept hearing of the marketing the group did to push the vote. Sorry, but rally’s at BP Village, shaking hands at fish frys. I don’t think voters really understood the consumption tax. Thought their paychecks would be affected. I saw tv ads for StL Mayor candidates, as well as debates on KSDK and Public TV… nothing for stadium. These guys are big biz execs? Also, from what has been reported, little to no contact on North Side… again, separating north/ south side… formula for failure.

    Cardinals: To think FOWLER & Cecil would lead Birds to World Series. ??? Grichuk LF, FOWLER CF, Piscotty RF, Carpenter 3B, Diaz Ss, Gyrko 2b, Adams 1B, Yadi C…. stick to it!!’
    I believe league has figured OH out. Better makes adjustments ! If healthy, Rosenthal could return to closer role. Starters look good, but if pen can’t preserve leads, poor morale sets in. Don’t wait too long to make adjustments, if pen troubles continue.

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