Owen Shroyer Blog – Howell North vs Vianney – Week 1

Howell North and Vianney was a game of momentum. It started slow with penalties and miscommunications, but it was Howell who got on the board first with a long run from their running back Jordan Moody. It was all Vianney after that, Markel Smith was running all over the field and Vianney’s interior defensive line was extremely impaction in the tranches.

As we approached the 4th, Vianney found themselves with all the momentum. Up 35-14, it looked to be all Griffins. After a turnover and a couple touchdowns though Howell North had Vianney against the wall as they made it 35-28 in the fourth quarter. Coach Day for Vianney put the ball in the hands of Smith who took a screen play to the house for 60 plus yards, and Vianney never looked back from there, winning 42-28.

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