Pleimann’s Pieces 1.14.19

Pleimann’s Pieces…

The “Powers That Be” are letting me ramble again this week as I sub for the irreplaceable Bob Ryan.  Bob will be back in this space next week as I think the infamous assignment he is on, will be completed.  I am just giving a few thoughts on the sports scene here in St. Louis.  That in-depth fact-digging you get from Bob?  I don’t have that kind of time – I am not retired like he is!  Ha!

I thought the first three games of the NFL playoffs last  weekend  would be the best match-ups. It was completely the opposite with the Rams, Chiefs and Patriots easily winning.  The game I thought would be a blowout was the Saints and Eagles. It turned out to be the only good game (in my opinion) of the weekend.

The best four teams in the NFL remain.  I’d love to see Kansas City win at home in front of their championship-starved fans.  Remember they have home field advantage only because of the crazy lateral play the Dolphins beat New England on the last play of their game.  I think they have a chance but Tom Brady sure looked good in defeating the Chargers.  Is he the best-ever quarterback? 

That leaves the Saints and the Rams.  I will be hate-watching as I peek at this one.  I am one of those who are still so angry that we lost another football team.  I miss it.  I hope the Rams fall apart and lay an egg in New Orleans.  (But they are good, you can’t take that away from them).  Jeff Fisher would never have this team where they are now I can promise you that. 

What could be worse than watching Stan Kroenke being interviewed and raising the NFC trophy or worse yet the Lombardi trophy at the Super Bowl?

Will Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and all the rest ever sign?  Will it be before spring training starts?  As a fan, this is frustrating to see.  This is yet another year this drags on.  To me it is not helping the game at all.

There are so many signs that are leading to a huge work stoppage in 2022.  Owners, players and agents are nowhere near being on the same page as owners are refusing to sign long term contracts in most cases to players who are a little too old to command them.  There are very few statistics that will back up signing 32-35 year old will remain productive in their later years.  I wouldn’t pay them either! 

Players need to become free agents sooner in the process.  Arbitration is a problem.  There will be a lot to iron out.

I see a number of Blues players being traded in the very near future.  Much maligned Jay Bouwmeester could help a team down the stretch with his veteran savvy.  Not sure who would take on Alexander Steen’s contract but he could help somebody.  David Perron?

Heck, almost anybody – I know he’s not having the best of seasons if Vladimir Tarasenko is moved, (rumor mill) it better be to the Eastern conference because he is the kind of guy who would kill us if we played against him four times a year or in a playoff series.  He still has a lot of goals left on his stick.  I would hold on to him.

It is becoming obvious that Jake Allen will not lead us to the promised land.

I can’t wait to see what the Blues do for a coach.  I don’t think Craig Berube is the answer they are looking for.  They need a coach who has delivered the Stanley Cup.  A coach who knows what it takes to work, unify  and to get the whole team to work together and be on the same page. 

Consistency for this team would be nice. A power play that scoresd a few goals would be nice. 

Yet, as I write this they have just beat the defending Stanley Cup champions for the second straight time.  This time on the road!    Oh, oh, this just in… the Blues are at the .500 mark!  Maybe they won’t sell…  stay tuned….  They make you dizzy!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read – if you made it to the end. 

 I hear there could be another snow storm coming to the area this coming weekend.  Make sure you have plenty of gas in your car this time and if you work, leave earlier!!

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