Post-Season Phobia, Phun, Phacts by Bob Ryan

2015 post season mlb picBaseball Playoffs are on the near horizon….let’s take a quick glance at some recent history of playoffs….

The MLB heard for many years about the “quick turnaround” of NFL teams…they head that it made the NFL exciting…ya never knew would this be the year of an unknown team catapulting to the top (like the Greatest Team on Turf)…no team …it seemed was certain to be in the NFL playoffs…so the MLB added a wild card …then another last year in an attempt to capture more fans and add excitement to the sport…

Well…maybe they’re very close…..using the last 5 years of playoffs for the MLB & NFL..the MLB has seen 70% of its teams reach the playoffs while the NFL saw 75% extend beyond the regular season….relatively close

One might actually argue that the MLB had better parity in its post-season teams then their NFL counterparts….NO MLB team made it to the playoffs all 5 years while TWO NFL teams …one in each division did so. Further, 5 teams in the NFL played in 4 of the last 5 playoffs while on 2 MLB teams did so….if you’re trying to elevate high fan support in a city…get their team in the Super Bowl…or in the World Series….it appears that the MLB has done a better job of spreading the wealth….listed at the bottom of this blog are the charts for the playoffs….it was kinda jarring to see that some of these baseball/football teams were in recent playoffs…I had forgotton all about their “Kreskin Like” (now you see me, now I’ve disappeared) showings of some of these Wild Card teams…

Some Cardinal Playoff questions…

Rotation?   Manifesto Mike has indicated that he’ll go with a 4 man rotation…I suppose Lackey draws the game 1 & 5 assignments..

….Molina….this is the one that exposes the Redbirds least depth…Tony Cruz can catch…can’t throw as well…can’t hit as well…can’t handle pitchers as well..enough “can’ts….you have the idea…….it also impacts the roster

…..Roster…perhaps much tougher than usual due to the injuries…I’ve revised this myself 4X since writing it down the 1st time last Wed…the continual emergence of youthful contributors in the OF….this Cardinal team has the best record in baseball WITHOUT any player leading any category or having a career year (other than the rookies)


OF–Holliday, Grichuk, Piscotty, Heyward, Pham,

INF- Carpenter, Peralta, Wong, Adams, Reynolds, Garcia

C—Molina, Cruz   13 field players     That omits Bourjos, Kozma, Moss, Jay

I think the Cards will go 4 man rotation—

Lackey, Wacha, Garcia, Lynn


Rosenthal, Choate, Villenauva, Wainwright, Cisek, Maness, Siegrest, Belisle    12 pitchers

Omitted—Harris, Socolovich, Lyons, Twoey-twoey-talvia, Broxton

Several ??? arise…

Why Wainwright….I think you want him as a relief guy …believe it or not….we need to bridge it to Rosenthal….the excessive use of Siegriest (75 games), Manness (72 games), Choate (68 games) + Rosey (65 games) has left all of them …save Rosenthal…a bit frayed…..the current “King of Cardinal Moundsmen” also brings a presence

Why Garcia over Kozma? We don’t need a 3rd string catcher on the bench…I’ve never heard of TWO catchers getting injuried in one game…and if one does get hurt…use the DL and insert Kozma if there is an injury..Garcia can hit so much better and for a team that hits the ball like their bats are made out of Kleenex…any extra hitting is appreciate

Why not Bourjos?   His abysmal hitting and Pham or Grichuk both bring more than just fast legs

Why not Jay?   He has not been able to get the AB & playing time to regain is best form

Why Belisle? With his return seemingly complete…Belisle was extremely effective in April-May….Broxton has been good but not as good as Belisle demonstrated

Other baseball ramblings…

….NYY look in trouble in playoffs….ARod & Texiara are showing their age in the last few weeks

….the Mets will really have to work on the bullpen for 2016…so many of their youthful pitchers are being limited to 5 or 6 innings….the way that the game is played now with no relief pitcher ever thinking about…much less pitching more than 1 inning…it takes a toll and the current Met bullpen has their arms dragging as the season closes out

…for some reason I just don’t look at the Dodgers as a World Series team…they have the best 1-2 punch at the top of their staff… so…maybe in a short series they’ll prevail… but….I just don’t feel it.

…the removal of Greg Holland as the KC Closer seemed like an abrupt knee-jerk reaction…not so…KC has been concerned for weeks about the decline of the fastball velocity and the spin rate of his breaking ball…when a 10 day layoff did not change the drop in these areas, KC made the move to Wade Davis as closer..he moves up from the 8th inning man to the 9th inning man….seemingly no difference….don’t kid yourself….the toughest OUTS to get …by far…are the last 3 winning outs

….I’m somewhat concerned about Mike Shannon….for him to “be on assignment” in September with the Cards closing in on post-season…just doesn’t seem right to me….I’m hoping that there isn’t some type of physical issue here…Ol’ Moon Man has been a long-time fixture in that booth

….Houston is staggering to the finish …will they hold on for the 2nd playoff spot in the AL?

…I’ve modified my thoughts…it happens about every 10 seconds…anyway….Jake Arrieta (Cubs) has pushed his way into the NL Cy Young Award considerations….I thought a few weeks ago that Zach Greinke (Dodgers) had locked it up

Football blurbs…

…Plato said, “What are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is a habit not an act”…with that in mind…Mizzou has not demonstrated that excellent habit to this point of the season so one should not be really surprised by the Kentucky defeat. Without an offense that can consistently move the ball, it puts too much continual pressure on the defense…gee…that sounds very familiar with another area team…one that plays on Sundays J

…Scoring in HS football has gone crazy…I covered a game Friday night that finished 69-21(SM over rival DB)…there were other wild scores this week like 72-65, 41-25, 63-37 (those were the close ones..there were plenty of 63-6, 45-8, 52-0 blow-outs)… generally new offenses jump ahead of defenses temporary and then the defenses “catch up” in time…not so with these zone reads (same blocking schemes), multiple plays called in huddle & QB chooses one or audibles….year round workouts now enhance the offensive skill development of skill playes i.e. QB, WR, RB and also provide many more reps for the less glamorous but most essential…blocking skills & assignments

….Michigan football is on the way back while Texas dropped to 1-3 as they lost to Okie State 30-27…are they the Short Horns now? Funny…it was Texas that sowed the seeds of discontent in the Big 12 by initiating & flaunting their own network…some schools thought it was an unlevel playing field so began to “look around”

….surely not the best team but probably the most exciting team to watch is Texas Tech…they really score on offense while constantly being plundered defensively

Yogi…can’t ignore the passing of the great one from the hill…..think of this …he played on 10 world series championship teams, was the league MVP 3X, Hit 358 HR#84 All-time —3 less than Joe DMaggio, 2150 hits, 18X All-star….some say now..he was the glue of the NYY…he was a part of the D-Day invasion….a strong family man…..had an incredible relationship with Derek Jeter….but….more important than all of that…at least to me…is not his humorous malapropisms that smacked of truth and irony at the same time but… as one person recently said…when you think of Yogi…you smile…how many people can you say that about? We need more Yogi’s …even if they can’t play baseball J



 NE Patriots  Cin Bengals  Pittsburgh Steelers Indianapolis Colts  Denver Broncos Baltimore Ravens

 Dallas Cowboys  Green Bay Packers  Det Lions Car Panthers  Seattle Seahawks  Arizona Cardinals


NE Patriots   Cin Bengals  Indianapolis Colts  Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs San Diego Chargers

Green Bay Packers   Car Panthers    Seattle Seahawks  Phil Eagles New Orleans Saints SF 49ers


NE Patriots  Cin Bengals  Indianapolis Colts  Denver Broncos  Houston Texans  Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay Packers  Seattle Seahawks  Wash Redskins    Minn Vikings    Atlanta Falcons    SF 49ers


NE Patriots – Cincinnati Bengals   Pittsburgh Steelers     Denver Broncos  – Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans

NY Giants    Green Bay Packers     Detroit Lions    SF 49ers    Atlanta Falcons   New Orleans Saints


NE Patriots    Pittsburgh Steelers   New York Jets  Indianapolis Colts  KC Chiefs   Baltimore Ravens

Chicago Bears   Phil Eagles  Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints  Atl Falcons   Seattle Seahawks

Never in playoffs 2010-3014 – 8 teams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers St. Louis Rams   Oakland Raiders    Tennessee Titans   Jacksonville Jaguars

Cleveland Browns         Buffalo Bills     Miami Dolphins

….slow NFL starts usually doom YOU…even a 0-2 start…only 3 super bowl champions began their season @ 0-2 and “righted the course to win it all”…1993 Cowboys (lost 1st 2 games as Emmitt Smith held out); 2001 NE …Brady replaced injured Drew Bledsoe; 2007 NY Giants come on strong to defeat NE in super bowl

Btw….Tom Brady is the only 3X MVP of the Super Bowl

ALL 5 years– New England Patriots    Green Bay Packers

4 years playoffs   – Cincinnati Bengals (last 4 straight years)

      Seattle Seahawks Indianapolis Colts       Baltimore Ravens  Denver Broncos

3 X Pittsburgh Steelers  New Orleans Saints    Atlanta Falcons   San Francisco 49ers

2x Kansas City Chiefs   Houston Texans       Carolina Panthers  Philadelphia Eagles   Detroit Lions

1x  San Diego Chargers  New York Jets         Arizona Cardinals  New York Giants    Dallas Cowboys                   Washington Redskins      Minnesota Vikings       Chicago Bears

           MLB Playoff teams 2010-2014

                ————-4 playoff appearances————

           StL Cards                                           Detroit

2014 lost to SF Giants in NLCS               2014 lost in ALDS to Baltimore

2013 lost to Red Sox in World Series   2013 lost ALCS to Boston

2012 lost to SF Giants in NLCS                 2012 lost World Series to SF Giants

2011 Won world Series over Texas       2011 lost in ALCS to Texas

——————————3 playoff appearances——————————-

Texas                                                                           SF GIANTS

2012 lost AL WC to Baltimore                     2014 won World Series over KC

2011 lost World Series to StL Cards           2012 won World Series over Detroit

2010 lost World Series to SF Giants           2010 won World Series over Texas

Cincy                                                                       Tampa Bay Rays

2013 lost NL WC to Pittsburgh                   2013 lost ALDS to Boston

2012 lost NL DS to SF Giants                         2011 lost ALDS to Texas

2010 lost NLDS to Philly                                 2010 lost ALDS to Texas

Oakland A’s                                                               Atlanta

2014 lost AL WC to KC Royals                     2013 lost NLDS to LA Dodgers

2013 lost ALDS to Detroit                             2012 lost NL   WC to StL Cards

2012 lost ALDS to Detroit                             2010 lost NLDS to SFG

————————————2 PLAYOFF APPEARANCES——————————

NY Yankees                                       Washington Nationals

2012 lost ALCS to Detroit             2014 lost NLDS to SF Giants

2010 lost ALDS to Minn               2012 lost NLDS to StL Cards

LA Dodgers                                            Baltimore

2014 lost NLDS to StL Cards         2014 lost ALCS to KC Royals

2013 lost NLCS to StL Cards           2012 lost AL WC to Texas          

Pittsburgh                                                    Philly

2014 lost NL WC to SF Giants     2011 lost NLDS to StL Cards

2013 lost to StL Cards in NLDS       2010 lost NLDS to Cincy

———————————–1 playoff appearance———————————

Boston Red Sox                                                Los Angeles Angels

2013 won World Series over StL Cards   2014 lost ALDS to KC Royals

Milwaukee                                                               Minnesota

2011 lost NLCS to StL Cards                        2010 lost ALDS to NYY

Arizona                                                               Kansas City Royals

2010 lost NLDS to Milwaukee           2014 lost World Series to SF Giants


2013 lost AL WC To Tampa Bay


21 teams have made at least ONE playoff series in the years 2010-2014

Which 9 have not …… it looks like 3 of these teams will make it this year)

AL—Toronto, Seattle, Houston , White Sox

NL—Cubs, Mets, Miami, San Diego and Colorado

Responses ALWAYS invited…you can agree/’s just great hearing “your take” on some of these thoughts

Either 1) respond on web site 2) email me

Btw…one reader on-line asked me last week where I had taught…so…here goes……..

2+ years @ Scruggs Elem School (StL Public)..started 7 days after being discharged from the USA Army in mid-march

11 years @ Rosary High School

2 years @ St Louis Prep Seminary –North

4 years @ St Louis Prep Seminary

21 years @ CBC High School


  1. Regarding the 25 man post-season roster, I could not carry Randy (one-batter) Choate; would rather have Lyons who could go several innings if necessary.
    If he is healthy,Wainwright is fine, but I do like Harris. Your other choices are good.

    For non-pitchers I am still not an Adams fan (for much the same reasons as Moss:
    too many K’s and not trying to beat the shift), so I think Jay could be more helpful
    (he can play anywhere in the outfield,could pinch run, can bunt, and probably could play 1st base in an emergency). Your other choices are good.

    These choices are, of course, based upon no one else getting hurt.

    By the way, is there any way Matheny could be excluded from the post-season?

    Rich Judd

  2. Bob,

    Great job of doing the research and posting all of those Stats. On the Cardinal Post season roster, I would add Jay and Bourjas and drop Villinuava and Belisle. Yes, I would only have 10 pitchers on the roster, as they won’t use them all anyway and the Cards could use two extra position players on the bench

  3. Jim Pleimann says:

    I too have seen the high school football scores. In my opinion, I see many boring lopsided games. Where’s the parity? How many good games happen every Friday? (Not too many). You and I are pretty close on the roster but Choate? Talk about a wasted spot…..

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