Sliding into second … by Bob Ryan

stlcards logoThe Cards fans are gasping for air….stub hub isn’t deluged any longer for the exhorbantly high prices being asked by season ticket holders… radio now has hundreds waiting to discuss “their” team…statues of Mike Matheny are being put back into the closet (temporarily)…..physicians have been swamped by many with “high blood pressure”…Rams are actually getting the front page of the sports section….what’s going on with the Birds as they slide into the 2nd part of the season….the real important part….the post-season. Until the last few days, for the most part, Pitching has carried the club…hitting has been good (on occasion), fair (usually), poor (at times)…maybe it took 5 months for the injuries of Holliday, Adams, Jay, Wainwright to finally catch up to the high-flying Birds…let’s take a closer look…


Since All-Star Break…take a look at the batting stats


NAME                G        ab     HIT     R   2B   3B   hr   rbi   BB   SO   SB   CS   AVG   OBP   SLUG  OPS    

Peralta             51       185     42    18   4     1     3     14     13   36     0     2     .227    .287   .308    .595

Molina             49        68      45     9     7    2     2     27     13   12      2     0     .268    .314   .369    .683

Wong               47       180     42    20    6    1     2     18     10   32     5     4     .233     .289   .311    .600

Carpenter      53         98     50    33   14    1     12    29   26    59    0     1    .253     .341    .515     .856

Reynolds         44        121     30   14    7   0      4     12    17   29     0      2   .248     .355   .405     .760

Moss                 36         101     22   10   3   1     4       8   14   32       0     0    .218     .325   .386     .711

Holliday           11           29       6     3     3   0     1     5     6      5       0     0   .207     .361     .414    .775

Grichuk             31         104     30   19   5   1     9     20     9     39    1      1   .288     .357   .615     .972

Bourjos             38           40       3     5     1   0     1     2     3     15      0      1   .075     .196   .175    .371

Piscotty           49         182     60   21   13   4     4     30   12   44     2       0   .330     .371   .511     .882

Heyward         53         182     59   28   13   4     2     22   21   24    10     1   .324     .392     .473     .865



Some thoughts pop right up (like a ball off the bat of Brandon Moss)…

…no wonder we’re struggling

…the middle infielders have really fallen off, yet Peralta has the most games played of any of the players listed?

….smoke-screen alert! The Cardinals MAY have been working on Piscotty at 1B in the minors but….I think they were holding him back to extend a year on the arbitration level….otherwise…why keep him down….I was way off…I was under the impression that he couldn’t hit in the minors …so…he wasn’t brought up….but now….it appears he could hit but the Cards mgmt. wanted to put off the big salary for him

…should Reynolds being playing more at 2B when you compare his stats with Wongs?

…why can’t Grichuk learn the rudimentary fundamentals for playing 1b? Judging from above…our lineup should have Holliday, Heyward, Piscotty, Grichuk with Adams facing all right handers(choose 4 of these 5) EVERY more Reynolds, Moss, Garcia!

…give up on the Moss experiment…he’s not a Will Clark type of addition….I feel sorry for the guy who was so excited about coming to the Lou but…..simply…he can’t cut it

…why are we resting players NOW?   Rest them for September not IN September…the only regulars that should be sitting are on non-contending teams and those teams are looking at young prospects

…why is Bourjos still on the roster?…in my opinion, there isn’t ANY way that he belongs on the post-season roster

…I guess I’ll give Manifesto Mike credit for ingenuity when Grichuk was shoveling the ball to other OF defensively but…really?(can you hear the tone?)…this is the major leagues…is he hurt or not?


Some other baseball thoughts….

….Greinke has to be the NL Cy Young winner…17-3, 1.61 era, inn-192, hits-174, whip-.86—clayton who? Btw…Greinke is going FA for more money…did I hear Chicago Cubs jumping to get 1st in line? BTW#2….Jake Arrieta has also been tremendous for the Cubbies—he should get some votes

…. OK…I’ve been ragging on Philly all year about being the worst NL team…well they have competition for the lowest celler dweller…Atlanta has dropped to the exact same record 56-88 while Colorado & Cincy are just a bit better at 60-82/83

….after infusing Toronto with a real spark, Tulo returns to the DL…I guess some things really don’t change



Gagging on the Cupcakes….

The SEC teams, with rare exceptions, schedule cupcakes for the month of September….I’ve already indicated that I think this is ridiculous….these cupcakes are designed to be sure wins, take a look at youngsters, swallow em up quickly and easily…the early weeks have seen some of the SEC teams gagging before finally getting it down and one or two have actually choked on them…take a look

Week 2

….. Auburn edges Jacksonville State in OT 27-20 (gag) (why would anyone vote Auburn in the top 20 after 2 gags?)

…..Toledo beats #18 Arkansas 16-12 (big time choke)

…. Mizzou handles Arkansas St 27-20 (gag)

Week 1

…. Auburn outlasts Louisville 31-24 (mini gag)…although Louisville is on verge of being a quality team

….Kentucky squeaks by LA-Lafayette 40-33 (gag)

….LSU- McNeese State –cancelled—guess the prayers of the McNeese State players were answered

….btw for you big-time college football fans…give me the mascots of Jacksonville State, Arkansas St, LA-Lafayette, McNeese State—ur right who knows—so why are we playing these guys?


These were the games more typical of the type of opponents that I expect from a conference that claims to be the best to be playing in non-conference (most teams from the power 5 conferences)

Week 1

…..Texas A&M 38   Arizona St 17

…..Alabama 35 Wisconsin     17

…..S.Carolina 17 N.Carolina   13

Week 2

…..Oklahoma 31   Tennessee 24 in OT

…..Florida 31   E. Carolina       24


Bounces of the Pro pig-skin….

….OK…Pete Carroll can say what he wants… but he got burned after the Super Bowl…as you recall, he failed to give it to Lynch on the goal line in the Super Bowl and was roundly criticized when the pass was intercepted…this year in OT vs our Rammies…on 4th & 1, he hands it to the Beast …who was hit in the backfield and failed to reach the LOS

…of course, I have to mention the Rammies win over Seahawks…great way to start the season….no guarantee that we’ll actually be good but at least we’re 1-0…funny how Russell Wilson’s little tweet fired up the Rams….I mean…all these guys are being paid huge sums of money to perform and they get riled up over someone else saying that they were going to win….you figure?

….sad to see…but….Peyton Manning has lost it….his arm is much weaker than his glory days….he was never fast…but he’s about as immobile as a front-room sofa so I hope he doesn’t get hurt

….Damagain Suh’s debut In Miami was not very scintillating…2 tackles, no sacks…not what you expect for a multimillion dollar investment acquired this winter

….So Ryan Fitzpatrick puts down Johnny Football…what has the world come to? J


Your thoughts are welcome….

Just respond at the top of the article….you don’t have to agree (or disagree) or respond to the entire piece….any part is fine… no gaging allowed .


  1. Of course the Rammies get fired up from the tweet and not money. You can’t think that money motivates anyone to stay in the NFL, only to get in the NFL. Only the agents (and the other money grabbers) are motivated by the big contracts. Players don’t ask how much, they ask how it compares to other contracts. These men love being the best, because that is what they have been their whole life. If someone puts that into question they are willing to go the extra mile.

  2. Bob, good stuff ad usual. The Cards stats you provided are eye opening. With Bourges, Cruz and Kozma they may have the weakest bench in MLB. Jhonny looks worn out.I hope he catches a second breath.

    John R

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