Thanksgiving Thoughts by Bob Ryan

thank g thoughtsIt’s Thanksgiving Week… a great time to reflect back on the wonderful life that most of us enjoy…some sports figures may….should be….giving huge forms of gratitude …here are a few…some may be “tongue in cheek”…as opposed to “turkey in mouth”


….the Blues are grateful for the tremendous playoff run that they had in 2016 season

….Barry Odum is probably thankful that the season is only 12 games long

…Jeff Gyorko gives thanks every day for being traded to real big-league team last winter

….I’m grateful for the long playoff run by the Blues last year…it was lots of fun to experience “deep” post-season hockey

…the NCAA Football Championship committee is grateful to Alabama for making the #1 seed so easy to determine

…clearly Bartolo Colon (43) & AJ Dickey (42) are thankful that the Braves don’t have an age policy on the you think that they’ll have a pitch count for these two guys…I mean whatta they going to do “throw their arm out”?

…Bryan Pena is grateful for his year of paid vaca on the Cards

…I’m grateful that the Blues hired Ken Hitchcock 5 years ago….he’s a terrific NHL coach who lives, breathes and dies every second with hockey..I’ll be sorry to see him go after this year

…most StL football fans are grateful that they’ve washed their hands completely of the Rams…and probably the entire NFL

…Cardinal fans should be grateful that Matt Holliday performed so well for the major part of his long term contract…so many fail early and often in those budget buster deals

…the SF Giants are grateful that they have the coin to settle their “closing” spot as they zero in on any one of the talented Free Agent trio of Aroldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen and Mark Melancon

…Cubs fans should be grateful for the 17 minute rain delay in the 7th game

…I’m grateful to the entire USA Olympic team….all those athletes have worked so long and so hard….many most of their lives….to perform so well in 2016 in Rio representing the USA!

…Case Keenum is grateful that the reins have been handed off to Jared Goff..good luck!

…Lovie Smith is probably grateful that Illinois wasn’t his 1st head coaching position

…Dexter Fowler must REALLY be grateful that he resigned with the Cubs last winter…and that it was only for one year

…Mizzou is grateful that they have 7 home games & only 5 on the road in 2017

…the city of Cleveland must be appreciative that the NBA title was won and that the World Series…although lost…was terrific

…Stan K is happy that he’ll be alone on Thanksgiving counting his money

…Cards can’t say it aloud…but Tim Cooney had slipped in their evaluations due to the emergence of other pitchers…so they were thankful that he was snatched off of waivers.

….Aaron Rodgers must be grateful that no one is “double checking” HIS  play on the field

…after watching the SLU in game 1 of the 16-17 season, Jim Crews is grateful that he was fired

…UMSL is grateful for the wonderful play of their NCAA tournament team-women’s soccer

…Milwaukee is grateful for the end of the Brewers season annually..because Green Bay football isn’t far away at that point and it seems the football wins about as many games in any given month as the baseball team does J

…I’m thankful that Mizzou gave Kim Anderson a 3rd year…he seems to be a good man, a good coach and exactly what Columbia needs now but….he’s gotta show some improvement this year

…we have to be grateful for the outstanding play of the Cardinals…for over a decade our boys with the bird on the bat have contended or played in post season just about every year

…meanwhile, Seattle is grateful that they have yet to worry about their fall being interrupted by a world series  (they’ve never had one ….been around since 1977)

…I’m grateful for the tremendous turn-around in the St. Marys football program this year..they won 1 game in 2015 and 7 games in 2016…it was a lot more fun announcing this year J

…both SLU & Mizzou are grateful that their women’s basketball teams are playing so well

…as the retires this year, I’m grateful to have heard Vern Lundquist announce so many football games on the tube in a truly outstanding level

….I’m sure that the MLB players are grateful that the Series was over by Thanksgiving..but not with much to spare

….Mizzou Softball head coach Ehren Earleywine is grateful that his recruiting class of 9 incoming players in 2017 is rated 9th best in the USA!

…Jeff Fisher is grateful that Stan worries more about moving than winning

…Cards mgmt. is thankful that they’ve acquired Brett Cecil to fill the junk-balling, southpaw that seems to be essential in the Cards bullpen…his final 30 regular season appearances (20.2 inn,30 K and 1.74) earned him this 4 year contract

…the St. Louis soccer community has to be grateful that they have Terry Michler as part of their group  …Coach “Mick” led CBC to the state championship for his 9th time this year; has over 900 career wins in HS a sec…think about that number-900 wins—how incredible it really is…his continual striving to improve his coaching, how to develop players better and his willingness to share it with any soccer person in the area is an inspiration to all coaches

….You’re probably grateful that I’ve reached the end… but I’m hoping that all of us can take a brief moment to be thankful for our many blessings….Happy Thanksgiving!




  1. Thomas Maher says:

    Thanks, Bob, for the note about Coach Michler.
    “Brothers for Life!”

  2. Charlie Antoni says:

    Thanks Bob for each of your emails that keep me tie to the Lou sports community and Dragon Life

    Charlie Antoni , 66, Satellite Beach Fl. Go ! FSU 96

  3. Jim Pleimann says:

    I am thankful that Bob gives me some food for thought during the week and many times makes me feel the need to respond to his blogs. I am also thankful for the many opportunities I have had over the last ten years to broadcast games with Bob. It has been a great experience!!

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