Tony Floyd Blog – Week 10 – Lindbergh / Parkway South

Lindbergh Flyers Parkway SouthClick here for the game – Round number two. The Lindbergh Flyers and Parkway South Patriots faced each other

in week one; now they would be facing each other in the first round of the playoffs. Both

teams would come in with a 4 and 5 record overall, but the Flyers had edged out the

Patriots by winning one more game in the district. The Flyers would be hosting the

Patriots for this game. The first game was at Parkway South and the Flyers came away

with the win by the score of 32 to 7. The stage is set. Who would come out with the win

and continue on in the playoffs.

We would not see a score in the first quarter. The Patriots had the Flyers number by not

given Chuck much time to pass the ball, by droping 8 back in pass coverage sometimes.

The Patriots would score first. The Flyers were driving the ball and had gotten deep into

the Patriots side of the ball. Kennan Borders would intercept a pass and take it back a

litte over 40 yards. He would finish the drive by catching a 20 yard pass for a

touchdown. The extra point was made so the score would be 7 to 0 with 2:04 left in the

second quarter. 7-0 would be the score at half time. We would not see another score until

3:41 left in the third quarter. It would be a 42 yard run by Carl Lovely. The extra point

was made to make the score 7 to 7. With 7:41 left in the forth quarter Blake Brockhaus

would make a 31 yard field goal to make the score 10 to 7 in favor of the Flyers. With

3:33 left in the game Garrett Krueger would catch a 25 yard touchdown pass from

Chuck Houska. The extra point was good to make the score 17-7. During the next drive

by the Patriots, Logan Offner would intercept the ball and run it back 11 yards for a

touchdown. The extra point would be good to make the score 24 to 13. With 49 seconds

left in the game Eli Erickson would throw a 8 yard touchdown pass to Jake Hayes. Not

sure if they were going for a 2 point conversion or if it was a bad snap, but it failed. The

final score would be 24-13. The Flyers will be moving on the the next round of the


The entire offensive line for the Flyers were named the Lion’s Choice 212 Athletes of

the game. The Flyers were able to rush for 126 net yards, have 19 catches for 208, and

no sacks were allowed by them.

The Custom Shirt Graphics Standout player of the game would be Kennan Borders of the Patriots.

He had 1 interception, 1 touchdown, and he lead in tackles. He had 10 on the night.

Shoot out to the Seniors on both teams. Click here for the game –

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