Vegas will lose this bet by Bob Ryan

vegas nflWe all know when we go to Vegas…what we do in Vegas …stays in Vegas…including losing our money…these huge, beautiful casinos are built on the funds of the visitors ..not benefactors being benevolent to the city…but maybe Vegas itself is in on a losing bet…

… is clear that probably Oakland…will move to sin City in the future….Vegas has agreed to build a new stadium….that means the casino owners have decided that they want an NFL team….Roger Dumbnall is pitching the theme of “we need to study more about many issues”….come on Rog…that ol’ song won’t play any more….it’s all about MONEY…plain and simple…the NFL will squeeze Vegas for every chip available….the casino owners in Vegas “think” that they could make money…and hence so could the NFL….I’m thinking that the usually very astute casino owners are pulling the wrong lever on their money machine…


….initially I can see “specials” to fly to Vegas for a weekend….the casinos will throw in free tickets to an NFL game of the Las Vegas Vigilantes Team…or they’ll provide big rollers tickets to the Sunday game…that’ll be a “good” thing for Vegas if…and only if.. the team remains entertaining …PC word for “wins”…now I don’t foresee any sold out flights to Vegas from the Lou for this purpose…most have shaken the Ram Dust from all their possessions and have wiped out the memories…even of our “good times”..but I do see this approach succeeding for awhile…but I mean…how many times can you fly to Vegas ? Of course…I guess you could play a Howard Hughes and just rent an entire floor on one of the casinos ?

….after a decade or so…Vegas owners will push for betting at their home games…can’t you see it….click in your bet NOW regarding if replay shows that it was a complete or incomplete pass…will the punt be inside the 10 yard line?…how many plays until the next review?… … Or maybe will the Vigilantes have more FG than TD’s…or maybe, which Vigilantes will do his TD celebration with a kicking net or a dice?..betting on the game results will vary as the game proceeds….talk about interaction from the fans J the NFL will fuss and balk until Vegas “cuts them in” on the profits. This will put the NFL closer and closer to WWE type entertainment…maybe Nature Boy can saunter onto the field after each Vigilante TD ?

….according to the Golden Goose (TV) of the NFL…rankings are slipping….I’m feeling like the NFL has reached its apex and has started the same, gradual down-hill sliding of boxing of the 40’s, bowling of the 50’s and …why is it slipping…there are numerous possible reasons–fear of concussions driving off parents, no flow to the games to viewers, protests to American flag, players doing crude beatings of their lady companions, far too many games on TV on too many different days, players acting inane in their celebrations…no one is “turned off” by all these reasons but many are turning away …ever so gradually due to any one of these areas..or maybe even other reasons not listed.

…once the NFL networks determine that football isn’t worth jillions of dollars and they begin to slice the coverage and their money to the NFL…then the climate of the NFL will become much global warming will save them….for the NFL to turn around public opinion back to being on top of the ratings game again …man that’s tough to do …good luck…

…the city of Las Vegas is relatively small so that it’s unlikely that the natural population by themselves can sustain a 65000 seat has to be visitors—thousands of visitors every home game….so in my mind… long term results for the Vegas Vigilantes would struggle to be profitable ..

….small population, NFL interest slipping, dependency on networks for survival, winning team is always questionable…bad bet Vegas..don’t make it.


Highlights & Lowlights of the week…

….Mid Tennessee State of Conference USA is currently in 3rd place of the Eastern Division…these Blue Raiders stunned Mizzou 51-45….can you imagine…a cupcake jumps up and bites the Tigers…despite being demolished by LSU and Florida this is the lowest point for the Tigers in 2016

…sometimes our ol’ notions just aren’t with it….when K-State beat Texas on Saturday 24-21, I thought it was a rarity….think again….the Wildcats are 10-7 against the Longhorns in their history…Bill Snyder’s magic continues to dazzle….what a highlight watching a master at his craft.

…last Sunday, our …oops …those Rammies showed their real character…when the Lions intercepted a Case Keenum pass late in the game…the Lions did the game-winning, time-consuming knee down twice….on each play the defensive line of the lambs barreled into them…now the kneel down is a way of ending the game….it’s expected that NO ONE will hit each other….the Lambs again demonstrated why they are the Low-balls of the NFL.


Other sports news off the beaten path…

…looks like Tony LaRussa is being demoted in Arizona…he’s gone from being the “chief baseball officer” to “chief baseball analyst and advisor”…frankly…he’s been pushed out of power….kinda like my role at home where I’m “chief advisor and bottle washer” J

…in this post-season Clayton Kershaw has elevated himself into all-time premier pitchers ….it seems to me that post-season games can do that for a pitcher…his 7 innings of 2 hit baseball against the Cubs and his working on short rest have put the spot light on him. Shutout Leaders in World Series games contain highly familiar names (due to their WS success)…#1 with 4 shutouts is Christy Mathewson; #2 with 3 shutouts Whitey Ford, Madison Bumgarner, Josh Beckett and Mordecai Brown. Some of the hurlers with 2 WS shutouts are Bob Gibson, Curt Schilling, Orel Hershiser, Jim Palmer, Randy Johnson, Sandy Koufax, Dave McNally…none of these guys have to worry about being pushed aside soon….most MLB pitchers strive for that 6 innings these days and then turnover it over to a posse of relief hurlers.

…I have Aaron Rodgers on my fantasy team….thus far…he’s been OK but not the star I expected…I watched his game last weekend…looks to me like he can’t throw the long ball any longer….all that I saw were just a bit short….just like my expectations of him J

….yea…we had it bad with the Rams with respect to watching winning games….but how about Cleveland? The Browns have been over .500 once in the last 13 years…ouch. That was 2007 when they went 10-6 and finished 2nd in their conference. The last post-season game that the Browns won was 1994 when the beat the Patriots 20-13. Vinny Testaverde was the winning Cleveland QB…how about that name from the past? Vinny was 1 of 3 Miami U QB drafted in the 1st round in a 3 year period and all three were on the U roster at one time…who was that recruiter?…mizzou could use him….remember these guys?..btw…how could they all be on the same team…one got out in 3 years, one in 4 years and one in 5 years….I guess the coach could count and realized only 1 QB could play at a time

…Shane Ray (Mizzou grad-2nd year NFL player) recently had 3 sacks against the Cincy Bengals to help Denver Broncos to a 29-17 win

….It appears that the Cards are shaking up the Coaching staff..Derrick May-asst hitting coach in 2015 will not be returning to the team next year….my tea leaves are indicating that in the future Jose Oquendo may stay in Florida all year to work with prospects.. it seems Coach Chris Maloney and Bill Mueller are skating on thin ice….ya know …someone has to take the fall…while the Cards did become a powerful hitting team in 2016…the hitting was erratic and a long way from the ol’ style of moving runners along in late innings of can’t trade all the players…so …it’s much easier to “move along” the coaches. Personally, I think the Cardinals crushed weak to C- pitching but really struggled against top level hurlers..hence we couldn’t sustain long winning streaks.

…Andrew Luck is in his 5th NFL year….ya’d think he should be at his prime and his team rolling along at a high clip…maybe he is..who knows…but we do know that Indy was 11-5 EACH of his 1st 3 years, then it was 8-8 and this year the Colts are 2-4 and in last place of their division….are they squandering this terrific QB talent?

….one of the quietest top 10 NCAA football teams is Washington. The Huskies are 7-0, averaging 49 ppg with +13 in turnover margin…their signature win thus far was a 44-6 spanking of the Stanford Cardinals….start following them…possible final 4 team.


“those Miami U. QB were Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar and Vinney Testaverde”


….Here’s one bet you can make now…..I’m done







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