What a 30th Anniversary Party I had last night

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FYI … last night was the 30th anniversary for me being the Public Address announcer for Fox Senior High School as Voice of the Football Warriors. I could not believe how many people came out, and what great support from the Seckman fans as well … who knew? I had no clue that for my present they put in a new turf system, and all the lines are straight now and it makes it so much easier to see what yard line it is on and if they have enough for a first down. As you all know I bleed RED with me being a Fox student for all 12 years on that campus … graduated in 1975 … came back as a teacher in 1979-1980 and still hang out even though I retired in 2011 [along with my third child … all graduates of Fox High] as the PA announcer of Football, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and the log rolling competition we have when the creek is up. And how about all those WARRIOR FLAGS!!! I counted and there were one-hundred and THIRTY … that was a subtle way to say THANKS for THIRTY years. To cap it all off, the Warriors WIN!!! I guess it was too hot to bring me a cake, I suppose the icing would have melted off. Maybe they were just waiting for game two??? Hint, hint.

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