What Cards Learned from Series by Bob Ryan

What a series it was….the 7th game will be an all-time classic…. Even if you were disappointed in the outcome(as many StL fans were)….what terrific entertainment….isn’t that what it’s supposed to be? Here’s a Mini Report Card for some every-day Cubbies in the World Series…


Joe Maddon managing during Series—C

# should not have brought in Chapman in game 6 with 7-2 lead…Chapman was just another guy in game 7 due to exhaustion

## Took out Hendricks far too soon in game 7..what did he expect? a perfect game?

### Having Javier Baez bunt with 2 strikes was folly in last inning

++gambled with Schwarber being able to return to action with the same live bat…and he did

Just noticed …he has 200 wins in his 2 seasons at the helm of the Cubs

+++he DID manage his team to victory in the world series…isn’t that the ultimate goal!

Javier Baez—D

#7th game –careless error when he tried catching it with bare hand

##7th game–hurried throw early in game, committing an error

### game 1-7 swung at any breaking pitch within an ironing board distance of home plate

#### hit 5/30 in series–.167 avg –

Anthony Rizzo-A+

+hit .360 in Series with an OPS 1.084

++made several dazzling stretches at 1B to barely nip runners or pull in wide throws

+++just really love his batting style & swing

++++ combines with Bryant for the best 1-2 NL punch since Mays-McCovery

Kris Bryant-B

+Scored 2 runs in final game, challenging Cleve OF due to wonderful speed

++His game 5 HR ignited 3 run inning for 3-2 Cubs win

+++ HR in game 6 gives Cubs an early lead

^^^average for series far below norm—7/26 .269 with 2 HR..although his OPS was .887

^^ couple of errors caused issues

$$ sure wish he was on our team—he’s league MVP….he’s only 24 years old

Ben Zobrist–A

+++ game winning 2B in 10th counts for a ton

++ hit .357 in world series

+++this guy “knows” how to win…he’s been in 12 post season series(6 years) in his 11 year career…I’d failed to realize that he’d played for Maddon In Tampa Bay’s post season days 08-09


So what did the Cardinals see/learn as they watched the series…

….Cards management has to make a decision…or we trying to win the division or get into the playoffs…for former idea would require a major transformation..I mean…we did finish 17 games behind the Cubs

….the overall speed of both of these teams is a real positive….I’m just not talking about stealing bases..which is good…. but running the bases and getting that extra base, covering ground in the OF, putting pressure on defense…this year we had 3 of our 8 batters (Molina, Holliday, Adams or Moss) who were C- to D speed.

….the OF could really cover some ground….Cards OF defense was generally weak.

….you must have a dynamic closer ..if you have a 3 deep bullpen that covers 7th-8th-9th then your closer doesn’t reach the mound in such difficult, stressful situations.

…each team had a strong starting 5….not just 2 or 3 and then a dropoff….Cleveland missed two of their best starters in post-season and rolled out 5 very strong starters for much of the year….not the Cubs were good…not great..but good…and they were durable…an important aspect

….Manifesto should accept that the bunt can be utilized effectively in the major Leagues..he seems to be allergic to the idea…yes..you gv up an out…but u advance the runner

…Cards & Cubs seem to view the term “young” in a different way…as one scans the the every day ballplayers of each team—Piscotty-25, Grichuk-25, Wong-26, Diaz-26, Adams-28, Peralta-34, Carpenter-30, Molina-34 …Cubs have Bryant-24, Rizzo-27, Russell-22, Baez-23, Zobrist-35, Fowler-30,  Contreras-24, Schwarber-23,Heyward-27 (Fowler is FA and Heyward’s future is a ????)

The Day after stuff…

…..extending Manifesto is the right thing….on the whole…Managers are judged on their ability to win….he’d done that…it’s good….and good for me since I’ve often demonstrated my love of Mr. Matheny in these blogs J

….Jaime Garcia getting resigned….both articles that I read on the signing used the word “trade “ someplace in the article…this mildly-driven, eccentric lefty who’s shown that he was good until July 4th probably is attractive to some blindly driven GM’s who drool over any lefthander.


Series Odds & Ends….good table talk J

Thanks to  Elias Sports Bureau, Inc. through  ESPN.com for some of this info.

100+ win teams success in series–

The Cubs, who had a 103-58 record in the regular season, were the 28th team in the last 30 seasons to win at least 100 games. Only three of those teams went on to win the World Series: the Yankees in 1998 and 2009, and the Cubs this year.

 Longest draught ends….what was the 2nd longest

Before the Cubs snapped their 108-year streak without a championship on Wednesday night, the longest title drought that ended with a Game Seven victory was 63 years by the Twins (who had finally moved from Washington). The Senators won the World Series in 1924 and the franchise did not win another Fall Classic until the Twins beat the Cardinals in Game Seven in 1987.

Winner-take-all extra innings

The Cubs’ 10-inning win over the Indians was the fifth winner-take-all game in World Series history that required extra innings, but each of those four previous games was won by the home team: the 1912 Red Sox (vs. the Giants), 1924 Senators (vs. the Giants), 1991 Twins (vs. the Braves) and 1997 Marlins (vs. the Indians). I guess the last AB does make a difference, heh?

Back-to-back titles for individual players on different teams…

Ben Zobrist is the third individual to play in the clinching game of a World Series for the winning team for two different franchises over a span of two seasons. The other players to do that were Bill Skowron (1962 Yankees, 1963 Dodgers) and Ryan Theriot (2011 Cardinals, 2012 Giants). I barely remember Ryan Theriot..do you?


Last swing ever is a round tripper in series

Bobby Kielty homered in Game Four of the 2007 World Series for the Red Sox to help Boston sweep the Rockies and that was his last game in the majors. Kielty is the only player in major-league history to hit a home run in the final game of a World Series and never play another game. If David Ross sticks to his retirement, he would be the second player to do that. I certainly hope so…the way that wild pitch knocked him completely off his feet… he looked like he’s got the balance of a retired guy.


Blown save in game 7 is rare

Aroldis Chapman is the third pitcher since 1969–when Major League Baseball began recording saves for relievers–to be charged with a blown save in Game Seven of the World Series. The others were Jose Mesa with the Indians in 1997 and Mariano Rivera for the 2001 Yankees. Mesa (in the ninth inning) and Rivera (in the eighth inning) entered those games with their teams leading by one run; the Indians lost to the Marlins in 11 innings, and the Yankees lost to the Diamondbacks in nine innings.


Latest game-tying HR in winner-take-all game

Rajai Davis‘s eighth-inning home run turned a 6-4 Indians deficit into a 6-6 game. It was the latest game-tying or go-ahead home run hit in a winner-take-all World Series game for a team that was trailing by more than one run at the time.


Indians have lost six straight “winner-take-all” games

The Indians have lost their last six “winner-take-all” postseason games, the second-longest such streak in major-league history, behind the Athletics’ current seven-game streak. The Indians lost Game Seven of the 1997 World Series against the Marlins, Game Five of the 1999 ALDS against the Red Sox, Game Five of the 2001 ALDS against the Mariners, Game Seven of the 2007 ALCS against the Red Sox, the 2013 Wild Card game against the Rays, and Game Seven to the Cubs on Wednesday night. Maybe the lucky # 7  will have a different result for the Tribe.

As I said in the 1st line….it was a great series…but it’s over and done..and so am I…have a great week.


  1. Anton Machany says:

    I see you didn,t rate Jason Heyward. Just think, Moe wanted to sign that guy to a huge long term contract, just like he wanted to give Pujols a massive 10 year deal ! Lucky others were dumber than him and outbid him! Remember the great deals Jockety pulled off? Moe is a P-poor replacement for Jockety and is THE major problem for the organization going forward. Makes poor buy/trade decisions way more often than not, and DeWitt, sadly, listens to him.

  2. The bunt attempt with two strikes was idiotic.

  3. Jim Pleimann says:

    Good article. Great tidbits. It was a very good series if you were a baseball fan.

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