What’s in a name? – By Bob Ryan

louisville racersThe name….our name…tells…or should tell…something about the person, place, thing. With several Professional teams, after their city often tells you about the team.

 Those silly teams that name their team after animals, acts of nature…ugh. (Cardinals are the exception of course….I don’t want you to stop here.

Take a look…Florida has the Marlins, Rays, Dolphins; Colorado has Rockies, Avalanche, Nuggets, New Orleans has the Jazz (Saints seems a bit sarcastic to me); in Houston you find the Rockets, Astros (all space related); Other teams in Texas are the Texans…duh…Cowboys, Longhorns, Aggies, Chicago ties itself together with the Cubs & Bears; SD’s Padres reflect their history; Pittsburgh’s Steelers was terrific; Since Hallmark helped out the KC franchise, it’s the Royals; DiamondBacks fits Arizona well; in Wash DC there are the Nationals and the Capitols and you probably could name many others. I’ve been thinking about some other possible sites and their “nicknames”…ya know… the nickname should relate to the city…… how about the Alcatrez Orangemen ?   Nashville Tunes?   The Mexico City Cartels? The Alton Giants? The Appomatax Whiteflagers? The SF GoldenGaters? The Tombstone Shooters? The Little Big Horn Wipeouts? The San Antonio Riverwalkers? The Rochester (mn) Scrubs? The Las Vegas Gamblers? The Seattle Software? The Gettysburg Ghosts? The Lou’vulle Racers?


Bob’s Blinks….

…I’m wondering if there’s an optimum height for a hitter? Can you be too tall? How many hitters as tall as 6-5 (or taller) have been successful MLB hitters? Maybe Jason Hayward has the genetics stacked against him? Possibly, their long arms can’t shorten that swing? According to the Baseball Almanac, from 1878 to 2012 the most “common or average” size of a hitter was 6-0 with 2739 MLB players; at 6-1 there were 2141 players; the other side of the mean was 5-11 which there were 2058 players. …I’m not going through all the numbers…I’m bored myself doing it…but at 6-4 there have been only 454 and at

6-6 only 172 players. Hayward seems a couple inches taller than the 6-4 Carpenter by my eyes. I suspect most of those real tall guys were pitchers—Randy Johnson, Gene Conley (played in NBA and MLB for several years) , Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter Dellin Betances, Aaron Harang, Doug Fister, CC Sabathia…on the other hand…Dave Kingman, Adam Dunn types struggle to have an average…your thoughts

 ….I heard recently on the radio from some “Yahoo hockey expert” that the Blues probably don’t have ONE…just ONE first line player. Now …I take Yahoo’s experts with a grain of salt ….in the very same YAHOO list of experts…I looked up their 2015 baseball pre-season rankings…many are legit…but we could have done them…some are obvious….how about in one poll having Andre Beltre as the 21st best player? Justin Upton as #32; Kyle Seager as #41 or even our ol’ RF—Jason Hayward as #49 best in the entire league…r u kidding me…what have they been smoking? At #70 is one the best HR hitters in the league for several years-Nelson Cruz.   Aroldis Chapman is #63-who would you rather have close? You can tell that these Yahoo writers aren’t from StL…Yadi was #97 and Matt Carpenter #114…..so….so much for “experts” opinion….I wonder if we reviewed other experts like Mel Kiper…how would their “predictions’ pan out?

 …I’m really opposed to collegiate players playing after their graduation from college…to add insult to injury…they can to wherever that want to go… so ND sits out Golston due to academic difficulties for a year and then he expresses his gratitude by leaving for Florida State as soon as the ink dries on his diploma….I don’t like the system at all…could a HS player play HS ball after his graduation?

 …The NY Mets/ Houston Astros have assembled a very strong starting staff. The NYM have a weak “early in” bullpen…very weak…so the story is…get into the bullpen by the 6th inning.

 …it goes without saying…but I’ll say it anyway….Reynolds has been a terrific off-season acquisition…he’s been outstanding – versatility, power and now I even see him going “the other way”. I think StL fans accepted that his outs would probably be strikeouts so don’t get rattled….let it go and move on

 …the more I hear the NFL walk around questions about StL keeping the Rams…the more my hopes dim

 …why is it that Dee Gordon (Miami) is hitting great (at or over .400) so…he stops stealing …or they mutually exclusive?

 …some surprising…at least to me…are the team batting statistics….the team with the highest average is…are you sitting down … the KC Royals .287…the 2nd place team (Detroit) is .277…Cards are 4th in team average….you want more than just the average…LA Dodgers have the best OBP with .348…Detroit is again #2 at .344 (Cards are #5)…how about OPS? Dodgers are the only team over .800 as they are at .813, the Royals are #2 at .772 (Cards are at # 7 in the OPS category)

 …the Chisox top starting four have tremendous k/inn pitched (Sale, Quintana, Samardzija, Danks)…they’re collectively close to 1 k/inn but at the same time their ERA’s a soaring…4.36, 4.58, 4.13, 4.66

 ….what’s the over/under in innings before Jaime misses a start or goes on DL?   I’m saying 50 innings.

 …just because Miami owes 2 fired managers money…must they bring in the GM?   Who’s coming in next to manage—the beer salesman? Maybe we could design some button that all viewers could vote on when to make a pitching change…or pinch hit…or steal….we’d probably have a more entertaining game.

 …the Cards have the lowest ERA in the MLB…they’re the only team under 3.00! Through 39 games, it was 2.79. #2-3-4-5 in order are Mets, Dodgers, Pirates, KC.

 …I’m as guilty as the next guy…when a baseball is discussed in StL…we’re complaining about this or that…remember we DO HAVE the best record in baseball (as I write this on Wed)…or we spoiled or what?

 …OK we screwed Boston on the trade but early returns definitely favor the Braves (Hayward –Shelby Miller+ another prospect)


In honor of his retirement…here’s the David Letterman’s TOP 10 of unknown facts about him …at least to me….

  • Attended Ball State in Muncie, Ind.
  • He wrote for the sit-com “Good Times” 1974-79
  • There have been 19932 guest appearances on the David Letterman Shows
  • In 1980, he did a mid-morning show (viewers found that their humor button wasn’t the same in the AM as the PM) for NBC
  • The August 30, 1993 premiere attracted 23 million viewers
  • After his retirement, Johnny Carson often sent some jokes over to David that he used frequently.
  • I never watched an entire David Letterman show…usually about 20 minutes was my max…I needed by beauty sleep
  • There will be 4264 episodes of the David Letterman Late Show
  • Regis Philbin has the most appearances – 136
  • This will be the end of the David Letterman’s TOP ten Lists   

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