Wild Final Weekend by Bob Ryan

What a weekend it was….it was really crazy …it had some emotional moments, very rare moments, some moments that are very hard to understand….some silly moments….take a look..


…I’m starting my weekend on Thursday night….like many do….can you figure out ANY reason why Brian Price of the Reds didn’t go rushing out onto the field to appeal Molina’s 2B as soon as the play ended? Clearly Molina’s 2B was touched by the fans and SHOULD have been a ground rule 2B limiting Carpenter to advancing two bases to third base…not scoring the winning run. The Cards announcers saw it without a review…why would Price wait? His poor judgement…which would drive me to release him if I were the owner…. handed the Cards the game instantly…..sure…maybe if he’d appealed …the next batter may have won the game….but who knows? What a weird way to end a game! I will throw this curve ball out there….what if the tables had been turned…the lowly Reds winning the game on the same play and the Cards or Giants or Mets not appealing quickly…would the umpires have exited the field so quickly? I’m just saying


….the Matt Holliday departure….obtained in 2009 from Oakland….not Colorado…that would be a good trivia question J….signed to $120 mi contract….he’s been highly dependable as a hitter..in his 8 years as a Card, he’s hit .293, OPS of .874, he’s played 156+ games a season on 3 times…all in all…he’s been the very rare long-term contract that has been a good investment. In addition, his work at charities and hospitals ..while kept at a very low key by Holliday…was legendary. After the announcement that the Cards wouldn’t resign him….btw…Holliday pushed the Cards to inform him of their intentions…the StL crowd gave Holliday their one-of-a-kind applause for his work…then…he hits a HR…what a fairy tale!


…All three wild card contenders came racing down the homestretch…the Cards were 5-2 in the last week and 6-4 in the last 10 games of the year. Meanwhile the Mets and the Giants were both 7-3 in the last 10 games…that one game difference in the final 10 games! The toughest late season loss was the 2-1 loss to the Reds on Wednesday. The Redbirds were 0-8 at the plate with scoring opportunities and the cruncher was an inning-opening triple in the 9th by Kolton Wong who would never cross the plate after 2 groundouts and a popout…that loss really hurt.


…. Somethings going crazy @ S.Bend for Notre Dame. The Irish beat Duke twice in basketball this year and then Duke beats ND in football…kinda backwards, heh? Notre Dame dropped to 2-2 with the loss.. Head Coach Brian Kelly….providing some changes in mid-season while a “supposedly” good team is faltering…fires the defensive coordinator prior to the Syracuse game on Saturday…sure ND won ….but it was 50-33…the Orangemen tied their highest scoring output of the season with those 33 points…previously, ‘Cuse scored 33 on Colgate…with a defense like that ND will struggle to make any Bowl much less a New Years Day Bowl


…where’s this guy’s fountain of youth? RHP Bartolo Colon has just completed his 19th year in the MLB at 43 years of age. His last 3 years have been with the New York Mets. During that 3 year stretch, he’s been incredible- he’s 44-34 (15-8 this year), 3.90 ERA, he’s pitched 588 inn (202, 194, 191 by year), struck out 415 batters with 95 starts during this time frame …again he’s been 41, 42, and 43 years old during these 3 years..what an “old” story! Now…when you see Mr. Colon….the idea of him being “in shape” doesn’t flash across your mind as you see a portly guy throwing pitch after pitch.


…the Valle Catholic Warriors of Ste. Genevieve have been totally dominant in football…this Class 1 school owned the longest winning streak of the NATION with a 51 game streak going into their game against the #1 team of Class 2 the Lamar Tigers…….think about how long a 51 game streak is….their last loss was in the 2012 state championship game…to give you an idea of how dominant the Warriors have been in the Class 1 level…last year the 15-0, State Championship team average 52.6 ppg while permitting only an average of 6.9ppg! Valle Catholic has reached the State Championship game EVERY YEAR since 2009 …7 straight years. Head Coach Judd Naeger was looking to “step up’ in competition as they faced a very strong Lamar Team(#1 rated, Class 2 team in MO). Lamar proved to be too strong physically, well disciplined, very talented and rolled past Valle 50-13….my hat is off to Valle Catholic for “taking on” a high level opponent at the next level….and….look for Valle to be in the Class 1 STATE Championship game again!


….it’s been a long, long season for the baseball players….as the end was eminent…and the players thoughts were probably on getting home to their families for more than a homestand….some silly plays occurred with some rare antics by the players….

…..Hanley Ramirez (Bost) reaches into stands to catch a pop-fly…then hugs the closest fan

….Johnny Cueto’s sacrifice bunt results in 2 runs scoring when Col Arenado throws it wildly

….obtained by the NYM from the Reds, Jay Bruce had been a bust…until this week.. when he‘s blasted four HR and drove home 8 runs in the last 6 games…but..that’s exactly what the Mets got him for…the post-season

…Yo Cepesdes hits a wind-blown pop up that mobility-challenged Ryan Howard can’t reach as it lands directly on 1B then bounds away from him. Howard recovered to get the runner going to 2B but a run did score from 3B on the play.

…apparently a hygiene freak….or bored …Marco Estrada of Toronto was seen flossing while sitting on the bench in the dugout…now I floss has much as anyone…but really

…Ryan Howard was given a long, strong farewell sendoff with a long round of applause & cheers by the usually crusty Philadelphia fans

…Robin Ventura’s exit won’t be so kind as CWS will probably fire the manager since you can’t fire the entire team J

…on the other hand, David “Big Papi” Ortiz was honored by Boston…many of his former teammates from the 2004,2007 and 2013 championship teams were there to celebrate with him. What a hitter!


…best college game of the week…incredibly…Tennessee has their “Hail Mary” pass work and beats Georgia 34-31! Georgia had just taken the lead with 10 seconds remaining on a 47 yard pass from Riley Ridley to Jacob Eason to culminate an impressive 4 play-81 yard drive to give the Dogs a 31-27 lead. On the final play of the game Joshua Dobbs miraculously converted on a 43 yd pass to Jauan Jennings at the buzzer…well…now Georgia has won one on the last play (over Mizzou) and lost one on the last play… it’s interesting to note that Georgia led 21-0 with 5:05 left in the 2nd quarter. If faced with that situation defensively, I would not drop everyone back to cover the pass….I’d rush 5 guys, I would have designed and practiced a stunt up the middle …try to put pressure on QB and make him throw it off the run..anyway…what an entertaining game.


Football surprises…at least to me….

…Oakland Raiders are 3-1 after coming-from-behind in the 4th quarter to upend the Baltimore Ravens 28-27. The short pass game of the Raiders being used by Derek Carr led to 3 TD passes. One must take notice of the wonderful job of Coach Jack Del Rio. He took the reins of this moribund franchise in Jan of 2015. The previous 3 years the Raiders had gone 3-13, 4-12, 4-12, Del Rio pushed them to 7-9 last year. The last time that Oakland finished a season over .500 was 2002 when they lost the Super Bowl to the Bucaneers.

….some new bedfellows for the Longhorns…after losing 49-31 @ Oklahoma State , their record dropped to 2-2 and 0-1 in the Big 12. This 0-1 has them tied with Kansas and Kansas ST in the Big 12…these aren’t the usual names tied with the Texas Longhorns.



….On the other side of high school football…sure…there are the exceptional programs and there are those are trying, working, doing whatever they can…to “rebuild”….PC language for trying to produce a winning team….personally…I think elevating the W-L record in football is the hardest thing to do in high school sports….a HUGE tip of the hat to Nick Hoth of Northwest (Cedar Hill). The Lions won on Friday night over McCluer 35-12 to raise their record to 4-3 for the season and have hopes of reaching even more wins in 2016….Northwest has really, really struggled in football for a long time. For the last 15 years, NW never won more than 2 games in any season. Think about that …15 years….a student could start as a 1st grader and never see a season with more than 2 wins. We congratulate Coach Poth for his many hours of hard work, planning, changing attitudes and success and wish him the best in the remainder of the season.


….well…the Cards did finally reach the 10 games over .500 mark…on the last day of the season…while we are very spoiled….Cards have been in 5 straight years of post-season play and have only missed the post season 5 times since the year 2000…2016, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2003…it was still fun to follow them despite their faults….I guess we have to adopt the usual cry of the Cubbie fans…”there’s always next year”…that hurts


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  1. Mike Koehler says:

    Good job, as usual Bob. You mentioned Valle HS in “Ste. Gen”. How many folks might know that the Ste. Genevieve (public) High School is also The Dragons? Keep cranking!

  2. Bryan Hagerty says:

    Hey Bob…
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. It obviously requires a lot of research on your part and I, for one, appreciate it. That said, I just wanted to express a “mushy” comment about how much I wish that Holliday could have ended a career as a Cardinal. As with Pujols, I certainly realize that time marches on and professional sports are little more than a business, it still sucks. I guess I just long for the days when a guy could spend all his days with one team and just inevitably “ride off into the sunset”. Oh well…
    P.S. Hope all is well with you, Jean, the kids, and the grandkids!

  3. Jim Pleimann says:

    Good stuff! Just let it be known to the world that I am rooting for ANY team to be crowned world champions besides those lovable losers from the North Side!!

  4. John Rocco says:

    Bob….good stuff as always.

    Well the Dodgers finally ensured they won’t
    lose to the Cardinals in October. They
    folded like a cheap suit over the weekend.
    But the Cards have no one to blame but themselves.


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