Zack Balzer Blog about Pattonville Football 2013

Gridiron Goals


By Zack Balzer


With the fall sports season looming around the corner, the Pattonville varsity football team is preparing for their first game under the Friday night lights. The Pirates have been hard at work, and fully intend to improve from last year.


With a lot of leadership having left the team, the class of 2014 seniors will have to take the reigns as mentors to the younger players.


Senior starting linebacker Carter Hanford said, “I like being someone for the younger guys to look up to, and I want to prepare them for when it’s their time.” Hanford also said, “Being a role model means a lot more than showing them how to play their positions, but to manage themselves on and off the field, and keep their composure in check.”


The team is mostly consisted of seniors and juniors, but there are also some younger players on the team, including sophomore running back Chris Pointdexter, who played for a short time on the varsity last year.


When asked what he has learned from the more experienced players so far, Pointdexter said, “I’ve learned how to control my anger on the field, and not letting things get to my head.”


Pointdexter also said that he expects the Pirates to complete a winning season, and for himself to grow into a more mature player.


Although the Pirates went through a long, tough season last year, many players have high hopes for this season.


Junior wide receiver Jake Stroker said he thinks this season will be different than last season because the team will play better together, and have more leadership, which leads to better team chemistry.


When asked what he expects from this season, Stroker said, “I expect us to have a better record, and to put Pattonville on the map so everyone knows who we are.”


While a multi-million dollar stadium can’t make a team better, the Pirates’ hearts have already shown that they are doing whatever it takes to look even better than that crispy green turf.


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