2015 All Star Game Thoughts by Bob Ryan

all star 2015 imageIt’s MLB All-Star Week….I thought that it’d be interesting to compare the actual rosters vs the rosters as rated by a computer on performance (Yahoo rankings) vs the highest salary players in each position….so here goes


Postion        Actual 2015 All-Star        Yahoo’s top rated                 Highest Paid by position

1st Tm-AL

Catcher   Salvador Perez, KC             Stepehen Vogt-Oak           Brian McCann-NYY- 19mil             

1b             Miguel Cabrera, Det            Miguel Cabrera-Det             Miguel Cabrera-Det-31mil

2b             Jose Altuve-Hou                    Jason Kipnis-Clev                Robinson Cano-Sea-24mil

SS             Alcides Escobar-KC              Xander Bogearts-Bos         Elvis Andrus-TX-15mil

3b             Josh Donaldson-Tor            Josh Donaldson-Tor           Kyle Seager-Sea-14.2mil

Of             Mike Trout-LAA                       Mike Trout-LAA                 Mike Trout-LAA-24mil

Of           Lorenzo Cain-KC                       J.D.Martinez-Det              Jacob Ellsbury-NYY-21mil

Of             Alex Gordon-KC                       Brett Gardner-NYY           Adam Jones-Balt-14mil


1st TM-NL

C               Buster Posey-SF                    Buster Posey-SF                         Buster Posey—SF-18.5mil

1B             Paul Goldschmidt-AZ          Paul Goldschmidt-Az               Joey Votto-Cin-22.5mil

2B             Dee Gordon-Fla                      Dee Gordon-Fla                         Brandon Phillips-Cin-12mil

SS             Johnny Peralta-StL                Troy Tulowitzki-Col                 Troy Tulowitzki-Col-15.7mil

3B           Todd Frazier-Cin                     Todd Frazier-Cin                       David Wright-NYM-17.2mil

CF           Bryce Harper-Wash                  Bryce Harper-Wash                Melvin Upton-SD-14.5mil

LF           Matt Holliday-StL                     A.J.Pollack-Az                           Carl Crawfod-LAD-20.2mil

RF          Giancarlo Stanton-Fla              Giancarlo Stanton-Fla          Giancarlo Stanton-Fla-25mil


Highlighted names are those players in more than one category

It’s too hard….at least for me…to list ALL the pitchers since sometimes they are chosen because they actually ARE the best, sometimes a team rep, sometimes a RP or a SP, a righty or a lefty.

2nd teamers are probably a lot less relevant…anyway…


Some things that strike me about All-Star voting…

….the KC voting pattern really did “throw off” AL All-star voting…not blaming them…I’m excited that they’re playing by the rules and strongly supporting their team but clearly Cain, Gordon and Escobar…while good players…one could question if they actually merit 1st team status…probably 2nd team in my mind

….6 of the 8 NL All-stars are rated by Yahoo as the best at their position so the voting seems to have worked better in the Senior Circuit

 …I was very surprised to see Melvin Upton and Carl Crawford as highest paid players…Upton usually leads the league in strikeouts…but he does hit HR so they like him… and Crawford always seems to have extended stays on the DL

 ….Is Kyle Seager grossly overlooked by baseball fans or grossly overpaid? He sure is by me….

 …Boston’s utility man-Brock Holt, makes the roster…we probably should name it the Jose Oquendo Award (for best utility man)

 …hard to believe that AJ Burnett is in his 1st All-Star game

 …NYY’s Mark Teixeira reaches All-Star roster for 1st time since 2009!!

 …Yunel Escobar (Wash) is currently the 5th highest hitter in NL but you won’t find his name anyplace on the All-Star roster…again it manifests the idea that HR hitters…even with pitiful averages (see Melvin Upton)…get the nod over singles hitters



Other All-Star talk around BP practice.….

 …the Atlanta Braves are going “all in” for international signings. They’ve moved right-handers Cody Martin, Caleb Dirks and Garrett Fulenchek in addition to outfielder Jordan Paroubeck and now Aaron Kurcz in order to acquire an additional $1.299MM in international bonus slots. They signed Venezuelan SS Juan Morales, Dominican SS Derian Cruz (how many cruz’s are there—are these the cruises of the LOVE BOAT?) and Dominican outfielder Christian Pache

….apparantly….in the spirit of being “real world”….the daily Sausage Race held during all Milwaukee Brewers games will now give a reward to the last place finisher of the race to reflect the actions of the BrewCrew in 2015

 …I’m thinking that the Cards are showcasing Pham, Johnson, Garcia, Xavier Scruggs, even Grichuk as possible trade bait…of course the latest hot poster boy…Stephen Piscotty was my “trade” bait listed in March…btw…why is Scruggs name pronounced “X-avier”…is this a new super hero in the making?

…..quick comparison of NBA & MLB pay scales…the 1st place Cardinals currently have a pay scale of $141,000,000 for 2015. The Golden State Warriors (NBA Champs) scale was $ 97,000,000 for this year.

 …always sad to see a former star stay too long…call it the Joe Louis syndrome…anyway Chase Utley has been relegated to part-time starter for the lowly Phils

 ….who woulda thought that Johnny Peralta (with the superfluous n) would lead the Cards in AVG, HR, Hits & RBI at the All-Star break?


…as of Friday afternoon….it’s a coin toss to decide if Wacha or Martinez has been better in 2014…take a look…

Each is 23 years old; each has 10 wins; each has 17 starts; each has pitched 107.1 innings, they’re 1 batter difference in batters faced for the season (440 vs 441)…their differences are minimal…. Martinez is better in ERA (2.52 vs 2.92), fewer hits allowed (88 vs 94), more strikeouts (113 vs 86) while Wacha is better in fewer HR allowed (7 vs 10); fewer walks (24 vs 43)….this is the Cardinal pitching future in this pair…sorry Jaime….you’ve got to pitch a whole season to be considered an ace


….with injury to Miguel Cabrera that basically eliminates the Tigers from pushing upward in the standings and making the playoffs, new available pieces for the Tiger fire-sale to other MLB teams maybe David Price, Yoenis Cespedes and Rajai Davis who are all free agents at the end of this year.

 …there’s been more spills in the Tour de’France than a bunch of drunks passing around full glasses of beers around 3am

 ….Mike Trout currently has the highest WAR ranking in AL with 5.9….surprisingly…at least to me… Manny Machado (Balt) is 2nd with 4.9

 …I’m getting tired….real tired …of seeing over and over again the interviews with former Cardinals during rain delay…I’d rather be switched over to a LIVE Royals game during the rain

 …on the other side of the trading block, the Cubbies are seeking to bolster their starting staff…look for them to dig deep into their pockets for Johnny Cueto, David Price or Cole Hamels this month

 …check the way LeBron James plays the free agency card…..it’s always for 1 year so when the NBA pay scale rises the next year…he’ll make even more money the following year and keep his team focused on bringing in good players

 …Fox eliminating the Fox Girls….ya know these 25 year old women….made me wonder why they even STARTED using them in the 1st place? Cards fans don’t need….never did need… the “sex” appeal to watch the games.

 …was it just a coincidence that immediately after making a terrific defensive play (as he threw home to complete a 5-4-2 DP) that Carpenter banged out a hit?

Many players feed off their own success and at 3B, the rocking chair doesn’t give him much action during most games.


…of the two St. Louisians on the Phils…who would have thought that Cody Asche (FZWest) would have a higher average than Ryan Howard (Laf)?

 ….this year the Oakland A’s are a “seller” after bringing several players last year as a “buyer” (and flopping badly)

 ….the albatross around the neck of the Cubs is Marlin Castro—he swings at anything (especially OUT of the strike zone); hot-dogs it continually with his swagger & nonchalance; is owed $41 mil through 2019…not exactly the prototype player that you want your young players seeing every day on the field

 …the 3 oldest Cardinal pitchers are Randy Choate (39), John Lackey (36), and Matt Belisle (35)

 ….next “best prospect ever” from Cuba is the 19 year old OF Jorge Ona—watch where he signs…will he be “bust or boom”…remember our SS Aledmys Diaz…he got carted around by the Cards brass two spring trainings ago after signing a contract for a couple mil like a Roman General after winning a campaign….he’s stuck in Springfield hitting .243…ugh


…I am a little concerned about all the appearances of the Cards Bullpen….Siegrest & Maness-45, Rosenthal-41 can they hold up in August & September and NEXT year? …in an article that I wrote last year…I found that pitchers with 70+ appearances AND 70+ innings had significant drop-offs in production the following year. That’s why Choate isn’t listed…he’ll never reach 70 innings …even with 70 appearances.

 …Catchers that could be wearing a new uniform by Aug 1 are Lucroy (Mil), A.J. Pierzynski (Atlanta)—apparently AJ is on a mission to play for every MLB team during his career …he’s worn the uni of Minn, CWS, SF Giants, Texas, Boston, St Louis, Atlanta already in his career…Stephen Vogt…A’s…. always deal early rather than late as a player’s contract approaches its end…..either one of the Padres catchers (Derek Norris & Austin Hedges…take ur pick…take em both…who cares…


…enough “talk”…thx for making it to the bottom… enjoy all-star game


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