A #1 Goof by Bob Ryan

I know the Rams have pulled up stakes in the Lou for the big(ger) $$$ of LA…sure the Lou is  like a scourned lover…jilted, pissed, bitter, don’t even mention the name…but I just have to…the Rams have done it again. They have #1 Goof of the Year!

Trading several draft choices to move up to the #1 spot in the entire 2016 draft, the Rams drafted a badly needed QB…but in true Rams form…Jared Goof of California won’t be the #1 …or amazingly…even the #2 QB on opening day…this goof can’t learn the plays, too nervous, throws it like they are grenades…ya know…get em in the neighborhood don’t worry about being right on target.  So now all you Ram haters can smile…probably for the 1st time since January 12th about the Rams…ya know…at one time I thought Les Snead was probably a good GM….turns out he’s a great salesman not a good or even average GM…he’s selling snake oil for all of your Ram ills J

Snead was hired February 2012 as Rams GM….let’s take a look at this drafts

In his 2012 draft he traded away rights to RGIII for future draft picks…we all raved about the trade (especially when RG III couldn’t play in the NFL) until we learned much later on…it didn’t matter how many, or high our picks were…we’d rarely get good players who would become top-level NFL players.

 Michael Brockers was the 124th overall pick & #1 pick of the Rams in 2012. He was followed by Brian Quick a real bust!  Janoris Jenkins (#3)became a good player by 2015 after being burned on double moves for 3 years. Isiah Pead’s (#4) best play was on special teams …in the preseason J

Trumain Johnson has developed over the 4 years. Chris Givens was a good receiver for us when we had noboby else who could run a deep pattern…frankly, he was a C- NLF receiver #5 Rokevious Watkins –never made the team…couldn’t get in shape. #6 Greg Zuerlein had a very strong leg but was only in the middle of the NFL pack of kickers in accuracy. Unfortunately, he had far too many FG attempts beyond 50 yds because the offense couldn’t move the ball. As he missed them…which most NFL kickers do at that range…he seemed to also miss out on his confidence.

2013 Draft

#1 Tavon Austin—a type of gimmicky back- ideal for a team that has a strong team and needs a special teams big-play ingredient….he doesn’t fit into the “normal”….are any NFL players really normal?….wide out idea  . He was too small to run crossing patterns, too short to run out patterns… he looks like he’s 3 ft tall on those deep outs. He became a jet sweep, counter, bubble screen man exclusively.  Round 3 for TJ McDonald—ss….great previews, hurt frequently.  #3 Stedman Bailey….could catch the ball but apparently was deemed too slow…I’d rather have a slow WR who can catch than one that is fast that can’t catch a pass (see Brian Quick above). #4 Barrett Jones…his pedigree (from Bama) made us think he’d be a player…sorry….never…ever was a starter    5th round Brandon McGee- who?

I don’t feel like running through the 2014 (#1 Greg Robinson is still “adjusting” to pro game)and 2015 drafts…sure…there were a couple high quality starters …especially Todd Gurley (who was viewed as a huge gamble by some due to his knee injury)…we can sum it up quickly….for the most part, the Rams have missed..and missed badly on high picks…especially WR and O-lineman but the 2016 Goof looms even larger with the trading of several draft picks to choose Jared Goof…these type of moves make it easier and easier to forget about the bumbling Rams.

 …NOT a GOOF…but not a win

Although the Mizzou Tigers lost to a better team (W Va), it was good to see them open up the season against a real D-1 team….no more SEMO’s for cannon fodder..if you need that level team to win the minimum number of wins to qualify for a bowl…..you don’t belong in a bowl. Mizzou did show improvement in pass blocking, Drew Lock looked more poised, passed better and flashed some running skills. The Kicking game, which is vital in many upcoming close games, needs radical improvement though.

 …my Goof…I’ll have to revamp my scouting departmentJ

I thought Sam Bradford was the “man” when he was drafted and throughout his 1st season (7-8-1..which is a good season for Coach Fish). He passed for 3,702 passing yards, 21 touchdowns compared to 13 interceptions a 82.6 passer rating to go along with 59.5 completion percentage during that rookie season. In his 2nd season, game 7,he tore his ACL and its been all downhill since that point….the Eagles traded for him last year and now he’s been traded again this year….something’s missing with Sam….he’s looking more and more like a journeyman, 2nd unit guy.  I thought he had superstar written all over him…instead it was “Sub” penciled in there..has to be in pencil since he’s not with the same team real long anymore to use a permanent markerJ   Bradford will be most remembered for changing the payment to NFL rookies. Due to his huge …even by NFL standards….rookie contract which was a 6 year deal for $78mil with $50 mil guaranteed, the union & NFL established a “slotting” system for the draftees since that time.

 …scheduling goof…

Some schools schedule real cupcakes for the opener….some try to schedule someone who looks good on paper but they feel that they can handle…some schedule “big name” opponents …even if they aren’t “real big” any more….take a look from the 1st weekend

…Houston shows its out of the cupcake wrappers and were highly motivated to show that they belong in the Big 12 as they smothered the Oklahoma Sooners 33-23. While the teams were almost identical in passing yards (393-410 hou), the Cougars owned a wide margin in ball control (35 min to 25 min). The score was 33-17 with Houston on top when OU scored a very late TD (2:05 left in game) to make the game sound closer than it actually happened to be. Oklahoma really goofed…they not only lost the game…but lost it in a big way to a team that recruits the same area…..oops….the big 12 has probably locked in one new school coming its way…who’ll be the other? They have to expand the league so that they’ll have enough teams to have a conference post-season title game….which leads to a better opportunity of making the final 4 teams…seems a bit convoluted … a team is good enough or it isn’t…playing an extra game against a quality opponent seems to be the tie-breaker for the NCAA committee.

….Alabama destroyed USC 52-6….USC is only a shell of the great program of the 60’s-70’s-80’s..actually they’ve never recovered from the sanctions caused by smiling Pete Carroll..who btw…escaped to the NFL leaving behind the garbage of his recruiting scandals…watching this game for about a quarter…it reminded me of my 1st string teams playing the 2nd teamers in scrimmages….TV execs  goofed thinking that this should be its premier game of the day…it would have been great 40 years ago J

….Wisconsin survived their goofs on offense to win on Saturday. The Wisconsin/LSU game was like a late season game as the Badgers won in a tight one 16-14, the strategy appeared to geared towards real cold day…or a game of the 50’s….you don’t see this type of game much any longer….tons of running the football with play action passes the feature of the passing menu…the Badgers throttled Heisman candidate, Jr. running back, Leonard Fournette (23c/138 yds). LSU actually led 14-13 as Wisconsin had squandered scoring opportunities close to the goal line on a couple occasions in the 1st half. Rafael Gaglianone’s 3 FG, including the winner in the 4th quarter with 4:27 left was the difference. 

…two players were ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct late in their games this past weekend…these aren’t goofs…they are out & out dirty football….I think that those players should be suspended by the NCAA for 2-5 games to send the message to all players that this type of play won’t be accepted …the plays were @ LSU Josh Boutte slammed a vicious blind-side hit on a Wisconsin player after an interception sealed the victory; @USC Jabari Ruffin stomped on the groin of Bama’a d-back, Minkah Fitzpatrick. …these were not accidental…they aren’t goofs…they are serious and should be handled as such…in the ol’ days, the Coaches would handle these problems…oops…we don’t have problems any longer…handle these”issues”…but the current brand of coach doesn’t want to be the bad guy because other schools will use it against him in recruiting….so…the NCAA better step in or THEIR brand will be damaged.

 Yes…baseball is still moving along….I thought the Cards would have a delightful trip to Milwaukee & Cincy…come home with at least 4 ..if not 5 wins …this week….not so…3-3. The Mets have been hot (7-3 over last 10 games) and closed to within 1 game in Wild card race…it should be exciting WC race for the last 4 weeks. The AL has 3 teams tied for the 2 Wild Card Places and Houston (a 2015 WC team) is just 2 games out now. Ironically, Houston has a better record than the Cards but they’re looking for the outside at the moment.

Looking at the Cards stats for the last 7 days, it’s a bit alarming…Greg Garcia is the leading hitter @ .538 (7 for 13)…that’s shocking enough..but a it’s a good “shock”… but scan these other averages…Molina .353 (6 of 17), Carpenter .261 (6 of 23), Piscotty .250 (5 of 20),Gyorko .174 (4 of 23), Grichuk .160 (4 of 25),Peralta .150 (3 of 20), Moss .059 (1 of 17)…now this club’s “stopper” is Carlos Martinez. He’s  13-7 for the season and he’s won 13 of his 26 starts…however, this isn’t an elite stopper …for example, Bob Forsch was 20-7 in 1977. Forsch won his 20 games in 35 starts. On the worrisome side, Adam Wainwright hasn’t won in his last 5 starts (0-3)…Oh has pitched 12 times in the last 30 days…Leake’s absence is missed …not because of his performance…but because it mandates the Reyes is moved from the pen (where he was taking care of a couple innings at a time) and inserted into the rotation. I’m sticking to my article of 4 weeks ago (Cards Playoff Bound) but I will say that the waters seem more murky to me now that a month ago.

…another goof in the making?  

I see that the Dodgers are having talks about reacquiring Zack Greineke from the D-backs.  If I was Arizona, I certainly wouldn’t put down my cell until the deal was done….his extravagant salary has boxed in Arizona for future moves ….don’t make the goof and keep him…deal him

 ….goof of Tim Tebow?  It’s hard to take this seriously(he held a try out in front of several MLB scouts)…he’s an ol’ guy(29 is old for a rookie)…a good….probably super athlete…but jumping to the MLB after all these dormant years of baseball seems like an incredible leap…apparently he has power, weak arm, lots of notoriety. Sounds like a DH to me for some bad AL team….when the shine wears off the “new” Tebow….he’ll be kleenexed

 …roster formation goof?

The Yankees got nothing from Chase Headley, Jacoby Ellsbury, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Luis Severino, Nathan Eovaldi, or Michael Pineda this season.  The pin-stripers better have a major roster shift this season because most of these guys are toast. I miss ol’ George Steinbrenner throwing his money around like it was monopoly money….but…at least they were good.

 ….catching goof?

It’s time for the Cards to bring up a real catching prospect….and…they ARE! Carson Kelly, as one national writer indicated in March…Kelly was the best player in the Cards camp this spring… is arriving on the scene.  This is the 1st time in many, many moons that Molina will have a legitimate replacement on the bench.  It won’t happen this season as the Cards introduce Kelly to the “big time” in the old fashioned way of bringing up a prospect in September but next year, Matheny will have to make time for Kelly…just as the Cards made time for Molina when Matheny was the catcher.

…time to exit prior to another goof:)


  1. Bob,

    Good stuff as usual. The Rams continue to amaze me. Not in a good way.

    BTW, my favorite NFL team this year, will be who is ever playing the Rams:)



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