And the Winner Is … By Bob Ryan

2 week award winners…

Ya know how it is these days…everyone is a winner…no one can face the truth that sometimes you can’t or don’t win (which I believe slows down the emotional growth—disappointments in the early years over events or games should help one develop for the time when larger disappointments arise later in life…anyway—here’s our 2 week award winners

…Right or Wong award

According to Yahoo Sports, Ben Zobrist (listed as a 2B and ss) is rated ahead of Jhonny Peralta but behind Kolton Wong…so it seems to indicate that Kolton Wong is better than Jhonny…at this stage of their careers…what have these guys been smoking?

 …the Shining Light Award

Was lucky enough to be at Sat Blues game—the pre-game2-3 minute light/graphics show was really spectacular—good job Blues

 …Monopoly Money Award

The Miami Marlins, who must have found some treasure money off the shores of Miami over the winter, just signed Christian Yelich to a 7 year-$49.75mil deal. Now I’ll grant you that Yelich is only 23 years of age but….he hit .288 in 62 games as a 21 year old player and last year in 144 games it was .284 with 9 HR. That doesn’t translate to $49 mil to me…Unless it was in a monopoly game.

 …Dr Seuss Award

Some type of doctor…one who will remain unnamed found a “hairline fracture” on the right wrist of Cub 3B Mike Olt…JUST as 3B Kris Bryant was ready to be called up….sounds like a story to me

 …FredBird Award

Maybe the Cards could develop a promotion….a Player of the Inning….heck, that fits perfectly into our current society’s “everyone must win” approach to life….FredBird could make the presentation after each inning to show the significance of the award…I’m sure that the Cardinals Promotion Dept could actually sell this idea to sponsors. Just think….here’s Joe Blow receiving the award for hitting the deepest out of the 1-2-3 inning or here’s Louvl Slugger he won the award for being the only Cardinal to hit a foul ball off of Aroldis Champman… he’s won 250 Player of the Inning Awards…yada, yada, yada

 …Green Light Award

True to his word, Manifesto Mike has his players (exception Molina & Peralta), and base coaches, running more on the bases this year. I love it…sure some have been thrown out but many others have improved the Cards scoring opportunities

 …The Stale Award

OK…Hey…I want the Blues to win but can’t we come up with a new cheer….we’ve used the “Let’s Go Blues” cheer for 40 years….it is….was… good in its day..but the days of Glenn Hall, Red Berenson, Mike Liut, Brett Hull, etc are gone…please check in with your pre-game department for some originality and creativity!

 …Out to Pasture Award

Of all the 2016 MLB free agent outfielders only Justin Hayward (26), Justin Upton(28), Austin Jackson (29), Gerardo Parra (29), Colby Rasmus (29) are under 30 years old…and yes…Hayward is the youngest …by far….all the other OF are out to pasture

 …The Anti-Award

Read this morning of the anti-prom “movement”….youngsters who aren’t “comfortable” going to the prom and all of its pre and post-prom partying or can’t afford it..have begun their own anti-prom….now….I’d prefer an anti-Boston Marathon….ya know I could walk 27 minutes not 27 miles

 ..The Freese-Out Award

Our 2011 Series Hero will be 33 next year with a $6mil salary….I don’t see people knocking his door down unless it’s in Wildwood for an autograph on an Imo’s Pizza Box

 …1 day can’t replace 100 years Award

Seemingly thinking that Kris Bryant would move up the MLB and blast multiple HR in his first game…the Cubbies goofed again…or rather lived down to their norm…why they didn’t wait until a road game (next week sometime) where the home-town pressure would be lighter for Bryant and maybe choose a different type of starter rather than a seasoned vet who relies on control (James Shields) to face in his inaugural game.

 ….The True Cub Award

Jeff Samardzija who toiled for the Cubs for several years always had “good Stuff” but it was accepted that he wouldn’t win in Chicago…when traded to Oakland last year as part the A’s surge to the title (which stalled immediately)—he failed there also….now back in Chicago throwing for the CWS…he’s still not winning….some guys always seem to find a way to win…some to lose..for example yesterday he allows 1 run in 8 but so does his opposing starting pitcher…ya know…some just aren’t going to win

 …The Dirty Dancing…oops…Dirty Skating Award

From my view the Minn Wild did many “cheap shots” during the game…often they “bumped into” exiting Blues who were headed for the bench; they grabbed players continually; all of this was especially true early in the game. As the game proceeded, the Blues seemed to retaliate without committing any penalties.

 …Go Granny Go Award?

With our apologies to Jan & Dean, Hillary will let us know if it’s possible.

 ….You Figure it Out Award

Yasmany Tomas signed a $68 mil contract with Arizona…he was assigned to the minor leagues to start the season…now he’s promoted to the Big Boys and told he’ll be pinch hitting…huh?

 …the Sliding Award

…St Louis seems very excited about its new soccer team—StLouis FC. That’s good. However…StFC is a 3rd-division soccer club….has St. Louis sunk to this level?

 …Numbers can Always Lie Award

On Fri, the White Sox had these guys in their starting lineup with these averages—Eaton .158, Me.Cabrera .162, Abreau .206, LaRoche .179 Al Ramirerz .167…I thought that they had used their weights instead of their average?

 ..The difference a Year Can Make Award

Last year Milwaukee flew out to an 8-2 record in the first 10 games, in 2015 its 2-8!

 …You Made it Award

Thx for making to the bottom of these awards.





  1. Tom Williams says:

    I read somewhere that the Blackhawks purchased a projector system for their arena similar to the one the Blues rented. Cost them a cool $2 million. I don’t think Stillman has that kind of change just laying around these days. If they bring home a cup, I could see some big improvements around the STC, but for now, they probably need to save that money for Tarasenko.

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