Better Sooner than Later by Bob Ryan

The old adage of….it’s better late than never…is sometimes true….sometimes its sooner rather than later and sometimes it’s better not at all than late…but anyway….consider

…I read an article that the NY Yankees who had accumulated a plethora of prospects in the Aroldis Chapman  & Andrew Miller trades were considering packaging many of them in a trade offer to the Angels for Michael Trout…I don’t think the Halos will do it because most of those prospects are a few years away…but it made me think….why don’t the Cards try the same thing….we are told that we have a very strong system and a few young players on our MLB roster who seem to be between a rock & a hard place (translation—bench & minors) who are much closer to MLB play…shoot them the moon with a package like Wong, Adams, Luke Weaver, Edmundo Sosa (#2 ranked SS in minors-ranked #7 in system), Harrison Bader (top hitting prospect in minors-ranked #3 in system), Dakota Hudson (relief hurler –ranked #10 in system) least give it a try…sooner rather than later..btw…we have a better SS (Delvin Perez)and  two higher ranked pitchers still left in the cupboard who are below our MLB level right now

…the NFL better realize soon that they really only have 4 good teams in the entire league….New England, Oakland, Dallas & Seattle…that’s it…..sure there are plenty of 6-4, 5-5, 4-6 teams around but there are also some really bad teams like Frisco, Cleveland, NY Jets and Jacksonville….wanna know why ratings are down….let’s see some good teams not so many C- teams who play with multiple mistakes on each series,  instead we see more closeups of the referees than the players, more time seems to be on replays rather than live action, players don’t seem to have the professionalism that they had in college …they better figure it out sooner rather than later

Mizzou’s miraculous come-from-behind win over Arkansas was a life preserver…it was needed right now…not later… as the bad chips just keep falling in Columbia… the suspension of Damarea Crockett…Coach Barry Odum is trying to establish self-responsibility….cruising & “smoking” at 4am just reeks of an undisciplined person… then an academic advisor makes known that she did more than “advise or teach” the athletes..she assisted them during tests—one has to think that this type of situation that she is proposing is happening on many campuses across the country…’s going public in Columbia….I admire Barry Odum for trying to “turn around” some of the discipline that seemed to have been overlooked by his predecessor for superior athletes (e.g. Dorial Green Beckham) but…he’ll have to win…and sooner ..real soon…rather than later  to really establish the personal modifications he desires…

…and…if it wasn’t clear enough to Odum…Texas’ Charlie Strong gets the ax after 3 seasons…the big time college football programs don’t provide much time to rebuild…ya better win …and win NOW…or there won’t be a “later”

….Washington Redskins….after bypassing Kirk Cousins for RGIII…has seen Cousins take the Skins to 6-3-1 this year….he has 3,091 all accounts is the least recognized of the current “good” QB in the NFL right now…problem for Wash is that they franchised tagged him this year at a cost of $19.53mil…if they do that again in 2017 it’ll be nearly $24 mil or if they decide to give him multi-year …ur looking at $20mil-ish per year..when will they recognize that he’s in the top 5 QB now…better late than….

…the NCAA football playoff picture is like one of those little round Christmas balls with “snow” always moving around when you shake it…it’s really blurred….I’ve suggested a couple different methods to choose the “final four”… both systems seemed better to me than the current behind closed doors meetings….but I guess…they only seemed better to me…anyway….look at this convoluted situation… Wisconsin plays Penn State for Big 10 title but both Ohio St & Michigan…in the Big 10….are rated higher than either of those teams as I write this on Sunday morning….???? ….Ohio State LOST to Penn State in head-head battle..isn’t that the truest measure of which team is better?—head-head? …and ….Michigan’s loss to Iowa crashed their sooner rather than later here’s my final four at this point …Bama (who else), winner of Big 10 championship has some questions–Penn St-Wisc—if Penn St wins it should be automaticly “in” if Wisconsin wins…it should be Ohio St since  Wisconsin DID lose to Ohio St AND Michigan,  Clemson(assume they beat Va Tech) & If Washington wins the Pac 12 championship they are “in”…if Colorado wins, Ohio State gets the nod

….Travis Ford would like to call in Dr. Emmett Brown (Back to the Future) to get them into next season…it’s real simple….the Billikens (2-3) just don’t have the talent right now…so let’s call Dr. Brown sooner rather than later

….judging from the current NCAA polls, the Big 10 has 3 teams in the top 5 of the country and 4 teams in the top 8…at this moment, 12 weeks into the season…you’d have to say that the Big 10 was the conference with the most high level teams in the USA

…never thought I’d do this …but here’s a thought on USA soccer….it is embarrassing to lose to these countries about 1/10 our size…why does it happen…well here’s one perspective..much of it from George Versey(national writer)…1st)many of the players on the USA team had come to America just to play soccer when they couldn’t make their own team (like in Germany) so we had the rejects representing us 2nd) in the USA we don’t have ALL of our best athletes playing soccer …as they do in other countries…I mean …how terrific could these NFL receivers be as wingers flying down the sideline on the pitch..or an tall, fleet footed NBA man as a defenseman?…u got the idea….3rd…the current structure of “forming” the players (academy mode) requires a heavy financial most players are middle to upper-middle class and above..these players are learning the craft but don’t play on their own …like poorer kids do…to form and shape their own creativity …..smaller countries don’t have academies…they have kids playing on their own against kids their own age and OLDER and THEN later they migrate to formal team structure..firing the coach the USA just did…won’t solve the problem…hopefully things will change sooner rather than later….

…I can tell…its time to end it…better now than later 

I really appreciate reading your responses…just put them on the prepcasts site or if you prefer…send your thoughts in an email back to me…maybe you have your own “better sooner than later” ideas?



  1. John Rocco says:

    Interesting thoughts on the Cardinals.
    But it’s not the way they do business, so I doubt we’ll see them make that kind of move.
    Moving on to Mizzou. Every time I think they hit bottom they have a new issue. I hope Odom and his staff can make some good recruiting moves.
    Also, a belated Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Mizzou is a mess and will take more than a win to get things going. Can’t even think of turn around yet. Not much giddyup in their recruiting, at least not yet.

      Billikens gotta play the hand dealt them until next season. Travis Ford can recruit and he will bring Bills back to their glory days.

  2. Greg Pantazi says:

    Hey Bob,

    I remember an old line from the NFL during the Pete Rozelle era. In his perfect league every team would finish 8-8 and the tiebreakers would take over. While that clearly editoriialized perceived lack of parity at the time, it was eye popping imagery. We now witness all four major leagues with various forms of revenue sharing and salary restrictions Every year we see 2/3 or more of teams in playoff contention till late in seasons. I think you called them C- teams? Well, one man’s parity is another man’s medicrity. I’m certain the fans of the C- love hope. In the olden days (yeah, I said it) the only reason the C- went to games was for the beer and nachos. Sure, that was better.

  3. Jim Pleimann says:

    Sorry to respond later rather than sooner but I was out Christmas shopping sooner rather than later trying to keep all family members happy! I too see no reason not to go after Trout – sooner, rather than watch somebody else pull off the blockbuster. I have been talking about this for weeks. People think I am nuts. (What’s new?) Why not? He would look so good with the birds on the bat across his chest. Bring on the winter meetings. How will we remember the Jamie Garcia era. Just ho-hum to me. Seth Maness pitched til he could pitch no more – but helped very much in his short-lived prime. Time for him to be a pitching instructor somewhere….

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