Bob Ryan receives MIAAA Award

ryan awardCongrats to Bob Ryan the Godfather of Prepcasts on a well deserved award for promoting MO high school sports through Prepcasts! Great to see him recognized. Thanks Jerry Collins for nominating him.

The following was the letter written on behalf of Bob Ryan by current Prepcasts owner Tim Miller …

I will always consider Bob Ryan to be the Godfather of
Bob had an idea that was way ahead of its time.  To take the lack of
coverage of high school sports and especially girls sports, and combine
that with getting that coverage to go around the world on the internet.
Bob started this journey in 2003 and has been able to adapt with the
newest offerings that have come along with the technology improvements
and brought in the video component many years ago.
One of his greatest ideas is the ability for the audience to be interactive
with the broadcast by emailing or texting in to the announcing team.  There
have been some games where the amount of audience involvement almost
took over the story and was sometimes bigger than the game going on.
I will always be indebted to Bob for giving me back my dream to be an
announcer.  I was able to dabble in college but then my real job as a teacher
took precedence.  What Bob showed me was that you can still do this on
your spare time and when you have an announcer that is doing this because
he or she want to and not has to … you get a nice product going out.
Finally, it was an honor when Bob asked be to take over when he was ready
to move on.  I can only hope that the spirit of what he had in mind continues
under my reign.  I do LOVE that Bob has continued to announce on the broadcasts and you will always get an announcer in Bob that
wears his heart not only on his sleeve, but in his approach and his announcing style.


  1. Joe Parisi says:

    Congrats Bob on a well deserved honor!

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