Don’t be this OTHER guy – By Bob Ryan

the other guy logoAs Baseball winds down, we’ll take a look at some of the 2nd half stars, best rookies, surprises and inter-mingle in a few “spots”….

The highest 10 NL hitters for the 2nd half with over 100 AB have a few surprising names..

….At the top is Joey Votto with a .374. He’s been criticized for looking for walks and not swinging often enough….it turns out he’s doing both…hitting .374, drawing 75 walks so his OB% is .558 (that means he’s getting on base more than HALF of his AB), his slugging is .665, OPS(on base + slugging) is 1.223. Votto is leads the NL in ALL FOUR CATEGORIES!

…..2nd in Average for the 2nd half is little noticed David Peralta of Arizona .354

Buster Posey is 3rd in NL average at .350…btw…Posey has 70 hits (2nd in NL)

…..Another Arizona OF AJ Pollock has been terrific..he’s at .340. It appears the Diamondbacks have a strong nucleus for the middle of their lineup for the future.

….Bryce Harper (Wash) hit .337 but led the NL in HR with 14 in 2nd half

….None of you would have guessed…at least I wouldn’t… the #6 hitter for 2nd half in NL—Oduble Herrara—OF from the hapless Phillies hit .333 raising his season average to .296 !

….The Cards Jayson Heyward is 7th for 2nd half (do you hear the clanging of coins in the background as Heyward approaches Free Agency?) with a .326 mark

At 8-9-10 come three middle-infielders

…#8 Consistent Washington SS, Yunel Escobar, hit .321 in 2nd half and holds a .317 season average

…#9 Speedy Dee Gordon (Miami 2b) continued hitting well in 2nd half after sizzling in the 1st half…Gordon is hitting .321 in 2nd half and causing havoc on the bases for several teams

…#10 Tied for this spot at .319 were Brendan Phillips (Cincy)…many thought he was “over the hill” …also at #10 Ryan Braun…who has lost some power since he lost his pills but he still can hit


Now for a short break….

Hi…I’m Matt Carpenter….I’m the slugging 3B of the StL Cardinals…I can rake with the best of them but best of all…I’m over 20 HR…

….I’m the other Matt Carpenter….I was the 2B of the Cardinals, batted 1st in the lineup with the goal of drawing walks, hitting singles & doubles and scoring runs but I didn’t go for the long ball..

…..Matt#1, “Don’t be like the other Matt Carpenter….go for that big contract…heck I’m 29 I only have one more big contract”


Hi…..….I’m OJ Simpson I was the superstar running back of the USC Trojans where I led the nation in rushing during my Jr & Sr years. In the pros, I was drafted and played most my career for the Buffalo Bills. I was the only runner in NFL history to rush for 2000+ yards in a 14 game season. I was in six Pro Bowls and voted into NFL HOF in my 1st year of eligibility in 1985.

I’m the other OJ Simpson…after my football career I was used for many commercials and am most remembered for my Hertz commercials as I ran through the airports….I ran…oops …my bad….I moved into areas that caused much trouble with the law and have been incarcerated.

OJ#1….don’t be like that OJ….stop running in airports!


….Hi…I’m the 2015 Maty Mauk…I’ve led my teams to 3 very lacklulster wins over cupcakes to start the season…my leading receivers from last year are now in the NFL…these new guys couldn’t catch a fish out of a fish pond….I’ve passed for 329 yards and have a rating after 2 games of 114….I’m worried for a couple reasons….our Mizzou fans are spoiled…they now expect us to win the SEC East and win most games convincingly AND since my backup …Drew Lock….has NFL written all over him….ya never know…

Hi….I’m the other Maty Mauk…the Mizzou QB of 2014…..I led the Tigers to an 11-3 record as I passed for 2648 yards, 26 TD won the SEC East before losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. Then I led the Tigers to a win over Minnesota in the Crap…oops… Citrus Bowl. I had a 53.4% completion rate and QB rating….don‘t ask me to explain that…of 120.8

….Maty #1…don’t be like him….just let me scramble, run around and heave it…my only returning running back is already injured …and Coach Pinkel has ALWAYS chosen a QB in soph/jr year and stuck with him until graduation….I’m like Eliot Ness…I’m an untouchable as a starter


Now the top 10 AL hitters for AVG in the 2nd half…#1 is a shocker…a young rookie whose name has probably never come off your lips….this guy was just picked up in our Family Fantasy league in the last 2 weeks so….who’s heard of the guy?

……At #1 is SS Francisco Lindor who banged out a .361 avg this half and now holds a .319 season average for the Indians…is OPS is .959

……Toronto slugger Edwin Encarcion is 2nd in AL for 2nd half at .355….this guy has taken off as a hitter since he doesn’t have to go into the field where he committed multiple miscues….he can just think about hitting…he has 14 dingers and an OPS over 1.1 !

……Cleveland has a 2nd player in the top 3 of the AL…OF Michael Brantley hitting .352…any surprise that the Indians crawled back into the WC race..long shot but at least there was a chance for the Indians.

….At #4 is Xavier Bogoerts the SS of the BoSox….he’s about the only star of this lowly team…X hit .345 in the 2nd half.

….Jose Altuve (Houston) is putting together another fine season as a lead-off hitter for the Astros..he checks in with a .342 average…one of the few high average hitters in this lineup

….Mizzou-grad, Ian Kinsler comes in at #6 and continues to perform at a .339 clip although the Tigers have lost their bite and linger in the mid-section of the division.

….causing some…maybe just me….to wonder….the venerable David Ortiz is hitting unbelievably for an old-timer (20 HR and .339 average)…once found to have used drugs….I’m just saying…

…in the #8 spot is Tampa Bay’s SS-Asdrubal Cabrera….pushed aside in Cleveland with Lindor (see #1) rising out of the farm system, Cabrera’s .338 average is really robust on the mild hitting Rays team.

…Ben Revere arrives in the #9 spot with a .329 mark….in the powerful Toronto lineup, maybe he’s ignored because he doesn’t hit many round-trippers…his speed is a real asset to this #1 division leader

…rounding out the top 10 in the AL is Tx OF Sin-So Choo…god bless you…his .328 2nd half comes after a dismal 1st half


Hi…I’m Jaime Garcia…I’m in the final year of my contract….I’ve really had injury problems since I signed my 4 year $26 mil contract…it’s just been too painful….yea…I had surgery…but that’s expected, right?….heck I’ve racked up 24 wins for $26 mil…a mil a win…that’s plenty good…I don’t want to push it too hard

Hi…I’m the other Jaime Garcia of 2015…I hold a 9-5 record with a 2.82 ERA..I’m on the way to pitching my most innings since 2011..which means I’ll have exceeded the massive total of 121 innings in 2012, 2013, and 2014…I’m in my final year of this contract with the club having an #11.5 mil option for 2016 and a $12 mil contract for 2017

….Jaime #1…don’t be like other Jaime…..pitch just good enough to sign another big one…heck…if the Cards buy me out for $500,000…some other chump…I mean team will gladly open up their wallets….my arm might hurt but not enough to cash in those checks.


Hi…I’m Jack Clark…I was a tremendous power hitter back in the pre-steriod days…I earned $20 mil for my career for the SF Giants and Cards

Hi…I’m the other Jack Clark….I earned $20 mil in my career…I declared bankruptcy on listed debts of $11.4 mil with assets of $4.8 mil…I had some hobbies….kinda expensive hobbies…I owned 18 automobiles, including a 1990 Ferrari that cost $717,000 alone…my three customized Mercades were $125,000 each…all in all I owe on 17 of these cars and on the race track that I was going to race them on..

Jack#1…don’t be like that jack Clark…go into radio….oops…can’t do that I’m too blunt and get sued….so be a “power” man and step up…sell those darn cars by opening up a Auto Dealership or a restaurant with your buddy, Ozzie!


A quick look at some of the excitement/news surrounding HS football…

….Ladue scored 2 TD’s in last 5 minutes to rally for a 38-35 win over Cape Central

….Occasionally when a successful coach departs from a school, it’s because he sees the cupboard is bare for future teams…..Not so in this case…Coach Ferrell Shelton compiled a dazzling record of 130-37 @ Eureka in his 15 seasons there. He moved to Kirkwood for that prestigious job….he’s led the Pioneers to a 4-0 mark this year while Eureka is still winning…they’re 5-0….win-win for both teams

….best thing that ever happened to Pattonville was the breaking up of the Suburban North into 2 conferences…Pattonville still has tough teams (Kirkwood, Summit, Webster, Pk North and Ritenour) but the Pirates are 4-1 after crunching Webster Groves 40-0 …sometimes removing teams that have beat you year after year elevates the approach and attitude of players & coaches alike

…one of wildest games this weekend was the O’Fallon Christian 50-35 win over DuBourg…Christian trailed 35-27 but scored 3 TD’s in the last 8:51 seconds for the win.


Hi…I’m Sam Bradford that was drafted with lots of anticipation by the Rammies….many thought that I had a gun for an arm…that my personality was squeaky clean…others knew that I had an aptitude for the game…I had the OU pedigree…I was the whole package..

Hi…I’m the other Sam Bradford…the one that has been out for 3 seasons with the Rams…I was a brittle as a frozen limb of a dead tree….my signing bonus became an issue – especially with the fans…I spent more time on the sideline than the X-pt kickers…I was everything that nobody wanted..

Sam#1…don’t be that Sam….my new coach has me releasing the ball quickly….calling plays at the LOS so that I can use my analytical skills…I actually have a line that can block for more than a mini-second….this is the year for me…I’m in Philly


Hi….I’m Peter Stasny …I was acquired last year by the St Louis Blues…I had much anticipation…I was coming home and to a good team….I finished with 16 goals and most fans seemed frustrated with me

Hi…I’m the other Peter Stasny…I played 8 years in the prime of my career with the Denver Avalanche….I averaged 20 goals a season during that time…I was voted #2 in the Rookie of the Year voting….generally chalked up several assists in the playoffs….after that, I was injured on a few occasions and often missed games but most appreciated my skills

….Peter #1….don’t be like that Peter….I’ll continue to slide since I’ll be 30 in December…the quick skating Blues don’t fit my finesse style…and my salary will still rile up the Blues faithful


Hi….I’m Bob Ryan….no..Not the Boston Globe Bob Ryan….I write sports blogs trying to elicit emotion from the readers…my thrill is that people will actually take their time to read this “stuff”

Hi…I’m the other Bob Ryan…I taught HS math 40 years…how can I write anything with those credentials? The only thing I wrote was my name on the bottom of a check.

Bob#1….don’t be like that Bob… this silly stuff mixed in with some facts and some quasi-facts covered with lots of Irish malarkey covering in on the top….:)


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Not the roaring 20’s by Bob Ryan

roaring 20's imageThe 20’s….no..not the roaring 20’s …a forerunner to the 60’s….but the 20’s of August…when they arrive it means lots of things….school has started (or will soon)….summer swimming is seeing its waning days….the “routine” is starting again for many… baseball it also means….all the bloom is off the season’s flower by now….the season is stale and repetitious unless you’re a contender…it’s the final days until all the “promising’ players are called up on Sept 1 and ur playing time will be reduced…players on non-contending teams are now focused on personal achievements despite a body that is slower, bruised and aches far more than the glorious days of March spring training…so let’s take a look at what’s going on in these 20’s …


…Recently, Michael Wacha had a very unusual AB…he was assigned to bunt…as he squared, bent his knees, the pitch ran right in on him—right at this face….he DID get the bunt down…as the pitcher mishandled his bunt, Wacha no doubt was considering, as he jogged to 1B, how close he really came to being struck right between the eyes

 …does anyone still have any doubts that $silent $tan is moving to LA? I don’t. Our hopes…as I said months ago is the Oakland team….I’m really afraid that the StL committee (which has worked very hard and very well) will have worked in vain….btw…one of my friends, a non-sports person, said to me recently,” well learn to be without it and anyway it’s our tax money and not everyone goes”….well, our tax money already goes to many pleasurable activities—zoo, library, art museum…not everyone goes to those wonderful areas either..I’m not saying that we should lessen or remove our fiscal support of those areas only that a stadium provides enjoyment for a sizable segment of our society –just as these other activities do for others…unfortunately in the “me 1st and me only” society that we function in now….supporting verbally & fiscally the interest of others ..and accepting that we’re all different….doesn’t gain much traction

 …clearly the two best hitters in the MLB are Bryce Harper & Paul Goldschmidt (at least by the numbers)….Harper has these credentials as of today—BA-.328,OBP .452 OPS-1.089; Goldschmidt’s numbers are BA-.334, OBP-.447 and OPS 1.017..they are the only two MLB hitters over 1.00 in OPS

 …so …part of the Grichuk package was the history of Grichuk having been on DL frequently in the minor leagues…I always wondered why LAA gave him to us so cheaply

 …one of my friends emailed me a copy of a survey taken of our college students being quizzed…it was so sad…most could not name the vice-president, from which country we claimed independence, who won the Civil War but…they all knew about some rock star’s (can’t remember her name) husband and former husband…couldn’t we give a competency test (which would change every year so teachers don’t just teach the test) to receive a HS diploma? Forget about those “gimme” grades….they often mean very little is some schools

 …we’ve had some dismal QB tandems in StL over the past couple years…here’s another one that seems to be of the same ilk….it’s in Buffalo…the fight for the QB spot is between Tyrod Taylor, Matt Cassel and EJ Manual (who once was thought the be “the chosen one” but now sits at #3 on the depth chart). The fleet-footed Taylor leads this threesome as we head into week 2 of NFL pre-season.

 ….is Maty Mauk causing some worries at Mizzou after his dismal showing at the intra-squad game? 50% passing completion, considering the many short passes in this offense, is really unacceptable and won’t win many SEC games

….the Angels are still battling for a playoff spot with Trout hitting .295 and Albert trudging along at .252 (albeit 33 HR) …btw not ONE batter is hitting .300 in LAA lineup..does LAA sound like an airport to you too?

…I tend to agree with James Harrison…participation trophies are really superfluous….just because you play on a team, it doesn’t merit a reward…participation ITSELF should be the reward—the fun, enjoyment, satisfaction of learning, developing, mastering skills and then moving upward to tougher skills and learning how to interact with others both as teammates and as players subordinate to coaches while learning that you may not always be the star…or even good…. but the importance of working towards a team goal (like you’ll do in the workplace) is important..on a personal note…my youngest son who lived through the participation trophy stage…would line up his trophies in two rows….the front row was the achievement trophies and the back row the participation trophies…I rest my case

 …a tip of the hat to a HS football coach who demonstrated by his actions…not only his words…some good sportsmanship….Farrell Shelton took over the prestigious Kirkwood football job after 14 terrific seasons at Eureka…leading Lindbergh 35-0 at half in Friday night’s opening game and probably being tempted to please everyone by scoring more points….he took the high road….final score Kirkwood 35 Lindbergh 7…great job Coach! Other coaches, I’m sure, also displayed good sportsmanship by easing up also… but this one is a real obvious one to notice.

 …the Steelers have lost long-time (10 years) d-coordinator, Dick LeBeau…he’s moved to Tennessee to become Asst head Coach. Keith Butler assumes the duties of the d-coordinator and promises more flexibility in his alignments…LeBeau was simple but innovative.. he trained his players to do the basics—keeping it simple enough that the players could Play w/o thinking and yet was the inventor of the zone blitz package now commonly used by NFL, college & HS teams…btw…LeBeau is 7th in NFL History in Interceptions!

 …will the SI Cover Jinx haunt the Cardinals now? The story on the depth, training and success of Birds is followed by an article on the Pirates…guess what, Clint Hurdle (Pirate MGR) is now reading Manifesto Mike’s book—the Manifesto!

…seldom mentioned, Josh Donaldson has really been terrific this year–.296, 33 HR, 94 RBI, 90 runs, OPS .939—since the trading deadline, Toronto has been on a tear (don’t know if it actually is Tulo or the sign from Toronto mgmt. that we’re “all in”

….Pirates,who are 55-1 when leading after 7 innings, tried shoring up their bullpen with the acquisition of Joakim Soria but the starting staff may be starting to crumble…..AJ Bartnett is on DL, Gerrit Cole has now lost his last 3 starts. The Pirates have the 3rd best record in baseball (behind Cards & KC)…btw….I think that those 3 teams all play tremendous defense—which really supports their pitchers and keep them in just about every game

 …the Rams brawl with the Cowboys in a “scrimmage” is typical….very typical…of scrimmages between pro teams…trash talk, hard hits, late hits…bingo…we got ourselves a brawl…I’m sure that the toughness, intensity, quickness of a team is elevated at those fact, they are probably better to watch than the ho-hum pre-season games where meaningless players occupy the playing time while the starters sit on the sidelines joking, gawking at cheerleaders, pretending that they’re drinking water (what do you really think is in that bottle?), and occasionally taking glimpses at the game

….OK …World Series could now extend to Nov 4th…well…I guess the fans could treat it like a football game…tail-gate, get fortified with some anti-freeze prior to the game, watch through blurry eyes as the temp drops throughout the evening and you keep trying to stay warm with libations, then wake up next day wondering who won J-…

…while the Lou is justifiably excited about rookie Randall Grichuk….the Astros SS, Carlos Correa really has the Houston area buzzing…hitting .278, 15 HR ,OPS .871 with 10 SB…some have compared him to a young (and uncorrupted) A-Rod

 …sad NFL stat—1 in 6 players go bankrupt during their life…pls don’t blame that on concussions.

 …Thx to Thomas Williams for catching me on Superfly Jimmy Snuka…the Superfly HAS NOT PASSED but it was discovered this month that he has stomach cancer. He had his lymph nodes, part of his stomach and all apparent cancer removed. Keep on Splashing Superfly!

 …33 year old, Mizzou grad, Ian Kinsler (Detroit) is still holding his head above the .300 water level..he’s in his 10th year of MLB with over 5300 AB

 …recent publication predicts 5 things about Mizzou football—1) Kentrell Brothers will lead league in tackles; 2) Russell Hansbrough will rush for 1200 yards; 3) Evan Boehm -will become SEC’s best center (he’s son of Lee Summit West HS coach); 4) after winning it 2 consecutive years, Mizzou will NOT have the SEC Def Player of the Year; 5) Mizzou’s unbeaten streak in the last 2 Novembers will come to an end…interesting…seems to me like if #1 comes true, #4 will likely be wrong…hmmmm… Mizzou’s Nov schedule includes Miss State, Ark, Tenn, BYU, (in that order of skill level)…tough ending…

 …puzzles me why Tom Brady is listed around #5-9 in QB ratings in most Pre-Season Fantasy QB…who else would YOU rather have on a final drive down the field?

 ….which teams have most/best records in one-run games to this point of the season? Sitting down?…The Cubbies are 27-17, Cards 27-19, Atlanta 23-16, KC Royals 19-11

 …the defensive OF of Grichuk, Heyward and Piscotty is clearly out best OF defensively (not counting the weak hitting Bourjos as an everyday player)…that would leave us Holliday & Adams for one starting spot….hmmmm…on the other hand….how often are all five of these guys healthy at one time?

 …having a strong 2015 for the Yanks is A-Rod (24 dingers, 63 ribbies) but I think the long layoff in 2013 and 2014 is catching up to him now in the hot, long 20’s as he’s hitting .212 in the last 30 days…interesting…just learned that A-Rod missed only ONE game (total) in the 3 year stretch of 2001-2002-2003 for Texas (I guess steroids were providing the stamina)

 ….watch which players “get hot” during the 20’s….wanna bet that they’re in the final year of their contract?

New faces emerge from Quarterfinals!

Bob-RyanNew faces emerge from Quarterfinals!

Each year, it seems, we have some of the “usual” schools marching forward through the MSHSAA playoff system. While we do still have some of those familiar, annual sounding, names, there are some fresh names emerging…take a look at some of the New Kids on the Block and some of the same ‘ol names….

…Oak Grove, who last made the championship game in 1990, stunned—maybe even shocked- the entire STATE as they snapped the 42 game winning streak and ended the dreams of the Maryville Spoofhounds for a three-peat. The Panthers (11-2) powered their way over the Spoofhounds 69-23. While capitalizing on 3 fumble recoveries and 3 interceptions defensively, the Panthers unleashed Aaron Graham on the ground. Graham was incredible as he gained 345 yards on the ground, scored 7 touchdowns on 25 carries! He averaged 13.8 yards per carry against the previously unbeaten Spoofhounds (12-1). Coach Matt Webb of Maryville suffered his 1st loss as a head coach. He took over the reins in the start of the 2011 season. But a 42-1 coaching record isn’t too shabby is it? Oak Grove faces the California Pintos (13-0) in the semis next week. The Pintos handled Orchard Farm 56-21. The Eagles season concludes with them having achieved their 1st district title in the school’s history. The Panthers Coach, Pat Richard, will be one of our guests on the Road to the Dome Show on Thursday, 7-9pm. Click here for the show …

….in maybe the most riveting game of the night, this game was thrilling from the first seconds until it came down to the final play of the game. Park Hill edged Ft Osage 21-20. The opening 30 seconds of the game was really unbelievable. Ft Osage’s Bailey Williamson took the opening kickoff “to the house” as he went 93 yards. Park Hill took over on their own 35 yard line. On their 1st play from scrimmage, Matt Harris covered all 65 yards! It was 7-7 after just 29 seconds!! Ft Osage led 10-7 after 1 quarter and by a 17-7 lead at half. In the 3rd, Trojans Jeremy Benson plunged over from 1 yard out to cap a 16 play scoring drive for Park Hill. It was now 17-14 Indians. Ft Osage kicked a FG early in 4th and midway in 4th quarter, Benson rambled over from 38 yards out, and with the PAT, and the Trojans snatched a 21-20 lead. The Indians weren’t finished. Starting their final drive with 4:28 and on their own 28 yard line, they marched 14 plays down to the Trojans 3 yard line with 0:06 seconds left. In came the FG unit for Ft Osage. The possible winning FG attempt was missed and Park Hill advances to the semifinals to face a brand new face—the Nixa Eagles. Park Hill’s coach, Josh Hood, and Nixa’s coach, Rich Rehagan, will both be Guests on the Road to the Dome Show this Thursday, 7-9 pm. join us – Click here for the show …

…on the Class 6 level, the Rockhurst Hawklets held off the skilled Vikings of Francis Howell 25-20. The Hawklets jumped ahead 18-0 in the 2nd quarter when TJ Green hit his 2nd TD strike of the half and still were on top 25-6 when Green hooked up with AJ Taylor for a 71 yard TD pass. Howell fought back despite being behind for the FIRST time this season! When Desmond Niboh scored from 15 yards out, the Vikes cut it to a 25-20 game. After getting a huge 4th down stop against Rockhust, Howell drove it to the 21 yard line with 3:33 left. Unable to get the first down, Rockhurst successfully ran out the clock with a 1st down of their own.   Click here for the REPlay …  Rockhurst, who has won 9 state titles faces CBC in the Class 6 title game.

….CBC (13-0) has been to the STATE championship game twice (2011 & 2006) but has yet to take home the Championship trophy. The Cadets used their blitzkrieg offense to stun the Kirkwood Pioneers 55-10 in the semifinal. The first half was a tight, very competitive, back and forth type of half, which actually saw the score 14-10 until late in the 2nd quarter. The Pioneers intercepted a Cadet pass and were driving down to the CBC 23 yard line. The key play of the game, according to Coach Matt Irvin of Kirkwood, was the 77 yard pick-six by Damion Baker that changed the momentum of the game. CBC erupted for 4 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter to break it wide open. CBC Coach Scott Pingel will also be a guest on our Road to the Dome Show on Thursday night- Click here for the show …


…Two very familiar schools in MSHSAA playoff football history, Kearney (12-1) and Helias (11-2) locked up in a terrific overtime game. Kearney prevailed 23-20. This was really an even game—in total offensive plays-it was Helias 65-64; in total offense it was Kearney 383-381; in 1st downs-it was Kearney 19-18, each team scored all their TD’s on passes…you get the picture! The first quarter was scoreless. In the 2nd, Bulldog QB Johnny Weidmaier threw for two TD’s and Kearney led 14-7 at the halftime buzzer. They stretched it to 20-7 at the end of 3 quarters. The Crusaders rallied and scored two touchdowns in 2:11 stretch to tie it at 20-20. The possible game winning PAT was blocked with only 1:57 left in the game. Dawson Goepferich’s 36 yard FG in the overtime pushed the Bulldogs into the next round against ….who else is there in class 4 but the Webb City Cardinals! The Cardinals (13-0) who own a victory over Class 6 finalist, Rockhurst, shut out Harrisonville 35-0 in the semifinals.  Click here for that REPlay …

…Two schools that have often gone into the playoffs in recent years, had an outstanding game on Saturday. In the Jackson Indians and Ladue Rams game, the momentum (and success) ebbed back and forth. For the most part, Ladue had success in 1st and 4th quarters and the Indians had the best of it in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Using a punishing ground game to open the game, the Rams used the hard running of Daylen Edwards and the swift legs of James Scott to open a 14-0 lead after 1 quarter. But…you could feel the tide turning a bit in the 2nd quarter as Jackson cut the lead to 14-7. After halftime, the Indians seemed to really have more bounce in their step as QB Dante Vandeven led the way with nifty running and throwing to score two 3rd quarter TD’s to take a 21-14 lead. James Bell latched onto a beautifully thrown post pattern for a 33 yard strike early in the 4th. Now…the momentum jumped back to the Rams sideline. Neither team scored until Ladue, after receiving back-back short fields, scored on their 2nd great field possession when Daylen Edwards powered his way over the goal line from 4 yards out with only 3:18 left in the game. Jack Fox iced it up with a 36 yd FG with only 0:55 seconds left. Next up for the Rams is Battle High School.

….talk about a brand new face—Battle (9-4), in only its 2nd year of existence, continued its magical dream as they scored two TD’s within 50 seconds in the 2nd quarter to grab a 13-7 lead over Ft Zumwalt North (11-2). The Panthers answered in the 2nd quarter when Deon Lewis dove in from a yard out but, like the Spartans, the Panthers missed their PAT after their 2nd TD and the score was tied 13-13 at half. Just 5 plays into the 2nd half, Battle QB Brevinn Tyler hit Jaevon McQuitty for a 51 yard scoring strike. With the PAT, it was 20-13. From this point on, the Spartan defense dominated. Battle surrendered a meager 28 total yards on 11 rushes, allowed only 1 first down, no completions and forced three turnovers. This was against a Panther offense that averaged 35 ppg throughout the season.

…either team of the semifinal game between Cape Central (11-2) and St Charles West (11-2) will be making their 1st appearance EVER in the championship game. Cape Central (11-1) took advantage of three interceptions while controlling the LOS to hand Affton a 34-14 loss in the Quarters. Jaelin Reddin’s pick early in the 2nd half gave the Tigers a short field that they gobbled up in hurry to open up 21 point bulge. Braion Owens led the Tigers ground attack with 198 yards, 3 TD’s on 21 carries. Meanwhile, the Warriors of St Charles West jumped ahead 21-7 over the Westminster Wildcats in the 2nd quarter only to see the talented Wildcats rally to tie it at 21-21 in the 3rd. SCW then took control by scoring the next 4 touchdowns on their way to a 49-28 victory. While the Warriors rushed for 300 yards offensively, they halted the Wildcat rushing game to just 56 yards. The Warriors lost their first two games of the season and now own an 11 game winning streak. One of those losses was to Cape Central! Click here for SCW vs WCA REPlay … 

Cape Coach Nathan Norman will join us on the Road to the Dome Show on Thursday.  Click here for the show …

Other guests on the Road to the Dome Show should include Kevin Miles (Palmyra) – Click here for their REPlay …  and Brandon Shelby (Skyline). Click here for their REPlay … AND  Click here for the show …


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District Champion Night

Bob-RyanDistrict Championship Night saw many come-back rallies that led to victory. Yes…there were some real lopsided victories but the suspense of these rallies ruled the night….

….At Jackson, Vianney jumped to a 35-3 halftime lead. Nolan Snyder had 3 TD receptions and the Golden Griffins seemed “in charge”. The 2nd half started without much fanfare as the Indians punted on their first two possessions. Then the explosion started! Scoring on their next 3 possessions and a total of 36 unanswered points, Jackson prevails 39-35. All of the 2nd half TD’s were passes from Jeremy Elliot who piled up 478 passing yards with his 5 TD passes. This offensive-filled game saw Vianney generate 408 yards (254-passing; 154-rushing). Watch this thrilling REPlay—

…Behind 26-7 at half, a perennial Class 5 powerhouse, Ft Osage remained calm in the locker room as they “kept the course” against a fired up Winnetonka team. The Griffins (8-3) had piled up an incredible 276 yards while building their lead over the Indians. The 2nd half saw a different Ft Osage team. Scoring on their 1st possession of the 2nd half as Skylar Thompson scored on a 10 yard run, the tide seemed to begin to turn. Early in the 4th, Jonah Tuimaseve intercepted a slant pass to took it all the down to the 3 yard line. It was punched over – score now 26-21. On the next possession and with a short field, the Indians controlled the LOS and scored again to take a 29-26 lead. But…it wasn’t over…the Griffins marched deep into Indian territory with an impressive drive. Again the Indian defense made the play. Josh Tuimaseve picked up a fumble that was forced by his brother, and rambled 80 yards down the field to put the icing on the 36-26 victory. Ft Osage outscored the Griffins 29-0 in the 2nd half!

..btw….Prepcasts will hold their 2nd annual Road to the Dome – leading up to this weekend’s games. You’ll hear from Coaches in all six classifications in the next 3 weeks with the first presentation this Thursday at 7:00pm. Enjoy and learn about these STATE tournament teams directly from their coaches! Click this link to listen to the SHOW …


…Trailing 28-6 at half and still on the short end of a 28-13 score at the end of 3 quarter, the Ladue Rams looked to be in deep trouble against the Webster Groves Statesman (7-2). The 4th quarter saw the “Rally Magic” of the night! Ladue’s Daylen Edwards 14 yard TD scamper at the 10:34 mark cut the deficit to 28-17—still 2 scores. With 7:39 left in the game, the momentum really turned as Mario Whitley scored on a blocked punt from 45 yards out. Finally with only 36 seconds left in the game, Jack Fox shocked everyone as he raced in for the score from 37 yards out to give Ladue their only lead of the game 34-28.  Listen to the REPlay …

…behind 21-7 to Blue Springs, the Rockhurst Hawklets knew that they had an uphill climb. After all, the Wildcats were the 2X defending Class 6 Champions. Rockhurst scored 21 straight points to grab a 28-27 lead. This game was far from over. With 6:51 left in the game Cobi Bissell punched in a 1 yard TD run to cut the lead to 28-27. After a Hawklet penalty on the PAT, Blue Springs went for the 2 point conversion. QB Ian Brown rolled out, saw nothing he liked so he ducked into the end zone to give the Wildcats the 29-28 lead. At this point, Rockhurst turned in over to Jr. AJ Taylor. The running back had been told during the week to expect a heavy dose of work. He led the Hawklets down the field with run after run. It came down to a 4th & goal with 2:16 left. Taylor plunged over left tackle. In the officials view, he had crossed the goal line (barely) for the winning TD. Rockhurst wins 34-29. This epic battle came down to an inch—one way or the other—what a great game! Remember, Rockhurst’s only loss was in week 1 to undefeated Class 4 Champ-Webb City.

Some rallies fell just short…

…in the Class 5, District 6 Championship game, Carthage piled up a 35-6 halftime lead over Williard. Tiger QB Alex Derryberry had 4 TD tosses in the first half. The 2nd half was completely opposite. Both teams moved the ball up and down the field. It was really wild—punts were a foreign object! When Williard scored with just under 2:30 left, the Williard Tigers had cut the lead to 48-47! Williard decided to go for 2 points and the win. Cathage made a diving tackle to save the 2-point conversion and Carthage prevailed 48-47! There was plenty of offense for each side-Carthage had 487 total yards while Williard finished with 459.

…Cape Central never trailed. The opening kickoff return saw Al Young scamper 90 yards for the TD. However, the quick striking Tigers had a genuine battle with the Hillsboro Hawks. Cape also scored quickly on their 1st drive of the 2nd half to build a 28-14 lead. Hillsboro answered—the Hawks assembled a 13 play drive when Chris Walsh scored his 3rd TD of the game to make it 28-21. Central came right back with a scoring drive of their own to stretch the lead back to 35-21 late in the 3rd quarter. Hawks running back Trey Terry’s 41 yard gallop highlighted the Hawks next drive which again cut it to a 7 point margin 35-28. Each team scored again on their next possession so now it was 42-35, Cape Central. Finally, on the final play of the game, Hillsboro’s Sam Mock’s pass fell incomplete to end this thrilling game. Taking a page out of the past, Hillsboro did it all on the ground—400 yards on 66 carries and 0 for 3 in the passing game!

…not a monumental number like some of the earlier scores, the California Pintos (#2 rated, 12-0) needed late heroics to upend the #8 team in STATE, the Blair Oaks Falcons. After a back-forth first half with the lead changing hands frequently, at the 7:38 of the 4th, the Pintos took their first lead since the 2nd quarter as Jaden Barr connected with Landon Mouse on a 20 yard TD strike. Blair Oaks came right back and scored in just four plays when QB Jordan Hair hit C.J.Closser for a 36 yard TD pass with just 6:11 left in the game. California then started its 11 play drive that culminated when Jose Magana kicked his career FIRST FG with only 1:25 left from 35 yards out! The Pintos advance with the 32-30 victory.

…some explosive offensive machines clicked ahead

…Kirkwood steamrolled Lafayette 56-9 … Click here for that REPlay … while CBC manhandled long-time foe, Hazelwood Central 45-0. Click here for that REPlay …     This sets up a terrific Class 6 semifinal matchup.

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Northwest Lions Looking to Roar

Kody Stricklin Announcer PicIn round one of the MSHSAA football playoffs, the Northwest Lions travel to Kirkwood to take on the #7 Kirkwood Pioneers.  The two teams come into round one of the playoffs are both coming off tough losses.  Northwest fell to 1-8 on senior night to the Parkway West Longhorns, 42-13; while Kirkwood (7-1) suffered their first loss of the season, 38-35, to the Jr. Billikens of SLU High.  Click here for the game …

The Lions will look to control the clock and limit the amount of opportunities for the high powered Pioneer offense.  Coach Hoth and the Lions will lean on the legs of senior, Brad Peeples.  Peeples carried the ball 137 times this year for 686, and 8 TDs.  If Northwest can stay on the field, they have a chance to make this a game.
On the other side of the field, the Pioneers will look to rebound after a tough loss.  Kirkwood has a high powered offense that averages 42.0 points per game.  The Pioneers will look to keep the ball in the hands of their senior playmakers:  Robert Columbus, Wil Hadler, and Amonte Mason.  Columbus has rushed for 663 total yards and 9 TDs, while Mason has caught 31 passes for 590 yards and 6 TDs.  Quarterback Wil Hadler has completed 99 of 161 passes for 1,565 yards and 16 TDs.

Now the 2nd Season Begins

Bob-RyanSeveral teams taste defeat for 1st time in week 9!

A goal for good teams is to go unbeaten for the season. Week 9 is the conclusion of the regular season play in Missouri as Week 10 sees the beginning of District/State tournament. Look at some to the teams that fell for the first time this season—

….SLUH (6-2) tops Kirkwood (7-1) 38-35 in a terrific game. Click here for the 2nd half REPlay … Kirkwood had been ranked #4 in St Louis and #5 in class 5 MOsports Power Poll. The Jr Bills are enjoying their best season since 2008 when they were 9-4 and now are shooting to repeat this “unbeaten snap” at least one more time since they are in the #3 slot in their district as CBC and Hazelwood Central are each unbeaten.

….Jackson (8-1) knocked off Miller Career (8-1) 28-14 at home in a matchup between two top 10 teams. The Indians were ranked #7 in class 5 while the Phoenix #5 in class 4.

…St Charles West Warriors assures itself the top seed in Class 4, District 3 as the topple the Ladue Rams (8-1) 33-24.

…In a prelude to a likely District championship matchup in 3 weeks, Westminster (8-1) used field position and domination in the line-play to topple Borgia(8-1) 35-14. The two teams will likely flip-flop their #1-2 seeds in Class 4 district 4 as District opens up next week.

…in a battle between TWO unbeaten teams—someone had to be removed from a perfect record. It was a battle between the #3, Class 4 team (Carl Junction) and #1, Class 2 team (Lamar). Deciding the Champion of the Big 8, Carl Junction scored two 4th quarter TD’s to edge the Lamar Tigers 29-28. On their final drive, Lamar’s FG attempt from 42 yards out was wide.

…Lockwood was only 1 of 3 class 1 teams with an unblemished record but Jaspar handed them a 36-16 defeat to push them out of the unbeaten ranks.

…the Bolivar Liberators spoiled Reeds Springs hopes of a perfect season with a 33-28 victory.

On the other hand….some did finish with a perfect regular season mark….

…CBC (9-0)trailing 13-3 during first half, scored big in the final quarter to upend Rock Bridge 40-26.

…Park Hills Central (9-0) after whipping Farmington 39-3.

…California Pintos (9-0)beat Warsaw 56-20 as they win the top seed in Class 3, District 1.

…Valle Catholic (9-0) continues their 24 game winning streak as they trounce St Pius 47-9. The Warriors enter district competition as the team “to beat” if you have your eyes set on the Class 1 STATE title.

…In the same district, Class 2, District 8, Brookfield (9-0) and E.Buchanon (9-0) will be the two top seeds.

…Malden (9-0) smashed Dexter in the worst looking score of the night 76-9 as they grab #1 seed in Class 2, District 1.

…very quietly, Hogan Prep as stayed unbeaten in Class 3, District 7 play.

…one of the teams that always seems to be there—Maryville notches another perfect season as they as they tumble Lafayette (ST. Joseph) 55-28.

..Affton caps off an exciting season as they beat St Charles 36-21. Only a couple years ago, the Cougars were struggling but now they’ve gone 9-0!

…of course, how could we have this section on unbeaten and NOT expect to see Webb City (9-0). The Cardinals handled Branson 42-5 to round out another regular season.

Some other district flashes…

….Nixa (5-4) upended the top Seed of their district(entering week 9) Republic(5-4) 23-7. The Eagles will flip-flop their #2 seed with the top seed on the basis of the win. Down 7-3 at half, the Eagles regrouped offensively and shut down the single wing offense of the Tigers. Nixa will earn the top seed of Class 5, District 5 with a 5-4 record.

…in class 2, District 5, the Brentwood Eagles finish 9-0 but most likely will NOT catch the #1 seed, Lutheran North. The Crusaders (8-1) will keep their 1st place seed with their win over St. Mary’s . How could this happen? The point system being employed by MSHSAA (devised by Football Committee) has several parameters. Wins alone is just one consideration. Other parameters include size of opposition (larger/smaller classification); record of opponents; margin of victory provides points (up to 13). Clearly, the team with the “tougher” schedule gets rewarded with their wins. Ditto same scenario for Strafford (9-0) as they pound Ash Grove 50-0 but won’t win top seed as Liberty-Mt View (8-1) beat Houston 55-6 and should hang on as #1 seed in Class 2, District 3.

…when it’s all tabulated, there is a good chance that Cardinal Ritter (3-6) will grab the top seed of Class 2, District 2 after losing to Sikeston 20-0. The Lions seldom compete in regular season against other Class 2 level teams so…see note above

…talk about tough—Class 2 District 7 has not one or two but three unbeaten teams with two other teams only beaten once. Yet, another team lost Friday so they finish 7-2 and have the 6th best record in this amazing district! Lafayette County, S.Calloway and St. Paul Lutheran (Concordia) all finish 9-0 ! Ft Tolten Catholic and Cole Camp finish 8-1 while Hallsville drops to 7-2! WOW! Lafayette County and S.Calloway were 1-2 in the seeds prior to this weekend’s action. Final totals will be very tight!!

Now the 2nd season begins—lose now and your season is history.

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Week 3 – Lightning & Thunder – Bob Ryan Review

Bob-RyanOn this Friday night, the East side of the STATE saw many games postponed due to a strong storm that brought lightning and thunder through the area. However, there was other forms of lightning & thunder on this night…

….in Warrenton, there was a rumble that have never been heard previously…the Warrenton Warriors (3-0) beat the Washington Bluejays (1-2) for the FIRST TIME in the history of the two schools. The 14-6 victory, sandwiched between a 30 minute rain delay and a deluge just as the game concluded. This exciting game that saw momentum blow from side to side included a Warrenton fumble on the 1 yard line, a Bluejay extra-point out of the swinging gate fail.

…. That explosion that you heard in Brentwood isn’t any storm, it’s the Brentwood Eagles being led by Jacob Clay. The Eagles pounded Sumner 67-20 to raise their record to 3-0. Jacob Clay scored 4 more TD’s to elevate his total to 13 for the season (none have been scored in the 4th quarter all year). He has rushed for 707 yards and is averaging over 18 yards/carry!

…that late lightning you saw was at Marquette HS. The Jackson Indians scored twice in the final 1:41 of the game to upend the Mustangs 22-14. In a game delayed approximately 2 hours, turnovers led to both of the late TD by the Indians. The #2, Class 5 team raised their mark to 3-0.

…the constant blast of thunder was found when two unbeaten teams, East Buchanon and W.Platte, had a real shootout– E.Buchanon 50 W. Platte 36. Bulldog Jr QB Colby Rapp shredded the Bluejays defense for 406 passing yards and 3 touchdown tosses.

…despite waiting until Saturday morning to play, there was a late, very late, lightning bolt strike at Parkway North. As the time expired, Parkway Central’s Michael Rembold booted a 39 yard FG to lead the Colts to a hard-fought 17-14 over the Vikings.

….at the end of 3 quarters at Kirkwood, it was tied at 21-21 between the Pioneers and the Lafayette Lancers. Suddenly, it poured down Pioneer points! Racing to a 27 point outburst in the final quarter, Kirkwood won 48-21 in a terrific non-conference matchup.

…at Bentonville Ark, the calm before the final thunder came very late in the game. When Bentonville scored with 39 seconds to bring the Tigers within a single point against Rockhurst 17-16. Tigers Coach had to make a decision! Everyone waited as Coach Barry Lunney made up his mind. He decided to go for two points since there are no overtimes allowed in Arkansas when you play an out-state opponent. He didn’t want to play for a tie. The pass failed so Rockhurst (2-1) went back home with a tough win. Win or lose…great call by Coach!

…there was plenty of electricity in the air, but not in the power box as the game was delayed a few minutes. Once the lights came on, it was a thrilling Ozark conference game between two 2-0 teams. The defending champions Kickapoo and the talented Joplin Eagle team. The explosion of big plays just kept coming in the Chiefs 48-42 OT win over the Eagles. While Kickapoo’s Tony Grant crossed the goal line FIVE times. This game came down to the last seconds. Scoring with 8 seconds remaining, Joplin wanted to go for two points and the win. Some confusion resulted in a delay of game penalty so the PAT tied it at 42-42. Joplin didn’t score on their 1st possession in OT but Grant plunged in from a yard out for the winner.


… MICDS scored 14 points in last quarter including a 22 yard reception by Harry Wellford from Jordan Jackson with just 0:14 seconds left to edge Lutheran South 20-14 

…Pacific’s (2-1) Eain Roberts 4 yard run with only 2:42 left was the difference as the Pacific Indians outlasted St. Clair Bulldogs 20-18                                                                          

 …scoring the last 20 points of the game, D.T. Christiansen (O’Fallon Christian) raced 16 yards with only 2:03 left in the game to provide the Eagles with a 27-26 victory over the Trinity Titans.

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