Who-What-Why-When-How by Bob Ryan

who what when imageAfter leading the major leagues in wins in 2015, Cards lose to the Cubs. From all of the obituaries written by the sports writers about this loss in a 5 game series, you’d swear that we just lost Pearl Harbor again. Massive shuffling of the roster, radical changes to lineup, rethinking bullpen…wow….we did win 100 games…which is more “fluky” to you…winning 100 games or losing a 5 game series to a team that won 98 games?

So…how DID it happen—Cardinals losing….to determine it…we’ve called in Detective Sureluck Homes to evaluate the situation for all the proper angles. It’s the Who-What-When-Why & How



The Cards shifted their roster for the post-season. After going with basically a 22 man roster all year-changes were made for post-season-some expected-some a bit surprising. The players of note not making the cut were Matt Adams, Randy Choate, Pete Kozma, Steve Cishek. One would think that these players had really fallen off in September to merit an “ax” job…some may have felt really puzzled…or plain ol’ pissed…when they scan the Sept stats…albeit…a relatively small sample size but…that’s what it came down to (apparently)…

–Kozma, Bourjos–we didn’t need a 3rd string cather or a PR-easy cuts; opted for Garcia’s bat off bench and the new young OF flavors of the month-Pham & Piscotty

–Adams was 7 of 24, 1 HR, 4 rbi, .292 avg (this was actually the 3rd HIGHEST avg for the Cards in Sept). Replacing Adams was Brendan Moss …Moss # looked like this for September 15 of 62, 2 HR, 4 rbi, .242 avg; Reynolds hit .182 in September…now…I’m not a professional coach…but from what I know of people…Adams is wondering…what kind of future does he have in St Louis is he’s overlooked for these 2 aging..rather useless…veterans—both of whom probably won’t be back next year….and Adams is probably wishing he wasn’t

–Choate….I really think he had arm problems that the Cards muzzled…sure…I’ve said for 2 years that if batters laid off of Choates’ outside sliders…they’d draw walks…we heard the rumors that he was walking too many…in 7 games & 7 outs in Sept, he gave up 4 hits, walked 1… ok…maybe the “lefty specialist” wasn’t needed vs Cubs…did you say Kyle Schwarber or Anthony Rizzo? Again…he’s not going to be returning next year. To make this omission even more puzzling is the fact that the other lefty, Kevin Siegrest, had poor numbers against left-handed hitters and Lyons was never used, Rosenthal isn’t seen until the 9th…so who was going to get out these LH Cub batters in the 6th, 7th & 8th innings?


Some of our so-called reliable guys who “earned” spots had a rough September…look..

 Choate, R STL 0 0 0.00 7 0 0 0 2.1 4 0 0 0 1 4 .400 2.14
 Lackey, J STL 2 1 1.78 5 5 0 0 35.1 35 7 7 4 9 36 .269 1.25
 Siegrist, K STL 1 0 2.08 14 0 0 0 13.0 8 3 3 0 10 14 .170 1.38
 Lyons, T STL 1 0 2.61 7 2 0 0 20.2 15 8 6 5 2 19 .200 0.82
 Broxton, J STL 3 2 3.27 12 0 0 1 11.0 10 5 4 1 5 11 .250 1.36
 Garcia, J STL 3 1 3.31 5 5 0 0 32.2 30 12 12 1 8 28 .242 1.16
 Cishek, S STL 0 0 4.32 10 0 1 1 8.1 5 5 4 2 7 9 .161 1.44
 Lynn, L STL 1 2 4.76 5 5 0 0 22.2 22 12 12 2 15 17 .256 1.63
 Villanueva, C STL 0 0 5.73 6 0 0 0 11.0 12 7 7 0 2 14 .273 1.27
 Rosenthal, T STL 0 2 6.48 9 0 6 7 8.1 12 6 6 2 3 14 .343 1.80
 Maness, S STL 0 1 7.45 11 0 0 0 9.2 11 9 8 3 3 8 .282 1.45
 Wacha, M STL 2 3 7.88 5 5 0 0 24.0 25 21 21 7 18 19 .275 1.79
 Wainwright, A STL 0 0 9.00 1 0 0 0 1.0 2 1 1 0 0 1 .400 2.00


Note the numbers of Trevor Rosenthal, Seth Maness, Michael Wacha and Lance Lynn. So the numbers clearly “cut” Cishek and kept Tyler Lyons..all in all…not real dazzling



It wasn’t the much publicized Cubbie hitting…it was their pitching!

The Cards vs Cubs hitting series stats….

Next Stats

3 Chicago Cubs NL 4 124 20 30 2 2 10 20 15 38 3 1 .242 .324 .532 .856
7 St. Louis Cardinals NL 4 133 17 28 5 0 8 17 7 48 0 0 .211 .255 .429 .68


StL hit .211 vs Chi .242 but note the OPS(on-base % + slugging%) …stl .68 & Chi .85…

Sure we were disappointed in Wacha but the Cards hitters hit .211…ugh !



  • I can’t take credit for this….I wish I could…but…Tim McCarver indicated that ..to him…the Cards struck out far too much…and usually they were on balls out of the strike zone. Note the Cubs had twice as many walks and 10 few strikeouts.
  • The starting staff that had been so strong for 6 months seemed to wither….Lackey was good, Garcia (see below), Wacha wasn’t good most of the 2nd half and Lance Lynn was lost on Gilligans Island….no one could find him…btw…how do you think he’s feeling after being bypassed for game 4 and ignored for 2nd consecutive post season? He didn’t play Nero and set the world on fire this year…but he was 12-11, 3.03 era with 167 K’s in 175 innings . He just completed the 1st year of a 3 year deal for $22mil so I guess that’ll simmer him down over the winter
  • The middle-infielders looked like they needed oxygen….both performed at a stagnant level in 2nd half and stunk in the playoffs… don’t think I’m wong J
  • The one player that we couldn’t ever replace….we didn’t …Yadi’s injury which he and the Cards dodged all year occurred at the worst possible time…side comment….all last spring we heard Manifesto Mike say he was going to “rest” yadi…well..he played 136 games again this year as a 33 year old …I always add 2 years to any Latin American players’ age…(they know the routine…claim ur young and they’ll sign you)…so I think he’s 35…now thumb surger 




The Series turned around on that awful 2nd inning of the 2nd game…Kolton Wong juggles a throw to 2B and loses a chance for a double play…next batter with runners on the corners, Kendricks, bunts….bingo…Garcia makes two mental blunders and 1 physical blunder….5 runs Cubbies….that one inning turned the tide…from that point on…it was Chicago…btw… don’t think for a second that the “bunt” call by Joe Maddon was on a whim.. he knew the fragile make-up of Garcia plus the weak fielding 1B Moss = likely success



Give it to the Cubs….finally they have a team…Theo Epstein (who guided Boston into the promised land in 2007)…found the correct staff to lead this group into the promised land of the NLCS….I once heard him say that the Cubs drafted primarily hitters in the early rounds because hitters generally had longer…safer careers with fewer injuries and more predictability…in a short series between two good teams…nothing is guaranteed

Thank You inspector Sureluck…..


Having the most regular season wins doesn’t guarantee anything……………….

…a few decades ago winning the most games in your league meant u were going to the World Series…this year the NL Leader (Cards) have bit the dust after having the most regular season wins in NL..look at some of the teams with the most wins in reg season—maybe it really doesn’t help to bust ur buns to “be the best”

                                                                                                                   (world series teams)

2015 StL & KC Royals –Card are gone; Royals are still alive                     (??-??)

2014 Washington & LA Angels – neither made it to the World Series (KC- SF)

2013 Cardinals & Red Sox – BOTH were in World Series—only time in 10 years

2012 Washington & NY Yanks – neither made the world series            (Det-SF)

2011 Phil & NY Yanks—neither team made the world series                 (StL – Tx)

2010 Phil & Tampa Bay-neither team made the world series               (SF – Tx)

2009 NYY & LA Dod – NYY made the Series                                           (NYY-Phil)

2008 LAA & Cubs – neither team made the world series (Phils & Tampa Bay)

2007 Az & Bos/Clev(tied 96 wins)—Boston made series                 (Boston-Col)

2006 NYY & NYM –neither team made the world series                     (StL – Det)


Scary …this isn’t a Halloween joke….

On Saturday, I was announcing the St Mary’s – Oakville soccer game. With 28.6 seconds remaining in this non-conference game, Mel Wilson and an Oakville player went “up” for a ball, contact was made (as often happens), when Wilson landed he was unable to move! He lay motionless on the ground. Talk about putting things in perspective…suddenly the score meant nothing, fans remained quiet or spoke in low tones, players from both sides got on one knee and stared straight ahead….authorities wisely declared the game over prior to ambulances arriving. By Sunday morning, Mel had feelings and movement in all extremities back—thank goodness….now….that was SCARY !


Collegiate Pigskin Points…..

…stepping aside at S.Carolina– Coach-Steve Spurrier…very interesting guy…Heisman Trophy winner @ Florida as a QB…beat Mizzou in a bowl game…in pro’s 10+ years but as a starter only 3 years…coached USFL, led Duke (3 years) to an extremely rare ACC title, then returned to his alma-mater-Florida for a very successful 12 year reign(prior to his arrival…it was Miami & Florida State dominating college football and Florida… he won 1 Natl championship, 6 SEC titles (122-27-1)…flopped in NFL as coach…back to college at S.Carolina for 11 years—where he built this team into a national power…as a 70 year old,he finally wore down & with the prospects of losing to Vanderbilt this weekend (which is like losing to Harvard football team in the SEC), he bowed out ….somehow I always liked his style…his humor…his ability to be able to adjust offensively throughout games and won many in the 4th quarter with late drives…always found coaching jobs that were close to beautiful golf courses J…very quotable without the usual PC words…married college sweetheart …now married 49 years with 4 children,12 grandkids

…Mizzou’s defense would be receiving national accolades if their offense could score a touchdown..or 2….each game and notch a few wins. Three times this year the Tigers have scored under 10 points—that’s not enough to win in current football…maybe in 1950 but not today. Thank goodness Vandy is up next !

…although Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan team lost in a unbelievable heartbreaker to Michigan State…I like his approach…he and his staff rate EVERY player off of tape EVERY DAY in practice for effort, performance, etc…any questions why this team has improved?

…now that USC has fired Steve Sarkisian and Seattle is 2-4…maybe Pete Carroll will return to USC to cheat some more (and win some more)….just kidding…rumors have Kevin Sumlin (Tx A&M) or Kyle Whittingham (Utah) as leading candidates for this plush job

….so WHO is the #1 college team right now? 9 different teams have received 1st place votes thus far in 2015? Biggest surprise team…how about Utah…pre-season choice in pac 12 for 5th place in conference now holds onto 1st place in that conference… ranked #3 in country ! Kyle Whittingham is the coach of this unknown, unrecognized team.


Other baseball tid-bits……

….You may have heard that Zach Greineke is opting out of the remainder of his huge contract with LA….I don’t think its money…it’s being the “ace” of the staff…he would never get that title with Kershaw alongside…possible destination? Toronto-Cubs-Angels-Tx-SF

….ya had to lv Terry Collins (NYM mgr) after beating LAD he hugged LA mgr Mattingly instead of the looking straight ahead, no eye-contact, emotionless handshake that usually occurs after a game then he joined some NYM fans to celebrate….kinda cool

….it was 30 something degrees this weekend in NY…what’s it going to be in 2 weeks?




Punching Ticket to District Title Match!

Bob-RyanPunching Ticket to District Title Match!

Next weekend will bring us the District Finals for all classifications….let’s take a look at some of the story lines of the semifinals…

How about some OT to start things off…in Class 5, District 1, #1 seed, the Jackson Indians, had to go overtime to beat a fired-up #5 seeded, Oakville Tiger team 41-35! This thrilling see-saw battle saw the Indians holding a 14 point lead at half 21-7 but when Jackson fumbled the KO to start the 2nd half and the Tigers pushed it across for the TD, momentum switched quickly. Oakville tied it up at 21-21 at the end to 3 quarters to set the stage for the 4th quarter. The final quarter saw both teams moving up and down the field for 2 TD’s each. At the final buzzer, it was still tied 35-35. Jackson’s Xominique Davis caught the TD pass in the OT but the kick failed. Oakville punched out a quick 1st down only to have the ball fumbled when the QB was scrambling trying to elude the heavy pressure. When Jackson recovered, it was over 41-35. Next week Jackson faces Vianney for the 2nd time this year. In the 2nd week of the season, the Indians edged Vianney 30-23. This time for the Class 5, District 1 title.

 Click here to VIEW that REPlay …

The turning point of the game…..Blue Springs avenged the earlier 31-13 loss to the Ray-Pec Panthers (7-3) as the Wildcats raced to a 40-17 win on Friday. A fumble with only 11 seconds left in the 2nd quarter gave the Wildcats possession on the Panther 2 yard line. A pass from Ian Brown to Terrance Sanders, followed by a 2 point conversion made it 17-10 Blue Springs. That play seemed to be the moment that turned the tide in this game. Rockhurst will host Blue Springs on Friday for the Class 6, District 4 title.

 Bouncing back from a 41-6 defeat? Gateway STEM lost their regular season game to Miller Career 41-6. Most observers felt that this semifinal game would be more of the same—the #5 Jaguars visiting the top seeded Phoenix. BUT WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Shocking almost everyone, Gateway STEM (7-4) shocks Miller Career (9-2) 7-6 as soccer star, Amir Osmanovic, booted the winning PAT. Both TD’s came in the 2nd quarter so no one expected the 7-6 lead to “stand up” for the rest of the game.But….it did! Congrats to Coach Jason Dulick and his staff for a huge win for his program! The Jags will now face the unbeaten #2 seed, Affton Cougars (10-0), at Affton for the Class 4, District 2 title.

The quietest 9 win team of the State? …. The Orchard Farm Eagles notched their 9th win of the 2014 season has they handled Centralia 35-13. The Eagles of the Gateway North finished 2nd in their conference to St Charles West so major headlines avoided them during the regular season. Now the #1 seed of Class 3, District 5 with 9-2 record hosts the #2 seed, Macon (8-3). Macon barely escaped O’Fallon Christian 20-19 on Friday!!

 Best comeback of the night? … Easy one…it’s the St. Francis Borgia Knights. Falling behind by 13 points in the first 4 minutes of the game to the Union Wildcats, it was going to be an uphill battle all night. It was still 29-7 Union midway in the 2nd quarter and at halftime, Borgia was behind 37-14! On this chilly night, maybe…maybe-but not likely…some Knight fans wanted to leave at half. But…what a 2nd half it was for #2 seed, Borgia. Scoring 21 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter, the Knights were still behind 37-35. Justin Baylard ran for a TD, then threw the 2 point conversion with 9:29 left in the game. That made it 43-37 for the first Knights lead of the game. The Wildcats answered on a 5 yard pass from Blake Hulsey to Nick Eads from 5 yards out with 7:35 left but…the 2 point conversion failed and we were tied at 43-43. After all these offensive fireworks, it was a pick-6 by Hunter Warmack that ended the scoring with 3:43 left and Borgia(10-1) winning 50-43. #3 seed, Union’s season ends with a 9-2 record.

 Jays build huge lead early…. Elijah Pittman rushed for 301 yards on 21 carries for Jefferson City in their win over Ft Zumwalt West. The Jays built up a 42-7 lead but Ft Zumwalt West scored the last three TD’s of the game before falling 42-28 to the Jays. Jeff City will now travel to the #1 seed of Class 6, District 3- the Howell Vikings. Howell used a relentless defense that capitalized on two huge turnovers and a power run game led by Sutton Smith as they beat Blue Springs South 41-7. Watch the replay on

 Wildest scoring game of the week….57-50 was the final as Bishop DuBourg outlasted Soldan in a Class 3 District 2 game. DuBourg was behind 42-21 at half but scored 36 points in the 2nd half to notch the win. Maxwell Buck broke the tie of 50-50 when he he Thomas Kinney on a 52 yard TD pass with 5:18 left in the game.

Watch this exciting replay–

Ups & Downs in Single Game…Smithville raced out to a 31-10 lead early in the 2nd quarter. Platte County fought back to tie it at 31-31 in the 3rd quarter. Smithville grabbed lead again 38-31 only to see Pirates tie it again at 38. Finally with only 3:51 left, the Warriors started their final drive on their own 35 yard line. On the 6th play, Charlie Nihart raced across the goal line on a 15 yard run. Nihart was phenomenal all night. He scored on his first two touches of the night—15 & 71 yard TDs. With his final (3rd) TD, Nihart had racked up 312 yards in 35 carries as Smithville wins 44-38. Platte County finishes their season with a 9-2 mark. Smithville advances to the Class 4 District 8 title game against Kearney.

 Look who’s up next!!….Carl Junction (#3 ranked, Class 4 team) upended a feisty West Plains Zizzers team 28-21. Some early stellar defense and a long drive gave Carl Junction a 14-0 lead that they would not relinquish. Now, Carl Junction faces the #1 ranked team of Class 4 – the seemingly invincible Webb City Cardinals.

 End of an era….Waynesville’s Rick Vernon ended his 37 years of Football coaching on Friday when the Tigers fell to 21-17 to the Battle Spartans. The #3 seed, Battle scored with only 18.3 seconds remaining. Nash Sutherlin crossed the goal line on a 4 yard run to end the wonderful carerr of a highly successful coach (220-169). Battle now has the tall order of facing the top seed of Class 5, District 4- the Camdenton Lakers (9-2).

FYI – A Tiger Beats a Jaguar

Kody Stricklin Announcer PicKyle Luetters Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.07.32 PMWith a packed grandstand to cheer them on, the Tigers of Oakville High handed the Seckman High Jaguars a nasty defeat to the tune of 55-14.
It was homecoming for Oakville night as the affair kicked off with temperatures in the high 40’s. Tiger Senior Carvon Robinson stole the show as he assembled a stat line like no other. Robinson completed 14 of 17 passes for 389 yards and added another 108 yards on the ground, while throwing for 6 touchdown passes. The opening play of the game featured Robinson connecting to Arsante’ Conners for an 83 yard touchdown reception. Robinson’s outstanding performance coupled with a Tiger defense that forced four turnovers led to a decisive victory over the visiting Jags.
For Seckman, one bright spot was the wildcat formation and the play of senior Cole Luaders. The bruising back gashed the Tiger front-line during the second quarter of play. It was a small victory for a team that fell to 1-6 on the season.
Heading into next week, Oakville will square off against division rival Mehlville while Seckman takes on a stout group from Jackson. Both games are a 7:00 p.m. kickoff.

River Wars Football in SOCO

Kyle Luetters Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.07.32 PMKody Stricklin Announcer PicThe first weekend in October brings about week number seven of prep football in the state of Missouri. Coming into the latest edition of action under the lights of Friday night is a match-up between two teams looking to gain traction.

The Oakville Tigers will take on the Seckman Jaguars at 7:00 p.m. with Oakville as the home team. The Tigers are coming off a tough loss at Layfette (42-13) and will depend on quarterback Carvon Robinson for success. The 5’11 senior has been the focal point of the Tigers offense as he has contributed five touchdowns through the air and five on the ground. With that level of production, Jaguar coach Jeff Taylor and his staff will have to come up with some way to stop the red hot quaterback.

Speaking of the Jaguars, they are coming off of their first win of the season, a 21-7 victory over Northwest Cedar Hill. Joe Ambrose has continued to carry the load offensively for Seckman as the Junior tailback is closing in 600 yards for the season. Watch for Ambrose to be the highlight of the Jaguar attack.

Click here for the game …

Northwest Football Starts League Play

Kody Stricklin Announcer PicAs we reach the midway point of the high school football, this week we find the Oakville Tigers traveling to Northwest to take on the Lions. Both programs come into this match up 1-3, but experiencing different results a week ago.

Last week, the Oakville Tigers earned their first win of the season, defeating the Fox Warriors, 21-14.   Oakville’s balanced attack proved to be too much for the Warriors. The Lions will look to slowdown Oakville’s dual threat quarterback, senior, Carvon Robinson. Robinson shredded the Warriors defense for 224 yards and 2 touchdowns in the air, while gaining 114 yards on the ground and adding the game winning 22 yard touchdown run with less than two minutes to go to seal the win for the Tigers.  Click here for the replay …

The Lions record, however, took a hit on Homecoming as they lost 40-0 to the #5 Rebels of Park Hills Central*.  Click here for the replay …   The Lions had a hard time getting anything going against the physical front seven of the Rebels. One week after gaining 371 rushing yards in a victory, the Lions were only able to muster 52 rushing yards and only 141 total yards. A bright spot for the Lions was the play of senior linebacker, Minor Jones. Jones had 13 total tackles, a forced fumble, and was constantly fighting off double teams to be in on almost every stop for the Lions.

Click here for the Northwest – Oakville game …

* – Class 3 state ranking

Week 3 Preview: Hazelwood Central (2-0) at Eureka (2-0)

Tyler PosloskyWeek 3 Preview: Hazelwood Central (2-0) at Eureka (2-0) – Click here for the game …


Eureka will be revved up for its home opener tonight against Class 6 powerhouse Hazelwood Central. Both teams reached the state semifinals last season with Eureka losing to Blue Springs and Hazelwood Central falling to Rock Bridge.  

Both teams enter the tilt with identical 2-0 records on the season. However, the Hawks will be without STL Top 30 and senior running back Kevin Batt, who suffered a broken foot in the second half of last week’s game against Lafayette and will be out for the season.  

“It hurts because [Kevin] was a heck of a football player,” Hawks’ head coach Van Vanatta said. “We’re going to find out where we’re at this week.” 

Batt, who stands 5-foot-9 and 175 pounds, was the staple of Central’s offense last season as a junior. He was on his way to another promising season before going down. Over the last two weeks, Batt rushed for a combined 347 yards and four touchdowns, an average of over 10 yards per carry.  

Despite the devastating blow, Vanatta will stay the course. Changing offensive philosophy isn’t in the fold.  

“Even without Kevin it’s 60 percent run, 40 percent pass,” Vanatta said. “It’s not going to change up what we do. We’re going to continue to move forward.” 

Senior Jordan Moody, who transferred from Francis Howell North, will replace Batt in the backfield. Moody has 20 carries for 160 yards to his credit this season. Vanatta is more than confident Moody can get the job done.  

“He knows the playbook,” Vanatta said. “We’re really not missing a beat. It’s just going to be can we continue to keep doing the other things we do and keep our production up right now.” 

Central, perhaps one of the most dangerous offenses in the state, utilizes its other weapons by spreading the ball all over the field.  

Senior quarterback Mike Glass has thrown four touchdowns and rushed for two. Receivers Xavier Sneed, Jordan Croft and Dominique Johnson are also capable of making big plays.  

By the same token, this bout will be no cakewalk for the Hawks. The Wildcats are poised, physical and downright tough to play against.  

Headed by their 11 senior starters on defense, the Wildcats get after the quarterback and fly to the ball. They held Oakville to less than 100 total offensive yards last week.  

Senior quarterback Brett Geisz is hard to bring down. He extends plays and has good speed when he decides to tuck it and run. Geisz threw four touchdowns last week and rushed for 59 yards. Receivers Bobby Saunders and Cam Nesbet always seem to shake off defenders and create space in the open field.  

“They’re a good football team all the way around,” Vanatta said of this week’s opponent. “They fly to the football defensively … they tackle well. They’ve got a spread offense … they’re wide open. They’re very good at attacking defenses, hitting you where you’re not.”  

Eureka High School will be packed come kickoff, which is scheduled for 7 p.m.  Click here for all the action … 

Vanatta said it will be a fight to the final whistle.  

“It’s a fun place to play,” he said. “They’re gonna have a huge crowd, home opener. They’re capable of hurting you. It’s going to be a hard-nosed battle. It’s going to be the team that makes the least mistakes [that wins].”




Eureka goes 2-0, Moves up in the Top 10

Tyler PosloskyOn the heels of an ugly showing against Lafayette last week, the Eureka offense exploded, the defense was unbreakable, and the visitors coasted to a 46-6 victory against Oakville Friday night.

The Oakville Tigers were revved up for their Senior Night, an early-season tradition for the black and gold. However, the celebration was spoiled by a stout effort from the Eureka Wildcats’ senior-led defense, which proved too much for the Tigers to handle.

“We knew offensively they had some firepower,” Eureka head coach Farrell Shelton said following his team’s second consecutive road victory. “They’ve got some athletes we don’t have on defense. I was just glad the way our defense was able to play in the first half.”

At halftime the Wildcats enjoyed a 35-0 lead. The Wildcats were pressing the gas. The Tigers were on empty.

The stingy defensive effort from the Wildcats was perhaps overshadowed by the pure dominance provided by the offense.

Senior quarterback Brett Geisz threw for 141 yards and four touchdowns, including a three-yard strike to Bobby Saunders on the opening drive of the game to begin the route.

After three consecutive punts, senior running back Stephen Erutti set the Wildcats up with a first-and-goal on a nifty run before Geisz tossed his second touchdown pass of the game, this time a five-yard flip to senior tight end Liam Mannecke.

The Wildcats would not be stopped.

Geisz connected with Cam Nesbitt for another score, the first of two touchdown catches for the 6-foot-4 receiver.

Shelton wasn’t surprised with Geisz’s final stat line, which was noted as one of the area’s top performances for Week 2.

“Brett’s Brett,” Shelton said. “You don’t think he has anything and you look up and three or four touchdowns.”

When the final horn sounded, Shelton was more than pleased with his team.

“[I’m] very proud of that senior defense,” he said. “We’re starting 11 seniors on that defense over there, and those guys take a lot of pride in their senior leadership.”

Click here for the replay …

Check out the New Football Show – Prepcasts LLI – Week 2

prepcasts facebook profilePrepcasts is proud to announce the continuation of our addition to our Friday night high school football coverage.  This Friday night at 6:30, we will continue the Prepcasts Live Listen In (LLI) show. Prepcasts will continue to bring you our featured Friday night games, but the Prepcasts LLI show will only enhance the coverage. Hosted this week by Tim Miller, the Prepcasts LLI show will run until around 10:00, and it will provide coverage of all of our featured games in addition to updated scores from high school football contests across the St. Louis area and from our affiliates in Ste. Gen and KCMW. In addition, we will bring you pre-game and post-game analysis of all our featured games from our Prepcasts broadcast crews.
So remember, the Prepcasts LLI show will air live every Friday night from 6:30 – 10:00 and, as an added bonus, all shows will be archived for on-demand listening at your convenience, free of charge. Click here for that show …

The Prepcasts Broadcasting Network Promotes MDA

MDA logoThis would be the weekend that you would always stay up late and watch Jerry Lewis do his annual fundraising on his telethon.  With his retirement the torch has been passed to the communities and to us.

The Prepcasts Broadcasting Network will try to do their part to keep this need alive this weekend.  We will be promoting what MDA is doing in the Kansas City area on those broadcasts and what St. Louis is doing with the KSDK-TV mini telethon on the east side of the state broadcasts.

Here is a link about the Kansas City Lock-UP … http://www2.mda.org/site/TR/Lock-Up/77-675-KansasCityDistrict?fr_id=12019&pg=entry and a link about the telethon … http://archive.ksdk.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=335464

The broadcasts will also be presenting PSA’s from celebrities during the broadcasts as well.

Thanks for those that have already supported MDA and please give what you can when the Firefighter’s come around with their boots this weekend.


The Rockwood Sports Network Starts with a Bang

Tyler PosloskyWith 22 seconds remaining in the game, the Eureka defense denied Lafayette of a game-tying two-point conversion, and the Wildcats triumphed 17-15 Friday night in front of a jam-packed crowd at Lafayette High School.

Both offenses struggled in the early stages of the tilt, failing to find any rhythm, much less consistency.

The Lancers struck first thanks to bad snap on a late-first quarter punt attempt by Eureka.

On fourth and long from inside their own 40 yard line, Eureka deep snapper Mason Brooks fired a high snap that sailed over the head of punter Bo Highful.

Lafayette recovered, and moments later Cameron Scales threw his first touchdown pass of the season. The extra-point attempt was no good, but the Lancers had a 6-0 lead.

Eureka answered the bell on its next possession when Brett Geisz connected with Bobby Saunders for a long touchdown, giving the visitors a 7-6 lead.

Highful extended the Wildcats’ lead to 10-6 with a 44-yard field goal in the third quarter.

Geisz extended the lead with a two-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter to make it a 17-6 game.

The Lancers rallied with a 35-yard field goal from Jake Reynolds, then drove the length of the field in the final two minutes to make it a two-point game.

But the Wildcats stuffed Scales’ from the 2-yard line in the waning seconds to seal the victory.

Both teams combined for 20 penalties for nearly 200 yards. Eureka was penalized 12 times for 140 yards in a game that lasted over three hours.  Check out the replay …

Eureka plays at Oakville next Friday. The Tigers play at Parkway South Saturday. Lafayette (0-1) takes on Hazelwood Central next Saturday.