Christmas Discounts by Bob Ryan

christmas disountsIt’s that time of year…everything is on sale…get 10-15-20% off any item in the store…or buy it on-line an avoid the hassle of dealing with people…after all…what’s the holidays about anyway? …people? huh? let’s see what’s on sale in the sports world…and what isn’t discounted …

….Kirby Smart (Bama-DC) is a hot ticket…..there isn’t any discount here….several schools are trying to “buy” his signature on a contract with no discounts….Georgia & S. Carolina are in the front of the line but Miami could jump to the front

….StL Cards have returned (permanently) catcher Tony Cruz to the “for sale” shelf as they purchase a shiny, new, more expensive Brayan Pena…this 33 year old left-handed hitter who provides a discount of providing playing opportunities at 1B..did it 5 games last year….the Cards got a new commodity at a discount…let’s see if it was a bargain or “you get what you pay for” type of acquisition..btw…Pena had zero round trippers in 333 AB last year…guess this wasn’t a “discount” move to increase our power

…Jeff Fischer is now offering discount prices for any fan to “kiss his a_ _”…Apparently some fans are considering buying up this opportunity and sending their dog to take their place J

….it’s rumored that NO discount will be high enough for the Nats to peddle Jonathan Papelbon…no one else in the MLB wants this attitude, huge salary and a slowing heater

….rumor has it that the Eagles & Saints are discounting ticket prices since the players have already reduced THEIR efforts for the current coaches

….Since Stan Kronke doesn’t believe in discounting anything, anytime, anyplace…he’s in the holiday mood and will give each fan entering the game a free ball-point pen….Stan…ur just too generous!

….Mizzou AD Mark Rhoades will not be receiving his “discounted” air miles for future trips with the hiring of Barry Odum….it seems logical to me….if a program is successful, why not consider one of the coordinators? Moving on up…reminds me of the TV show…has been done by some other guys of note—Knute Rockne, Duffy Daugherty, and Joe Paterno

….if Colin Kaepernick didn’t know it before… the SF 49 On-line store…there are 49 football jerseys at full price for Carlos Hyde, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and just about every other player on this years’ roster…but Kaepernick’s jersey has been drastically reduced in price by the 49 on-line store!….Colin….smell the coffee…or latta…or whatever…your 49 days are over…who would have ever thought 2 years ago that Blaine Gabbert would be shoving aside Colin Kaepernick for the starting role?

….As the Atlanta Braves are preparing to move into their brand-new $672 million Sun Trust ball park in 2017….the Braves are discounting their team…they’ve parted with Justin Upton, Jason Heyward, Evan Gattis, Craig Kimbrel, Alex Wood, Andrelton Simmons and Cameron Maybin…just to name a few…it is very strange in deed to ship off your quality players AS YOU ENTER a new ball park…gee… I bet there will be lots of enthusiasm on that opening day—discount price withstanding J

…Kyle Long (Bears) had his lost wallet found by a trashman and returned…Long discounted his thanks by giving the guy “free tickets” to the game….what makes him think that anyone wants to watch the Bears anyway? Long will definitely go down as one of the last “big spenders”

….Forget about a “home town” discount….Justin Heyward’s agent who claims Heyward is the best possible free agent available this year considering age, off production, off potential, defense…is now talking in terms of a $300 mil contract..the birdies on his bat have flown away….permanently

…Univ of Central Florida saw AD George O’Leary resign 2 weeks ago… Head Football Coach George O’Leary resigned…guess the AD just didn’t have it in him to fire the football coach…this is the same George O’Leary that “discounted” the facts on his resume when he applied for the ND job..which ND rescinded after the real facts became known

….no discounts for Ben Zobrist…remarkably…here’s a guy who hit .276 for the entire season and now the price tag for this 34 year old versatile player has zoomed up to $60mil for 4 years. Zobrist, who’s earned $30.7 mil in his CAREER…now as a 34 year old it looks like he’ll double his earnings — not for the year but for his CAREER!!

….wonder if Atlanta wishes that they could discount the $50mil that they owe Matt Ryan over the next 3 seasons?

…just wondering… are the Bengals the NFL version of the Blues with respect to the discounted playoff production?

….word is that Barry Bonds will be hired by the Marlins as a batting instructor…sounds to me like Giancarlo Stanton’s head may be getting bigger soon…very soon on discounted “product”

….wonder if the Bowls who get stuck…oops…I mean …are lucky enough to get a 5-7 football team to play in their bowl will discount the tickets for the fans since at least one of the teams is clearly NOT a bowl type team?

…the Detroit Tigers weren’t looking for a discount when they signed Jordan Zimmermann.. the last place Tigers had to make a splash to sell tickets at regular prices this year

…speaking of UCF….there’s talk that StL Rams QB coach Chris Weinke is interested in the job…boy….talk about submitting a “discounted” resume for that job….or any job…ugh

….the Sacramento Kings are toying with the idea of offering John Calipari a wad of cash to take over their job….word is that Calipari doesn’t want to take a discounted job .. when he compares it to the coffers at Kentucky J

…apparently Les Miles kept his job at LSU because Jimbo Fischer (Florida State) didn’t want it.. boy…how would you like to be telling your team next year, “Well boys all we have to do is win the SEC and I’ll keep my job…otherwise….YOU and I may be “moving on” to discounted programs with smaller pay scales and smaller crowds”

…driving towards a high draft pick again…rumor has it that the Rams will go to a discounted draft approach…just “throw the dart” at the board and see who we pick…it’d save lots of money for Stan…in fact…you could charge fans to pay to throw the dart themselves ..just think of it…make money instead of spending money on the draft !

…Bill Belichick has a “discounted” injury report on Bronk….basically he says that he’ll play when he’s ready and we’ll let you know when that happens!

…for those of you looking’s the 2016 Mizzou schedule


2016 Missouri Tigers Football Schedule

Date   Opponent    
Saturday Sep. 3 at West Virginia Mountaineers  Mountaineer Field, Morgantown, WV
Saturday Sep. 10 Eastern Michigan Eagles  Faurot Field, Columbia, MO
Saturday Sep. 17 Georgia Bulldogs  Faurot Field, Columbia, MO
Saturday Sep. 24 Delaware State Hornets Faurot Field, Columbia, MO
Saturday Oct. 1 at LSU Tigers  Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, LA
Saturday Oct. 8 Open Date
Saturday Oct. 15 at Florida Gators  Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville, FL
Saturday Oct. 22 Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders (HC) Faurot Field, Columbia, MO
Saturday Oct. 29 Kentucky Wildcats  Faurot Field, Columbia, MO
Saturday Nov. 5 at South Carolina Gamecocks  Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, SC
Saturday Nov. 12 Vanderbilt Commodores  Faurot Field, Columbia, MO
Saturday Nov. 19 at Tennessee Volunteers  Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN
Saturday Nov. 26 Arkansas Razorbacks  Faurot Field, Columbia, MO
Saturday Dec. 3 SEC Championship Game Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA


…the length of this article is discounted….have a great week (with plenty of discounts)


  1. Jim Pleimann says:

    Whooooo!!! Bob was on a roll this this week! We didn’t get gipped (discounted) in this weeks article did we? Good stuff Bob. You just can’t put a discounted price on good sarcasm!! (or factual stuff)

    (Barry Bonds may come out of retirement when Mr. Stanton gets hurt this year and take over to prove he can still do it).

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