Cold Draft thru the Lou by Bob Ryan

nfl draft 2016It was cold…a real cold reaction in the Lou to the 2016 NFL draft. It’s come and gone with little fanfare in this area because without an NFL team to psyche us up about the next future HOF’er that’s just been drafted or making trades that trade real NLF players for NFL hopefuls or choosing obscure players from small schools who will be they claim will be the next Terry Bradshaw…it didn’t heat up much…in fact…it was cold…real cold in discussions about NFL draft in the Lou…I mean it was so cold that it matched discussions on grocery shopping (if I ever had one?) …but never one to let a “major” story just pass…..let’s forge ahead…


Couple quick NFL Draft observations…

…seems to me like Mel Kuiper has been downgraded to make room for the next generation of “evaluators”…these younger gents carry much more of a negative tone in their evaluation…if these guys were so good, why doesn’t an NFL team just hire them for the draft?

…looking back at round 1 of 2015 draft and using the critique of Kevin Turner…it illustrates that the draft is really a crap shoot—you may have a slightly better chance of winning than at the casino than the Raiders & Browns succeed in the draft but with most REAL NFL teams..despite the hours of work….it’s still a puzzle succeeding on even your top 3 picks…beyond that…throw a dart at the board

…btw…the Browns missed on both of their #1 picks last year and of course they’ve finally extricated themselves from the Johnny Manziel stringy web

…some jewels have been found late…Tom Brady was a 6th round pick in 2000. QB drafted ahead of him in that draft were: Chad Pennington-Marshall-1st rnd-NYJ; Giovanni Carmazzi-Hofstra-never got in an NFL game-2nd rnd-SF; Chris Redman-Louisville-3rd rnd-Baltimore; Tee Martin-Tennessee-5th rnd-Steelers; Marc Bulger-Pitt-6th rnd-StRams; Spergon Wynn-Texas State-6th rnd; Browns—then along comes Mary…oops…not that song…along comes Tom Brady ! Boy..other than Brady & Bulger for 2 years…what a horrible year for QB…ugh !!


Here’s the 2015 1st round & 1 year evaluations…I think it’s always interesting to REALLY see how the draft worked out for the teams.. so …this is according to

Kevin “KT” Turner

*****Codes—st hit—star or likely star; hit—good starter right now; dev hit—showed many good flashes but not there yet; wk hit-probably a solid starter but still some questions; miss-didn’t, and in future, doesn’t look like a starter; bad miss-what were they thinking? Inj year—injured all year—who knows?

1 Buccaneers Jameis Winston QB-st hit
2 Titans Marcus Mariota QB-st hit
3 Jaguars Dante Fowler, Jr. OLB-inj year
4 Raiders Amari Cooper WR-hit
5 Redskins Brandon Scherff OG-wk hit
6 Jets Leonard Williams DE-wk hit
7 Bears Kevin White WR-miss
8 Falcons Vic Beasley OLB-???
9 Giants Ereck Flowers OG-weak hit
10 Rams Todd Gurley RB-st hit
11 Vikings Trae Waynes CB-miss
12 Browns Danny Shelton NT-miss
13 Saints Andrus Peat OT-miss
14 Dolphins DeVante Parker WR-miss
15 Chargers Melvin Gordon RB-miss
16 Texans Kevin Johnson CB-st hit
17 49ers Arik Armstead DT-miss
18 Chiefs Marcus Peters CB-wk hit
19 Browns Cameron Erving C-miss
20 Eagles Nelson Agholor WR-bad miss
21 Bengals Cedric Ogbuehi OT-wk hit
22 Steelers Bud Dupree OLB-dev hit
23 Broncos Shane Ray DE-hit
24 Cardinals D.J. Humphries OT-dev hit
25 Panthers Shaq Thompson OLB-dev hit
26 Ravens Breshad Perriman WR-bad miss
27 Cowboys Byron Jones CB-hit
28 Lions Laken Tomlinson OG-dev hit
29 Colts Phillip Dorsett WR-bad miss
30 Packers Damarious Randall FS-big hit
31 Saints Stephone Anthony ILB-hit
32 Patriots Malcom Brown DT-hit

…summary…despite the millions of dollars, thousands of hours, multiple discussions, interviews, workouts and all the rest….even the FIRST round of the draft is a crap-shoot…why?….well…who can measure when someone has just reached the ceiling of their performance level? We all have a ceiling…we non-athletes reach it around 10th grade…some as HS stars…some college..there isn’t a precise measurement to determine future growth in performance.

In the interesting world of Jake Arrieta….who’s up for his first super-block-buster contract this year as he negotiates with the Cubbies…The ace right-hander of the Chicago Cubs has looked like the most dominant pitcher in MLB in 2016. He’s 5-0 record with a sizzling 1.00 ERA, a 0.78 WHIP, and 32 strikeouts in his first five starts. Arrieta is somehow trying to top his 2015 CY Young performance. He’s 30 and arbitration eligible in 2017 … but look at his stats below….why is he blossoming late? Many possibilities rumble through one’s mind… better coaching now? More maturity as a person? His arm is still very strong since he had NEVER pitched 120 MLB innings in any season until he was 28 years of age; its tougher to pitch in the AL; is he enhancing his performance with drugs?…sad to say, but that thought does occur….and who knows what else has opened up this path to stardom for him…how much and how long would YOU give him? Pls respond at end of article..

           w-L     era      Inn      Hits     HR      K         BB      whip   age         salary

2010  Balt    6-6    4.66   100     106     9        58       42       1.535    24                MIN

2011  Balt   10-8   5.05   119     115     21       93       59       1.458    25       $ 419,000

2012  Balt   3-9    6.02   114     122     16     109       35       1.369   26       $ 488,000 

2013   Balt     1-2   7.23     23       25     2       23       17     1.775   27       $ 516,500

           Cubs   4-2   3.66       51     34     7        37     24     1.123  

2014   Cubs 10-5   2.53     156   114     5     167    41     0.989     28       $500,000

2015   Cubs 22-6   1.77     229   150   10     236     48     0.865     29     $3,630,000

2016 Cubs   5-0   1.00       36     18     2         32     10     0.778     30   $10,700,000


The Blues notes..

…the series win over Chicago was badly needed by this franchise…the invigoration, happiness, excitement spilled out all over the area…it was really great to see…

….at Sunday’s Cards-Wash game that I attended there were many, many box seats open….I’m guessing those fans were at some type of Blues party to watch game 2 of the 2nd series…heck they saw almost has many goals as Cards hits on that day….ugh…that was snarky….sorry..

….guess I was being too thin-skinned but the national NHL announcers seemed to be leaning towards the Dallas Stars late in the game…then again…they do have a bigger market…why does it always come down to money?

…keeping my latest playoff tradition, “Let’s Go Blues”!!


…Congrats to the UMSL softball team who broke the school record for wins in one season last weekend…the Tritons are now 52-7 as the open up Regional Play this weekend @ UMSL…in addition to the Tritons, the other 3 teams are Maryville (37-14), Truman State (30-18) and Wayne State (46-7). It’s a double elimination tournament that has two games on Thursday, 3 on Friday and 1 or 2 (depending which team wins game 1) on Saturday.


The good-bad-ugly of the Cardinals April…

Good—bullpen..Oh has been very good, Rosenthal has been like the Maytag repair man in the bullpen; Diaz has been super—but he’s not going to hit .408..probably not .358…hopefully .288 or so; Hazelmaker—is the good-time feeling guy for April; Holliday continues to hit…maybe not with power, but he can hit; Yadi is stronger and better than last year at the plate

Bad—the 1-8 record against top level teams; hitting against ANY top level pitchers; the spirit observed in the dugout seems “forced”, nervous, unsure; can’t get off the pot in their decision making on Wong…right or Wong…make a decision…is he YOUR guy or NOT?

UGLY—shoddy fielding by the infield; the silence of Grichuck’s bat; fundamentals have seemed to drop from our usual standards so next year…don’t try to “rest” guys in spring training and early season…let them play..they do have 3-4 months to relax and recharge and if they keep playing as a .500 team…they’ll begin relaxing on Oct 1st this year


Your comments are always welcome…just fill them out right here on the Prepcasts site…



  1. Jim Pleimann says:

    Sorry, but I skipped over everything until the Arrieta paragraph. But that may be just me. Don’t take it personal. 🙂 Speaking of the Jakester, he wouldn’t be enhancing would he? All kidding and sarcasm aside, it is a shame we have to think that way isn’t it? I guess Gibson and McClain were juicing in 1968.
    I see the Blues in six. They are taking some of the heat away from the Cardinals by making a run in the playoffs.
    I can’t believe you went to the right or Wong…… It is amazing the trickle down the Peralta injury created

  2. Joe Parisi says:

    Interesting review of ’15 draft choices/ how they have faired. As stated, many mid round picks may be hungrier , thus, have better careers.

    Cards fans patience will be tested in ’16. Don’t expect playoff appearance. Why all their focus was on Heyward during off season still is baffling.
    Afraid some performances to date are result of problems ” above the neck”. I suspect a division of sorts in the clubhouse…. Old guard message/ rules not being embraced by young Turks!

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