Dreams on a Mid-Summer Night by Bob Ryan

mid summer dream imageAll Star break is over….temp has moved up to 90+….kids and teachers are realizing that their summer has about 4-5 weeks remaining as they see all the ads for “back to school” appearing …retirees, as they mow the lawn, are wondering WHY they fertilized the grass to make it grow…AC (always costing) is permanently set in most houses…MLB trading deadline is a couple weeks down the road and we assume that trades…if any…will occur in the waning days of July…so let’s dream a little..

…IF his contract wasn’t for gazillions of dollars and IF his contract wasn’t so long and IF his bargaining process had been a bit more smoother than the bargaining at the Alamo and if his team wasn’t on the borderline of being a contender…actually that’s too many if’s ….anyway…Albert would be the exact type of player that the Cards need at 1B for the rest of the season—older so not interfering with long range plans, some pop, good enough around 1B…oh well…keep on dreaming.. btw….in reading, I learned that many HS coaches in KC refused to pitch to him in his SR year (he walked 55 times) because THEY thought he was too old.

 …in addition to the HR Derby….on pre-game day…why not have a race around the bases by the top 5-10 speedsters in each league? It could be timed so we could crown the “fastest Man” in the MLB for 2015…

….can we dream that Stan…..surely you know I don’t mean Stan the Man…would be willing to trade his franchise to Shahid “Shad” Khan (owner of Jacksonville Jags). It appears that Jacksonville is the team most likely to be headed to London in the not-so-distant future…that way Stan could be the 1st to stake his claim in Europe for the NFL…one small step for Stan…one giant leap for the NFL….

….in college football, could we mandate that the Big-Time D1 colleges may only have 1 game against teams from outside the 5 major conferences? This year Mizzou has SEMO & Ark State as 2 of their 4 non-conference games….come on…that’s like big brother playing” touch” against little brother….. BYU and UConn are the other two opponents…yes….real opponents. Let me help out Mizzou, Iowa has an opening on one of the two open Mizzou dates in 2016…wouldn’t that be a cool matchup? If they lose…they can still win SEC title and championship game and move into the final four…soon to be 8 teams in my mind. If they lose again…they weren’t a national championship team anyway. I’ll keep dreaming about all teams of the power-5 conferences playing “real” non-league opponents.

 ….I’ve been reading that non-driver cars will be here MUCH, much sooner than most of us peons expect….just think….now we could have 10 year kids behind the wheel….all they’d have to do is learn how to set the GPS….do ANY of you really think that our 10 year kids would have a hard time with that?….where are you professor Emmett Brown as we go back to the future…..how about a Back to the Future IV based on 2040?….

 …..now that it’s been found that Pete Rose gambled as a player…now HE is the only one dreaming that he’ll get inside Cooperstown without paying

 …once upon a time…I was dreaming….like most other boys my age…of playing

a pro sport…heck, we did it…some STL boys DID make it… how about the Atlanta Braves having two St Louis Kids on their pitching staff…Josh Outman (Lindbergh) & Ross Detweiler (Holt) are both in the 7th year of the MLB action.

 ….in an effort to make college more of an academic institution….what a novel thought….here’s my thought….if a scholarship athlete…or any scholarship person… leaves college early…any reason…move to pros, poor grades, criminal charges, gotta go work because he now has a family or maybe just doesn’t like school…. anything…he’d be required to pay back to the school for all of the benefits he received—free tuition, free housing, free food, free tutoring, etc…their scholarship would be seen as a loan-that is “written off” with a college degree …in my mind, if they graduate with a degree, they have used college as intended if they choose not to do so…repay the loan…now this is really a dream because too many feel entitled…

 ….twice in recent weeks, two NASCAR drivers lost control of their cars and they literally flew into the 30 ft. high fencing….the cars disintegrated and here’s the super part…the drivers walked away….could we design our own cars in the same way…probably dreaming too much

 …sometimes when dreaming about the achievements of the current players and comparing them to current players…I find that my memory about former players in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s isn’t as accurate as I thought…take Julian Javier…I thought he was a tremendous 2B…he probably was… but his lifetime stats of .257 avg. (highest was .282), never stole more than 11 bases in any of his last 9 years (he played 13 years-12 with Cards), committed 219 errors (6 seasons had 20+ errors)…maybe my dreams for these current players is skewed….way skewed…btw…Kolton Wong hit .254 in his 1st 2 years, has committed 22 errors total in 2 years, has stolen 30 bases in the last 2 years (20, 10)…I guess the good ol’ days were really just the ol’ days.

 …..one of my nightmares…not too far from dreams…is that the Rams will do well this year but the Dome will be filled up with many fans from the opposing cities….wouldn’t that be a bad dream?

 ….dreaming of the most likely MLB players to be traded…hmmm…how about Bryan Shaw (Clev.)… he’s a vet bullpen man who could shore up 7th/8th innings for most teams has 1.71 era, 11 holds and 1.07 whip…Clev. is 11.5 games out and is seeking offense ..badly…in every spot other than 2b….or maybe Geraldo Parra (Mil OF)…hitting .311 in a batting-starved league it’d seem like everyone could use a hitter meanwhile the Brewers begin the tedious process of rebuilding…code word…trying to find winning players

 ….one of my dreams for HS baseball…once you reach the final two teams…you play a best of 3…..that’d make it a real team effort from my view but…too many logistical issues….only a dream

 ….heard Bernie Miklasz say….and I really respect his opinions…that we’ll never see another team built like the 80’s Cards…one that relied on blazing speed, a top-level defense, strong closer (everyone has that now)….called Whitey-ball…St Louisian’s really loved it …still talk about it today… I suppose the Royals are the closest team today…but far from the same level… to replicating those speedy teams…

 ….I was dreaming about how good it’d feel to have hockey in May…can I dream that the Blues will actually do it some day?

 ….here’s a new one….Jon Papelbon wants to be traded …that part’s not new…because he isn’t being used enough but not because he isn’t good enough …he’s a perfect 14 of 14 in save opportunities… but the Phillies are so bad that that the closer (who only pitches when his team is ahead) rarely gets the call…we could match him up with Tony Cruz…they could go on vaca together and no one would miss them.

 ..…am I dreaming….would….or could… the Cardinals expand the seating in their stadium….they sell out almost every game so it appears that they could sell more seats….do it while the fire is hot…Cardinal baseball ticket is the hottest thing in town…be careful though…I really do believe that the Ball Park Village seating is a reason…at least in part … for the decline of HR in Busch III….these are very good, shrewd owners…if this dream is feasible and they can make more money…it’ll get done

 ….dreaming about how Wash Nats really seemed to screw up Stephen Strasburg….over pitching him throughout his break-out season then sitting him out for the Playoffs…sorry…the damage to his young, fragile arm had already been done…now he’s been bouncing back & forth from DL list to starting rotation list like a rubber ball….

 …looking way ahead…doing some scouting (and dreaming)…with MLB being in trade season what type of trade would hurt the Cards the most…i.e. …of the teams most likely to be in the playoffs what type of acquisition makes them much, much better….take the Dodgers …with Kershaw & Greinke as their #1, #2… if they acquired a great #3 like Chris Sale or Cole Hamels…AND they do have the plethora of young talent to swap for this type of player…that’d really make them tough to beat


  1. Jim Pleimann says:

    Ripping on poor Tony Cruz? I would love a vacation that pays me the $500,000.00 he is getting! LOL

    Hammels will be an Angel or a Dodger- unless they wait to pay for Price in the offseason
    Could ee Papelbon to the Cubs.
    Straaburg is a mess…
    You may not see the Blues in May in your lifetime….. or mine.
    I do like the dream of 2 out of three for baseball – but once one sport tries it, they will all want to do it.
    I too, thought Hoolioe Hoolie was better than that!!

  2. Tim Miller says:

    I understand your dream for scholarship athletes to actually care about their schooling, but how about the school actually caring about the student (not the player)?

    D1 athletes have trainers, nutritionist, and coaches for nearly any need in the world. Yet, schools let these students register for the minimum of hours and never claim a major. Many of the star players just take elective classes their entire 3 year career. Why aren’t these schools surrounding these students with advisors, mentors, and tutors who aren’t 19 years old? Of course they are leaving early and not graduating because they have no chance to graduate in 5 years.

    My dream, the school cares less about the amount of revenue they are bringing in and actually care about these athletes who NEED to be educated.

    A R

  3. Tim Miller says:

    You are correct, a self driving car is closer then we think.
    In terms of a trade….. like the way Reynolds is playing…. if Scrugs could pick up his game we may have additional opportunities. Another thought is how about potentially moving Holiday to first base?? Could he make the transition and allow more playing time for Grichuk and Hayword with Jay ,potentially, being healthy??

  4. Tim Miller says:

    I like your idea for a “Race Around The Bases!”
    Ditto on that tuition/board/books payback for “student-athletes!”

  5. Tim Miller says:

    Love the college scholarship idea!

  6. Tim Miller says:

    It would be great for the Cardinals to pick up help at first base for the balance of the season. Problem is that anyone that has value would require a couple of good prospects. I do not think that they will mortgage the future for a rent-a-player.
    I also have fond memories of Julian Javier at second base. Even though his stats were not the greatest, his two most redeeming attributes were, he had a great pivot and second base on a double play, and can’t ever remember him being taken out. The other is that he hit left handers “like he owned them”. He was often moved up to the second batting position when the Cards faced a southpaw.

  7. Tim Miller says:

    Great words! Looks like Pujols’ ears–or bats–were burning when you
    wrote about him & then be delivered a 3 HR day.

  8. Joe Parisi says:

    Hope I’m wrong but don’t see Cards willing to part with any young talent to get left handed bat in return. “Mo” has said 1st base belongs to Adams….doesn’t want to complicate things when he returns. Not so sure Wano will ever be the dominant ace he once was, thus, I wouldn’t close the door on a quality starter. Ownership is cash fat. … Loosen the wallet and let’s go for it!

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