Gone in 60 Seconds by Bob Ryan

thHere we go…..60 sec of sports…in no particular order…

 …..Broxton & Moss seem to be living up…or down to the scant hype that formed upon their arrival

 ….it’s still only mid-August…but right now the 2 NL wild-card teams are Pitt & the Cubs….I feel like the Pirates will stay but for the Cubbies it’s virgin territory

 ….even though he’s being useful, I just can’t see Jaime Garcia being resigned…his contract jumps up to $11mil and the years of his most victories (13) were 2010 & 2011…he’s got a lot of baggage…oops ..lots of gauze since that time


….for those of you who think Clayton Kershaw has “fallen off”…..uhh….he leads the MLB in strikeouts (197), is 5th in WHIP (0.95), 11th in ERA (2.51),8th in innings pitched (154) – ur right in that he doesn’t dominate every category but he’s still darn good…


…Sheldon Richardson and now Aldon Smith….it looks like these def ends went off the deep end…Pinkel claimed that it doesn’t reflect on Mizzou…right!


…pop quiz—here are 7 starters from a recent mlb box score—Holt, R.Castillo, T.Shaw, DeAza, Swihart, Rutledge , Bradley….do you know which team it is?


…death of Frank Gifford conjures up some ol’ memories….he was, from my view, the 1st “star” of the NFL…played @ USC then NY Giants…the NYG were a powerhouse in those days (late 50’s, early 60’s-prior to Packers domination)…just learned that he came from a migrant family and moved over 40X BEFORE entering high school—talk about overcoming social settings…his passing also made me think of other NYG stars of his era—Sam Huff (MLB), Andy Robestelli (DE), YA Title (QB)—who I just learned is the only post-war HOF QB who did NOT win a post-season game !!


….he’s not a “hero’ in town but….the Cards aren’t the same in the 3rd spot of the batting order without Holliday…he hit .291 with an OPS of .833 in his 62 games in that spot of the batting order…Peralta…badly out of place….while hitting 3rd in the lineup(been there 42x) carries .261 avg & .733 OPS…can u believe that Bourjos has been in the 3rd spot of the order 10X while Hayward and Wong just 4X each…Hopefully Grichuk will get a chance shortly if Hayward doesn’t


….despite my high hopes that they’ll stay….I just can’t seem to get “revved up” for the Rammies pre-season practices….


…..since trading deadline, Toronto Bluejays have won 9 out of 10 ….Tulo seems like he’s really refreshed not having to carry a team by himself….kinda strange seeing him batting 1st in the lineup…right now, the Jays are the top wild-card team and closing in on the Yanks


….Piscotty’s punch has been about as strong as a gallon of kool-aid and a shot of gin…still think he’ll be traded


….I can’t decide which team has made sharper 180 degee turn since last year –Milwaukee or Oakland…probably the Brew Crew—not many have made such a quick jump from the pent house to the out-house


…Kolton Wong is really a good player—speed, good power for 2B, very good defense


….in the pre-season NCAA football poll that I saw, TCU was ranked #2….the Horned Frogs probably still have some anger over being the #4 ranked team in the 2nd last week, winning big and then being shoved to #5…look for them to run up the score whenever they have the chance this year…btw…their game against Oklahoma on Nov 21 has only 1,888 seats left for sale and they start at $100…btw#2…I’m a city kid so pls explain…what’s a “horn frog”?


….while Ohio State wrestles with who will be their starting QB….one sure thing is our StL product—Ezkiel Elliot (Burroughs) will be the primary ball carrier…and…the Buckeyes could be #1 in the country with ANY one of the 3 QB…sickening, isn’t it ?


….every team has one—sure Jaime Garcia drives us nuts with his injuries….KC has highly touted Danny Duffy, another lefty (maybe that’s the key) who is on-off-on-off DL as often as a kid wants a soda/or a trip to the bathroom at the ballgame


….why do Cardinal fans go to other stadiums…often, outdraw the homies…and then start chanting, “Let’s Go Cardinals”…..are they trying to piss them off or what? Little wonder that the Lou isn’t loved around the league


….Jake Arrieta (Cubs) has entered the elite-starter ring …13-6 with 2.38 era …I’m thinking that the Orioles , who got rid of him, are shaking their head at “what were we thinking”


….I’m just saying…if I were a MLB manager and Jonathon Broxton came in to face my team…all 300+ pounds of him….I’d have at least 1 guy bunt down the line…make that big man move…


…..can any of you tell me which schools, outside the SEC, are in which conferences….I can probably do OK with the Big 10 (with its 14 schools) but other than that…Pac 12, Big 12 (which now has 10 schools), Mountain West (11 teams), ACC (14 teams), Big East (7 football teams)—btw…Big East has S. Florida, Cincinnati, Pitt….I mean I was poor in Geography…but these guys must have flunked the course


…another death of a WWF star…Superfly Jimmy Snooka….good, quick entertainer


…as bad as Philly has been all year…since the trading deadline they’ve had a 7 of 10 winning streak…sometimes clearing out all the “old wood” makes it easier to find what’s underneath that is good


…remember way back to June when Tampa Bay was in 1st place…well, now the Rays are in 4th place, 6 games behind the Yanks…the long baseball season sorts out the pretenders from the contenders


…ok…maybe it took you 2 minutes…those starters were from the last place Boston Red Sox


  1. Denis Heneghan says:

    Why wouldn’t you take Jamie back for $11 million. What other lefty do we have with a below 2 ERA? Even if he only wins 10 games it is not bad for the 5th starter. If the Dodgers want to give up on Kershaw I would be glad to have him even though it would cost 2 or 3 times Jaime.

    How can you be down on Pisscoty when Hayward has shown little power and Pisscoty continues to drive in runs…

  2. Tom Williams says:

    Jimmy Snuka isn’t dead.

  3. Jim Pleimann says:

    A shot at Piscotty? Really? He hasn’t hit for power but he gets on base most games and has been pretty darn good in the clutch since being called up. Who else you want Tommy Pham???
    Also… your bunting idea on Big Boy Broxton is a good idea until you realize the bunting skills of MLB players. The “I ain’t bunting” theory also is a problem…..

    Good stuff…. see you next week….

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