Great Green Week by Bob Ryan

st pats 2016It’s a glorious week….the week of Green….it’s outgrown just one day…of course some will celebrate the Greenest day of the year on the 17th but there are other green signs and symbols….

…it’s fitting that a green-clad team, Michigan State(29-5) enters the NCAA tourney as the one of the top teams….who else is more fitting with those colors….of course when you’ve won 13 of the last 14; have one of the best NCAA Trny coaches in Tom Izzo; and have superstar Denzell Valentine—it’s looking mighty good

…the Cardinals will be donning their annual green uni’s tis week…so what’s sticking out pro & con down there…the club has “settled in” on Peralta’s least until mid-late June; Tommy Pham is looking good again;  the new bullpen acquisition OH has been perfect in all his trips to the mound…on the other side of coin…can’t see Holliday being the man at 1B..he’s not limber, agile or quick handed ..frankly I think that they are just giving him time there to appease him; Wacha is still on my watch list; when will Molina put a bat in his hands?

an emerald was missed….as one watches the newest super-star NBA player, Stephen Curry convert 3’s from almost the ½ court line….how was this emerald missed in the draft? He was the son of an NBA player so he had pedigree.  Well… he was drafted in 1st round at #7…but he played at a small school-Davidson, was slim and some wondered if he could “hold up” in the grueling NBA schedule. He has! The Golden State Warriors have a record of 303 wins, 231 losses, 3 playoff appearances including the 2015 NBA Championship. This beautiful green gem was just overlooked.

….a special Shamrock Award to the Houston Texans….the Texans a very strong defensive team went “deep” as they quickly signed  Brock Osweiler away from Denver…sure…maybe they overpaid ($72 mil) but do you think the 2015 4-some of Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, TJ Yates and Brandon Weeden would EVER give you a chance in the playoffs? …and  QB ALWAYS overpaid (for the most part)

…jumping for much greener grass was Janoris Jenkins— he signed with the Giants for $62.5mil with $29mil guaranteed….what I liked was that Jenkins said right up front that he was going for the most money for his family….TU!…that other PC talk about loving the town, the players, yada-yada-yada is pure seaweed talk

…being green with envy about the Cubs seems to be a very common feeling in the Lou…well….this will make you feel better…the Cubs have a new problem..two of their top prospects in their organization are “blocked”. Dan Vogelbach is stuck behind Anthony Rizzo while Christian Villanueva plays 3B as does Kris Bryant…look for one or both to be donning new jerseys shortly as the Cubbies boost up their shaky pen

….a tip of the green hat to the green-red Washington University Women’s basketball team (23-6) who fell to Thomas More College(31-0) 88-72 in an Elite 8-sectional championship game. It was the 12th time that the Lady Bears have reached an Elite-8 game..congrats!

…a 2nd Shamrock Award to Mizzou for staying with Coach Anderson….he…or no one else in that position…had NO chance of succeeding.  I do think that unless they get close to .500 next year, he’s history.

the 3rd and final Shamrock Award (always in lucky 3’s) since we’re talking about Mizzou… is won by Frank Haith…this award could have been named the Butch Cassidy Escape Award as Haith has always been narrowly ahead of the posse (who are those guys?)… who are on his tracks….Miami was put on probation when Fudging Frank got outta town. In Columbia, Fudging Frank couldn’t get to that plane quick enough as he ignored all reporters with the posse of NCAA regulators in hot pursuit.  Another violation and Mizzou suffers.  I do feel like that if a school receives some type of penalty, the Coach if and when he coaches college again, he would have the same penalty. Now if they turn pro…like our idol in Seattle, Pete Carroll, who set back USC dramatically with his plethora of violations, would only suffer those violations if he returns to college coaching

…it looked like Jayson Tatum had the green light offensively when he scored 45 points as the Red Devils advanced past CBC in the STATE sectional. The Flyers now face SLUH in the semis with two KC teams in the other bracket—Kickapoo (29-2) and Lee Summit (29-0). I’m picking the obvious.

…the green monster in Boston is smiling a bit now….restructuring their starting pitching with David Price, Clay Buchholz and Rick Porcello as starters; Pablo Sandoval hopes to become the next-Big Papi as the 3B; wonderful young SS in Bogaerts; Craig Kimbrel is there to close out games and several fleet-footed OF. It’s not all roses—Hanley Ramirez takes over 1B (his best days are long gone); OF have to show that they can hit.

….all that green outfield grass in New York has the Mets concerned as OF Yoenis Cespedes seems to take detours to reach the baseballs not hit right at him and he’ll start the season in CF…oh boy…it should be fun watching him trying to track these balls down—maybe he’ll track down a cab to get to them.

…the Green House Gases must have affected the judgment of a national magazine  that named  Stan Kroenke as the Businessman of the Year for 2015. Named after Enos and Stan because of his local roots, with a team in a city voted as the Top Sports City in 2015, attended a tiny school in Missouri (Cole Camp), met a Walton girl on a ski trip in Colorado; with profuse hatred of Stan in St Louis & Denver…yet this silly magazine awards Kroenke with this honor… makes one wonder if this honorable man  made a financial contribution to the company to sway their interests?

….the little green elves must have been working OT in Chicago….not only are the Cubbies a contender but the White Sox are also improved. Chris Sale is the ace that each contender requires. Carlos Rondon is ready for a “break out” year.  Jose Abreau broke out last year as a genuine slugger.  Avisail Garcia and Adam Eaton can propel an offense on a regular basis. Todd Frazier is a proven hitter that should thrive in ChiTown…wait…could it be…a Chicago World Series?  Well..maybe I’m getting a bit carried away by those elves J

Now off to some corn-beef and cabbage….happy green week!


  1. Larry Eveker says:

    Thanks Bob for the article.

  2. Dan Eller says:

    Thanks Bob for mentioning that Green and White team up here in Michigan. They are fun to watch with the senior talent and the depth on the bench. The seniors are great athletes and decent young men.

  3. John Rocco says:


    Thanks for the article. I really like the Butch Cassidy Award for Frank Haith.



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