Is The Crystal Ball Clear or Cloudy by Bob Ryan

predictions imageSo what about some of those wild things I “predict”…heck….I don’t see any other sportscaster, writer looking back about their “picks”….I thought it’d be kinda fun….and at the same time I was a bit worried about what I’m saying…..there’s not much special but here’s a sampling….why don’t some of you send me some sports predictions(some possibilities listed below)…I’ll be happy to publish them (with or without your name—whatever you prefer)

#### (the current results) — good   bad don’t know—


There were many other “suggestions” that I’ve floated that will never be determined….Most of those are closer to being Bizarre rather than prophetic…heck…I’ve got to keep you smiling somehow…


Here goes with the date that it was published….


 On Jan18, 2015 I said……

…..Dallas Cowboys have to choose between 2 high priced free agents-Dez Bryant & DeMarco Murray this off-season. Bryant, to me, is the best YAC receiver in NFL, makes outstanding catches, good size, durable. Murray is one of the premier running backs of the league. The two of them provide Dallas with a run AND pass game mix that is very effective. I really think Jerry Jones will attempt to find SOME way to keep them both. Losing either one changes the complexion of the Cowboys. I’d keep Bryant.

####-partially wrong & right….July 2015– Murray’s Now in Philly; Bryant is holding out @ Dallas


—the Reds have lost Mat Latos, Alfredo Simon, Ryan Ludwick…aging stars—Cueto, Phillips, Frazier, Votto…just how much longer can Chapman throw 100mph and close out 95% of his games with wins? …now THIS is the team that the Cubbies may catch in 2015.

##-July 2015-Current standings…Cubs 44-38, Cincy 38-44—not over yet though…


On Jan 23, 2015….

…Monopoly Money Award

The Miami Marlins, who must have found some treasure money off the shores of Miami over the winter, just signed Christian Yelich to a 7 year-$49.75mil deal. Now I’ll grant you that Yelich is only 23 years of age but….he hit .288 in 62 games as a 21 year old player and last year in 144 games it was .284 with 9 HR. That doesn’t translate to $49 mil to me …unless it was in a monopoly game.

####Yelich is hitting .258, 5 HR, 16 rbi to this point…he’s got a long way to go…btw…it’s the Florida Marlins…the rare team named after its state… Texas Rangers are another


More on Jan 23…

Boy…will the Padres look different or what…look at some of the coming & goings…

…coming…Wil Myers, Matt kemp, Will Middlebrooks, Brandon Morrow, Derek Norris.minor league contracts for Jose Velverde, Scott Elbert


Still more on Jan 23….

…on the way out….Jesse Hahn to Oak (will be a STRONG starter, inexpensive); Seth Smith, Tim Stauffer, Jace Peterson (high prospect), Blaine Boyer…just judging from how many of these names end up on our FANTASY rosters…it seems that the Pads will be much improved in 15.

### I was way off….it’s the same ol’ Padres…btw…the departing players have done reasonably well—Jace Peterson is leading off daily for Atlanta-hitting .254, 8 hr 35 rbi, 31 runs; Blaine Boyer has 14 holds with 2.63 era; Jesse Hahn is 6-6, 3.35 era.


March 12, 2015

….the biggest shock was seeing the tiny figure of Yadier …. He says he lost 50 lbs…looks more like 3 inches and 150 lbs….if he can’t hit at least he could be a jockey with this new “size”,….just wait til u see him….no shoulders, no butt, no body….probably no power, still no speed (does a smaller horse run faster than a larger horse….don’t think so) ### looks like I really missed the boat here…Yadi, albeit no power, is hitting very well


March 12 again..

…Tommy Pham impressed me….he’s about 6-2, young, versatile….I think Peter Bourjos could be on his way out for money AND skill reasons

####still too early to get a “real” read on Pham but Bourjas is still here


March 23

Stephen Piscotty is the odd-man out in St Louis….Randall Grichuk & Piscotty are both trying to be the same guy—power hitting OF and Grichuck is stronger. When Holliday is moved or moves along…the Cards will go out to get another “big name”…Hayward is pegged in to be the RF….I see Piscotty as trade bait. ### Yet to see Mr. Piscotty


March 31

…I still wish Kolton Wong would be the lead-off hitter with Carp hitting behind him to give him a chance to run…he can’t run as a #8 hitter…if he singles, he be sacrificed to 2B. ### Still wish Wong would run more but …it’s often our lineup


May 3, 2015

…I see the stress really being on the bullpen….Villanueva could now become key ….the “first guy in” will need to be stretched to 2-4 innings of relief work to bridge gap to 8th/9th is needed to save the oft-overworked arms of Manifesto Mike’s bullpen…

###Villanueva works once every couple weeks…he’s the Maytag man of our bullpen…not real important….the only key he uses is to the bathroom J


May 20, 2015

….what’s the over/under in innings before Jaime misses a start or goes on DL?   I’m saying 50 innings.

….Garcia went on DL with 48 innings….heck even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile J


 May 25, 2015

….prediction—McCutheon will be in the top 20 by July 4th  

…yes sir… he’s #15 in NL @ .297as of today (he was hitting .255 on may 25)


 June 6, 2015

..Jason Marquis comeback….although he’s won 3 games for Cincy his ERA is 5.86 and the batting average against him is .312…when you look at these stats…how desperate must the Reds be for starting pitching?

####Marquis was released June 11 by Cincy


NOW…it’s YOUR turn…..

Send me some of YOUR predictions…since most of you are follow the Cards closely, I have several possible suggestions for you….I’ll publish them or not (whatever you want)…do as many as you’d like to do….. due by July 13


Maybe how many total wins Cards will have in 2015….

How far will Cards go in playoffs?

Yadi HR total for season   5   8   11   14   17?

Will Cards sign Hayward? For How many years? 2 4 6   8   10 ?

Choose Carlos’ # of wins in 2015— 12   15   18 20 22

On what date will Cards guarantee a division championship?

Will Pham or Grichuk last the longest this year on roster?

Predict # of Holliday HR in regular season… 5   8   11   14   17 20

Will John Jay start 30 games between now & end of season? How many will he start?

Will Bourjas be on Cards playoff roster?

What type of trade will Cards make at deadline…give specific names…

What date will Rams announce that their moving to LA?

How many HR/avg will Peralta finish season?

When will Sam Bradford get injured again? (date please)

More Blues trades? If so …who?

Where will Hanley Ramirez go next?

# of Mizzou wins in SEC in 2015…we’re not counting those “gimme” wins

Will Cubs make the playoffs?

Will Scherzer win the Cy Young?



Place your predictions in the “Speak Your Mind” after this article …




  1. Tim Miller says:

    JMR predictions:
    >Yadi 5 homers
    >Cards will trade for a SP maybe Lohse?
    >Piscotty will be the Cards 1B after the ASG
    >Bourges will not be on the post season roster
    >Rams will make the playoffs
    >Mizzou will not win the SEC East but will go 11-2 with their bowl win
    >There will not be a I-70 series this year it will be Washington vs KC

    • Tim Miller says:

      My crystal ball tell me that the Washington Nationals will knock out the St Louis Cardinals from of the Pennant race.

      • Tim Miller says:

        With that in mind, I predict that the Cubs will make some huge acquisitions before the trade deadline because they want to seize a legit opportunity to make the playoffs. They might end up with Cole Hamels, Cueto, or Chapman–maybe more than one. I also think they will end up with an outfielder like Carlos Gonzalez or Matt Kemp. They’ve got some key talent in the minors that will be appealing to several teams. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade Lester. He hasn’t won since May 16th, and it is clearly looking like he is a bust. Anybody who walks or singles against him immediately has a double. That’s all.

        • Tim Miller says:

          Cardinals predictions:
          will win 95 games and the division
          Will lose in the NL championship series
          Yadi will hit 5 home runs
          Heyward will be signed to a 5 year contract
          Carlos Martinez will win 17 games
          Pham will be history (back to the minors) when Holliday returns
          Gritchuk will stay with the club and continue to platoon
          Holliday will hit 9 home runs
          Jay will start 30+ games and will once again become the starting center fielder
          for the playoffs (he always comes thru when others count hIm out)
          Bourjas with continue to platoon/pinch run and will be on the playoff roster
          will not make a significant acquisition by the trading deadline
          Peralta will end up with 22 hrs, 82 RBI’s, .280 BA
          Other Predictions:
          Pirates will represent the NL in the World Series
          The Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl
          Jordan Speith will not win the British Open, but will win the PGA for 3 out of 4 majors this year
          Bob K.

          • Tim Miller says:

            Two things to your predictions:

            First the length of the race and amount of weight they are carrying will sometimes determine the speed of horse large or small!

            Second the voters in your polls are two optimistic about their hometown cardinals! the best they will do is second place to the pirates!


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