Letters to Home by Bob Ryan

letters homeWe’ve all done them…maybe as youth campers, trips, traveling teams, or while in the military… whatever… we’ve all sent letters to home…special thanks to Jimmy Fallon for reminding me of these epic moments in our lives….we’ve just come across a few that you might enjoy..



Dear Mom,

I’m doing fine. Thanks so much for teaching me to sit up straight. I’m getting plenty of time to practice that skill in our dugout….                            Matt Adams


Dear Mom,

I’m cruising…I love the party room for celebrating our wins but Mom I’m really grateful the guys have let me be one of the guys despite my .200 average…                        Jason Heyward


Dear Mom,

I’m doing just fine…you always told me to keep out the goals…well, Mom….no one has scored on me yet in the playoffs….                                                                                           

Jake Allen


Dear Mom,

Hi! You always told me that I’d know when to quit….mom…I never thought I’d see the day…but I’m hurt, hitting .194 how can this team make it without me? Maybe I should see that special doctor again?        A Rod


Dear Mom,

Hi…hope ur doing fine…I remember you telling me that there’d be good days and bad days….Mom…it seems like I’m having both types of days in the same week…you were right…… David Backes


Dear Mom,

I’m doing just great! You always told me that there was no place like home….I thought that I was going to leave Chicago when the off-season began…but it never felt right…but it feels great now.             Dexter Fowler


Dear Mom,

I love it here…lots of people always cheer me…they’re happy…the manager doesn’t yell or throw things but Mom….I’m kinda hurting….I’m not hitting like I used to….yea… .221 isn’t real hot but I hit .226 last year so that ain’t the worst of it…I’ve struck out 32 of my 86 AB…that 37% of the time…that’s higher than my OBP…Mom .. I’ll do what you always told…keep practicing at swinging hard                                             Brendan Moss


Dear Mom,

Things are going good for me…I’m still announcing for the Cardinals…it’s the best job in the world even though the Birds are struggling…I mean just Sunday, I had to talk about kids hanging on the banisters in the stands for almost 5 minutes…even Timmy my partner jumped on board with me… boy…it’s great to just ignore the game, the scoreboard, the standings when kids are distracting their parents and amusing us since we’ve lost interest in the game.   Dan McLaughlin


Dear Mom,

I’m fine….I remember you telling me to always stay positive…well, I am but Mom…I’m only brought into the game when we’re behind …. And Mom…my drop ball seems to be dropping in the OF stands more than at the plate…but I’ll stay quiet, not complain and be positive .                    Seth Maness


Dear Mom,

I’m fine…I think….you always told me not to worry..so I try not to do that…but I’m playing with the Sunday scrubs now….and this new player Al Diaz can play 2B and he hits…and Jed Jerko plays 2b too but…at least he moves about as fast as Lee Smith….and Mom I just can’t get my stride right…too long, too quick, too late, to soon, too short.. I just can’t find the touch …and we’re just playing .500 and 8 games out so some changes are blowing in the wind… and Mom when Peralta comes back…where will I play?….at least I’m working on becoming a good chess player, Manifesto seems to like that….but I’ll stop worrying Mom                    Kolton Wong


Outside the world of letters to Mom….

Well…we all sat watching anxiously for the Blues to wrap it up last night…ugh….it was over with 3 goals in the first period. Sure the Blues dominated offensively in the 3rd period but the Stars sudden outburst puts them back in the drivers seat as the series returns to Dallas. Eliott was yanked…probably as much to “wake up” the Blues as due to his play but you have to give credit where its due…those Stars goals were really great shots. As I wrote previously, the deeper the post-season moves, the more often we hear the names of the younger Blues handling the puck, making plays—Fabbri, Schwartz, Parayko …along with Tarasenko…those are our next level of Blues stars…oops wrong word to use during this series J


How bad is MLB catching?   Well…there are a select few…(no special order here)…Molina, Lucroy,Posey, Sal Perez…one on DL…Schwarber…others who are acceptable..probably good…McCann, Montero, Cervelli (butcher behind the plate), Vogt, Hundley, Ramos (Wash) and maybe Wellington Castillo (AZ) and JT Realmuto (Miami)-rookie hitting .250 but that leaves many teams of the league with really substandard catchers…check out some of these averages…


Cincy…. Devin Mesoraco   .140 (currently inj);    Toronto…Russel Martin   .171;           

San Diego…Derek Norris     .173

Clev….Yan Gomes                  .176                        Atl…..AJ Pierzynski               .197          

Tampa Bay…Curt Casali      .203

Balt…Matt Wieters                .211                        Minn…Kurt Suzuki               .213          

BoSox…Christian Vasquez .220

CWS…Dioner Navarro            .222                           Seat…Chris Ianetta               .224       

LA Dods….Yasmani Grandel currently hitting .255 w/lifetime .242

Phils…Cameron Rupp .250 his backup is 37 year old Carlos Ruiz batting .286 (suprising even to Phils apparently)

Angels…Giovanni Soto .300….look for his average to nosedive…he hasn’t hit over .265 since 2010!


It really does happen…..

Speaking of catchers, JT Realmuto was the lead off batter for the Fish for a couple games recently…Made me wonder which other catcher had ever been a lead-off batter…..while Russel Martin, Kurt Suzuki and John Jaso have done it occasionally in their careers….Jason Kendall leads all catchers as a lead-off batter. He was the lead-off man in over 50 games for 5 seasons with the Pirates ! (2001-2006)…now that’s ur trivia fact for the dayJ Btw..Tim McCarver did it 9 games for the Cards in 1972!


It takes one to know one……

While all the attention centered around QB was at the very top of the 2016 draft…it now appears that John Elways’s plan at Denver to grab Paxton Lynch with the 26th overall choice of round 1 may be the real steal…..it has to be assumed that Denver really doesn’t think Mark Sanchez is a true #1 …that he’s a career backup… btw..Denver’s recently departed QB, Brock Osweiler, had been drafted in 2012 so he was the recipient of 4 years of being tutored by the great Payton Manning….I really think that an extended learning time in the NFL as a backup behind a “star” QB translates into an extended playing curve e.g. Aaron Rodgers(Also a Cal QB) behind Brett Favre


Really one-sided…

The trade between the Cubs & Orioles maybe replacing Brock for Broglio as the biggest steal ever….Chicago received Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop for Scott Feldman & Steve Clevenger…did u say “who”? At least Broglio had some good years in the MLB before we traded him, can you say that about Feldman or Clevenger? Can u even tell me where does guys play?


I’m just saying ….Jeff Gyorko is hitting .197 with 4 HR, 14/71 w/2 errors @ SS in 4 games there. Meanwhile, Mark Reynolds is hitting .326 while playing 26 games @ 1B – 1 error, 2 HR….I think he’s cut his swing down some this year…the Cards wanted that lusty “swing for the fences” approach from him…anyway…let’s ask a favorite political question..is our bench better now or were we were better a year ago ? When Peralta returns…I think Gyorko is history..some parts of history are bad J


Local boy still in MLB…

I’m not talking about David Freese (who had a wonderful & unique reception at Busch this weekend) but Josh Thole….Thole, a catcher, has been in the MLB consecutively since 2009…he’s from Breese, Illinois…He played 4 years for the Mets and now is in his 4th year @ Toronto. I don’t know if he played for Mater Dei or Breese in his HS days.


1st time EVER!!!

Rarely does something happen for the 1st time in the MLB…heck it’s been around longer than Red Schoendienst…anyway.. recently, Baltimore scored the winning run of their game against Toronto on a passed ball in the 10th inning…this was the 1st time EVER in the history of the O’s that they had won a game on a passed ball….sounds like Little League game to me.


Sure…and I have some land in Florida for you….

Now that Stan Kroneke has taken credit for “finding” Kurt Warner, what’s next? That he figured out how to get back to earth the Apollo 13 astronauts? Or that he recommended that Stan Musial become a hitter instead of a pitcher? Or that he told Bob Pettit to score the last 22 points of the game 7 NBA championship game against the Celtics so that the Hawks could win their only NBA championship? Or that he taught Norm Stewart how to coach basketball…or maybe he gives me ideas for these blogs or even how to write at all……come on Stan…maybe ur flunkies have to agree with everything u say or do…but we “real world” people know the type of person that you are! Being rich doesn’t make u smart, honest, or loyal.

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  1. Joe Parisi says:

    Always enjoyable/ makes you think a bit.
    The Cardinal related letters are a tune up for an average season…one many teams would relish, but once hockey season is over for the Blues, the kitchen is going to get very hot for Mike, Mo and the brass Can’t understand why regulars need days off in April/ May, when the temps are below 80 degrees.

    Hitch will retire …. Cup or no Cup also LaRussa.

  2. Bob,

    Good stuff as always. I had to chuckle a few times .I especially liked the ones on Hayward and A Rod.

    See you on Thursday.


  3. Kevin O'Connell says:

    Great stuff. Kroneke is “intensely challenged” when it came to the real world of sports, the real word of fan support, in fact most all “real world” things. Nevertheless, I’m thankful that the big idiot stopped playing us all for smaller idiots, following him into the sea of mediocrity. St Louis doesn’t deserve that, or him, nor to spend the money investing as fans for a team destined for nowhere. What went around will come around, and my only wish is that he had moved out sooner so we could be closer to the possibilities of a real football team. Not impostors, playing for a coach who always knew the right things to say, except when it came to actually playing football. As a previous Nashvilleian who went through the arrival of the Titans, they shined for a year despite Fisher, not because of him. Perhaps I’m one of a few, but I thank Kroneke for taking his idiocy somewhere else.

  4. Jim Pleimann says:

    I chuckled, smirked, rolled my eyes and nodded my head.

    Dear mom,
    The Blues are halfway to a Cup. They are playing well and have eliminated the defending Cup champion and the team with the most points in the Western Conference – and they have home ice the rest of the way. Mom? Mom? Did you just fall? Can you get up?

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