MLB Draft by Bob Ryan

619px-Baseball_(crop)Every team takes a different approach to drafting—HS vs college players, pitchers vs hitters, readiness vs potential….so let’s take a look at the MLB draft-StL Style..

In the 2016 draft the Cards have the #23, #33 (extra -due to losing Lackey), #34 (extra-due to losing Hayward) of round 1….now generally…unlike the NFL or NBA drafts…we’re completely clueless about the names and background of these athletes so….it’s not as interesting to us…but we know how vital the draft is to the performance on the field and in the cash register for each team. How have the Cards done..well..if your standard is to “make” it to the Big leagues…fairly well…if to find stars…then so well…take a look at the last 5 years..

2015—Nick Plummer (#23 pick of rnd 1) — 19 yr old –OF- played in Gulf Coast Lg last year                                                                                                        

2014- Luke Weaver (#27 pick of rnd 1) –22 – RHP – playing in A+ lg this year                                                                                                          

2013- Marco Gonzalez (#19 of rnd 1) — 24 – LHP- made the Cards staff quickly-now injured                    

2013- Rob Kaminsky – (#28 rnd 1)21- LHP –traded for Brandon Moss – pitching for AA level                      

2012 – Michael Wacha –(#19-rnd 1) – 23 –RHP – came up in May 2013 !!

2012 – James Ramsey – OF-traded for Justin Masterson in 14 – just traded again this year to LA

2011 – Kolton Wong   – (#22- rnd 1) drafted as 2B…in MLB for a couple years…now AAA


So in the last 5 years, the Cards have seen Wong, Wacha, Gonzalez reach the MLB level. Wacha clearly had tremendous success for his first couple years…since his injury, he’s not the same guy. Wong was just returned to the minors while Gonzalez (who’s potential rating by the experts is beneath Weaver & Kaminsky) is missing the year due to Tommy John Surgery. The Cards traded two of the 7 picks in trades but neither has made the MLB yet. Plummer struggled last year in Gulf Coast Lg with .220+ average. Wacha appeared to be a star but it’s not shining so brightly at the moment.


Digging deeper…in 2010, not one of the three 1st round picks (Zack Cox, Seth Blair, Tyrell Jenkins) have made it yet…2009 saw Shelby Miller drafted, Brett Wallace in 2008, 2007 it was Pete Kozma. The pick of 2006 was Adam Ottovino and the last every-day starter to be drafted in round 1 was Colby Rasmus in 2005…who’s still in the Majors, starting every day.


1998-1993 saw the Cards do very well—5 of the 6 became regular contributors to the Cards at the MLB level…1998-JD Drew, 1997-Adam Kennedy, 1996-Bradon Looper, 1995-Matt Morris, 1994-Bret Wagner-who? And 1993-Alan Benes.


Of course there’s always gems found someplace deep down in the draft –current starters ..Matt Carpenter & Matt Adams were drafted in the 26th round and 32nd round respectively!


At this point, in the 1st round level, the Cards did much better in the late 1990’s than 2010+…maybe we should have sent our draft material to Chris Correa f Houston and given him clues on our material instead of exposing him for stealing our draft stuff J Wonder if you can trade for Draft MATERIAL instead of Draft Picks? Or…we could use the George Allen method….trade away all your draft picks and play to win NOW…right NOW….


Other baseball stuff..

…..the top 5 batters in the NL have some new blood ….#1-@ .379 –Daniel Murphy–still riding the World Series Wave—is that the wave that the Cards fans do every 8th inning?, #2-Ryan Braun- this cheat can hit; #3Aledmys Diaz #4 Christian Yelich #5 Ben Zobrist




… MLB average attendance around D-Day..#6 surprises me some

                #1           LA Dodgers         45, 404

                #2           StL Cards             43, 464

                #3           San Fran               41, 515

                #4           NYY                       38, 457

                #5           Cubs                      38, 349

                #6           Angels                  38, 089


…When the Padres unloaded James Shields to the CWS, the Pads indicated that it would make the Sox “hurt”….the thought around the league is that he’s saying that the Sox will be hurting because they have to pay James Shields the outlandish salary that the Padres established … so let me think this out…the Padres overpay a guy to make another team “hurt”…the Padres are still paying about ½ of the $56mil contract…..who’s hurting who here? maybe that’s why they can’t win ! …update…after Shield’s 1st appearance for the White Sox of 2 innings, 7 runs…maybe the “hurt” was in watching him try to pitch and get batters out J


…expectations can kill you… many times WE get the idea that a player should be doing this or that, performing at a level than NONE of us could ever when he doesn’t’ do it..we’re upset…it was OUR expectations….if we told you that you could have a fast CF who covers lots of ground, is only 24 years of age, who’s making the minimum salary, is on a rate to hit 20 HR and hit around .220..would u be happy…well….that’s Randall Grichuk…he’s clearly an upgrade over Peter the Great (Bourjas). Speaking of CF—what happened to Tommy Pham? Now HE can’t hit in the minors? Tommy is now 28 years old and has been in the minors since 2006!! Is it time to move on?


…you want to know the Cards top prospects according to someone other than the Cards…here ya go

Cardinals system preseason top-10 prospects
Rk. Baseball America[89][90]  
1 Alex Reyes (RHP) Alex Reyes (RHP)  
2 Tim Cooney (LHP) Jack Flaherty (RHP)  
3 Jack Flaherty (RHP) Luke Weaver (RHP)  
4 Luke Weaver (RHP) Magneuris Sierra (OF)  
5 Marco Gonzales (LHP) Edmundo Sosa (SS)  
6 Magneuris Sierra (OF) Nick Plummer (OF)  
7 Edmundo Sosa (ss) Marco Gonzales (LHP)  
8 Nick Plummer (OF) Tim Cooney (LHP)  
9 Junior Fernández (RHP) Charlie Tilson (OF)
10 Carson Kelly (C) Harrison Bader (OF)


Btw….one of the national writers indicated that Carson Kelly –catcher, was absolutely terrific in spring training….but…I ‘m sure that the Cards ..who are in the mode of …yadi shouldn’t play every day but he will… mode…don’t want to bring up a top prospect and have him burn off some of his inexpensive years as a benchwarmer…when you see his name on the Cards major league roster in the future….you’ll know that the Cards feel like Yadi has really slipped


….or if you’re Edmundo Sosa (listed as a SS)…what does your future hold now that Diaz is there?


…when the Dodgers cut Carl Crawford…call it whatever you want…they cut him and then had to swallow his mammoth contract ($35 mil STILL remaining on contract)…it still makes sense to me…they have to pay him either way but as a player his skills have slid downhill very quickly and he’ll never help you win now so baby…”cut ur losses” and move on to one of the many young Dodgers hoping to jump up to daily assignments on the field


…Thank Goodness Matt Adams is playing most every-day now


….I saw the name Fernando Tatis, Jr recently…he was part of the James Shields trade to CWS. The Sox sent Jr to the Padres….made me think about Fernando Tatis Sr….the only thing that I remember is that he hit 2 grand slams in 1 inning to set a MLB record…one that could stand a long, long time… some other stuff on SR…he came to the Cards in 1998 with Darin Oliver and Mark Little from Texas for Royce Clayton & Todd Stottlemeyer….in 1999, Tatis hit .298, 34 HR with 107 RBI ! WOW….I don’t remember him as ever being that good. In 2000, he back to earth and was injured quite a bit….253, 18 HR, 64 ribbies…after 2000 he was peddled with Britt Reames for Dustin Hermanson & Steve Kline (most remembered …at least by me…for giving Tony the finger from the bullpen when Tony didn’t bring him into a game)..l digress..Tatis finished his career in 2010 with the Mets…and he we are in 2016 and his son is part of a trade involving MLB players ??!


…speaking of hitting HR…the Cubs really hit HR in the 2013-14 drafts…their #1 picks were in 2013-Kris Bryant and in 2014 Kyle Schwarber


….not good marketing by the usually impeccable Cardinals PR staff…coming up with TV promotions for the Kolton Wong give-away shirt nite when he’s in Memphis…ugh…now that’s ugly..what’s next a Jason Heyward luv-fest night?


…maybe its just my imagination…but it seemed like several ground balls got thru the left side of the Cardinals infield last night with Peralta & Diaz playing over there that previously were handled by the SS or the 3B…now neither one made the MLB because of their defense or their range…watch for it urself next time..


….before I forget….I had many, many responses to the WONG MUST GO article…it was really enjoyable to read your thoughts on Wong, Muhammad Ali and other areas…many disagreed with me…hey…so what…your opinion is just as good as mine…jump in this week on any part of this article or any other thoughts…I actually had a reader suggest a new “topic” for me….which I’ll use closer to the All-Star break…gotta run to get my draft sheets all ready for the Cards.



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