NCIS by Bob Ryan

NCIS of sports…no this isn’t a review of the TV show–Naval Criminal Investigative Service which has been extremely popular …ever since season 7 (in its 14th season) NCIS has been the most watched scripted show on American television.actually surpassing Sunday Night Football last year… this NCIS is an acronym… No Change in Sports…sure some of the size of players, better equipment, year-round training, better coaching at earlier ages have changed but the actual basic tenants of many sports just don’t change..take a look….

… can’t win the “big one” without stopping the opponent… As Alabama showed in title game…

….in order to be very good team in the MLB….you must have five good, durable starters…as the Cubs did last year

….the best bowl or game is always saved until last(for a long time it was the Rose Bowl)….and this year the championship game – WAS the best

….everyone I know named Dabo or Yadier must perform well or they won’t be around long

…a basic tenant of attending a “big game” NCAA National Championship Football Game….if you have to ask the price.. you shouldn’t be going….this year the average resale price was $3053 per ticket…my lounge chair was just fine

…the basic tenant of the NFL owners is huge, stupendous, outrageous profits…so….bye-bye to San Diego & Oakland this year…apparently the goal is a profit of $25 bil/year…they’re stuck at $17bil/year…how CAN they get by?….so relocation fees, fresh meat..oops…markets, knives in the back should push them towards their goal….
….the basic tenant of sacrifice bunting is to provide the opportunity for the next 2 batters to get 1 hit—many now view it as giving away an out

…currently in NCAA football…..the tenant is that you must have a QB that can run & pass—as evidenced in the title game..although Bama’ Frosh QB’s throwing needs improvement

….currently the NCAA is emulating the Super Bowl to make it an “event”….a 4 hour event…this is to draw fans…but at home…the game is really slow…or maybe my patience is really short

….one basic tenant in sports …and life…the rich get richer….Look at Bama…last year they reported $103.9 million in revenue and posted a $47 million has made $98mil since 1981 in royalties..

….the basic tenant of spring training is to get the players in “shape”… this day & age…the players have private trainers all winter and are already in shape….so spring training should be shortened by 10 days to 2 weeks

….a basic tenant of the NFL is that the QB must be a drop-back QB … running QB just don’t last in the NFL but some teams do have “escapable” QB to extend the play now (Wilson).. and look at who’s in the playoffs right now (Brady, Rogers, Stafford, Rothelsberger, Alex Smith-Foles, Matt Ryan)

….the basic tenant to get your NCAA football team in a high bowl is get a good early ranking to help you achieve post-season status…how about this for 2017-18 season…Bama is 3:1 to win it all; Oklahoma, Fla St, Ohio St & USC area all 8:1..Louisville is 10:1….watch how those teams will get more coverage, better time slots on TV in the regular season and better bowls

…a basic tenant of baseball is that you have to play many games to find out in a fair way the best teams… but what is so magical about 162 game schedule….it was 154 for a long time….wouldn’t we know the best teams in 150 games …and then we wouldn’t be watching baseball in November

…a basic tenant for many decades ….emphasized by the Cardinals under Mo…is that a team must develop from “with-in” with certain pieces acquired via trade or free agency to meet a specific need…Cubs, Cards, Indians…have all followed this format to win


Odds & ends…

… Dabo Swiney is now 5-1 in last 2 seasons against Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher and Bobby Stoops. Those are the five active FBS coaches with national titles.

…what impact has Nick Saban had on Alabama beyond football?….enrollment at Bama is

37,665 (record high)..the frosh class of 7,559 students is the best qualified in the school’s history…more than 40% of the incoming Frosh have scored a 30 or higher on the ACT….so… maybe a case can be made for his stupendous salary

…one incredible winning streak that is generally ignored by the vast majority of sports fans….U Conn Women Basketball have won 89 straight games…they last lost on Nov 17, 2014 to Stanford..former IWA grad-soph Napheesa Collier has NEVER lost a game in a UConn uni !

…will Brandon Moss resign with Cards for a diminished contract?…he’s a better back up stick than Tommy Pham..but not the defense or the versatility..and Pham is much, much cheaper

…Colby Rasmus, now 30 years of age, signed with the Rays for $5mil after hitting .206 last year

…Blues seem to be missing Backus & Brower more than they thought they thought they might

…Delvin Perez, Cards top draft pick of 2016, is now listed as #5 prospect in the Cards chain… that’s a real rapid elevation..other rankings Alex Reyes-#1, Luke Weaver-#2, Harrison Bader-#3, Jack Flaherty-#4…sliding down the list at #17 is Marco Gonzalez….he’ll be traded this year

…Mizzou is 24th (out of 114 D-1 colleges)in the Learfield Sports Director Cup Standings…this ranking is based on the performance of the teams in the fall…the outstanding performance of the Women’s XC team and Women’s Volleyball were the teams that garnished the most pts for Mizzou..Stanford was #1, UCLA #2 N. Carolina #3…football hasn’t been calculated in yet

…so it seems in the most recent Baseball HOF voting that Bonds & Clemens numbers have elevated significantly this year…wonder if it’s because of the induction of Bud Selig who recently was voted into the HOF by a special, newly created “Today’s Game Era Committee”… Selig was the commissioner from 1998-2015 and seemingly turned his eye away from the steroid abuse of baseball substantiated by the Mitchell Report (George Mitchell-former Att Gen) of 2007..Bonds, Clemons, Andy Pettit, Mo Vaughn, Miguel Tejada were the “stars” who are found on that report…Mark McGwire “came clean in a 2010 admission of use”…sooo…reasoning…I suppose..  if the commish turns his head …and basically permits it…and then gets into HOF…..why should we keep the players out of the HOF now?  Btw…only 6 other former Cards are listed on that report—Ryan Franklin, Fernando Vina, Gary Bennett, Rick Ankiel, Tony Glaus, David Bell..those 6 don’t have to worry about their entrance into the HOF being denied due to drug use

…a footnote on above idea…when McGwire came clean in 2010…his former Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa said, “I’m really encouraged that he would step forward,” La Russa told ESPN. “As we go along his explanations will be well received.”…I…myseIf… would have been extremely disappointed, upset, angry and felt betrayed…if I had absolutely no idea of his use….Tony’s quote  almost sounds to me like Tony “knew” deep down OR that he actually did know….that something wasn’t right with McGwire bouncing ‘em over the walls almost every other game without drug use.

….Coach K has missed some of the recent Duke games due to back surgery…it gives us a chance to present his incredible record …he has won more NCAA Men’s basketball games than anyone…1056-323 with 983 wins @ Duke…he is the 1st mens coach to win 1000 games!….he was head coach @ Army prior to Duke…played @ Army for Bobby Knight

….the Rams are turning over their putrid program to a 31 year old, 1st time Head Coach..he is a pretty boy but…time will tell if Sean McVay is the “man”..I will say..if he hires a plethora of experienced ast coaches (who were former head coaches)..he may have a chance

….Blues are looking for a true #1 center…Stastny is paid like a #1 but really is a #2…will they pull the trigger? And…Allen keeps getting beat to the glove side….move over to your left more

…Another NCIS moment…”No Changes in Story” or The End … Have a wonderful Holiday!

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