Not Dunkirk but DONEkirk by Bob Ryan

We’re all familiar with the British evacuation on Dunkirk….for that moment of the war, it was over for the British on European soil….well….now it’s DONEkirk….other areas of sports that are near the end…SHOULD be near the end….or may be near the end…here we go ..

…..with Jose Aquendo & Mike Maddux …not only available…but expecting to be a major part of the decision making…..if Manfesto’s club stumbles out of the starting block…he may be DONEkirked….although its unlikely considering the MO-Manifesto relationship

…..with almost half the MLB teams DONEkirked for 2018….the challenge for the comish is to find ways to engage those teams in attempting to become competitive again…….ya think that the networks and sponsors haven’t noticed? When the money begins to drop….the action by the MLB will elevate and lead to change.

….Cliff Floyd’s suggestion about ways to speed up MLB games…would put an end to the Comish’s additional rules….Floyd urges the PLAYERS to take charge themselves…speed the game up in little ways… without rule modifications by the Comish…more rules make for more arguments, slow downs, frustration on players & fans

…..the Blues appear to be evacuating their hopes of a strong finish to the season….1st line is strong….2nd line …primarily of highly paid, aging vets has been quiet…very quiet since about Jan 1…when their legs began slowing down….our 3rd line is more like a 4th line…and our 4th line has players that regularly bounce up & down between the NHL & the minors…as I write this the Blues are in 5th place in their division with 72 pts….just 1 pt behind the Wild and2 pts behind the Dallas Stars

…before sailing on the Cardinal ship seemingly loaded with talent into the season…..this week an SI foursome of writers listed the top 100 MLB players in order…# 1 thru 100…..the top Cardinal listed was Marcell Ozuna @ #45…shockingly …at least to me…@#51 was Tommy Pham and the 3rd Cardinal listed in the top 100 players …batters AND pitchers…@#92 was Matt Carpenter. Some choices that raised my eye-brows….@#61 JD Martinez….yea…the guy who wanted $120m…the 3 players immediately above him #60 Elvis Andrus, #59 Luis Severeno and #58 Ender Inciarte (OF-Braves…I have to look up his team and position because most of you…like me…said “WHO??”….btw…#1-10 were…in order…Michael Trout, Jose Altuve, Kris Bryant, Max Scherzer, Joey Votto, Mookie Betts (??), Clayton Kershaw, Nolan Arrendo, Carlos Correa and Paul Goldschmidt….. a couple reactions….after reading these evaluations, the Cards fans better Dunkirk their hopes for a really “big” season…PC for Division Championship… and secondly….I don’t want these guys drafting MY fantasy team .

….while I’m on the Blues….Let’s DONEkirk the idea that we’re losing games solely due to lack of effort…this team isn’t good enough…if a player wasn’t giving effort on a regular basis…or even…on an infrequent basis….I’d remove him from my roster regardless of his “talent”…. every professional should be expected to provide maximum effort each and every game… that’s the MINIMUM expected of a pro…fans should expect no less

….this Winter Olympics has evacuated from the thoughts that the USA & Russia must dominate the games……Norway has really been terrific……while there have been some tremendous achievements by the Americans….some extremely exciting…but no one could say that we “dominated”

…so on Sat night, I had the chance to attend the Billikens game as the Bills  powered their way past George Washington U..the inside game was too much for the Colonials to stop but it was there that common sense had been evacuated (DONEkirked)….at halftime, I went to concession stand to purchase a few things including an adult beverage….much to my shock, surprise, befuddlement, almost amusement….I was “carded”…..I asked the attendant, “ you mean that I don’t look 21?”….she responded, “We’re told to card everyone”….where is common sense? I have 4 sons …ALL of which are significantly above the legal drinking age.. oh well….now… I was bragging that I looked under 21 and was carded .

…btw….it was the first time that I’ve watched the Bills play with their 7 man squad….seems low until….I checked the Colonials  playing time after the game….they also had played just7 men extensively and the 8th played just 5 minutes….sooo….our worries may be DONEkirked.

….I haven’t DONEkirked my idea that another unknown young OF will supplant Harrison Bader by June 1…maybe April 1…. on the Cards roster…if he makes it that long.

….as promotions for the MVC tournament start to proliferate…. A glance at their teams doesn’t really “draw” much attention…there isn’t a team or 2 that really pop out at you or that have a real chance to advance thru the NCAA brackets…. soooo….Loyola (Chicago) is the top team….followed by SIU, Ill State, Drake & Bradley…the bottom 5 teams are MO State, Indiana St, Evansville,  N.Iowa & Valpariso…for many sports fans…their interest may have been DONEkirked  due to the lack of long-standing rivalries and highly ranked teams.

….I had proposed an idea to DONEkirk the current approach to the ridiculous 10 day DL ….I would propose..again—did it last year too… expanding the roster to 27…let only 25 dress out for each game…similar to hockey….that would be a MAJOR concession to the MLB union players association by MLB management…in return…abolish 10 and 15 day DL’s….AND any player put on the DL would have his salary reduced by 1/3 while on the DL….these players are performers….performers in other areas…e.g. last summer Billy Joel played @ Busch…if he had been “hurt”…his pay would have been zero…nada…nothing….so my proposal still pays them 2/3 for recovering….the union would have to “give back” something for the roster expansion…..for a minor “boo-boo” they could be players #26 or 27 on the roster and just sit it out for a couple days while receiving full pay.…now this 1/3 number would be negotiable…

….in college basketball….lets DONEkirk some of the time outs….with 4 media time outs a half, I would propose 1 other timeout in the 1st half and 2 in the 2nd half…..there are WAY too many stoppages….let the game go on

…While I’m on college basketball….the women have been playing 4 quarters instead of 2 halves for couple years now..let’s DONEkirk the Half approach… actually seems like a better game with the quarters….there is NO one & one FT situation…on the 5th foul of a quarter, it’s automatically 2 shots….in some games, a team doesn’t get to that 5th foul level

….apparently Vegas has DONEkirked the Cards chances of winning the Series for 2018….StL is 20:1 as are the Angels  and the Mets  who are also 20:1..there were 7 teams above them

….We could DONEkirk a basic premise of the MLB …. That games may not be quicker…. Well….how about shortening the time between innings without giving up sponsorship time…..after every out….or every 3rd batter….pop an ad up in the corner of the picture as they do online….those 20 second pics would be there as the announcers continue talking baseball (hopefully it’ll be baseball)…baseball games sometimes make one feel like that they are Noah waiting for the water to go down….sooooo long 

….without changing the games, couldn’t we DONEkirk the size of the fields for pro sports?….football, hockey and basketball have all OUTgrown the size of their playing fields… at the minimum, make them wider.

…..back to the MLB….lets DONEkirk the idea that a batter can step out of the box after every pitch….if he doesn’t swing….he should not be allowed to step out of the box …usually to adjust a batting glove that hasn’t moved if he hasn’t swung the bat.

…the USA Womens’ Hockey team performance not only won them the gold…but the play was entertaining, the effort very high and exciting…. nothing to evacuate there

…..the appeal process of the MLB should be DONEkirked…..why let the mgr stand on the top step…holding up the game so someone else can watch the replay before he appeals?…..make him appeal immediately …using his own eyes like the umpire…to make his appeal

…..along the MLB appeal process……let’s DONEkirk the length of time to make a decision….often in the stadium when the fans watch a couple different angles of the replay…they KNOW the correct call….yet the umpires talk, watch…or whatever they are doing….they can order their dinner later …  the final decision takes considerably longer….give the league/umpires 90 sec to make a decision….if it can’t be determined to be incorrect in that length of time…the call “stays”…move on….

….sooo…when are the Las Vegas Golden Knights going to be DONEkirked?   This expansion team is still in 1st place in the Pacific division of the Western Conference. They are 40-16-4 for 84 points. One of their key players is David Perron….recognize the name? …he was DONEkirked by the Blues for the draft…..he was a 1st round pick in 2007, now 29 years old, Perron has 14 goals and 41 ast=55 points….the leading scorer for the Blues is Brayden Schenn- also with 55 points

…many times @ the High School level…when Districts begin…the sub .500 teams have evacuated their hopes of winning the distric and are looking forward to free time after school….  once in a while that isn’t true…take Carnahan HS..Carnahan was a 8-13 at the beginning of Class 3 district play…albeit many of the losses had been at the hands of larger, teams…in round 1, Carnahan upended Roosevelt (7-16) in unspectacular fashion 68-60. In the semis, the Cougars were able to sneak by Lift for Life HS 59-57. Facing Maplewood R-H in the Championship looked to be a challenge. The Blue-Devils had upset #1 seed Cardinal Ritter….Carnahan behind 28 pts by Aaron Brookins toppled Maplewood 62-51 to earn the District Title!  Congrats to the Cougars!

….I’m not so sure that the two signing dates for NCAA football is an improvement….let’s DONEkirk the 2nd one…..most of the “hot” recruits are signed in December….the 2nd tier .. for the most part…are signed later….why all the drama?   After the 1st date, permit the leftovers to sign on any day……why must it be done on a particular day?….It’s a big day for them individually but “on the whole”…. most don’t really care…

….well….this blog is now reached its  DONEkirk….thx for making it to the bottom…It’d be wonderful to read YOUR thoughts on people/areas/procedures that need to be DONEkirked! Put them directly on the Prepcasts site (under the article)….or send them to me…I’ll publish them with only your initials….


  1. Very informative. Hopefully the so called experts are wrong about our Cardinals.

  2. Getting carded was a highlight of the game for Bob. It made his day

  3. You’re at it again…..looking like you’re under 21. You just get better with age. Where was the concession stand as I need to drop by there several times myself. As always, I’m sure you’re looking good.

    The Cardinals are not much better than last year and the real improvement I see (as I’ve mentioned several times) is having Jose back as a coach. I do think if the Cardinals are not in it about 75% of the way, Matheny could be go e and Jose would be his replacement. I think the players like Jose but respect him even more. He is the George Kissell to many of the younger crowd. Not sure what Willie McGee will actually be doing but I’m glad to see him back. It’s about time we go ahead and retire his #51. No one has worn the number since and it should be on the wall……maybe because almost everyone loved him, still do. I think the top 10 players you listed as the best 10 might just be the best. I’m sure people could argue with that but it’s all a matter of opinion. Sort of like the All-Star ballots and selections. Somebody always gets left out.

    Moving the game along faster is always on the docket. I like the 90 second rule you suggest. If they can’t get it in 90 seconds the ruling stands. The umpires are never going to enforce the batter stepping in and out of the batter’s box. That was a dumb idea to begin with when it was introduced. And the number of visits to the mound? Is that really going to speed up the game……the true baseball fan wants to watch a whole game not speed it up and get stuck in traffic. I think we are trying to make the game for the new viewers are the millennials so that they can get on with their “busy” lives. When I’ve been to the game so many people are on their phones texting and talking selfies and doing all sorts of other things that I’m not sure they even know the score nor care. Leave the game alone. I like the good old fashion argument at home plate and the Billy Martin’s kicking a little dust over the plate. Have to watch old footage for anything like that these days. I would hope Pham and DeYoung stay strong this year as those two may be the key to the success of the team.

    SLU basketball has to be one of the cheapest tickets in town. I can get free tickets any game I want, well almost any game. They are boring and their Coach has not been the savior they had hoped for a few years ago. He was supposed to be a big recruiter. Well, if next year doesn’t pan out with their big recruit from Webster he may well be on his way to another team. Rumor had it he was looking elsewhere already. Not sure if you saw Frank’s spot on channel 5 sports about the men’s basketball program at the St. Louis college of Pharmacy. He came down to do a piece and now the EUTECTICS are his favorite team. At the time they were on a losing streak of 84 loses and headed toward the record of 89 NAIA loses in a row. Well, they broke the record and I think sit at about 96 or so now. Thank goodness the season ended. The air time for STLCOP was good however as it did show that the school has an athletic program (most don’t know that) and had some good footage of the $40 million athletic/recreational facility. So, having some press is better than no press in my mind. The college liked him coming down but didn’t like the spin he used on it. Take what you can get and spin it however we want on campus is what I told the folks I work with at the college.

    The Blues need to fire their coach and bring back Hitchcock. If the Blues don’t make the playoffs that would be a crime. Don’t blame the goalies as the team doesn’t score enough goals to be contenders. Maybe the CBC HS hockey team could take their place the rest of the season. They have about 12 state titles in about 14 years. I think CBC will make it to state again this year but will face SLUH for the 3rd time. And, I think this time SLUH will get the better of the Cadets. On another prep note the CBC Wrestling team won state as a team. 1st time ever did CBC win a state title in wrestling so kudos to them. I only know one of their coaches but that’s how many wrestling and high school teams seem to roll lately. Bring in coaches from the outside and have a teacher moderator from the school be on hand. The schools use to employee their own people but many coaches have figured out that it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I remember the Bob and Stan football coaching duo tag teaming the lads. We need more coaches back in the saddle like thiose two guys.

    Missouri has turned the corner with basketball this year with some excellent recruiting and a coach that seems to make the lads accountable. He sure talks a tough talk. They beat KU at home but got it handed to them in the rematch this past weekend. I think they will go to the top of the class and be in the NCAA Tournament but I don’t expect them to go too far. But they are filling the seats and that’s what they wanted no matter how they can do it. That’s what they hope for in football and when they had a chance to name a new coach they extend the contract of their current man. Maybe that’s loyalty. I didn’t know loyalty meant much anymore, maybe it does.

    Prep high school basketball on the horizon. Carnahan HS, never heard of them but I don’t follow much of the lower level teams nor know too many of the teams. All I hear about lately is St. Mary’s in basketball. I’m sure they are really pretty good and apparently have some pretty strong players. I knew the old Chaminade coach would work with the new president to turn it around. Mr. England has really brought some life back into Southside Catholic. The alumni are back (or some of the big hitters) and it seems like Carlson wants the south side to be resurrected and sunk some money into the place on Grand. It will be interesting to see how long they can keep it going as you just can’t move the facility out of the neighborhood. It always amazes me that they didn’t try to do more with Dubourg HS instead of St. Mary’s. Although, they have advertised for a new President so maybe they are thinking it can be resurrected. I would think that a co-ed Catholic school on Hampton and Eichelberger could make a huge comeback if the right people were in place and Carlson gave the green light. It’s affordable, the neighborhood is still good and I think the property is bigger and can be renovated with some help. I can’t think of any other school I would send my son to in the city other than SLUH but then again I couldn’t pay $15 – $18K a year. CBC just announced their tuition……..hold your hat – $16,750 a year (but that includes a loaner laptop). No way in my book.

    The Olympics pretty much bore me to tears. I can watch about 15 – 20 minutes a night and that’s it. Extremely repetitive in every sport. USA didn’t fare well but they seem quite young. Holland was great this year so Kudos to them. I’m just glad it came to an end last night and I did watch about 20 minutes of the closing ceremony. Almost brought a tear to well up in my eye. Until next time…..

    Tiger Woods might actually be making a comeback as he has played three pretty solid tournaments. I hope so as he is going to be the draw to get the sport more coverage and attendance. I just hope he doesn’t do anything to reinjure his back. As much as he wasn’t a real role model for anyone over the later parts of his years he is good for the game and I think people will actually go out an d play more golf because of his notoriety and people talking about golf. Seems like it’s a dying sport unless you are in the 6 figure income bracket and have lots of time to spend on the golf course. We will just wait and see again this time.

    Well, over and out for now. Will look for upcoming blogs and reports. Waiting for warmer weather to settle in and baseball to get underway.


  4. Too funny about getting carded 🙂
    I was @ SLU SR baketball game too! Good game !!
    I love watching Vegas- They skate so fast & their goalie who used to play for Penguins has
    been solid all season. I see them winning the cup.
    I love to hear about the Under DOG! Great news on Carnahan!
    Matheny won’t last before All Star game–Hopefully Oquendo gets a shot.
    Going to be a long year if you are a Card Nation baseball fan. I like the Giants playing
    the Yanks in the Fall Series.
    Sad about the Blues but happy they made some changes. I was never a big Statsny
    Fan. Blues definitively overpaid for him.
    Hopefully they get some super YOUNG studs in the draft that can be an immediate
    impact next year.

  5. Hi Bob, I like your ideas about the 15 day DL. Seems like a lot of teams are gaming/playing the system there. Same with the challenge (I hate the stand on top step move). Either challenge the play or else the next pitch gets thrown and the game continues.

  6. Bob, I think that the Blues are DONEkirk. They packed it in, especially last night when it was a team that they are trying to catch. Lack of effort. The goalies have to make a save every once in a while even on a bad play by the defense.
    Did the Cardinals get any better? Don’t know and don’t think so. We once again have to rely on the youngsters to step up. How many times can this happen?
    In regards to the Billikens, Coach Ford needs to look at the type of player that he is recruiting. A high school player that is playing for his second high school (didn’t get along with the coach) and has been suspended at least twice already this season? Is this the type of scholar-athlete that SLU wants? Don’t even bring up the Title IX investigations.
    BTW, been going to Billiken games for years now, never been carded.
    Go Dragons.

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