Not the American Sniper, the St. Louis Sniper – by Bob Ryan

              Bob-RyanNot the American Sniper, the St. Louis Sniper

He had just received another flash drive with his next assignment. It’d be tough….as they all were…this well-known person was usually out in the open. With all the video cameras around streets, shops, malls, inside stores …maybe even bath rooms…ugh..disgusting thought…’d be challenging to fulfill his next assignment.

He thought about the scene for days….where could it be done without notice…..finally, one Sunday morning, it rang home….why not church or church grounds? That started the ball rolling in his mind….he drew up a tentative plan….rehearsed the steps, exact timing, quick exits. He did it over and over again until he could picture it in his head without a pause.

Finally he was ready. The Day arrived Saturday, February 14. As the target arrived for his church service, he was in his rented (with different stolen license plates) car on the far edge of the school lot. He waited. Just as the target hesitated to pop his key pad….he let the shot go….it hit him straight in the heart. Immediately, he pulled out of the lot….replaced plates, returned car (rented in Columbia, MO)…and waited for the news. Sure enough it came through on the air….

“Today, Mel Kiper reports that Jeremy Maclin has decided to sign with the St Louis Rams. This unexpected development came as a shock to the Rams, the NFL and Maclin himself. Maclin is quoted as saying, “Suddenly, I felt this feeling in my heart…I guess it had always been there… and it changed my mind. I thought …why not….it’s a perfect fit….I’m a free agent…Rams have cleared cap space by releasing Jake Long and renegotiating with Bradford….Rams have need a #1 receiver since the Greatest Show on turf fell apart….Rams need some positive press with a local flavor… (Laughing, he continues) It almost seems like Cupid hit me in the heart with a shot”.

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