October Reality TV by Bob Ryan

reality tv imageReality TV….those shows that are not reality but try to reach the emotional pitch of “real life” by orchestrating, contriving, choreographing situations…..we don’t need it…we have Reality TV each October as emotions skyrocket with post-season MLB, real college football games( past the cup-cake stage), pro football….

Quick drive-by synopsis of each MLB playoff game through Sunday 7:00pm…

***Reality show name—“The Maddoning Affair”

NL Div Series-StL-Cubs—gm 1—great pitching by Lackey (takes no-no deep into game)…rookie OF (Piscotty & Pham) ice the game in 8th with HR.. –Cards win 4-0

N Div Series-StL-Cubs—gm 2—I enjoyed this one in person…Garcia (never tough mentally) blows-up on a couple bunts and some defensive miscues+ a dinger…5 runs…game over as Cubs bullpen keeps Cards at bay-Cubs 6-3.. Wainwright’s appearance was cool…don’t want to hear about the “tummy ache” of Garcia..I know he gave plenty of us upset stomachs…. either ur sick or u aren’t big boy


******Reality Show name–Riding the new K-Car”

NL Div Series-LA-NYM..gm 1…Jacob DeGrom outduels Clayton Kershaw as he mows down the Dodger hitters in 3-1 win…Kershaw now has a 5 game losing streak in playoffs ..Kershaw now has two less post-season wins than Cy Young Awards!

LA-NYM-gm 2-LAD use a big inning (4 runs in bot-7th) to win it 5-2…don’t understand why Bartolo Colon comes in relief in 7th for NYM with a bullpen packed with relievers… NYM don’t get any hits from batters in spots #5,6,7,8,9 ..haven’t seen it but Chase Utley’s slide into Ruben Tejada will probably bring a response from NYM pitchers when he bats next..look for fireworks in a series that has seen plenty of “K’s” thus far


***Reality name—“A dinger or a dink? ”

AL Div Series-KC-Hou-gm 1—Astros get on top early, use couple HR late to keep distance (and away from the KC bullpen)-Houston wins 5-3

AL Div Series-KC-Hou-gm 2– Cueto starts slowly as Houston goes deep…KC falls behind…KC pecks away and rallies with the key play being a runner moving on pitch to steal 3B(unheard of in MLB)..batter bloops base hit…Royals keep rally going against wild relief hurlers of Astros…KC closes it out with their strong bullpen…KC wins 5-4

AL Div Series-KC@Hou-gm 3…Dallas Keuchel spins another beauty as Astros take 4-2 victory. Colby Rasmus gets on base all 4 AB (1 hit,3 BB) to con’t hot streak.


****Reality name—“Bluejay Express derailed by Rangers”

…AL Div Series—Tx-Toronto-gm 1….OK….resting a pitcher is a fine idea but….11 days off…too long even for David Price (Tor)-5 inn -5 runs to overcome.Tx wins 5-3

…AL Div SeriesTx-Toronto-game 2–14 inning jewel…Tx scores 2 runs in 14th -puts on figure-four as they look for quick submission back in Texas after winning 6-4


***Reality Show name—“Jake the Snake bites kill the Pirates” …WC-NL….Jake Arrieta & a couple quick runs doomed the Pirates. Jake needs to realize when he’s pitching up & in (intentional or not) repeatedly AND the other team sees its season fading away that he’s going to have repercussions… hit in the butt… big deal…move on…don’t try to talk like a tough guy. What was wrong with Rodriguez (Pitt)? It looked like he was auditioning for a WWE card by banging water coolers! It was all “show” in my view..do it in the club house if ur a psycho-we don’t want to c it


****Reality Show name—“Pauper sends the Prince home”

…WC-AL Houston wins their WC game against the NYY using the same blueprint as they used throughout 2015….just a few hits…and a couple long dingers…..good or very good starting pitching and a committee from the bullpen to close it down. Colby Rasmus hit a round tripper in the 2nd inning to get the lead for the Astros.


….Colby Rasmus….

his name brings immediate response in the Lou most view him disdainfully..or maybe with a scowl…maybe it was the hype upon his arrival….in his 1st year he banged out 16 HR in 147 games…his 2nd year(2010) he hit .276, 23 HR, 66 rbi, 534 plate appearances and he appeared to the common fan as a star in the making but relations apparently were “strained” between this young OF and Tony…it was reported that he sought a trade in 2010….that trade took place in 2011 as he was shipped off to Toronto….Rasmus dropped way off the remainder of that season…he became a low-avg, power hitter with 23 HR in 2012. 2013 saw his avg rise back to .276 with 22 HR. In 2014 he was oft-injured and played a career low 104 games. This year saw .238 avg, 25 HR and an OPS of .789…since the Houston organization seems comfortable with players who have pop but don’t carry a high average…maybe he’s relaxed…He turned 29 in August…in case ur wondering about the Cards OF output this year—Heyward .293, 13 hr, 60 rbi; Grichuk .276, 17 HR, 47 rbi; Piscotty .305, 7 HR, 39 ribbie in only 63 games..Rasmus is red hot in the early rounds of the playoffs with 3 HR


…as I watched the Budweiser horses parade around Busch III on a two-trip journey in Sat pre-game it made me reminisce about Gussie, Stan, Red, old time Cards and the good 60’s & 80’s teams but in reality…we are LIVING RIGHT NOW in the good ol’ times of the future..how much better could the Cardinals be ?


….hmm….wondering about the post-season teams payroll?

Team                     Rank in mlb salary            Team salary      

LA Dodgers                         1                                 $ 314, 168, 414        

NY Yankees                            2                            $ 219, 256, 867

Texas Rangers                    7                                 $ 152, 395, 607

Toronto Blue Jays            10                                $ 138, 309, 664

Chicago Cubs                      11                                $ 133, 193, 810

St Louis Cardinals             12                                $ 132, 053, 951

KC Royals                            14                                $ 125, 375, 340

NY Mets                                15                                $ 120, 415, 688         

Pitt Pirates                           24                               $   99, 385, 606

Houston Astros                   25                                $   81, 375, 835  -just about ¼ of LAD

Other payroll info… the Cards were …#3 highest paid catching staff; #17 in Infield salaries; #4 in OF salaries, #7 in pitching salaries (30 teams total)


Tale of Two Lines— the D-line of the Tigers played well for most of the game on Sat but the O-Line continually struggled as Mizzou fell to Florida…..Brent Musberger’s boredom with the lack of offense was apparent through most of 4th quarter


Mr. Robot…in the Rammies 24-10 loss, their defense played an excellent game today as they repeatedly forced Aaron Rogers out of the pocket..their m-m cover presented some problems while giving up just one long score…on offense, Nick Foles…Mr. Robot… moved about as quickly as a wind up-Robot…slow getting out of huddle, slow reads, slow release, very methodical, nothing quick about him…but …he’s our guy for 2015


Pet peeve of the week…some rules just don’t work…in MO HS football..there is a running clock in 2nd half to keep the score reasonable when a team is 35+ points ahead of the opponent….it’s not working…this week we had a 78-8 game…I’m proposing to some school…any school…to bring a proposal to MSHSAA (MSHSAA can’t make the rules…they facilitate between proposal and votes by schools) that after a 40 point lead is reached in 2nd half…game is over….same principle as 10 run rule in baseball, 10 goals in soccer(should be 6 goals), softball has a 10 run rule for 5 innings and 15 run rule for 4 innings…it would really be ideal if one of these schools who is winning by wide margins would initiate the proposal…the purpose of a game is to determine a winner… when ur up by 40+ we KNOW the winner….as it is now—just not working


Clouds Around Some Big-names of the NFL….

…Texas as yet to receive any “real” payback from their #1 choice in 2014..Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney missed all last year and recently was seen walking around in a “boot”…he has NO sacks in his NFL career to this point.

…Marshawn Lynch misses another week….NFL equation–1) the shelf life of NFL running backs is very short 2) Lynch has taken many, many hard shots in his career …

1-2 = 3) He may be entering the later stages of his career

…Jamaal Charles injury hits the KC Chiefs with another staggering blow…2015 is turning out to be disastrous for KC..will Andy Reid survive?


*********that’s it for this Reality Show********

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  1. Dave Class of 70 says:

    Hey Bob,

    Right on. Enjoyed the analysis. Maybe Mike should have started Wainright in game 2?

    Looking forward to hearing your take on more recent developments today. There seems to be on team in each game that soewhere along the way melts down. Also, what is your take on the Utley slide? I didn’t like it. I welcome the suspension but would make it longer.

    • Dave, Class of 70….
      Wainwright doesn’t have stamina to go more than 3-5 innings….I think that all the faith in Garcia “blew up” on those bunt plays….after a Lackey win today…Lynn followed in rapid succession by every bullpen guy.
      Utley slide was way too late…play was over….let the MLB players handle it…when he bats again…and he may never bat again in MLB after this season…let your pitchers take care of it….he’d get the message. suspension is fine (he’ll probably retire anyway…he’s really bad now)..
      Thx for ur note…

  2. Rob Kodner says:

    We always knew here in St. Louis that you don’t always have to spend money to win. Its nice to see teams like Houston, KC and Pittsburgh join the Cards in the post season. Hopefully, Jason Hayward enjoyed the experience so much that he will sign for less than market value next year.

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