Perception vs Reality by Bob Ryan

I learned from a teacher long ago that perception often becomes reality.   I have seen it come true many times….often ..or at least sometimes …those perceptions come to us through the press, our friends,  our lunch table mate, the guy at the gas station, whoever…yet if we hear them frequently or convincingly…maybe just more than once… we accept it as reality….regardless if it really is right or wrong… here’s a motley bundle of images… perception or reality?


They didn’t “coach em up”.. So for all of you who blamed …at least partially…our defense last season on the absence of Jose Oquendo…what do you do now that Jose is staying in Jupiter all year to work with young kids. Maybe…just maybe…he did want to be a manager so he wanted out?? At any rate…if the Cards are weak again on defense does that solidify your thoughts or do you consider the players as the culprits ?


There is only one power football conference…..The five major conferences seem to all be relatively equal this year….the Big 10 has 3 teams in the top 7, ACC has two teams in the top 5 of the  UPI poll…there are currently four 9-0 teams (counting W. Michigan ranked #14), two 8-1 teams, twelve 7-2  teams, one 7-1 team….5 SEC teams in top 25, 5 Big 10 teams in top 25, 5 Pac 12 teams ,4 Big 12 teams, 4 ACC teams..Although Alabama seems to be head & shoulders above everyone as the best team in the USA.


Monkey see..monkey do….It seems like the NFL teams move in bunches..once one team moves…it seems to ignite the “move” machine….last year the “roll” began with the R_ _ _ , now its Oakland and/or San Diego.  It’s same ol’, same ol’  this year it was last year….I’m guessing Oakland will end up with Stan as a client in LA and SD rolls the dice in Vegas.


Extreme times call for extreme measures….It seems to me that Mizzou football will have their largest JUCO class ever coming in to Columbia next year….Odum can’t withstand another year like this one so he must win RIGHT now.


Rome wasn’t built in a year….Travis Ford has 5 recruits/transfers sitting on the bench who could whip his current SLU team easily…just ride out this year with the Bills….next year the team  will look like a Audi not a Ford-type  team


Why did ever we think that the leading rusher in the NFL could never come out of the Lou?  Ezekiel Elliott (John Burroughs HS) is numero uno in rushing this year as a rookie!


A leader must yell & scream and be “out front”… despite the whispers by the Cards after he left the team…that maybe he didn’t have leadership qualities…Jason Heyward..seemingly very quiet and a follower… was the ONE to give the inspirational talk to his Cub teammates during the rain delay in game 7


You can’t coach after a certain age…Well…How about Bill Snyder (K-State)?  The scholarly looking, seemingly unflappable, 77 year old coach who graduated from Wm Jewell college in Missouri, arrived Manhattan, Ks in 1969 … K-State had seen just  4 winning seasons out of the previous 44 seasons, been to only 1 bowl game and in their last 27 games were 0-26-1 prior to his arrival….he didn’t have a hill to climb…he had a mountain….Mt Manhattan J ….by his 3rd year the Wildcats were over .500 (7-4) and in his 5th year their 9-2-1 record earned them a Copper Bowl berth….it would be the start of an 11 straight bowl 2003, his club had won 11 games in 6 of the previous 7 seasons…he retired after 2005 season..K-State floundered 2006-2008 recording a 17-20 overall record…unlike any other coach that I know…he returned in 2009  aand immediately, the Wildcats started winning again…prior to this year, he’d gone 57-33 in his 2nd stint as Head 77 years of age! Can he coach or what?


….You can’t part with your “star” player…. Andrew McCutchen (Pitt) fell way off last year….he played  like a 36 year old…not a 30 year old player….he couldn’t catch up to the fastball…it’s unlikely that the Pirates will resign McCutchen in 2018 (they have demonstrted the policy of not resigning players over 30 to big contracts) so maybe….maybe…they’ll move him now to obtain greater value but…it’s a real gamble considering he’s been the franchise player.


…Looks like Relief hurlers CAN’T win the Cy Young Award unless their team wins the Word  Series…..sure seems that way  when you see that Zach Britton (Balt closer) who didn’t even make the finalist list in the AL for 2016….I mean all the guy did was go 47 for 47 in save opportunities, hold a sparkling 0.54 ERA for the season..lowest ever for a pitcher over 50 innings…gave up a miniscule 38 hits in 67 innings and didn’t allow a single run..not one.. from April 30 to Aug 24—43 appearances..if that doesn’t earn a finalist position…I don’t know how ANY relief pitcher could ever do it? btw.. the AL finalist list was Rick Porcello (Bos), Corey Kluber (Clev) and Justin Verlander (Det)


They aren’t there to play games…..None of the  three military schools suck in football this year…Air Force 7-3, Army 5-5 and Navy is 7-2 with a win over Notre Dame..btw…Army doesn’t have 1 week off priory to Navy game…they have two straight open dates to prepare for the Midshipmen…of coure the biggest “games” of their life happen AFTER  graduation.


…Does “fessing up”…make things better…well….is Ryan Braun still walking around with a bell  around his neck that rings when he moves like he has leprosy? No other MLB team wants to get any where close to Braun….I mean a 10 foot pole would be too close…guess the lying about the use was worse than the use, heh? Do I sound like your Mom? J


…it’s always been the thought that NFL coaches have to win to keep their job..we don’t have to look far…Jeff Fisher has coached just six  teams in his  22 years as head coach that have finished with a record over does he keep his job?


….it was commonly thought that you had to have a terrific QB to contend in NFL….and…your QB must clearly be competent, throw few interceptions, audible well…but the latest stats show us a bit of a different picture…yes..Matt Ryan is #1 in passing yards and Atlanta is 7-2, #2 is Drew Brees (NO is 4-4), Andrew Luck is #3 in passing yards (Ind is 4-5) and New England 7-1 was 3-1 with two different back-up QB…so maybe the QB should be a “manager”(stay to the script) not a gun slinger  who can wing it all around.


….some thought that this blog would never end…..



  1. Jim Pleimann says:

    Barry Odum gets one to two years and Travis Ford will get how many? First game with the Bills was pitiful.
    Jeff Fisher must have something on ol’ Stanley…..

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