Some 4 Facts 4 the 4th 4U by Bob Ryan

declaration imageHappy 4th to all…..

Some 4 Facts…

…..The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame were named in 1924 as they played for Knute Rockne @ Notre Dame. They were Harry Stuhldreher, Don Miller, Jim Crowley, and Elmer Layden. They went 27-2-1 in their 3 years (22-23-24) @ ND using a shift just prior to the snap to confuse opponents…btw…Rockne was 105-12-5 with 5 unbeaten teams in this 13 year tenure.

….The NY Yankees are the ONLY MLB team to win FOUR straight World Series—AND THEY DID IT TWICE! NYY 1936-39 AND NYY 1949-53 (actually 5 STRAIGHT)

 .…Two of the original signees of the Declaration of Independence-John Adams & Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, July 4, 1826 (50th anniversary of the signing). James Monroe also died on July 4, 1831.

…Currently –FOUR biggest cities in USA (by population)—NYC, LA, Chicago and Houston!

 …Only two pitchers have won the NL Cy Young FOUR straight years-Randy Johnson (1999-2002) and Greg Maddux (1992-95). Never done in AL!!!!

 …the First FOUR Americans to fly into outer space were Alan Shepard, Virgil Grissom, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter (bet you didn’t remember him….I didn’t )

 …the first FOUR MLB draft picks in 2004 were 1. ss-Matt Bush (SD Pods-minors only career) 2. Rhp-Justin Verlander –Detroit –GREAT PICK 3. Rhp–Phililp Humber (NYM –minors only career) 4 Jeff Niemann-Tampa Bay (40-26 in 4 year career)…..btw…Cards drafted rhp-Chris Lambert (14 games in 4 year career)

 …Channel 4 in St Louis started airing on July 8, 1954

 …keeping score of a baseball game…the 2nd baseman is designated by a 4..ya know a DP from ss-2b-1b would be 6-4-3 in scorebook…the 2nd baseman with the most HR right now is Brian Dozier (Minn)-16

 …only ONE NFL team has played in FOUR straight Super Bowls….yep….it was Buffalo (Jim Kelly, etc) and ….yes…they lost all FOUR

 no one from round 4 of the last FOUR MLB drafts has made the big time…at least …yet

 …the Beach Boys had 4 #1 hits– “I Get Around” (Number One, 1964), Help Me, Rhonda” (Number One, 1965), “Good Vibrations” (Number One, 1966), album (does that sound outdated or what?)- Endless Summer (Number One, 1974)

 ….the FOUR members of the law in the most famous shootout of all-time @ the OK Corral—Wyatt, Virgil & Morgan Earp and Doc Holliday…btw…Wyatt was almost put on trial for murder due to this shootout

 …St. Louis Mayor Frances G. Slay is first, and only, mayor to be elected FOUR times

…top FOUR hitters at this moment…according to Yahoo rankings (not mine) are (in order)—Bryce Harper, Paul Goldschmidt, Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout

…the most famous musical FOURsome…at least in my opinion…is the Beatles….they had 20 songs that were #1 on the charts with Hey Jude the longest at 19 weeks…the shortest of any #1 Beatle song was 10 weeks on top!

….Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President, was born on July 4, 1872, and, so far, is the only U.S. President to have been born on Independence Day.

…special congrats to my niece & her hubby, Jenny & Dan Uhlig, who were married on July 4, 2014…Happy #1


July 4th, 2015 surprises…

…just learned that Babe Ruth NEVER was voted the AL MVP….hard for me to believe that the man who “made” baseball (in my mind) never was voted for the top award of any season

…we all knew the Cards were going to be good but come on….51-26–.662 ball with players like Waino, Adams, Holliday on extended DL….we have to be surprised by the record…at least I am J

….read today that Todd Zeille has gone from a run producer (apparently has the most career hits for a player who hasn’t played in the World Series) to a movie producer…anyway…he’s worked with Charlie Sheen in Hollywood productions and has another “on the way”… in addition, he formed an airline charter business at the tail end….pardon the pun…of his career. Fyi….he hit a HR in his final AB…40th MLB player to have “gone out” that way…had 2004 career hits and 253 dingers….drafted out of UCLA in 1986 by StL Cards

….Houston Astros have come out of nowhere…like him or not….Luenow has turned this team around with an unusual assortment of players…including our very own—Colby Rasmus

….the complete failure of Joe Kelly and Allen Craig….I mean do the Cards have a crystal ball….guess it’d have to be red… anyway….they’ve dropped off the planet and are still costing the BoSox a bundle

….In the off-season the San Diego Padres really shook up their roster. Hopes were high but results have been in the customary Southern end of things

…I think John Jay is in trouble reestablishing himself into a “regular. With the return of Holliday (many of you responded to last week’s article that Holliday hurts the Cards—in defense, speed, power)…anyway Holliday is going to play. Grichuk has shown some muscle and Bourjas’ speed seems to infatuate Manifesto Mike…I mean how much does speed mean when you hit .240? Running fast on and off the field doesn’t mean too much to me….the commercials are still 2:30 long anyway J

….Nolan Arendado (Col) has 68 ribbies right now to lead the league

….boy these NBA signings are ridiculous….the backup centers receive millions…sorry…sounding like an old man in a city that hasn’t seen an NBA game in just about 50 years.

….TJ Oshie was a marked man…..he was a star when the Blues were really bad…as he’s aged…nice way of saying “slowed down”…. the level of play of his teammates has risen and his spot the playing charts was dropping annually….I will admit that his OT shooting skills merited him a spot but the NHL has gone to a different playoff format…bye-bye shootouts in tie games and “hello” to 4 on 4 followed by 3 on 3 in OT followed by “end of game”…so Oshie’s primary skill is no longer part of the game….if I understand the new tie-breaking procedure correctly.

….didn’t know that Glen Campbell was part of the Beach Boys for a while until today

…how about the old-timers—Mark Buehrle and Bartolo Colon – each has 9 wins by July 4th—who woulda thunk it?

….when you think of the LA Dodgers the name Joc Pederson doesn’t pop right into your mind as one of the leading hitters…at least not mine…he has 20 HR—leading the Dodgers

…thank goodness we don’t celebrate our Independence on July 29th! Finding 29’s might have been much …much tougher J

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  1. James Damon says:

    Humber pitched a perfect game in 2012 for the White Sox. I think he’s overseas playing now.

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